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How to Start A Hair Business in 2020 (Complete Guide)

How to Start A Hair Business

If today you were to research some of the highly lucrative business we have in the globe; you would most likely notice that the hair industry is at the top of the list. Every year the hair industry makes billions of dollars.

Thankfully there’s so much you can do in the hair industry. Some of the businesses you can engage in are starting a salon, selling the hair, manufacturing hair, becoming a colorist, among others.

How to Start A Hair BusinessIf you have decided to start this business, you should know that the whole process can be overwhelming.

This article is going to guide you step by step to setting up your hair business.

But first,

How Do You Make the Business Legitimate?

There are thousands of businesses around the globe today that aren’t legitimate. So, what makes the business legit?

Consider the following points to make your business professional and legitimate.

Find a business name

One part of the business that is quite important is the name. It sets you apart from other companies and makes it easier for people to know or see you. Choose one unique name for the business that also makes it memorable. It should further be easy to read and write.

So, once you have thought of the ideal name, conduct a search that will show you whether there’s anyone with the same business name. If you notice that you have a business with the same name and mostly in the same location, you should change it.

Also, use social media platforms to find out if there’s another business with the same name. Remember to go for the trademark search, as well. The essence is to acknowledge that the business is unique to you.

Be ready to change it if the name is similar to another. For this reason, you should have a second name just in case you need to change it.

Confirm the address and phone number

Next, you will need to ensure you have the right address. Whether you want to use the regular home address or start a new one is okay, but consider having an address.

Even though in most instances, people work online today, there will be situations where you need a physical address.

Some people might think that in using your line you make things easier, but it doesn’t. Keep the personal phone away and get a business line.

With the business line, clients may call and leave messages even later in the evening. This will keep your personal phone private such that people don’t bother you in the middle of the night.

Register the business

Once you have all these things in order, you can consider registering your business legally. Depending on your country’s laws, you will need to register the business nationally or at the county level.

This registration is essential especially for taxation, which is mandatory. There are many legal actions to take after this that makes it compulsory to have the business registered.

Let’s now license the business

Once you have the registration, you should then go for the license depending on the place you are at the time. Go to your local government and get the necessary permits for your business.

Set the books

If you are going to run a successful business, you will need to set the records of your business straight. Make sure you set the records and accounting books right. The book will be your business guide showing you how you are running the business.

Bank accounts and credits

Of course, you will need to have a bank account. Just remember to open the business account aside from your one. Also, you should have business credit. Have the business credits apart from your ones.


This is essential for all but especially those who run online businesses. You will need a website that makes you stand out as the owner of the company.

When you have done all this, then you have made the business legit.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Starting A Business

Although you can decide to make the business offline, there are many hair businesses online. The process of selling the hair online makes everything a lot easier as you can now sell the hair on a global scale and not just your locality.

So, before you venture into the business, there are a few things you will need to do and questions to answer.

Know the basics of any hair business

Where do you intend to base the hair? Is it in the US or outside or even global? This will guide you on the business location. Again, where do you intend to have the suppliers from? Remember, there are suppliers from China, India, Europe, and other places.

Which type of hair

There are two types of hair you can focus on.

  • Human hair

Human hair is the hair that you cut directly from the donor’s hair. Then depending on which market, you are selling to, some will want it in its raw form while others want you to process it a little. You can use this hair for weaves or wigs.

Remember, you can buy different textures: curly, straight or wavy hair. You will also choose whether you want the Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, or Indian hair are among the most popular hair types we have.

  • Synthetic hair

There are very many kinds of artificial hair in the market as well. If you are the type that is a little conscious about wearing hair from another human’s head, consider synthetic hair. Today there are different and high-quality synthetic hair types.

For a new business, you may consider testing the water with different kinds of hair. Ultimately you can decide which hair works best for your shop.

Check out more details about Synthetic Hair and Human Hair.

What kind of hair do you intend to sell?

There are different kinds of hair, and you won’t sell all of them. If you are the person who likes to focus on one line of hair, this is the time to choose your line. Most people though prefer to sell different kinds of hair.

The topic hair extension is quite interesting but without proper understanding, you may not make as many sales as you ought to. If you wish to understand more about this topic visit the blog below.

Hair extensions- The beginner but complete guide

  • Do you sell the lace frontal and closure?

Over recent years, this type of hair has become quite popular. People love the frontals and closures because they mean that you don’t have to leave some of the hairpieces. They, too, come in a different texture to match the different hair choices you make.

I know you must have seen these hair types around your neighborhood or better yet the social media. For attaching the frontal, you will need to know the best lace wig glue to use. Some others can be damaging.

You also ought to make sure you only choose the very best closures and frontals to match the wig or weave.

  • Wigs

These are the most popular today as they make your work easier. You use them to cover and protect your natural hair while making you look stylish. As a black woman, I must say there’s so much benefit in using wigs. But knowing the best African American wigs will help you know which one works best for you.

For the wigs, you could have them in different textures and densities too. Remember, you further have the different types (Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, Malaysian among others). If you like to go with the fashion trend, we have you covered. Consider finding more info on the best lace front wig and full lace human hair wig.

  • Weaves

There are hundreds if not thousands of hair weaves. These types of hair like wigs are quite common across cultures.  If you thought that only blacks wear hair extensions, you are wrong. Caucasians, Asians, and Latinas also wear extensions.

Anyone who is simply looking for additional volume and length may use the best clip in extensions. There are other styles you may choose to wear depending on your hair.

Whenever we talk of weaves though most of us think of the sew in style just because it’s the most popular. Black women use this style more often but because they may have shorter and thicker hair. if you are interested in learning how to do a sew in visit the blog below.

How to do a sew in step by step.

In a wrap, if you are a beginner it would be best to start by selling the weaves first. Often, they aren’t as expensive as wigs thus you can use them to test the market.

If you want some of the trendy weaves to sell visit our weave shops for a wide selection of hair to start selling.

Check out the guide for more information about Hair Extensions VS Weaves VS Wigs.

Where Will You Sell the Hair?

This is a question that you may easily ignore, but if you need to make profits, you should answer this question. So, do you intend to sell the hair virtually or physically?

  • Physical shop

If you intend to sell the hair physically, there will be things you need to understand like the market. Just like any business, there must be demand for you to supply. Therefore, study your market to see if they use the hair extension or not.

I know the one place that you can never go wrong with hair is around the black women community. This is because black women are the leading purchasers of hair extension. So, before you set the hair shop, check the market.

Also, you should make sure you go to a clean environment and maintain the shop cleanliness. Remember, hair is fragile, and if you don’t keep the environment clean the hair will attach to dirt.

  • Online shop

This is the most popular today as it makes you accessible on a global scale. Besides, most people today are using the online shops to buy even groceries let alone the hair. The good thing is that clients can reach you in the comfort of their homes.

Let’s talk about the hair supplier

You will need to identify the hair supplier. When you know or have found the right supplier, then your work is easier. Make it your dominant choice to get a team of experts who specialize in different kinds of hair.

I often prefer vendors who make a business relationship with the seller. Well, you don’t have to go far and wide looking for vendors as we can supply the hair in wholesale and retail form. We have different textures, lengths, colors, and types of hair.

Another best place to get the vendors is on AliExpress. It features a large marketplace where you can source the hair from.

Although it’s easy to get vendors from AliExpress, you have to be careful that you source hair from those with all the positive remarks. Remember, some customers can be mean and leave the vendors with very negative comments. This could affect the dear business that you just started.

  • Through Instagram

You should look for other options aside from the AliExpress. So, you could use Instagram to find the right vendors. Remember, you shouldn’t use your personal account, instead use the business Instagram account.

Through Instagram, find other hair vendors. Nevertheless, there will be hundreds of vendors, so take the time to investigate them one by one. Once you have identified one with the right following and confirmed that they look legitimate, contact them to make a business relationship.

Be patient though, as the process of sourcing for vendors is a trial and error thing. Over time you will identify vendors that can work perfectly well with you.

The hair selling mindset

There’s nothing that will disservice you as having a wrong mindset. Unless you have the right mindset for this business, remember you will not make as much as you should, or you may even make no sale.

You see, there are two groups of people:

One that says they want to sell hair just for the money. I mean, they don’t like hair extension. In fact, they wonder why one would even wear them. If you have such negativity that’s the energy you send out to the world, and that will repel even the potential client.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a virtual or physical seller. Remember everything in life is about energies, and with the right one, you will make at anything.

Another group is those who are passionate about the hair business. Such people dream about the hair, and they can vividly see what it is they dream of. They want to brighten a woman or man’s bad hair day.

So, for this group, it’s not only about the money instead, they want to make someone smile with the hair. They want you to look your best. You will find that you are more attracted to this group than the preceding one.

So, when it comes to the mindset you are using your mind correctly to help you align with the right people. I mean, we are all attracted to those who treat us well and value us, and consequently, that will increase your sales.

I like that this will make it easy for you to listen to your clients’ needs both virtually and physically. When you do so then you purchase the right hair for them.

Identify the clientele

Without the proper client, you still won’t make sales you know. Remember, whether you have a hair website or a physical store, you will need to be noticed outside. You must be visible to your potential clients.

But before you go to the marketing aspects, then you should consider your potential location. Also, know the client you are targeting most.

  • Is it people of color or the Caucasian?
  • Do you have a potential age range that you expect to buy from you?
  • What are the shopping traits of the people who buy from you?
  • Are they super shoppers or careful and rare shoppers?

Also, find out about the available salons around the physical location. You will know that they mostly need hair, and that’s where you come in to supply the hair for them.

Thus, pitch to the salons asking them to source the hair from you as you make a proper business relation. Also, you can advise them to ask their clients to buy hair from you if needed. This is important if you have a physical shop.

If you have the virtual shop, there are many ways to make yourself visible to potential clients, as you will see below.

By now, you must have already known that having a hair business isn’t a walk in the park. Beyond the wish to have your own hair business there’s still so much to do.

Online Hair Business

This might be by far the cheapest way to start a hair business. I mean you won’t need a physical shop with many things to pay for. When you have the idea, you can start the business with minimum dollars, and then as you grow, then you can scale the business.

Business plan

In a nutshell, just like any other business, you will need a business plan. It acts as a road map for your activities on this journey.

With the right business plan, you will tackle half the problem. Well, we mostly dread this part and even avoid it just so that we go to the fan part, but this may save you a lot of money. It helps you identify the challenges expected; you will also determine the competitors.

I like a business plan since it forces you to go far as to cater to the nitty-gritty of the business. What is expected and how to handle every other situation.

Only buy the quality hair

In your search for hair, depending on the target market, offer only the quality products. Well, it may take longer to identify the vendor with the right products but be willing to take that time. Nevertheless, so many people sell hair, but your hair quality will make you stand out.

If you love or use a lot of hair extension, this should be easy as you can buy a few types from the vendors and try them to see if they are the best. This means that you can positively testify about the hair extension.

Find the name

You will need a name for your business as it makes you stand out. Remember, you will need a host website that you pay for. So, you will have a site like mine here that focuses on the hair and anything hair related.

Remember to create a detailed website that gives out detailed information about you and the hair business. This makes it easy for people to reach you. However, this isn’t your regular blog; it has a shop for people to buy the hair they wish to.

Depending on the website platform you choose, they will work differently. My favorite one, though, is WordPress since it’s easy to use. Other platforms include blogger, Wix, and Tumblr among others. You can also work with Shopify if you want and still make the sales you wish to.

Let’s talk branding

So, once you have the name, you should then brand the business. Therefore, you have to choose the right logo and website that you intend to use.

Why have a logo?

This is the one thing that will be unique to only your business on the online platform. There are hundreds of free logos you could choose from, but take the time to identify the one that suits the blog and business.

But what about packaging

You may need to have the unique packaging that makes it easy to notice you from afar. Proper packaging is, in itself, a marketing tool. Someone in a neighborhood will see the packaging when you are delivering the package and want to buy from you.

So have the packaging that sets you apart with the logo of your business name.

Do you have the potential consumer list?

Just like in the physical shop, you will need to know the potential consumers. Whom do you intend to sell the hair to, and what’s their age range? This will make it easier to have the right kind of hair for them.

Do you intend to sell to black or white women or men? Remember, the hair extension will come in different textures and lengths, so you have to choose the one that you will sell.

So which type of hair are you selling?

There are different types of hair, so to scale down, you may choose to specialize in a single line. You can have hair from brazil, India, Peruvian India, and other places. Also, you can have human or synthetic hair.

  • Do you intend to sell weaves or wigs?
  • How about the closures and frontals?

All these are some of the most important questions to ask yourself. I love to test the waters first before I understand which hair works best for my shop. You could use another method, though, if you wish.

Hair photos

There’s nothing as important as the photographs for an online store. Remember, the client doesn’t see the hair, so you have to find ways to appeal to them. Make sure the photos are clear and nicely colored yet original looking.

You don’t want the clients to give you a bad reputation for selling different things than you have in your shop. The best secret is always to use the white background for the photos. This will make it look brighter.

Using social media for hair marketing

From YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, more and more people are making billions of sales. You must, however, know how to make then work for you. All of these sites require you to have massive traffic.

For people to follow you, they will need to prove that you are worth following. So how do you make them follow you?

Find a fun contest to run: this is not a direct advertising method, but it will make your site popular. Just make sure it’s fun. If you wish you can have some giveaways to participants making them come back.

Review: use positive reviews to popularize you further. I mean, they are the proof that you sell quality stuff with the best customer service. Nevertheless, don’t worry if you are new and without reviews as you will soon have them.

Advertise the products

You have probably seen Facebook ads and YouTube ads; they will help you reach a wider audience. For the campaigns, you will have to pay, but it’s all worth it. Remember, your work is to bring the needed products to the customer’s door.

Promote in pages and groups

If you decide to sell online, you will need to promote your business on the various groups and pages on social media. The good thing about this is that it reaches an even wider community.

Share the visual content

If you have noticed on this website, we have various helpful content that will help you understand almost anything about the hair. Therefore, have a blog geared towards your ecommerce site. This will further make more visitors come to you.

You have no excuse but to market your products if you want to make sales that go over the roof. It doesn’t matter whether you are marketing online or offline; your aim is sales conversion.

You will ship the products

This is one of the most critical aspects of your business you should know that. Regardless of whether you are using the drop shipping method or wholesale method, you should make sure the products reach the client on time.

Customer service and relationship

This is the last point as its vital to make return clients. The way you handle your clients will make them either choose to come back or not.  Give the clients some form of discount, treat them with respect, give them gifts and have some contest occasionally.

This will make them think of you every time they think of hair. Be ready to answer their questions, and they will notice that you are helpful to them. These clients will bring you more of their friends to buy from you.

For hair business, therefore, you don’t have to spend a lot. You only need to be smart, and you will make it even when you have not a lot of capital. Take the time to learn how to make it online though.

Be patient; the business will pick up as long as you have done your best.

Other Ways to Make Money Selling Hair

At the end of the day, when you decide on starting the hair business, you don’t only have to make the online store and offline shop; you can use other methods below.

Become a retail seller

This is the most popular method we have. Its where you buy the hair in wholesale than retail sell them. Here you will make profits since you are selling the single pieces of hair whereas you purchased in a bunch and cheaply.

So, you can find the manufacturing vendors to buy from then create a business relationship. Most shops around your locality do precisely this.

Become an affiliate

With affiliate business thriving, you can decide to be an affiliate for the hair business. Often you have platforms like Amazon that allow you to become an affiliate for them. They will give you a link to start marketing and making the sales.

Notice that with every lead sale, you get a percentage of the sales price. If you are good at convincing people then this may work so well for you. It’s the best choice especially if you aren’t sure you want to start the business yet.

How about dropshipping?

Another one of the most natural methods to make money in hair sales is the dropshipping business. With this, you can sell hair from the comfort of your home. So, here you don’t need inventory as you will only buy the hair once you make the sale.

The site then takes the hair to the buyer. How easy is that? You don’t get ahold of the hair, but you can still make profits with the business. Well, with this you will need a website for easy access. You must also market your products.

Surefire ways To Make More Money

The only way to scale the business is to make sure you have more sales conversions.  Here’s how to do this?

Find the clients

Whether you have an online store or an offline one, you will need to make it a habit to find potential clients.

Go where the customers like to rest and chat with them to keep them friendly and invite them to your store. Through this, you could also find out the vital information in regards to hair. They will make you know what they need.

You will only succeed when you bring the clients exactly what they need. Even when you have an online store, you should join hair related groups to monitor discussions. Give your customers what they need.

Serve the ideal clientele

Monitor the market to know the kind of customers you have. If it’s an offline store, for example, don’t expect to make sales if your hair is too damn expensive, yet you are selling to low-income earners.

Be the answer

Sometimes in studying the hair climate, you can know what thrives at different times. Use anticipation to understand what your clients will need soon. By the time other sellers have the items, you will have made the massive sales.

The startup cost for the hair business

Well, there is no universal cut off the amount of money you will need to start your hair business. There’s variation in the various costs you need to set up your store.

However, if you are going to start an online store, then you may need as little as $200. Most of this money goes to the web hosting companies and the platforms you use.

You will know the amount to use, depending on the various licenses you should have.

Lastly, sell sell sell

When you have done it all the only thing remaining is for you to make the sales. Sell the hair to your clients and work towards increasing sales.

Conclusion – Can I Help you?

Well, when all is said and done, it’s all back to you. What do you want? To start a hair business, you can follow the steps in this blog to start. We further answer most of the questions you ask on this page.

However, if you are visiting this blog because you are looking for hair, welcome. At Hair Theme, we like to enlighten you on the topic of hair, we also sell hair.

There are different varieties of hair in our shop. Notice that we have some of the best quality hair. We can and will also dropship if need be.

If you further would like to buy hair in large amounts, still we have you covered. Contact us, and we’ll reach back to you soon.

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