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63 Best Hair Blogs to Follow

Best Hair Blogs

It can be quite challenging to get your hair right, especially on those days when you wake up on the wrong foot.

It shouldn’t be though because there are hundreds of blogs with great advice to help or guide you into making the right decision just for you.

Best Hair BlogsFrom natural, hair to hair extension, straight hair to kinky hair, there’s a blog to cover all your needs and question. Unfortunately, even blogs can be confusing because the blogs are so many.

Sometimes some give valued information while others are just out to make money. Therefore, knowing which blog to trust isn’t easy.

How to Go About Searching for Valuable Information

When you are looking for value on the hair blogs, you ought to have some filters.

Are you a natural? Go to blogs that focus solidly on natural hair. There, you will have the guide on which products to use as well as how to take care and style your hair. I mean it will be people with hands-on experience on natural hair.

Are you interested in hair extensions? There are blogs to guide you on the same. They show you the kind of hair to wear and the newest trend of hair extension.

Flexible blogs? There are, however, those who refuse to be attached to a single side. And for this reason, you can get so much value from them as well.

Below is the list of blogs that you should follow as they offer value and have most probably been in the market for such a long time.

For naturals

  1. Naturally

Naturally textured.comFor anyone who has natural hair, Andrea has you covered. If you would like to know how to take care of it, the right products to use and how to style it, this is a blog for you.

Andrea makes it easy to understand hair since she has gone through the different phases. Your hair can influence your confidence, you know. She, therefore, encourages us to embrace our natural hair and love it as it is.

  1. Curly Essence

Curly EssenceCurl Essence is another hands-on type of blog. This is the blog most people are talking about because they focus on interviewing people. They give you the experience in their struggles and triumphs that is more related to the curly hair.

You also have a shop where you access some of the best products to use on your hair. Also, it focuses on lifestyle, thus giving you information on anything lifestyle.

  1. Natural hair rules

Natural hair rulesHere comes another natural hair blog with over a million people readership. In her, you get the information you need to care for the hair, the inspirations and hairstyle guides. Tamara Floyd is a mom and a full-time blogger.

She started the blog in 2008, and she is more concerned with everything natural. From the food she eats to her skin care products and most of all the natural hair. This blog is more about the care of your natural hair and how you can style it.

While most blogs focus on the women hair, Tamara has a section that covers male hair as well as kids’ hair. For those experiencing hair damages, this is the blog to choose.

The one thing that makes the blog stand out is that they have a beginner’s guide to the natural hair journey.

  1. Curly Nikki

Curly NikkiFor those who are looking for some form of therapy online, this is the place to visit. As a psychotherapist, Nikki teaches you how to embrace your natural hair and love it in its state. The blog was launched in 2008 and has since become an influencer in the hair industry scene.

From winning major awards to being a part of major shows in the country, Curly Nikki has seen massive growth. For Curly Nikki, its more about the engagement’s forums with the clients. It further covers other aspects of life.

If you like her hair topics, you will love her empowerment topics as well.

  1. Afro Bella

Afro BellaWith such a smile, you will know that the lady has a lot of value to tell you in regards to your hair and life generally. Originally this was an all-natural blog platform. Today it focuses on any other thing that includes beauty, makeup, and fashion.

She will guide your every step at life. Patrice gives you anything from the right books to read and how to deal with your unruly natural hair. You will also learn the accessories to fit on the different seasons of the year.

Patrice is by far, one of the most influential individuals in the hair society.

  1. Curls understood

Curls understoodThe blog title says it all. It focuses on curls and how you can make them work for you. It’s meant to serve other women of color who love to wear natural hair. Joining the blog makes you understand that the problems you experience with your curls cut across the board.

The blog makes it easy for you to learn the techniques you can use to care for your hair. The blog is further appealing to women who want to transition to natural hair.

It also offers you the methods of styling the hair according to the face shape. Of course, if you are new to the game, if you lack the support system, you can easily lose out.

  1. Kimberly Elise

Kimberly EliseShe emphasizes on anything natural mostly because she is vegan and a naturalist. The essence of this blog was to spread love and positive energy across the internet. She is a TV personnel and an actress who has won various awards.

Being a black woman, she enjoys her natural hair and likes to share the care tips. For Kimberly, it’s a jargon of various influential topics in the market. But what I like most is that you will learn how to take care of your hair daily.

  1. Curl centric

Curl centricOwned by two partners, a husband and wife, this blog caters to some of the most essential techniques of taking care of your natural hair.

It’s ideal for those who are looking to grow the long, healthy and natural hair. The blog guides you to the right regimen to follow when you are looking for the perfect hair. Both Kenneth and Kira enjoy offering valuable advice about the natural curly hair.

The blog shows you the hair drying methods to use to keep the hair moist and richly nourished.

  1. Klassy kinks

Klassy kinksLet’s talk about beauty with brains. Kola is a combination of both of those, and she focuses much on how to take care of your natural kinky hair. She goes ahead and focuses on complementary dress cord that matches your hair.

The blog has a shop where you can go to when you need to buy different items. If you are not here for the hair care section, you can visit other parts like weddings and travels.

  1. Karens essentials

Karen's essentialsKaren loves anything that regards beauty but most especially her natural hair. She goes on to blog on skin care and different styles of makeup. Once she stopped relaxing her hair, she knew she needed to learn the tips on how to care for her hair.

As she was doing so, she decided to create a blog to help other women transition.

  1. Babes in hairland

Babes in hairlandBecky started this blog in 2008 to be a fun blog where you get advice and cared for at whichever level the hair is. The blog covers tips and tricks, styles, accessories as well as videos on issues hair.

She learned how to take care of her hair as well as that of her kids. It further covers lifestyle, and you have a gallery when you can choose hair products to buy.

  1. Confession of a hair stylist

Confession of a hair stylistJenny is passionate about the hair industry. She has over 15 years’ experience in hairdressing, which means she will create unique style devote to serve only you. With this blog and her YouTube channel, she shows you how to take care of your hair.

Today she is a real influencer with over 600000 people following her. What’s more, she has written a hair tutorial book that has sold globally. And this led to her being even more famous.

  1. Twist me pretty

Twist me prettyLet’s talk about Abby and her platform. She is a blend of everything, from a photographer to a model and even designer. For the hair categories, she tries everything just for fun and teaches you how to take care of the hair.

Although she isn’t a professional stylist, her love for hair makes her one of the best bloggers in the same industry. She isn’t afraid to share everything she has learned and keeps on learning as she shares the information. This makes it easy for you to gather the data.

  1. Hair Romance

Hair RomanceYou love your hair, right? Christina has created a blog for the likes of you who adore their hair. This blog gives you the latest trends and keeps up with your journey to the healthy hair.

She has no formal training in the hair business but the love she has for hair is immeasurable. The fact that she is just like you and I, makes it easy for us to follow her tutorials. They are made to guide the beginner in a step by step manner.

  1. Hair buddha

Hair buddhaIf you are looking for a natural hair therapist, this is the right place. You will get answers to all the questions. Its simple, Minaz believes that when you eat natural, you nourish the hair with natural ingredients.

So, coming from India, it’s easy to find all the traditional oils and nutrients that led to the healthy growth of the hair. Therefore, as a scientist, she blends the traditional ways with the science today to come up with the right regimen for your hair.

In this blog, you will revive the natural regimen that was used to nourish hair. So, with the holistic approach and traditional rituals, your hair grows healthy.

  1. Mo knows hair

Mo knows hairOne of the top natural hair platforms you have is in this blog. Owning a salon, Monica Stevens knows the nitty-gritty details that will determine whether you grow some healthy hair or not.

Her passion for hair began at fifth grade, and since then, she has grown to love it so much. In the blog, she gives you the hair care tutorials that will trigger conversation among the family and friends.

Her single most important aim is that every individual will see the value of taking care of their natural hair. Don’t worry, in this blog; you will even get the information on the right tools to use for the same.

  1. Sunkiss alba

Sunkiss albaShe is a beauty guru, a mom, and wife who is confident of her knowledge. She loves everything about hair and skin.

Being someone with curly hair, she knows firsthand the challenges of getting the products to use as one with curly hair. Alba is going to answer your burning questions.

  1. Just grow already

Just grow alreadyIn the recent transition from the chemically treated hair to natural hair, Jen started this blog as a simple journal. She was to document everything in the process. She soon changed it to a blog. The blog aims at talking about the methods you can use to take care of your hair.

She teaches you on all the topics regarding the growth of healthy yet natural hair. With her blog, you will find ways to go over the hurdles you experience with the hair.

In the end, her blog is easy to understand because she makes you feel like she is right here, answering all the burning questions.

  1. Hair advice and all things nice

Hair advice and all things niceKelly is here as a professional stylist, which makes it easy for her to advise you. She has hands-on experience on the same.

Aside from the advice, she gives you the best hair care routine during different weather changes. Sometimes the weather can be too gloomy that you don’t know how to take care of it. Kelly has you covered.

She further brings to you the styling options to use and take. The tone she uses in writing is meant to make her close to you. This makes you want to continue reading.

  1. Natural curly Asian hair

Natural curly Asian hairThere nothing so refreshing than embracing one’s natural tresses just like Rossie Chuong did. Her push to live a fulfilling life from the inside out encouraged her to embrace her natural tresses.

Although she focuses on the lifestyle and wellness of each person, Rossie is celebrating her transition from straight to naturally curly hair. In the beginning, she says she had no idea how she was going to take care of the hair.

Today she knows the products that work for her loose curls and also how to maintain them.

  1. Curl on a mission

Curl on a mission

For you who are wondering how to make your curls work, you need to follow Thais. She documents her journey to bringing the best out of her curls. From products review to just anything hair related, you will have it in this blog.

  1. Natural Chica

Natural ChicaThis is a blog created to document the transitioning progress from the relaxed hair to the natural one. The focus is on those who are interested in maintaining natural hair. Maeling gives you the tips and tricks to use during the process.

She further has video tutorials to explain the process. Also you have inspiring interviews. Everything is laid out for you to read, and whenever you are stuck at something you can come to cross check.

With the movement on the DIY natural hair, you will need to know the right products to use. Maeling gives you a list of products reviews which helps you make an informed decision.

  1. Emily cottontop

Emily cottontopShe blends in everything in the lifestyle and travel section. Our interest here is on hair, and she will update you daily about her progress with the natural hair. She further focuses on other aspects of, life like politics.

  1. HeyFranHey

HeyFranHeyFrancesca is your wellness coach. When she started to take care of herself after suffering from chronic illness, she decides to go natural and thus focuses on natural healing. From this space is where she began to take focus on natural hair.

This then saw the birth of this blog. Come to her site and enjoy the valuable information.


  1. The small things blog

The small things blogThese things you consider small are quite essential in life. Kate literary brings you all the small things both in the blog and on YouTube. From the right products to use to the hairstyle to make you have the guide and tutorials on the same.

She uses both platforms to have her clients follow on how to take care of the hair. You even have how to blogs on the hair category. I guarantee you will get value in joining her email list.

  1. Natascha Darling

Natascha DarlingWhen you come to Natascha’s blog, you will find everything in regards to hair and all other things that she enjoys doing. She does bring information about hair and other stories that will make you maintain a happy life.

You will find issues on hair tips and how to take care of fine hair.

  1. Sarah Angius

Sarah AngiusAlthough she focuses on other beauty hacks, hair is one of the most important aspects of her blog. She is adventurous and therefore, has tried all the hair care products that work for her hair.

This blog started back in 2015, where she was to give people a hair tutorial on Instagram. As a hairstylist today, she focuses on creating a tutorial for the likes of you and me to make the whole process easy.

She even gives you the list of best products to use to nourish the hair better.

  1. Sascha Breuer

Sascha BreuerHere is a blog that will show you the latest hairstyling trend to try. It further brings across the latest trends in the market. It has the how-to options making it easy to follow. It also engages in competitions like the fashion show.

If you are stuck, this hairstylist will give you all the information you need when styling the hair. Mark you, some of the stylist trend on the red carpet. Thanks to Sacha’s passion because now you can wear the best style of your choice.

Best hair blogs for men

  1. Mens hair blog

Men's hair blogOften, we forget about men when talking about hair. But they too have hair, and most of them love to look good. Thanks to this blog which you can use to find anything from the best products to use to the hairstyles to try.

The blog further addresses the challenges you experience with the hair growth and gives you the tack ticks to combat them.

Are you the man who loves the hair to grow long? This blog will give you all the answers you need. Rogelio is the founder of the blog but he also enjoys to travel.

  1. Manly curls

Manly curlsI love Rogelio’s aggression to inform our men out here. With this blog, he covers all the different kinds of curls and how to cater to them. So, there are general discussions on the challenges you experience and how to attend to them.

For those who love their curls, this will be your favorite blog in no time.

  1. Masculine style

Masculine styleAre you a man who wants to change your overhaul look? This will soon be your favorite blog. Tanner makes it easy to know which fashion suits you and the hairstyle that goes well with style.

He is artistic and therefore advices you on male styles. But before you go into the blog, you take a short test to show you what you may need.

Baby hair blogs

  1. Afro baby

This is a blog about the famous hairstyle called afro baby. This features the style that serves more people who have 4c like hair. Kesha Philips has you covered with the different questions you may ask as well as the right products to use.

Aside from the style, it also features the afro families and lifestyle. What’s more, it focuses on how to take care of you little kids’ hair. The blog shows you how to wash the hair.

  1. Mixed family life

Mixed family life

Do you have mixed race kids or are you looking forward to having mixed race kids, you don’t want to miss the information in this blog. I like that it mostly focuses on the kid’s hair.

The blog will make life easier for both men and women who don’t know how to take care of the biracial hair. It’s hard to do hair different than the way you usually do yours. But with such a guide you will know the right products to buy and what to make.

She gives you the tips and tricks to use when taking care of the hair as well as the how-to’s topics under the same. I like that it further tackles the different issues that they face to prepare you in case it happens.

  1. Cara B Naturally

Cara B NaturallyOwned by a family, the blog focuses on taking care of all the different kinds of baby and children hair. The essence of the blog is to deliver to you all the natural products that you may use on the kid’s hair.

It further focuses on their skin and beauty. With this blog, you have all your queries in regards to kids covered.

Relaxed hair blogs

  1. Healthy hair junkie

Healthy hair junkieHere is one other blogger who loves everything about the hair and how to maintain it. Ayesha has been on a journey to develop only healthy and relaxed hair. Started in 2011, this blog has been a source of encouragement to many women looking for hair inspiration.

She started with relaxed hair and has since never stopped.

  1. Hairlicious

HairliciousDo you want to know anything about relaxed hair and how to grow it to greater length? This is the blog to use. You should understand your hair when you are looking to keep it healthy.

You have every advice you need from the products to use to the care tips to employ. Just bring your sit close and let’s start reading.

  1. Very me very me

Very me very meIs this your hair?

This is the question that keeps Vuyelwa going. The people don’t just understand how she can have such rich and full hair. But you can too as she says. From cosmetics to anything about relaxed hair she has you covered.

She even does products reviews on which ones work best for your hair kind. Most especially being a South African, you will receive hands-on advice on how to take care of your roots to enhance the growth.


LIFEWITHJACQUIEThis blog answers all of your relaxed hair questions. Why she changed to relaxed hair and the hair care tips that keep it healthy. Jacqueline makes it easy to understand and appreciate your hair journey. You will get advice on the right products to use as well.

  1. Textured talk

Textured talkThis blog is majorly meant to focus on empowering women to become better and beautiful. These blogs were mostly created to cover the love for natural hair and curls. Charlene continues to be an inspiration to women who like to embrace their natural hair as they grow financially.

  1. Hair and makeup by Steph

Hair and makeup by StephAre you having an event?

Steph specializes in the event hairdo, but she does also focus on makeup making her a whole package. What’s more, she has an online course in regards to makeup and anything hair related.

Although she lives in Utah, she travels around the globe to make your big day a memorable one. She will even teach you at workshops. With an online base following, you will find her on Instagram showcasing her work.

Hair extension blogs

  1. Black hair blog

Black hair blogHere we have a SouthAfrican blogger who fancies the black hair styles. She focuses on hair beauty and the skincare of mostly African woman. From hair accessories to black hairstyles Chido has you covered.

I like that she even gives you the directory to some of the best salons in south Africa. This will guide any traveler who needs to get their hair done but especially when they have the afro-textured hair.

  1. Mane addicts

Mane addictsThis features a digital hair community that caters for the needs of different women across the board. Jen Atkins founded it to provide any hair related content.

You have everything from the how to’s, workshops that regard the hair, interviews with different celebs, among other contents.

Also, get the first-hand experience on how it is to be a mane fanatic. Other content creators also bring in the spice into the project of how to take care of the hair.

Hair loss and damage blogs

  1. Big life thin hair

Big life thin hairHere is a bog where you will continue the conversation in regards to the hair. While Christine is trained in sociologist, she loved and still do love hair. Now, she is a salon owner and has been on edge to research and find the answers to hair loss questions.

Challenges in regards to thinning of the hair and early greying of the hair can be frustrating. With her how to’s and hands-on experience, she helps you regain your hair health.

  1. Hair sentinel

Hair sentinelChristine has been a victim of hair thinning, breaking, and everything that comes alongside the hair thinning. She has hands-on experience when it comes to the hair loss, especially after birth. This triggered in her the need to find out what causes the breakage and fragility.

Her hair problem is the reason why this blog was born, and she, therefore, shares everything she has learned through her journey. She then gives and helps other women going through the same escapade.

  1. Donovans daily hair loss blog

Dr.Donovan's daily hair loss blogSometime you need the perspective of the medics, and you have Dr. Donovan covering such. He tries to make it understandable what causes the hair thinning. He even has space for you to book consultations if you need to.

Instagram hair bloggers

  1. Melbourne hair bloggers – @melbournehairblogger)

Melbourne hair bloggersThis blog is created to showcase contents based on the images of the best styles to try. Nicole further shows you the salon floor management that is comfortable for both the client and the hairdressers.

She further has a social salon school to teach those who are passionate about hair. In essence, she then shows you how to grow your clientele base. The blog is mostly utilizing the social media platform and particularly Instagram.

  1. Kayley Melissa – @kayleymelissa

Kayley MelissaAs a vlogger in the fashion and beauty industry, she gives you valuable insights in regards to the best hairstyles to try. She is the best for this because she is a hair stylist. The good thing is her Instagram page has all the styles you could ever think of trying.

So here you will get first-hand tutorial on braids and how to style the hair. Follow her Youtube page for even more inspiration.

  1. Sarah Potempa – @sarahpotempta

Sarah PotempaGetting the service from the best ensures that you are looking your best. This is another one of the celebrity stylists to follow. She loves to braid that she can braid anything on your hair.

  1. Instabraid – @instabraids

InstabraidHere you have two braid loving teens showing you how to style the hair and look you best. You can try every style you have ever thought of. Do you like great fishtail? Visit this page. The pictures are clear, and you have videos to use as inspiration to achieve the style.

  1. Ash & Co.—Charleston, SC – @ashandcobridalhair

Ash & Co.—Charleston, SCWe all love weddings, right?

Looking good though, is the essence of any wedding. From Ash and Co, you will get everything you need in regards to hair and makeup. They will make your day special with the different styles of braids.

  1. Strawberry chic-@strawberrychickxo

Strawberry chicI love bloggers who give you hands-on experience. She is a passionate blogger in the area of hair and beauty. Through the IGTV and YouTube, she brings you the information in regards to day to day care of your hair.

She blogs and vlogs about natural hair and how to use tools like the curling iron to curl the hair.

  1. Micah Gianneli – @micahgianneli


Micah has a blend of every little beauty tips and fashion. But one thing I love about her blog is the love for short hair. Unlike most beliefs, short hair is beautiful, you know. She showcases different styles that you may try to look the very best on Instagram.

  1. Lula – @lulahairmakeup

LulaI like that her focus is on bringing the best in every woman. She uses her prowess skills in makeup and hair styling to offer you tutorials in the same. Her Instagram also has pictures that show different styles to try.

  1. Missy sue- @missysue

Missy sueTalk of one braid obsessed individual. Missy sue has various pictures that show how to braid your long hair. For inspiration, you can always visit her Instagram feed.

Aside from braids, she gives you ideas on how to make buns and use different clips. What’s more, you have the bridal looks in the posts.

Instagram hair tutorials

  1. @Hair.videos

@Hair.videosThe best way to learn from stylists is through videos. Thanks to Eric Taylor, who created this salon republic to share ideas on the styles to try.

You also learn how to take care of your hair, whether long or medium length. It’s here that you will learn to make extension hair like tape in extension as well.

  1. All modern hair

All modern hairThis page focuses on all different kinds of hair and how to take care of them. From homemade conditioning methods to cutting you split ends, you have all the tutorials in their page. I like that even hairstyles chosen cover all kinds of women and men.

So, when they say all hair, they mean it. Visit the page for inspiration, and you will never leave. The only way to make people understand is by using videos of you showing the styles you are making, and that’s what this blog is about.

  1. @Color by mattrez

@Color by mattrezThere’s an upcoming trend in the hair industry and that is the hair coloring option. More women are coloring their hair for a change. But don’t just do it by yourself seek the services of Mattrez. With extensive experience in the hair coloring world, he has tutorials on his posts.

Also, get the inspiration from the Instagram pictures he shows you.


Seriously, since hair is hands-on, you are better off watching them do what they need to make the style a reality.

  1. Cute girls hairstyles

Cute girls hairstylesFrom the name, you have it all. It’s all about the cute girls’ styles. The Daxtons show you some easy to try styles while making it a fun experience. They show you how to make a style that will take three minutes when you are in a hurry and a little longer if you have the time.

  1. Jungle barbie

Jungle barbieWhen you decide to make dreadlocks, one thing you should know is that unlike the natural hair movement, there’s minimal to no much information about dreadlocks. In this channel, you will get everything from tips to use in taking care of the hair and hairstyles to try.

Other inspirations you will get include beauty and fashion that blends in with your dreadlocks style.

  1. Danielle loxs

Danielle loxsAnother vlog to follow if you have locs is Danielle TV. She gives you insights on how to style your dreadlocks, wash and take care of the hair. She even shows you the products to use for the locs.

  1. Jess creations

Jess creationsFor the love of curls, Jess is the person to visit if you enjoy your natural curls. Even if you don’t love your natural hair, she will teach you how to enjoy the hair. Following her vlog, you can create different hairstyle using the curls.

She makes it easy and fun, therefore, making you feel beautifully confident.

  1. Luhhsetty

LuhhsettyFor so long most people thought that straight hair is the only kind of hair that is beautiful but let’s agree on this, curly hair is equally beautiful. Miss Tera shows you some of the makeup options and curly hairstyles to try.

With over 2M supporters you can rest assured that there’s so much information she gives.

  1. Live and let dye

Live and let dyeHow about embracing the alternative option?

If you have tried all styles, you could ever think of, it may be time to try a different color. Whenever you are in Auckland and you need to color your hair, visit the best hairdresser for the same. They give you a range of colors.

They offer consultation services before you go on to style the hair.




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