The Cost Of Hair Extensions – The Complete Guide You Need

Whether you have thin or fine hair, short and discolored hair, the hair extension is sometimes what you need.

This is especially if you are tired of waiting for your hair to grow to a length or even develop a thicker volume.

the cost of hair extension

However, you must consider the budget you have for the hair because often the cost of buying and attaching the hair is over $200. Of course, this depends on the place you are buying it from and your stylist.

There are different hair extension methods and with the difference comes the variation in cost.

So, this article is going to guide you into the costs of the various hair extensions.

Average Price of Hair Extension

hair extension

The average price of the hair extensions may vary depending on where you are installing the hair, who is installing the hair, the quality of the hair and sometimes even the style used.

Some stylists will charge you per strand/weft while others will give you the hourly charge.

Take a look at the per strand charges: if for example, you have your u tip hair extension in a salon costing $38.75, you can easily know how much each strand costs.

Calculate that the bundle normally has 20 strands. Therefore, each strand is bought at $1.93.

If you are in the medium high-end salons then the charge will be a little higher at $5 per strands which gives a profit margin of about $3.07 per strand you use.

So, if you install 100 strands the charge is at $500 but you make a profit of $307.

In addition, if you charge for the number of hours you take to install the hair then you make even more profits.

As earlier stated, the prices of the extension vary with quality, type and length. You can have the extension costing the average price of $200- $1000.

This is within the budget of the average price because there are even more expensive hairpieces.

  • Clip ins hair extension will cost you around $200 but it can even be $500 or $100.
  • Tape ins extensions are a little more costly you will part with roughly $500 on average.
  • Fusion hair extension is normally more expensive and will cost you a total of $800-$1400 to install on average.
  • Halo hair extension varies with the amount of hair you need. Expect to pay about $400.
  • Sew in should cost you about $400 to apply.

The Hair Extension Costs

1. Tape in hair extension

Tape in extension comes to increase the volume of your hair. It will also increase the length of the hair if you wish. The good thing about the hair extension is that you can wear them for 8 weeks and reuse them.

Remember like any other hair type, the cost varies depending on various factors. Its cost may vary depending on the length, brand, the salon you went to attach the tape in extension and your stylist price.

Generally, tape in hair extension will cost you anything between $250-$1000. Since most stylists tell you that the hair is one of the best that will not damage your hair, you may want to install the hair.

These prices vary depending on whether you are getting the hair from the salon or you are coming with your own hair.

For example,

A box of 12-inch vomor extension costs $237

A box of 16-inch vomor extension costs $306

An even longer hair extension of 20 inches costs $392.

Remember to add the stylist’s fees. The fees may vary depending on how long the stylist takes to install the hair. Assuming you are only installing 6 panels of extension and it only takes 30 minutes to install or remove, the price is not the same for one using 10 panels.

The first appointment is normally the most expensive as you must install the hair where you have never installed it then even style it. For me, it just works to find a salon where the whole extension and installing it will cost you at least $400.

Also, remember you must retouch it every month at a fee not less than $50.

But how do the salons charge you?

If you are going to an average salon, you will be charged anything between $30-$40 per panel installation. This is an all-inclusive pack for both the hair and the salon charge.

In great cities, you just don’t install the hair, you should consult with your client. Of course, after you have done the consultation, the stylist will know how much hair they ought to use on your head.

They also talk about the length and the time it takes to install thus coming up with a figure. Notice that for the hair removal your client will still come back to the salon. The removal will cost about $70.

2. Fusion hair extension cost

Fusion hair extension

Fusion hair extension is another one of the modern hairstyles loved by many in the market. When attaching the hair extension, you should know the cost of the method of application. This fusion method is one of the most expensive.

In this case, mostly the extension is pre-tipped with the premium keratin bond. This tip is even nail shaped which makes the application easy. It uses neither wax nor glue and therefore you don’t expect to experience any hardness.

The keratin bond even has a molecular structure that is the same as that of your human hair. Fusion hair will last anything between 4-6 months. It takes about 2-3 hours to install. Hot fusion bonding will cost you anything from $300-$1000.

Cold fusion, on the other hand, could be quite expensive but it lasts even longer. You can use between $1500-$3000. This is an all-inclusive price of everything. Most people will think since it’s quite expensive, why not install it myself?

3. How Much Does Micro Bead Hair Extensions Cost

Micro Bead Hair Extensions
This one takes more time to install since it has the strand by strand method of hair application. For that reason, you expect the hair to cost more thousands for the application. The good thing is that the hair types will equally last over six months if properly cared for.

It uses no glue or adhesive rather the rings will hold your hair in place. This hairstyle mostly suits those who like to wear the hair in a ponytail and are active by nature. There are factors that influence the cost and that includes the kind of hair you choose.

I would state that the price of the micro extension mostly depends on location. On average you will spend between $300-$1500. Remember the amount of hair you choose further matters.

About 16-inch hair will cost you at least $370 to buy and $600 to install which totals to $970.

The 18-inch hair costs $420 to buy and $600 to install which totals to $1020.

You can also use the 22 inches hair which causes $520 and to install it will cost $600 totaling to $1120.

The cost of maintenance then also rockets the price. You could replace the old beads, tighten the beads or freshen the tip of the bead. After about 5-6 weeks you should retouch the hair. and you would commonly use anything between $100-$150.

4. How Much Does Clip in Extensions Cost

These ones are damage-free hair extensions that are also your temporary solution. You can clip them only when going to work and then remove them when you are back from work. The cost of a clip in will depend on the length of the hair, quality of the hair and color of the hair.Kinky Curly Clip Wavy Ins Brazilian Human Hair Extensions 7 Pcs 120 Grams Set (5)

The good thing about wearing a clip in extension is that you can actually DIY which further saves on costs. So, assuming you are using the synthetic hair for the extension, expect to use as little as $50 to buy the hair.

For human hair, you expect to buy the extension at $200-$300. With the high-end human hair, you expect to last at least 3 months. Remember the length of the hair will vary and if you like long hair you might have to invest even more money.

This price difference may be anything over $100. They are further the easiest and the fastest to install which means that you won’t be spending much money in the salon.

5. Keratin hair extension cost

 Keratin hair extension

The keratin hair extension is called by different names which include I tip, u tip, fusion hair, bonding hair and even micro-bonding. Simply understand that keratin hair extension will come in keratin pre-tipped bond that has a keratin base.

This bond is normally so strong and will last over two months. Some keratin bonds are made using stronger materials that means they will last more than 3 months. Such factors will most probably determine the cost.

A good legit salon would charge you anything from $500 if you are installing them partially. However, if you are installing the hair for the full head then they will charge you anything between $1500-$4000.

Lucky for you this hair extension style doesn’t require any maintenance so the cost will range from $500 way to$4000 depending on different factors.

6. Caucasian hair extensions cost

For the Caucasian hair which is mostly straight, the hair extension used and the way they are installed is quite different. However, Caucasians like all other people use hair extension to increase the hair length a little bit more and even increase the volume.

In average, the hair will cost you about $150-$300. Nevertheless, remember the Caucasian can apply tape in extensions, sew in extensions, micro bead extensions among others. They even install fusion hair and clip ins.

This means the process of the hair extension and installation may vary and be higher or lower than the one set above. In fact, it can even go to thousands of dollars. Let’s just say there’s no set price for the Caucasian hair extension cost rather it’s just the type of hair you use and the method of installation that matters.

7. Micro ring hair extension cost

Simply put, this hair extension is attached to your hair using a metal ring. The hair extension is fed through a tiny metal ring together with your own hair. You can then have it clamped to place a little bit over the scalp.

Micro Nano Ring Hair Extension Ash Blonde #18 Highlights with #613 Bleach Blonde 50 Strands 40g (1)This hair requires you to move the rings closer to the roots once it begins to grow out which is in most cases two months after. So, with this hair, you don’t need to buy new hair every time.

When you are going to use the micro ring extension you should know that it will cost you at least $500.

The kind of salon you go to matters and so does the hair you use and the stylist you have. For the maintenance, you should expect anything between $50-$100. The good thing is that you can go for a retouch after about 6 weeks which then saves on the cost.

8. Glue in hair extension

You will all agree with me that the glue in method has come a long way. But for those who know how to glue in their extensions, this might as well be the cheapest hair extension there is. With most of these hair extensions, you could comfortably use the glue.

Luckily, glue in hair extension will make you work easily as it takes a short time and you can even do it at home. Depending on the hair extension you are using, it shouldn’t be expensive to install the hair using this method.

The cost will be between $100-$150 to glue the hair extension. Now the extra costs may come from buying expensive hair extensions.

9. How much does the bonded hair extension cost

There are many methods to bond the hair extension to your hair. They may as well make for some of the most expensive hair extensions because they take a lot of time to install. When you want to bond the hair permanently it entails too much work.

But the quality of the hair and style is uncompromised. The secret to having the service of the cost value is to use the right hair products and then take good care of them. Tape in extension, keratin extensions and micro ring extensions are few of the bonding style of extension.

  • On average if you are going to the salon with your own hair, expect to pay about $197.
  • If you are using the bonding method for the first time and a using Indian hair then it costs $406.
  • If you are going for the longer hair of about 18 inches to 20 inches then it will cost $518.
  • Lastly, if you have premium extensions expect it to cost $655.

10. Strand by strand hair extension

This suits those who are looking for ways to increase the volume of their hair and sometimes even the length. They often take a longer time to attach because of the installation of all the strands with your personal hair.

The packaging normally has about 100 strands of hair and it will take you an average of 2-4 hours to install. The hair is great since it will last a maximum of four months and requires minimal maintenance.

The cost of the strand by strand extension can be $1500-$2600. Although it all depends on the hair extension volume.

11. Weaves or sew in hair extensions cost

This is another one of the common hair extension methods. Simply braid your natural hair then sew the hair extension over the braids. It normally takes a few hours to make and style. While it is one of the cheapest methods, it also depends on the place and salon you go to.

The price range of the hair extension is between $200-$600.

12. Permanent hair extension cost

They were traditionally the weave hair types that you could either sew in or attach with glue but today there are many other options. Micro ring extensions are classified as permanent hair extension and so are fusion hair because they last longer.

In short, this means that since the hair extensions last longer the permanent hair extension are generally expected to cot more than temporary ones. It normally takes at least 3hours to install the extension.

Depending on where you are installing, the method and type you are using, the cost of the permanent hair extension will vary. Nonetheless, expect it to cost between $500-$2000+.

The Factors That Influence the Cost of Hair Extension

As you have seen the hair extension is a massive investment. Its prices range from $30-$5000. Below are the factors that will influence the cost

  • Type of hair

There are so many types of hairs and methods of attachment. All the methods vary in price and installation time plus how long the hair will last.

You can carry along synthetic hair extension or human hair extension that you attach to your hair. The prices of both differ with the most expensive one being the human hair.

  • Extensions method of installation

To install the hair extension, you will use the different methods that determine the price.

You can use the hot fusion, cold fusion, tape in, sew in, gluing and coil hair extension method. They all differ in prices with some items being utterly expensive while others are cheap.

  • How much hair do you use?

Per head, how much hair you use determines the price you pay. There are actually salons that will charge you based on the number of hair extensions you have used. This means that the more the extension the higher the cost.

  • The color

Of course, you would wonder why the color influences cot but it does. Black color will be the cheapest hair extension.

  • How about the cost of maintaining?

If you install a hair type that requires you to visit the salon on a weekly basis, remember that you will have to invest more. In addition, with proper care of the hair, you expect it to take long and save you on the cost.

  • The weight and the length

The longer the hair you are looking to buy the more the price of buying it and installing it. The length you choose further depends on the volume you choose for the hair. If you want long hair then expect to spend more money than you would with the short or medium one.

  • The location

Where are you buying the hair from? It will cost you more to buy the hair in large cities like Los Angeles. If you live in small cities you may enjoy a cheaper price for the hair. This is more about the demand and supply of the hair in business.

  • Durability

You will find some hair types that last longer than other hair types. If the hair is durable chances are that it will be expensive.

Caring for the Hair Extension

The difference in the price of the extension may sometime be influenced by the price of the hair.

Avoid oiliness by all means because that will make the hair greasy and sticky. Sometimes it might even slip from your head.

When wearing the ponytails, don’t invert your hair upside down. This is so because it will pull the underside of the extension. Even when you are washing the hair don’t wash it upside down rather wash it following the standing upright method.

  • Don’t pull it

Avoid pulling the hair as this may lead to the shedding of the hair pieces. Even when brushing or combing it, always maintain the gentleness. You shouldn’t make it easy for the hair to loosen at the weft parts.

When you want to get the perfect hair extension

  • Go to experts

If money is a non-issue for you, go to the expert as they have handled different hair types and they must know how to handle your own hair. Follow the advice and add the right length to make it look real and authentic.

  • Consultation

The consultation is necessary before you install the hair. This is because the last thing you want is to look unkempt. Let your stylist tell you if the hair you are looking forward to, suits you.

  • Choose the best color

For the hair to work its magic on your head, you should choose the right color. If possible, only choose the color that is similar to your natural hair. Ensure there’s completely no difference because then it will be noticeable.

  • Ask questions

Since you are hoping to invest in the hair, ask the relevant questions to your stylist. They will share with you the answers to the nagging questions before you make the final decision.

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