42 Best Hair Extensions Hairstyles

Have you noticed how much humanity loves things that they don’t have? For example, when it comes to hair, women love changing their look.

Anyone one with straight hair will mostly look forward to curly hair and vice versa. If you have short hair, sometimes you dream of long one.

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Thankfully you don’t have to keep wishing because you can use the hair extension to achieve your desired style in minutes. I love that there are thousands of creative styles you can use but especially if you are a little creative.

It doesn’t matter if you want to dye the hair or change the style, your hair extension can do it all for you. The following are some of the easy styles for you to try.

Hairstyles with clip-in extensions

1. Half up

Half upThere’s one style that will look amazing on almost any woman but especially if you know how to make it, Half up. The good thing is that they look good on almost anybody who is using the style. So, the trick, in this case, is for you to clip the wefts on the lower part of your head.

You can then curl the lower part and then pull the top part of the hair into a bun. Go on to use the bobby pin. In the end, you will have a messy look that is also luxurious.

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2. Low ponytail

Low ponytailAnother method to use in styling your braided hair is by making the low ponytail. The good thing when you are using this style is that you won’t have to wear more clips beyond the ear level. The conviction is that you will tie the hair down anyway, so it’s a non-issue.

Moreover, I love to make a simple braid like a halo on the side as this makes sure I achieve my desired style. With this style, you achieve a seamless look that mimics your natural hair.

3. Naturally wavy

Sometimes, the only thing you need is the volume or the length, and you may use the clip in extension for the same. Use the hair to achieve a wavy style but make sure you get a color that looks like your hair to make it look more natural.

The easiest way though to blend in the hair extension with your natural hair is in making the waves. Make sure you also pick the hair that has darker roots. It’s natural for women’s hair roots to be dark. We also want the hair to look natural.

4. Clip-ins with bangs

Clip-ins with bangsBangs have been in existence for ages but more specifically among the Asian community. So many women love bangs, and since they may not make it with their natural hair, they opt for hair extension.

You can sew in the bangs or glue them, but the quickest method to achieve the look is in using the clip-ins.

Ensure you choose the right color that blends with your skin and hair color.

Hairstyles for long hair extensions

5. Beach waves

Beach wavesSometimes simplicity is all you need to achieve the best and perfect look. It doesn’t matter whether you are making the sew in, clip in, or fusion style; you can pull up this simple style when you have long hair.

Ensure you use the right products that are designed for those with the beach waves. When you use the right products and tools, you can maintain its shine and flow the same way you should have it be.

It suits anyone with long or short hairstyles. This style is the loose flirty waves that may be a better change style for anyone who has tight curls.

If you use heat to make the curls again, then make sure you spray your hair with the heat protectant spray and moisturizing conditioner.

6. Wavy ombre style

Wavy ombre styleYou can decide to play around with color on your hair extensions. An ombre color doesn’t only give you great color, but it also gives you the best casual-official style. You only need to choose the two best colors that blend well for you. Next let the hair flow smoothly.

7. Bubble braid

Bubble braidEven when you have long hair, it’s quite easy to run out of ideas to style your hair. Bubble braid is one of the easiest ones to do. If for example, you have a lace wig on, you should pull this style with ease. Just hold the hair to a high ponytail then to bubbles on the ends of the hair.

8. Sleek, long low back ponytail

Sleek, long low back ponytailLong hair is a major style in itself that you may not need to do much about. Here you have the long sleek ponytail style that you can hold in a low ponytail. If you can get the extension that matches your hairstyle the better. This is a straight hairstyle that is sleek and smooth.

This could be the most comfortable style to achieve when you are going for the official duty.

Short hair extension styles

9. Short messy hair extension

Short messy hair extension

You can further have short and messy hair as a style. Although it looks roughed up, it can make the perfect style for anyone who knows how to do it. The style features the large curls, and you can let the bang flow onto your face for spicing up.

10. Two-toned colors

Two-toned colorsSometimes the simple blend of two colors will make all the important differences. Here we have the black color and the gold one. So, you can decide to have one color on the front part of your head and the other black one at the back.

This style features the use of curly hair, and since it’s short then it means it’s easier to maintain it.

  1. Short straight styles


The other style is to wear a short straight wig. You can make the layers and use the ginger-like color to spice up the style. Make the side parting though to enhance the style. You can also blend the style with your natural hair.

12. Pixie curls

Pixie curlsYou can make all the different pixie hairstyle, but my best one is the pixie curls. With this style, you understand the simplicity of coming up with a feminine style. Here you should notice that the curls are large to match the perfect undercut.

It doesn’t matter who you are, you can wear the style.

13. Mohawk braid style

Mohawk braid styleAnother way to spice up the short style is to make mohawk. This style features the braided mohawk or using the curly weave for the mohawk. Although it will look good on a select few people, when done right, it protects your hair and makes you look good.

14. Short and wavy bob

Short and wavy bobThe other way to wear a short style is by using a bob style. Naturally, the bob hair is short which makes it one of the easiest to wear styles. This one comes to you with a middle parting and wavy hair which then makes it look like the natural hair.

15. Afro hair

Afro hair

Short afro hair is familiar with black women because it shows the traditional black women hairstyles. If you want, you can use your natural hair, but you don’t have to because there are wigs that look like afro hair today.

It features very tight curls, and you can also choose a different color from your natural hair color.

16. Feathered pixie

Feathered pixieThe pixie cut is common among Caucasian women, but you can use it too with the hair extension. The feathered hair makes it even better because you can make the side-swept bangs with the blonde color.

17. Short ponytail

Short ponytailThe good thing about ponytails is that you don’t always need long hair. You can use it even with your short hair. In this case, you can also hold your afro hair to a ponytail to make it even more official.

Cute hairstyles

18. Double French braids

Double French braidsIf you love to make some cute and straightforward styles, this is the hair to shape. Depending on how you like your hair, you can either make it using the twist or use braid method. This hair should come out gorgeous either way.

Therefore, part the hair down the middle and make it even by making sure you have enough hair on both sides. You can find ways that make the hair long by adding on the hair extensions. Don’t worry, you don’t have to make the hair yourself rather seek the help of a stylist.

19. Crotchet braids

Crotchet braidsAnother one of the cute hairstyles is the crotchet braids. You can use a mix of two colors and make clear partings to make it look its best.

20. Bounce hair with bangs

Bounce hair with bangsThe easiest way to pull out the hair extension is to make sure you use the bouncy hair with bangs. For anyone who has a forehead, the bangs will improve your look. It’s further easier to style compared to most other styles you know of.

Hairdo with hair extension

21. Two braids hairdo

Two braids hairdoEven when you have the hair extension, you can create some fantastic braids that also look natural. In this you can make the two braids and a tiny one in the middle to cover the wefts of the hair extension. You can either make the hair long or use the short hair.

22. Casual women style

Casual women style

Whether you are using the natural hair or your hair extension, you can make the above simple style.

Updo with clip-in extension

23. High bun

High bunIf you love the high bun hair, not even the clip in extension will stop you from achieving your favorite look.

The secret to making the hair is to make sure you don’t clip in the extensions next to the edges. The essence of using the clip-in extensions for it is to increase its size if you have thin hair.

24. High ponytail

High ponytailThis is another one of the best hairstyles that show you the up-do hair. It features a ponytail style and you can use it whether you have blonde, black, or red hair.

Hairstyles with extensions for black hair

You can have thousands of black hairstyles to try. You only need to know exactly what pleases you.

25. Box braids

Box braidsDo you like box braids? This should be one of the styles that suit and fits every black woman.

Here she uses the golden-brown hair extensions for the braids. If you can play around with the colors, you will be sure to achieve your dream look. Ensure you go for those colors that bring out the best in you.

26. Bob hair

Bob hairI love short hair mostly because as a black woman, most of our hair is short. If you can make a bob you will always get heads turning. More so the bang improves the look. This hair also has a side part to make it perfect.

27. Afro hair for African women

Afro hair for African womenDifferent afro hairstyles mimic the different African women afro hair. Here you can decide to make the hair longer or just short. Remember to keep the hair clean and use the right products to maintain its structure. If you want, you can blend two colors.

Best hair extension with the tape in extensions

28. Ponytail with tape in extensions

Ponytail with tape in extensionsMany people think that you can’t use the ponytail style when you have the tape in extension on but you can. You can make the high ponytail or even the low one. You should, however, visit a stylist who is familiar with the process.

  1. Wavy ends


Sometimes the volume is all you need for your hair ideas, and this is the tape in extensions to use. You can let the wavy hair flow with ease. If you could use the ginger hair and black you will develop the perfect brown color.

Braided hair extension styles

30. Braided bun

Braided bunI love bun hairstyles because they aren’t only easy to achieve, but they look good on almost any woman. Whether you are making the bun style with your natural hair or braided one, you can achieve the best style in minutes.

You can make the styles during summer and spring so you can use the small and thick braids to make one of the best and perfect styles. So, know the braids to choose and work with as well as the braids to make.

31. Braided ponytail

Braided ponytailPonytail is another one of the most common styles in the market. If you are keen, you will have noticed that the cornrow braids are quite common. In this case we have the cornrows that start big and then get smaller with time.

It creates a unique style to suit anyone but without too much effort.

32. Lemonade braids

Lemonade braidsThanks to Beyoncé’s album that is called lemonade because it popularized the style. So, if you are obsessed with positive attention, this style may suit you best. Remember, the braids, in this case, are long and they flow to the side of your face.

You won’t even use the new braids rather you have the single line braids.

33. Half up half down

Half up half downEven when you are making the braided hair, you can make your favorite half up half down hairstyles. It all matters how long you want the hair to look and feel as well as the length that is pleasing to you.

Straight hair extension styles

34. Long hair with a middle parting

Long hair with a middle partingSometimes you can use long hair to achieve your desired hairstyle. This hair features long straight hair that has the middle parting. The simple thing, in this case, is that you make a chic style to make it both a casual and professional look.

If you want, you can add even more layers to enhance is look.

35. Short bob

Short bobAnother straight style to make use of is the short bob. Often bob is much easier to manage mainly because it won’t matte and tangle easily. The hair also has a blonde color to make it suitable for the different skin tones and head shapes.

36. Buns with bangs

Buns with bangsYou can also achieve your best look by just holding the hair in a bun. Your hairstyle will further come in such that you can make the bangs. Although some people don’t want to try them, the bangs are becoming more popular by the day.

The good thing about a bang is that it will fit anyone who has a forehead but don’t try it if you know you have the round face as it won’t bring out the best features of your face.

37. Medium hair with bangs

Medium hair with bangsSometimes you only need to have the hair straight, and then bangs will make it look even better. Remember to choose the best color that will work best for you. Also increase the volume by using more wefts.

Hairstyles with halo extensions

Long halo extension

Hairstyles with halo extensionsThe halo extension is popular because of its painless nature. It makes your hair appear long and voluminous. In this case, we have a half up half down style. You can also add a band to enhance the beauty of the material.

In addition, the loose waves make the hair appear even better so if you like rapid change you can apply the halo extension.

38. Low ponytail

Low ponytail hairEven with a halo extension, you can apply the low ponytail style. It further allows you to make the hair reasonably messy. The good thing is that no one will even notice the presence of the halo extension.

Half up half down with extensions

39. Wavy half up half down

Wavy half up half downIn this case, notice that you have different tones of hair and it’s also wavy in texture. So, you can tie the top part and then let the down section flow into waves.

40. Braided hair half up half down

Braided hair half up half downThis style features the use of braids to achieve half up half down. You can hold the bun high up and then go on to let the lower part flow. Such braided styles are common today and if you don’t know how to make it, ask the stylist.

41. Long half up half down

Long half up half downIf you want, you can also use the extension to achieve the half up half down style. So, you will hold the hair at the crown and let some more flow to make it a half up half down style.

42. Straight half up half down

Straight half up half downEven if you have straight hair you can make the half up and half down style if you wish. Notice that you don’t have to use very long hair, you can also use it with the medium to short hair.

How to Style the Hair Extension?

If you want to style your hair extension, you must put into consideration a few pointers.

  • Buy a good hair extension

You could have any hair extension of your choice, but for it to work, you should go for the best hair extension in the market.

Some of the things that will make it good are if you choose the best color that matches your skin tone. Another thing is that it should be discreet such that not everyone can tell that you are wearing a hair extension.

Comfort is also essential so you should choose a hair extension based on your comfort.

  • Blow-dry the hair

Once you have the hair on and if it’s straight hair you can use the blow-dry to straighten the hair and make it merge with the natural hair.

  • Use the right products

There are many styling products that you may use to style the hair. You should know which products to use with different hair types you have.

You can further use the right tools to achieve your best results. Use the heat protectant spray when you need to use the curling irons and other hot tools.

Where Can You Buy the Hair Extension?

Depending on the quality of hair you are after there are a few places you can go to. The extensions are often readily accessible, but then sometimes they are not of such good quality. If you want high-quality extension go to amazon, hairtheme.com and other brand shops.

To Sum Up

Every woman can look good if they know which styles to use but especially based on the choices above. While we may love hair extension, we must be willing to nourish our natural hair under the hair extension or else we could end up damaging it.

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