How to Choose the Right Hair Extension Lengths

There are so many types of hair extensions but did you know that choosing the extension is a whole process in itself.

There are many factors to consider and one such factor is the length.

straight hair lenth

In a nutshell, people are required to choose hair that is within 4 inches longer than their natural hair.

This will always give you leeway to trim the ends when you want to and not cut your natural hair. The four inches mostly work if you are using human hair and not synthetic hair

Generally, although you can wear long hair when you have short natural hair, the hair that is just slightly extended from your natural hair appears more natural than the one that is too extended.

how to measure the hair length

Measure the hair from the middle of your ear downwards using tape to show you roughly where the hair extension will fall on you. It further shows you how far it will fall compared to your own hair.

How to Measure the Lengths of hair

Since it’s a little tricky to know the length of hair you ought to use in comparison to your body height and figure. It’s best to follow the criteria below.

You need a mirror and a tape.

  • Simply stand in front of a mirror with a tape measure.
  • Choose either 20, 22 or 24 inches and hold the tape measure at your ear level since that is where you will probably clip in the hair.
  • Now, observe the tape measure and a understand that where the tape falls is where the extension will as well. So, let the tape drop down.
  • If you have curly or wavy hair, you should minus 2 inches and know that that is where the hair is expected to fall.

Tips for Finding the Right Extension Lengths

different lengths of hair extensions

hair extension length chart

From the image above you can see the hair extension lengths from 10 inches to 30 inches.

Please note that the wavy hair is usually shorter than the straight one without straightening the hair.

There is no 8-inch hair there. But you can imagine that the 8-inch hair extension should be a little shorter than the 10-inch one.

These tips will make it easy for you to choose the extensions. Generally, when you are thinking of the hair length you normally think about where you expect the hair to fall. Someone would say they want the hair to come to their bra line or down to their waist.

Watch the video below to get more information.

To make it clear, here is the image that shows you what you will look like with the hair extension (16, 18, 20 inch) before and after.

hair extensions before and after

Nevertheless, to find out more essential tips when looking at the hair length

  • Height

Notice that while it may seem irrelevant, your height plays a major role in the extension choice. This is something most people don’t put into consideration even though it’s important.

Take an easy example of a girl who has the height of 4˝ foot 6 and one with 5˝ foot 6 and let them wear hair extension of 16˝ each. The 4˝foot 6 girl appears to have long hair because of where the hair sits on her back.

This then means that it may not look as natural to that girl if they have even shorter natural hair.

  • Styling

This is a question of how you will style the hair once you wear it. Some people will opt to just trim a little bit of the hair from below to give it a nice perfect finish.

However, if the style you choose requires that you trim more hair or you wish to have the layered look or tapered one, then the longer the hair the better.

If you are for example looking to wear a long weave but with a little more styling then maybe buying 20 inches may make you end with 16 inches which is okay.

  • What of the cost?

The lengths of the extension normally influence the cost. Sometimes you may want to buy a hair extension but realize that you are confused about whether to buy a 16-inch one or a 14-inch one for example.

Understanding that the 16 inches may cost $124 while the 14 inches one costs $108. This makes only a difference of $16. If you have the money, it’s best to buy the 16 inches one because it gives you leeway for a mistake.

If for example you wear it and realize it’s longer than you wanted, you can easily trim it to your desired length. As opposed to buying a short one when you wanted a long one and must spend another $124 buying the extension.

It’s best because it protects you when you are unsure of the look you wish for.

  • Curly wavy

Always know that curly and wavy hair is measured when straight. This means that the hair will shrink a little with the development of the curls. So, if for example, you like the hair being at 18˝ don’t buy curly or wavy hair of 18 inches rather buy one of 20˝.

Sometimes if the curls are very small then maybe you should buy the one that is 4 inches longer than your desired length.

  • Trimming and styling

Do you have future styling in mind that will completely reduce the length like trimming? In such cases, go for those longer hair extensions. This is because the more you cut it the more you reduce the length.

Also, understand that the longer the extension the more the styling opportunities.

Now you know what you need to put into consideration before you buy the weave. Therefore, avoid disappointments and always go for the longer hair unless you are sure of the planned length.

Guide for choosing the synthetic clip-in extension length

It’s easy to blend at least four more inches into your natural hair. Naturally, you can’t style the synthetic hair as much. However, if you want to maintain a natural blend, you should order two packets of 100-120 grams of hair.

16 inches: if your natural hair reaches the shoulder length you can use the extensions that reach the shoulder length when you use the extension it will reach the collar bone.

20 inches: if you have the hair that reaches your collarbone, it can be transformed into the middle of the back.

Guide for the right lengths of a thin clip in extension

If you have thin hair, you are recommended to use an extra 2 inches longer extension. The packages of the extension, in this case, contain only 25 grams of hair. This kind of hair is designed to increase your hair body and not necessarily the length.

If you are going for the chin length hair of 8 inches it will be voluminous and so will your 12-inch shoulder length hair.

Guide for the right human hair clip in extension length

For the human hair, you ought to stay within the limit of 4 extra inches. This allows you to trim it as much as you would like and even style it to curls and still maintain your desired length. The packaging comes in 100 grams and if you want it longer you should buy 2 packs.

18 inches clip-ins will reach our middle back most of the time especially when it’s a straight hair extension.

22 inches on the hand will go past your middle back.

The Three common questions asked

  • So, if the ideal length is determined by my natural length, can I wear extensions with my very short hair?

Yes, you can wear an extension with the short hair. Remember it’s not normally said that you shouldn’t or can’t wear extensions with short hair. It’s just that if you want a natural blend you should be watchful of the length.

For your short hair though you can wear extensions that are at 3-4 inches long. This will blend naturally. Now understand that not all hair extensions work with short hair so the hair extension you choose matters.

Therefore, don’t use the clip in extension of microbead extension. Tape in extension is ideal for short hair. They are normally thin and invisible which makes them ideal.

  • Is the hair length important?

It’s not a major factor according to many but when you aim at making the hair extension look real, then yes you need to be sure of the length to use. With the right length, it will last for more than 6 months.

Other factors to consider when choosing the hair length

Of course, you need to follow the various rules but you can also play around with the different lengths to see which one suits you best.

  • What’s the texture of your natural hair?

Knowing which texture your hair has makes it easy to know the ideal style and consequently whether you can create layers to increase the length or not. Your hair could be fine, straight, coarse, wavy and curly.

The layering, for example, gives your long and thin hair more body but it also enhances the length a little.

  • Only follow your gut

You know you better so the hair type that suits you is possible when you can listen to your gut. When you choose a hair type that will boost your confidence, chances are that you will also be confident outside.

Whether it’s long or short, make sure you are comfortable wearing the hair.

  • Your lifestyle

For the short hairstyle, you expect high maintain cane which means you shouldn’t pick it if you don’t like high maintenance. But if you are the kind who loves the wash and go style, the longer length is ideal.

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