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Hair Extensions – The Beginner But Complete Guide

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Women enjoy long, luscious, voluminous, flowy and deep-colored hair. However only a few have such perfect hair. We are always thriving for better hair. Thus, we dedicate our time and finances to it.

Thankfully, hair extensions are quite common these days. Gone are the days when women felt guilty for wearing extensions. Female celebrities have normalized the whole ordeal.

You no longer need to wait for your natural hair to meet your expectations. You can use the best hair extensions for it. The secret though is to use the best products for hair extensions to maintain the hair extension.

Since there are millions of hair extensions in the market, the whole process of choosing the one for you is tedious. With this article, therefore, you will understand much about hair extensions but mostly which ones work for you.

What Is Hair Extension?

Hair extension has a loose description because it could mean one thing to another as it does to another. However, hair extensions are loose pieces of hair that you add to your natural hair to give it volume, length texture, or color.

Human Virgin Peruvian Hair Extensions 4 Bundle Deals Weave (5)The hair extension is a savior if you are bored with your natural hair, and you would like some bit of change. Over the years, the industry has dramatically evolved, and today you can get the hair that looks so much like your natural one.

We have human hair extensions that are in their most original form. Such hair is virgin and collected from a single donor.

When it goes to the factory, they don’t go through the processing instead it’s only preserved and cleaned off any debris. It’s no wonder it’s one of the most expensive kinds of hair.  Check out the guide to know more about Unprocessed and Processed Human Hair.

But Who Is Extension For?

Anyone can use the hair extension as long as they want some addition to their natural hair. If you want the volume, length, or texture, the hair extension can work for you.

There’s no restriction as to who can use the hair extension or not. Its all a matter of what you are after. Sometimes you want to wear the extension for protection. Sometimes it’s just for a simple change, and that is the reason enough for hair extension.

Is There Anyone Who Can’t Wear the Extension?

No, there’s none except for different installation methods you can make. For that reason, it’s essential to get a consultation as to which method suits you before you go purchasing it.

How Do Hair Extensions Work – How to Attach the Hair Extensions?

The way the hair extension work is that you find a style that suits your lifestyle and style, then attach it. There are different methods to attach the hair, as you will see below.

This is one of the most common styles but especially among black women. You will notice that they refer to it as weaves too. What happens is that you sew the weave wefts onto the cornrows. That is to say, that you have to braid your natural hair to cornrows. Check out the complete guide to the different kinds of weaves.

The secret here is to maintain the natural hair by cleaning it occasionally. Often the hair will last for at least eight weeks.

  • Clip-in extension

Clip in hair extensionAnother one of the most popular extensions is the clip in extension. This is one of the temporary hairstyles where you attach the clipped hair extension to your strands. If you are looking for an instant change, you should use the clip in extension.

Use the extensions to add the length, volume, and texture. You can also color the hair strands. It will also make it a quick process to install. Similarly, they are easy to remove, and you can try very many styles with hair.

  • Tape-in extensions

Ponytail with tape in extensionsIn this case, you will tape the wefts to the natural hair. You need to tape them to the roots of your hair. This will keep the wefts from matting. You can use the style to enhance the color and style, and It will last for at least two months.

If you have fine hair, this may be your best option to use. They are barely visible, but you should make sure you brush your hair to keep it free of tangles and matting. The good thing is that it will take you about an hour to apply.

This, you can classify amongst the semi-permanent kind of hair extension. And the good thing is that after 48 hours you can go about regular activities. If you like to swim and exercise then the tape in extension is still your best bet.

  • Micro link

Microlink Hair ExtensionsYou can add these hairpieces to increase the volume and length of your hair.

For micro links hair, you don’t need glue nor heat to apply the hairstyle. For you to use the hair you can take a small bead and then attach it to the natural hair. You can then clamp it on the hair with pliers. The hair is adjustable when you realize that your strands have outgrown.

The good thing is that it keeps your strands firm and intact. You can readjust the strands and therefore use the hair for almost six months.

  • Fusion and pre-bonded hair extension

Fusion hair extensionsFrom the name, this features the kind of extension that you fuse to the natural hair using the different types of adhesives. For this extension, you need at least four hours for the process. It serves a select number of people.

One factor that determines whether the extension can work for you is if you have healthy hair strands. It often has chemicals and glue thereby it can be damaging to your hair especially when not done by a professional.

  • Halo extension/flip extension

Halo extensionThis is another one of the most temporary extensions that you will apply in the morning just before you leave the house for your duty calls. It looks like the headband on your hair. The secret to enjoying the hair is to set it at an angle.

This is ideal for those looking for both the length and volume in the hair. I like that you can use it and remove it as often as you want. If you get excellent quality hair, you can use it for almost a year, and it will serve you.

  • Hair wigs

There are thousands of wigs in the market to suit every other person’s desire. Today the popular type is the full lace wig, lace front wigs, or 360 lace wigs. They give you the entire cover, which then makes it look as though the hair is growing from your scalp.

Blonde Ombre 613 Brazilian Short Bob Lace Front Human Hair Wigs For Black Women (6)Wigs are ideal for anyone who loves to change their style rapidly but especially the color and style of the wig. If you have modern wigs then you will enjoy the seamlessness. You may want to know the differences between Hair Extensions, Weaves, and Wigs.

So Which Method Is the Best for My Hair

Of all the hair types, it’s true to say that the halo extension and the clip in or wigs (those that you don’t use glue to apply) are the best to use. They are safer and more comfortable to apply. Remember, you don’t have to use the glue, tapes, or any other type of adhesive for the hair.

You further don’t need heat or chemicals for the applications. In the end, the method will cause minimal to no damage to your hair strands. If you know your hair is still unhealthy, the best strand to use is the halo extension.

So, halo extension is even safer than the clip-in. Remember, when you are using the clip in extension you must use the clip-ins onto the roots of your hair.

Unfortunately, if you aren’t carefully doing the clip in, it may cause hair loss. Nevertheless, it’s quite rare for it to damage your hair.

For more information read this the types of hair extension methods

What Can You Expect From Hair Extensions?Before and after images hair extensions for thin hair

Before and after hair extensions

There are so many hairstyles you can get using hair extensions. Check them out below.

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Things to Consider Before You Go for The Hair Extension

There are things you will need to consider before you buy the hair extensions, and it includes the following.

  • What’s your lifestyle?

We do have the hair extension in about three types.

Temporary options-clip ins, halo extension, and some wigs style.

Semi-permanent- tape in extension

Permanent extension- keratin fusion type of extension

Check out the guide to find out more about Permanent Hair Extensions and Non-Permanent Hair Extensions.

You should know the differences before you go on to fix one. It should suit your lifestyle too. Different hairstyles are suitable for people who have different lifestyles. A good example is where the tape in extension won’t fit you if you like to swim and exercise.

If you love permanency, the clip in extension will bore you soon. If you like to change color, also the clip in or tape in extension is way better than others.

  • Blend your skin tone with the hair color

A lot of the time, you will feel like picking any color, but that is never a good idea. Not all colors blend well with your skin tone. Therefore, find the color that matches your skin tone or, better yet, go for the neutral color.

If you want to get the right color, you can choose the one that matches the ends of your roots.

  • Do you want a durable piece? Go for quality

The only way to get a durable hairpiece is to choose the right quality of the hair. Synthetic hair will most of the time look unnatural with its excessive shine. If you can get human hair, you will be in a better place.

Often the human hair will come to you in its virgin form. If it takes on the virgin form, the hair will look like the natural hair. If you choose even the low-quality human hair it won’t serve you for long. If you are using the quality hair no one will tell you are wearing a hair extension.

  • You will have to maintain the hair

Remember, even with your natural hair; you have to maintain it. Similarly, extension, you will need to maintain it. Use the right products that do not weigh the hair down. In the process, make sure you nourish your natural hair beneath the extensions.

  • If it’s time to let go?

When you have had the style for long, you should know that it may be just time to remove it. With the different styles, you can expect a difference in the duration timeline. When the hair has exhausted its schedule, you should always remove them.

If you don’t remove the extension on time, then you risk damaging your hair. Follow your stylist instructions on how long you should take with the style.

How Much Do Hair Extension Cost?

The cost of hair extensions varies. It’s all dependent on where you are buying them, the style you want, and who is installing it for you. It will cost you from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars to have the hair installed.

Often the hair extension will take you just a short time to install especially when it’s a temporary kind of extension. The permanent extension is pricey compared to the regular temporary one.

I like that you can change the hairstyle as frequently as you want if you are using the temporary extension. If you wish to use the extension for a day, buy the simple extension for a day.

Notice that there’s no universal cut mark of the hair extension price. It all matters where you are, the kind of hair you are buying, and the style you are installing.

Is It Worth the Money?

You get a new length immediately; sometimes you will even get almost natural hair extension. You can style it however you wish, and sometimes, all that is for a few hundred bucks. So yes, it’s worth the money.

If you want to make a smart investment, you should know where to install the hairpieces and who to buy the hair from.

If you have had a hair loss or alopecia, you will know why the hair extension is worth the money. It lets you change your style in minutes. You don’t have to walk without hair in public anymore; you can use the hair extension instead.

Benefits of Wearing Hair Extensions

  • The feelings that come with wearing the extension

The hair extension does a good mind trick to us. There’s satisfaction in looking good. While outer beauty has been overrated, we somehow can’t resist the urge to look our best. In wearing the extension, especially when you first install it, you make your day.

When you look good, you will feel confident because natural beauty makes you look healthy and nicely kept. Notice that when you have the needed confidence, you will tackle so much within a short time.

  • Change and transformation

With hair extensions, you can change your style every other time you have a different event. You could go from straight to curly to short bob and to 30 inches straight hair. You could also play around with colors.

If you get bored with your hair, you can change it at any time you are interested. Notice that the hair extension will come in different colors and textures. You can use the style too to change for the various occasions of your day.

  • Less maintenance

If you choose the right hair, then you won’t need a lot of maintenance of the same. If you are going for the Remy hair, it will take you minimal maintenance, and you can forget about the bad hair days.

Well, this is not to say that you won’t need to maintain the hair, you will. But when you choose the right hair then you don’t need to spend much on the maintenance.

  • Instant length, color, and volume

When you don’t have the ideal length, you can use the hair extension to change the lengths as you please. You can wear short hair right now and a long one tomorrow.

Also, if you want to play around the color, the safest way to do so is by using the hair extensions. With the hair extension, you can play around with even the most unique color; after all, you don’t damage your natural hair.

If you have fine and thin hair, then you could also use the extension to enhance volume. The good thing is that there is hair extension for the same. They make the hair appear thick from the roots.

  • Do you want to try different styles?

When it comes to the hair extension, you can use it to try the styles you are afraid to wear on the natural hair. Also, you can use the hair for the top knot styles, among others.

  • The extensions will hide the frizz and split ends

Sometimes our hair gets frizz, and a lot of split ends. With the hair extension, you can hide the frizz. Of course, it won’t get rid of the split ends entirely but it will hide the split ends that form on your natural hair.

You can use the extension to show that you have healthy and beautiful strands.

  • It’s for protection

One of the worst effects of weather on your hair is humidity. During such times, therefore, you can use the hair extensions to cover your hair from the impact of the weather. Also, you don’t have to use the heat tools when you have the hair extension.

In protecting your hair, therefore, you keep it improving the volume and length as well as the health.

Hair Extensions for Volume

Anyone who has fine and flat hair knows how much we long for volume. Well, lucky for us today, we don’t have to wait and struggle with the different products to get the hair growing long. You can use the hair extension to enhance the volume.

The good thing about extension when you are using them for pumping volume to your hair is that they further give you versatility. Hair extensions are the best because they will cater to your deficiencies.

Here are the things to do to style your hair for volume.

  • Use clip in extension

Naturally, the clip-in extension is ideal for adding length but also the volume. However, for the volume, you should even use the clips in the opposite direction. So, you can clip in the extension in an upside-down format, and this will enhance the volume on purpose.

If you use it the usual way you often do, then it will be flat and not voluminous while that’s not what you are after.

  • Styling tricks

For anyone with fine and silky hair, this should be a no brainer. You should create the grip in your natural hair to give it the firm grip to the clips you use to add the extension. Go on to tease your hair at the roots. All this work to enhance the volume.

  • Trim the hair

Is the extension you are opting for longer than your natural hair?

If all you need is the volume, then you can trim the extension to match your natural hair. For perfection, go to a stylist to get the perfect volume results. Although this will enhance the volume, it also makes it easy to blend with your natural hair.

  • Go for volumizing styling products

You can have different styling products, but some are mainly for volumizing the hair. Such products are great because they make sure your hair and the hair extension doesn’t fall apart.

The other good thing about the styling products is that they help you in getting the grip, and that’s what your hair will then hold. You can even use dry shampoo on some days. Go for the right conditioner and styling gels.

  • How about volumizing weft?

Remember, you don’t want the extensions to be visible. So, you shouldn’t use the full extension rather just a few wefts that are designed to help you gain the volume. There will be wefts that work to enhance the quantity instantly.

  • The style

Some styles will rob the hair of its volume, but not all of them. If you go for the curly hair then you are safe because it naturally enhances the capacity. Also, continue to curl it everyone once in a while to maintain its structure.

  • How you attach the clips matter

If you have fine hair, you should know that installing the clips wrong will make them visible.

You must identify the red zone which is the part that has the thinnest hair. Once you have recognized these parts, you can attach the clips under the zone.

Notice that the positioning of the wefts will determine how natural it looks. But this no one can tell you how to do except for the fact that you need to experiment. In experimenting, you will know the part of your hair that gives you a perfect look.

Other tips to follow

  • The harmony will make the hair look voluminous from the ends to the roots. So, you can tease your hair at the roots to make it flow naturally.
  • Do you have layers with your natural hair? It will be a good idea to use an extension with layers.
  • Curls are the answer when you are after volume. The curly hair will give you the ultimate volume.

Types of Permanent Hair Extension

Well, don’t think that what we mean by permanent extension is that the hair is literary permanent. They are never permanent, but they will last longer than most other extensions.

Don’t worry, you can install some of the extensions at home, but others require the help of a professional.

We have earlier talked about the different types, so in this sub-topic we only mention.

  • Tape-in extension
  • Micro loop
  • Fusion hair extension style
  • Keratin hair extension style.
  • Wigs
  • Sew in weave

These are the few different kinds of extension methods that you may refer to as permanent hair extension.

How Long Does Your Hair Have to Be When You Use Extensions?

This is a tricky question because we all have a different hair length. However, for it to blend perfectly with your natural hair, you may need at least 10cm. Some people suggest that the strands should reach the occipital bone level.

This is the part between your ears and where your neck and head connect.

Also, you should make sure you have thick enough strands on your scalp to cover the hair extensions. Remember, in all you do you should make sure the scalp is invisible.

If your hair is, however, shorter than the ten centimeters, you shouldn’t use extreme long hair as it will be visible. Go for the intermediate length instead. If you don’t perfectly blend the hair, it doesn’t look natural. Installation is a non-issue, but blending is a little bit of a problem.

The length matters more if you are looking to increase the natural hair length. Sometimes you may only want to increase the volume, and therefore, you would more likely go to the same length as your hair but with a level of thickness.

Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

If you have been following through, you will know that the hair extension is essential for most because they add length, volume, style, and color to the hair. So, we intend to breakdown the pros and cons of using the hair extension

Advantages of hair extension

  • For fullness

The easiest method to add body to your hair is by using the hair extension and the right products. The good thing is that even when you use very few strands, it will be enough to enhance your look. Therefore, your hair won’t look limp and lifeless.

  • They are durable

The good thing about the extension is the durability. Often the extension will last at least a month, but some, like wigs can go up to 12 months. So, this is a long-time investment that allows you to protect natural hair.

If you, therefore, take good care of the hair, you will have made an ideal investment.

  • They are colored differently

For those who love playing with colors, this is the best choice for you because hair extension comes in varying colors. You can even buy different color tones whereby some are of high tones and others low.

Instead of coloring, the natural hair uses the colored hair extension. This means that you won’t damage your natural hair.

  • Ease of use

If you know how to attach the hair extension, it becomes ideal and easy to use. You can attach them in a short while, but maintaining them is also a breeze. If you know the right products to use for the different kinds of extensions you choose then it should be the easiest to use.

  • Accessibility

Often the hair extension is readily accessible. There are thousands of hair extensions you can use to suit your specific needs. What’s more, if you want the hair to be customized, you could also do it.

From manufactures to brands and online stores and offline, one’s hair extensions are readily available.

  • They have legitimate cost

Regardless of the budget you have, you can find an extension to fit your budget. The cost of purchasing an extension ranges from tons of dollars to thousands of dollars.

If all you want is a simple type of hair, you could get one for as little as $20 if you know where to get the hair. Nonetheless, if you want some of the high-quality ones, you will need to part with a lot of cash. So, it all depends on what you have to invest in it.


  • They can be damaging

Without proper care, some hair extension methods can be damaging to your hair. A good example is if you leave the strands on for too long, it will damage your natural hair.

Remember to visit the stylist regularly as you take good care of the extension and your natural hair. Neglect is the one reason that will lead to hair damage.

Besides, the hair extension means additional weight to the natural hair, and this then weighs the hair down, leading to hair loss.

When you use the adhesives, you are doing so at your own risk. The glue can damage your hair if you let it flow into the natural hair, so you should be careful when using them.

  • Are they noticeable?

Although the wearer believes that the extensions aren’t noticeable, anyone who is keen on the hair business will notice when you are wearing the hair extension. Often the texture may vary dramatically from your natural hair.

I’m glad that women are at a point where they don’t care whether you can tell that they are wearing an extension or not. This means that it doesn’t matter whether you know it or not than it matters for women to look good.

  • They can be high maintenance

Most of the hair extensions but especially the synthetic hair can be high maintenance. Synthetic weave particularly starts to get damaged sooner. So, you may have to invest more time and products to maintain them.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

Hair extension, like even a cloth, has a lifespan, and the more you use it, the faster you shorten its lifespan. Depending on the type of extension you have the lifetime varies.

  • A clip-in extension depends on the hair extension you use because you will be removing them in the evening. If it’s a high-quality hair, it may last up to eight weeks.
  • Glue in extension will only be with you for a couple of days to a maximum of two weeks.
  • Sew in hair extension is one of the most common, and it will last for at least six weeks. Albeit, they can go to eight weeks if you properly maintain them.
  • Tape-in extension will last up to six weeks, and after which you should remove them.
  • Keratin hair or bonded hair will go between six weeks and six months.
  • Fusion hair will last for between 8 weeks to 12 weeks.
  • Micro ring extension can also last at least four months before you can touch up. If you touch up the hair then it lasts longer.
  • Wigs are even better because they can last up to a year.

Are Hair Extensions Bad For Your Hair?

Its all about how you attach the extension and the care you give to your hair. Notice that just like eating certain foods can be damaging, so are extensions. Nonetheless, if you are taking good care of the hair, and you attach it properly, then it won’t damage the hair.

It’s good, however, to note that some of the styles will damage your hair. If you are using methods like hot fusion, the damage is inevitable. So, we will break down a few to see how damaging they can be.

Clip-in extension: they can be damaging, but only if you pull the strands roughly out of your hair. If you are, however, gentle during the hair application it should be safe to attach the hair strands.

Glue in extension: this is one of the most damaging methods but primarily if you don’t employ the right techniques to remove it. Also, if you let the glue flow into the natural hair then you will experience hair loss. Therefore, you should always seek professional help.

Sew in: is another one of the low maintenance methods. You can use it safely if you make the braids normal and not too tight. Once you have the braids on, keep moisturizing the strands and cleaning the scalp. This ensures the hair is safe. Do not cut the strands when removing it.

Bonding method: is the other most popular method that you may use, but it will damage your hair if you don’t seek professional help.

In summary

The hair extension may not damage your hair at all if you know how to use it. The damage will occur based on the kind of chemicals you use, the stylist, and the health of your natural hair.

If you also didn’t follow the care and maintenance routine, then the hair extension could cause damage. If you are too afraid of the hair damage, opt for the clip in extension, halo extension, or wigs.

For such choices, you won’t have to use glues, sewing or even heat ad bonds.

Can You Get the Hair Extension Wet?

So many people fear to ruin their expensive extensions, yet sometimes it’s hard to avoid it. From sweat to rain sometimes you can’t resist the wetness. This question often arises too from those who love to swim, and the truth is some form of wetness is harmless.

Let’s tackle this question in two parts

  • Did the hair get accidentally wet or?
  • Do you want to swim?

If the hair got accidentally wet, you shouldn’t fear anything, especially if you know how to take care of it. The only major problem you will deal with is that your hair strands may absorb too much water.

When this happens, you must dry the hair entirely. You will, therefore, need the microfiber towel and then pat dry the hair. Remember, you shouldn’t rub the hair with the towel as that may create tangles. Note that knots are the enemy to any hair extension.

What to do when you wet your hair

  • Get rid of the tangles

Once the hair is nicely dry, you should remove the tangles and knots using the tangles spray and wide-toothed comb or boars brush. This is also the time to confirm that the hair extension is firmly attached to your natural hair.

  • Let it air dry

Instead of using the blow-dry, if you have time let the hair extension air dry. The good thing about air drying is that it never damages your strands, which is what other heat does.

  • Use the blow-dry

If you must, then use the blow-dry option and in a cool setting. Use it at a very low-speed and low heat. It’s better to take a lot of time and maintain the hair than damage it.

What if you love swimming?

Well, you can’t stop what you love doing in the name of having the hair extension; at least that’s my policy. But you can take a few protective methods to allow you to swim.

  • Swimming caps

I don’t like swimming caps because they somehow often let the water in, and they make my headache too. However, if you can, use the swimming cap as it will keep your strands from too much water.

  • Braid the hair

Water can make the hair tangle a lot, so before you go into the pool, braid the hair to avoid tangling.

Once you are out of the pool, do the following

  • Remove the tangles

Be gentle, and take the time to get rid of the knots once you are out of the pool. You can use the detangling spray or the conditioner first then brush the hair with the wet brush.

You should avoid the breakage by all means because when your hair breaks from the extension, then it doesn’t regrow as with the natural hair.

  • Chlorine damage

Swimming pools always have some chlorine, and that is damaging to the hair extension just as it is to the natural hair. Before you go into the pool, you should soak the hair in some clean water to avoid the soaking in of hair extension with the chlorine water.

This means that while the hair will have absorbed some chlorine, it will only be a little.

  • Wash the hair immediately

I have read some people claiming that you shouldn’t wash the hair, but for me, it’s a must-wash mostly because the swimming pool water is chlorinated.

So, in general, sometimes the hair extension can get wet, but if you know how to care for it, it will still serve you much.

Can You Wash the Glued in Hair Extension?

Yes, you can wash the hair extension; only the process of cleaning the hair may be a little different.

Some people decide to wash it with the dry shampoo to avoid the use of water on their extension. This is safe, but at some point, you will need to wash the hair entirely.

You can also use another option where you wash the hair as you avoid the parts where you have the glue attached. By avoid, we mean don’t apply the conditioner and shampoo as well as oils on the glue as that will loosen it.

Notice that the conditioner is often used when you need to remove the glue in extension. Thus, using it will cause loosening and the removal of the wefts as well.

If possible, only apply the glue at the middle to ends of the extension.

But Will the Extension Cause Headaches?

It’s not always that the hair extension causes you headaches unless you wear them wrong. A few of the other extensions that use bonding may also cause a headache, but it should be mild. If clip-in extension causes you problems, it’s because you didn’t wear them right.

This is one of the reasons why I advocate for you to go to a stylist for the best results.

Can You Make the Extension Look Natural?

It’s every woman’s dream to make the extension look as though it’s their natural hair. While there are two types of hair extensions though the human hair one will look more natural than does the synthetic one.

Below are the tips to make the hair extension look natural

  • Can you use the short hair?

When you opt for short hair, chances are that you will trick so many people that it’s your natural hair. Long hair doesn’t always look natural especially for those whom we know have short hair.

You should use only +4 inches on the natural hair to make it look natural. If you use more inches, then it starts appearing unnatural.

  • Trim the extension

You do trim your natural hair, but you should also trim the hair extension. It will make the hair blend in with the natural hair. If the hair is too long, trimming it will make it look more real.

  • Make the shine real

Often especially when you are using synthetic hair, it will look so shiny, and that makes it look not so much like your natural hair. You can use the dry shampoo to clear the shine or wash it before you can install it.

  • Maintain the hair

Some people will forget the extension the moment they have it on. Sadly, if you don’t take good care of it, you will soon stop making it look natural. Comb it, clean it, and condition it to maintain the texture.

Who Can’t Use the Hair Extension?

It’s not advisable for you to wear the extension if you keep losing the natural hair because in wearing the extension, you won’t treat the hair loss problem sooner.

If your hair is splendid, using the hair extension may cause even more damage to the hair. You will weigh it down. The extension will further show if you are the type of person with sparse hair. If you, however, have just slight fine hair, then you should use a little bit of the extension.

It’s not common for you to find instances where one should avoid the hair extension, but the two discussed are the major ones.

Things to Avoid When Installing the Hair Extension

Although the extension will look good, there are things you can avoid to make sure you are safe using hair extension.

  • Don’t buy poor quality hair

Although you are using the hair extension, try and chose the very best kinds. If the hair is over-processed then it won’t be long-lasting so you should avoid such. Buy the best quality by investing a little extra cash. You may be interested in the hair quality system.

  • Use enough natural hair strands together with the extension

Sometimes the people will use very few of their natural strands. When you put on more hair extension strands, then you weigh your hair down, leading to hair shedding.

Make sure the weight of the hair is the same as that one of the hair extensions.

  • Make sure you blend the hair in and cut it

Installation of the hair may be easy, but unless you blend it in, then you risk looking so unnatural. Take the time to blend in.

  • The color

Always choose the color that blends well with your skin tone and your hair. This is true if you are using an extension style like the clip in. It makes you look natural.

In summary

Without proper care of the hair, the extension will cause damage to your hair strands. Invest time in taking care of the strands. Even when you go to bed, then you should remember to cover your hair and the extension to keep it looking pretty throughout.

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