46 Hair Color Ideas For Black Women

Like any other woman, if you are black, the hair color that will blend well with your skin tone as it makes your facial features visible is the best.

Of course, there are thousands of hair color ideas around the globe, but not all of them will fit a black woman.

Well, in this article we, therefore, show you some of the best ideas you can use.

Even in the category of black women, some colors fit well for darker tones while others match the lighter shades.

So although you may not be black, if you have a darker tone, then you will find the right color for you here too.

The good news is that women are bolder today, and they are ready and willing to try any color.

The hair color we choose ranges from black to blonde to mahogany to burgundy and many more.

Dark skin hair colors

1. Orange-red

Orange red

This is one of the many colors that were initially left to the other races. Today you can use it even if your skin color is much darker in the category of black women. You will always look beautiful when you find the right color for you, in this case, orange-red.

This color blends perfectly with her skin tone, making her best facial features pop.

2. Mochaccino blonde

mochachinno blondeIf you thought that you couldn’t find your best blonde color, you thought wrong since you can, and here is one. This ombre hairstyle with the darker roots will make it look and blend easily with their skin tone.

With this color again, she has a pop on her facial features, making her look as beautiful.

3. Pink hair for dark skin

pink hair for dark skinAre you the bold type? You can always try even more daring colors like pink.

This color comes out great, but not many people love to try it. So who said you couldn’t try the bolder colors with your dark skin tone? You can use almost any color of your choosing.

4. Light brown hair on dark skin style

light brown hair on dark skin styleHere she has a more ombre look where you have the darker roots and the light brown on the ends. When she holds the style to a ponytail, therefore, it looks official. This is the color you can attain on your natural hair or even use it on a weave.

5. Brown hair color on dark skin

brown hair color on dark skinWhether you want long or short hair, this is the complete color change if you don’t want the natural black. It’s also the most comfortable color for those who are only starting to try out the colors. It’s not so bright, so it makes it look like your natural black color.

Here she has the color in highlights since some parts of the wig are black. But it couldn’t make the waves pop out better. This color, as you can see, suits all including those with the dark skin remember. It, therefore, doesn’t matter what your skin tone is because it will look perfect.

Fall hair colors

6. Burnt orange

burnt orangeOf course, the bold colors also give you a level of confidence. If you don’t mind being different, you can try this color. Here you create the afro kinky hair making it look even better with the pop of color. So not only do you enjoy the volume, the color is further perfect.

In using such a color, therefore, you will find that her facial features pop out, and that’s precisely what we need. Take on this fierce burn ombre style to enjoy the gorgeous blend on your dark skin hues.

7. Pink tips

pink tipsDiscover the perfection of the pink hue for your dark skin tone. No more hating on the pink color because you too can find the best options. Of course, pink is a common color for women, and when you can find a shade that blends well with your skin hue, then this is perfect.

That she uses the color on her curly hair makes it even more visible. So the style isn’t only about the volume but also about creativity. It doesn’t matter if you would love to try the flamboyant or the subtle side of pink if you know how to wear it, you will get the right one for your skin tone.

Hair colors for medium skin tone

If you have a medium black skin tone, then you can find that using the darker shades is excellent. It does create a perfect contrast on your facial features.

8. Auburn color

Auburn colorWhen you want to go all-in with no in-between, try this color. For those with medium skin tone, this will bring out even better features blending in well with your skin color. She uses long hair to make it even more visible.

Although for a long time the blonde and bolder hues have been trending for black women, today you can choose the burn. If you have a medium skin tone, this will always blend in.

9. Grey hair

grey hairMany hair colors keep coming, but the color that no one expected is grey hair. Women are fast embracing their ages, and today we find it comfortable to wear the grey hair.

Here she uses straight hair, and she holds it to a nice high ponytail. The best thing is that it blends perfectly with her skin tone too. Not only is it a bold color that’s much visible from afar, but it’s also beautiful.

The best way to, therefore, wear this color is to use a wig instead of coloring your natural hair. It has baby hairs ready that make it look even more natural.

10. Jet black

Jet Black #1 Micro Nano Hair Extensions Remy 100% Human Hair 0.8gstrand 50Strands40G (2)Of all colors, this is the most popular one for both our natural hair types and hair extensions. Remember, most black women have jet black hair. When you use this color, therefore it looks so natural.

Well, this color is perfect and will never go out of fashion, remember.

For some reason, unlike other colors, since it provides the perfect blend, it will always look perfect on any skin tone but especially the black woman’s. You can wear it short, long, or medium and still maintain perfection. Of course, you see a woman with the perfect looking jet black hairstyle already looks natural and beautiful.

Hair color for light skin women

11. Blue ponytail

blue ponytailOne of the most popular colors today is the blue color. If you are one of those who are in love with the blue color, then you can try this hair color. Since blue is a very bright color, you will have your facial features also popping out.

It doesn’t matter the season we are in; you can have the blue color serve you right. If you aren’t bold to try this deep blue color, then you can use another shade of blue or the one with darker roots. Here it creates the perfect contrast with your skin color.

12. Blonde highlights

blonde highlightsThis is another one of the most common styles in the market. Here she uses the different shades of blonde and brown hair color to come up with this elegant look. Whether you have the natural hair or the weave one, you will have this color blend well with your natural skin tone.

The waves are perfect, and they showcase the blend of different shades of brown. Since she uses it on the asymmetrical bob, you can see it clearly on the longer side of the hair.

Winter color ideas

13. Winter choice

winter choiceOne of the best colors you can use to embrace the winter seasons is this color. This hair is both fun and good looking. With this style, you, therefore, look like you are making the deep blue sky color on your hair.

But the ash grey style also makes it look like the ice that forms or the ashy winter weather. The fact that it blends well with her skin tone is just epic. And the style itself is surreal. Also, the type you could use anytime, whether in the office or for your casual occasions.

14. Goldilocks

goldilocksBrighten the cold days with this black and gold hair color today. The style creates volume on your head, but it also blends the blond and black colors to make the perfect hair color shade.

Well, if you are tired of using the black color, add some spice on it with this blend of colors.

Whether you have the medium skin tone or the dark one, you will find it being effective. The fact that you have the golden blonde at the very front of the head makes it look perfect.

15. Blonde and black braids

blonde and black braidsThe one style that is quite common among black women is the braids. The good thing is that you can use different braids shades for the perfect contrast, and since you are using blonde colors to the ends, you will be much visible from afar.

The roots, on the other hand, look like it’s your natural hair. How long would you like it to be? The hair length will also amp up the style. It will either make it much visible or not.

16. Ginger hair

ginger hairAnother one of the most popular shades is this ginger hair, and you can use it when it’s winter season too. If you love to blend in several colors together, you will find this hair being useful. It mixes the red, orange, and brown hues to come up with this perfect color.

Since the hair is short, you will stand out in a crowd, and you can use it for your official and casual roles. It creates the perfect contrast for the woman with a medium skin tone. This is the perfect shade for almost any skin shade that the black woman has.

Highlights for dark skin

This is another method to create and bring color to your style especially if you’re not bold enough to use the full color

17. Ash brown balayage

ash brown balayageOne of the most popular styles you can try is this type. Notice that you have a blend of up to two colors here. It has black roots, and then some parts of the ends have the soft brown highlights. This makes the hair beautiful and the contrast visible.

You can use this style regardless of the kind of skin tone you possess. Here since we have the bob hair, then you can use it for different occasions, whether official or casual ones.

18. The pixie cut style

the pixie cut styleYou can also make the favorite highlights with the pixie cut. In this case, we have sun yellow color, brown color and then the black ones too. So the roots and the back of the hair are black, then the middle level is brown, and then the ends at the top part is yellow.

This style will create the perfect trendy look for your funky events. It’s the ideal design for the celebrity look. Since the yellow parts come to the forehead, then it brightens the face even more. Ensure you maintain the shine, though, if you want it to look elegant.

Black women with brown hair

19. Sleek and sexy ombre

sleek and sexy ombreWell, you can have the best ombre style here. The easiest and most creative way to color your hair is by using an ombre, especially if you are shy. This style uses different shades of brown.

Here the one thing that makes it stand out is that it uses the smooth bend and fade of the different shades of brown hair.

You will need to use the flat iron from time to time to make sure you have the perfect straight hair; thus, the color is visible.

20. Brown lace wigs

brown lace wigsOne of the most common styles the black women love to use is the lace wigs. It makes it look as though the hair grows from your roots. Here you have the perfect brown shade that makes it look and feel elegant.

The best part is that it blends perfectly with your skin color. This hair is nicely long, thus making it easy to show the brown shades; thus, it looks and feels elegant.

Besides, the style is sleek, and she held it to a high ponytail for more elegance.

21. Light brown hair

light brown hairYou will have a color to try even with your dark skin color. This light brown color is a great option to use. It will blend perfectly with your skin tone, especially if you are a brown skin girl. It further brings out the perfect effects on the hair color.

Here we have the long but wavy color to make it both an official and casual option. With this color, you can make your hair become a feisty option. If you love the brown hair that other races have, you can today create the same color.

22. Burgundy for dark skin

burgundy for dark skinOne of the most amazing styles to try is this one, especially if you like to make a style that’s much closer to the black one. You will find this color to be quite amazing. Here you have the wavy and almost straight hair color.

The sew-in makes it look like her natural hair, especially since the color isn’t too defined. For those who would love to try an almost maroon or red color, you can go on with this color. It’s best when you are introducing yourself to the world of colors.

23. Honey blonde hair for dark skin

We all love the blonde hairstyle, but one of the most common ones you can use is the honey blonde. It blends easily with different skin tones. If you have dark tones, you can try this long and wavy honey blonde hair with slightly darker roots.

It makes it easy for those who are shy to try out the different colors too. The secret is, therefore, to make it shiny, smooth, and good looking. It will make it easy to blend in the different levels of blonde.

Ombre for dark skin

24. Purple with red ombre

purple with dark redBlack women enjoy purple style hair, and this is, therefore, the perfect blend of both the purple color and the red hues.

You will attain royalty with this color, so the purple color is the perfect choice to use. Notice thereof that the dash of red will make you feel like a queen, and you can use the style wherever you are thinking of going out. This is the perfect choice for different women.

It brings out your best facial features that therefore make you look and feel elegant.

25. Burgundy and black

One of the most popular colors in the black community is the burgundy. But if you like to mix it up just a little bit, you can try using the burgundy color and the black hair. Here, we have the black color at the roots but the burgundy one at the ends to spice it up.

This is for any perfect day; whether you are going with it on a fancy event or your regular business days, this will work correctly.

Well, this will make it easy to rock the luscious looks for even those who aren’t yet comfy to rock the full burgundy style.

Best hair color for African American

Of course, most African American skin tones range between the three categories. You can have the light skin black women, medium brown skin color, and dark brown color. Once you know your shade, you can choose the color you would love to work with below.

26. Golden blonde

golden blondeAnyone who loves the blonde hair color can try this type of hair. This one is warmer in tone than the honey blonde and works best with those who have darker shades or even medium skin tones.

If you are of lighter skin color, then you can decide to use the darker version of the golden blonde type, although you can even use the same if you are dark to create minimal contrast between your skin tones.

27. Champagne blonde hair

champagne blondeAre you the bold kind? Choose the champagne blonde. Remember, it doesn’t matter if the color is bright or dark. What often matters is if it blends well with your skin tone. For some black women and that includes the dark tone ones, it blends in perfectly.

Know that the difference between the style and other blondes is that it looks like the beige and blonde shades.

28. Bronze hair

bronze hairAnother one of the popular hair choices today is the bronze hair. So while it looks brown, it does have an additional touch of the metallic hair, which then gives it the bronze features. When you look at it, then it will deliver the perfect color for those with the lighter shade.

Most people mix it with the other shades of brown to form a balayage. It’s the perfect color for the different seasons.

29. Cherry red

cherry redAnother one of the most popular hair colors among African American women is the cherry red. It’s bold, and that’s the best feature about it. The hair color makes your face features visible if you have long hair, the better.

This style provides the perfect blend and contrast to make your best facial features visible. One thing, though, is right that the hair looks elegant on anyone with a dark skin tone.

30. Chocolate brown hair color

chocolate brownIf you are not up to making so many dramatic changes, you can use the simple chocolate brown hair color. Your hair looks perfectly beautiful on different shades of black women. It never fails you, so you can be sure to make the most of it.

It’s the closest to natural hair we have. You can wear it however you would like without someone even knowing it’s not your natural hair.

31. Dark purple

dark purpleIt doesn’t matter the skin tone you have because their color will always fit you perfectly. For the most part, we have seen black women wear this style, but it best suits those who have very light shades. This deep purple will give you the perfect contrast making you look elegant.

Blue hair on dark skin

32. Aqua blue

aqua blue colorWell, do you have dark skin? Don’t worry, check out this color to see if it brings out the best in you. Here she uses a brighter shade of blue to create just the perfect contrast to her skin color. Blue is one of the most loved hues, and it’s accessible even with black women.

Let’s just say that it’s perfect, and it does work on the different women of different hair colors.

She held the hair to a ponytail to make the ends much more visible, you know.

33. Mermaid blue color

mermaid blue colroHere is another one of the most favored colors in the market. It blends some ash grey color with the blue tones to make a mermaid look. It blends well with the medium brown skin girls.

Here she uses the medium length hair just to make sure its colors are visible, and the waves make it look like the ocean waves. Flaunt this style today and get heads turning.

34. Light skin girl with blonde hair

light skin girl with blonde hairIt’s much easier for the light skin women to find the right blonde hair. They are much closer to the whiter skin tone, remember. Well, one of the blonde options you can wear when you have such a skin tone is the one we suggest above.

It brightens her face even more. And this color, although popular among celebrities, is today welcomed for use by most other black women.

35. Black hair on dark skin

black hair on dark skinThis is the easiest to wear style by any black woman of whichever shade but mostly the dark skin shade. It looks so much like our natural hair, and that’s why you will find it comfortable to wear the style.

The black hair blends in easily with the dark skin or any other skin tone. Whether you are using natural hair or weaves, it’s perfect.

36. Black hair on brown skin tone

black hair on brown skin toneAs we have earlier mentioned, this is our go-to style. It blends easily with our skin tone just because it’s our natural hair color. Well, how better to wear black hair than using the afro hairstyle. You will achieve volume as you also look your best.

Notice the perfect contrast between her skin tone and the black hair color. This is the ideal style to use when you are short of ideas.

37. Chestnut brown hair color

chestnut brown hair colorAnother one of the most popular styles to use is the chestnut brown hue. It features the blend of the red-brown tones. You will find it easy to blend in with those who have light brown hair color and the middle brown shades as well.

If your hair color is anything from light brown color to the black color, you will find it easy to blend in your hair.

38. Two-tone hair color for dark skin girls

two tone hair colro for dark skin girlsI know you would say too bold, but ‘girl, doesn’t she rock the style?’

This hair is a blend of the two bright shades and therefore meant for only the bold. If you are surely confident and bubbly, how about trying these shades together?

Hair color ideas for dark complexion

39. Purple ombre

purple ombreDo you want to try the purple ombre style? Here is the blend of colors to use. You have the light shades of purple close to the roots and the darker shades to the ends.

The fact that the wig is sleek straight makes the hair color more visible. She even has orange roots. Again this is a perfect color but ideal for the bold and sassy.

40. Copper red color

copper red colorThis is another one of the best colors you can use to achieve the perfect elegance. It’s ideal for those who use the hair to make the complete contrast on your medium skin color. Well, this hair is the perfect orange-based color to your brown skin tone.

It will make the color of your hair much more visible. This color has red undertones that make the hair color a little deeper.

41. Green hair for dark complexion

green hair for dark complexionOf course, for most people, this is the style you can use to make the perfect styles. It’s vibrant and shouting but good looking when you get the perfect one to match your skin tone. This straight, sleek, and long hair is the best choice to use when you are a party girl.

42. Light skin with red hair

light skin girls with red hiarAre you one of the light brown skin girls? You can try this shade of red hair. It will make you change your appearance for the better. Here she uses the long hair, but you can also use the long one if you like.

43. Short red hair

short red hairSome black women just prefer short hair. Red hair is one of the options you can use to spice up your hair look, especially if you have short hair. Check out the red color and notice that it blends perfectly with her dark skin tone and brings out the best of her.

44. Red hair for dark skin complexion

red hair for dark skin complexionAnother one of the best styles for the darker complexion is this particular hair color. You see, she has red hair throughout the head. Well, who said you would look weird? Just find a style that matches your face and the right shade, then you are good to go.

45. Mahogany hair

mahogany hairOne of the best styles you can find is the mahogany hair. It looks perfect on anyone with light to medium skin hair. The hair seems stylishly perfect.

46. Platinum blonde hair for dark skin

platinum blonde hair for dark skinThe best part of this is that you will have the hair serve you perfectly. Even when you have dark hair, you can use the platinum blonde color. It makes bring out the best of your skin shade too.

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