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All About Fusion Hair Extensions – A Complete Guide

Fusion hair extensions

There are thousands of hair extensions in the market today which makes it hard to know the best ones for you.

I’m glad we don’t have to work with our natural hair that may not grow or be as thick as we would like it to be.

Hair extensions are a great way to build on the color or body of your hair.

These extensions will even give you the chance to experiment with different styles with your hair. Today we talk about fusion hair which makes all the best hair types in the market.

However, not many people understand much about them nor use them.

This article is going to answer all your questions in this regard. Making you attain the basic knowledge about fusion hair.

What Are Fusion Hair Extensions?

These are some of the most popular professional hair extensions attachments that are mostly preferred by celebrities. They are also referred to as pre bonded hair extensions.

Fusion hair extensionsThe reason for its popularity is attributed to the fact that it’s one of the oldest techniques that is still utilized by stylists to date. Fusion hair comes in packs of 20 strands each. You will find each of these strands having flat, square shaped and a small tip.

The full head of hair makes for 5-9 packs of hair. This is to say you could have 100-180 strands of hair on your head. The hair tips normally remain solid until they are bonded. The bonding is usually the keratin bonding.

When attaching it, you use the keratin ultra-sonic bond that softens it for easy bonding. The keratin is the one that bonds your hair to the hairlines. On the downside, the hair extensions are costly and the installation lengthy.

The good news is that although it takes you almost a whole day to install the hair, you need minimal to no maintenance. The hair will even last between three to six months. All this time you don’t need to give it a touch.

The Cold Fusion Hair Extension

This is the newest in the hair extension application technology. It works to protect your natural hair where you don’t use glue or heat. The hair application system takes between 2-6 hrs. to all depends on the hair technician who is making your hair.

It’s also known as the micro link or I-tip extension. In this method, you simply weave sections of your hair using micro link tube. In this case, you use the weaving tools and pliers to weave the hair.

Basically, these are the gentle options to the hot hair extension. It’s a safe method since you just attach a small sheet of keratin extension to your natural hair thereby blending easily with your natural hair.

You use the sound technology to place the hair between the bond recess. It’s then sandwiched between keratin compound to make a flat bond. This is undetectable to both the sight and touch.


  • The extensions here are of individual strands which makes your hair move naturally.
  • You don’t use heat or glue for the application thus this is an even safer method.
  • You can apply it very close to the roots of your hair and this will make it look exactly like your own hair.


  • It, like the hot fusion method, takes long in the application process. You must use a professional otherwise you may just damage your hair.
  • There are those types where the attachments are made using copper. This is agitating to some people’s scalp for a couple of days after the application.
  • Although the hair is expensive and so is the application procedure, you shouldn’t reuse the hair.
  • You may develop hair breakage due to the clamping tool.
  • You may also experience some forms of headaches after the application process is done.
  • Do not use it if you have thin and fine hair because people will notice the bonds.

Hot Hair Fusion

This is one of the most popular ways to apply hair extensions. The method is so involving that it requires you to use a professional hair stylist for it to work.

It’s also known as the tip hair extension. You apply them in small bundles while using heated keratin adhesives. The hair is as gentle on your hair as the cold fusion one. You start the attachment with the keratin u tip bond.

This extension is what you then attach to your hair roots. The silicone will help protect your hair from heat damage. It will only take about 4 hours to install it yet it can last anything between 2-6 months.

The best part about this hairstyle is that you can style it as you wish. You can give it an updo then even style it down as you would want.


  • Do you have coarse and thick hair? This will work as your best hair extension.
  • The hair extension is the most durable since it will last for almost six months depending on how much care you give it.
  • The hair extension always looks just like your natural hair does. In buying the same type of hair and color to your hair, it blends easily.


  • Most people say that although the hair type claims that it will last almost six months, after 8 weeks the hair begins to wear out.
  • It takes so long to apply and remove the hair. Therefore, it’s the most expensive hair to apply.
  • You only use the hair once so every time you want to apply new hair, you have to buy it anew.
  • I’m a little reluctant on the fact that the method uses heat on your hair. While it won’t affect the hands of your stylist, too much heat on your hair may damage your natural hair eventually.
  • I’ve heard so many of those who wear the hair complain about headaches, discomfort and itching.
  • You must use the help of a highly skilled professional to apply the hair. If you don’t apply it correctly chances are that you will damage your hair.

Applying the Cold Fusion Hair

  • Divide the hair to sections first. You will need a needle and a tube. Insert that pulling need to go through the tube.
  • Take a small portion of the natural hair strands. Pull it through the tube as you are pulling the needle through the tube in the step above.
  • Keep that tube at about an inch away from your scalp or roots of the hair.
  • Now, insert the pre-tipped hair through the tube. Next, make the tube flat. That’s it with the first strand now go ahead and select a little bit of strands at a time.
  • This is the most natural way you can get with your hair.

How to Apply the Hot Fusion Hair

Simply put, the hot fusion hair is applied one by one. You stick it with the keratin and let it melt a few millimeters away from your roots.

  • Make sure your hair is about 5 inches long so that the attachment points can’t be seen. Don’t worry though because you will apply the extension a few millimeters from your hair roots.
  • Use a tail comb to select a thin strand of hair from the preparation row that you have set.
  • Using the template circle, lock the hair strand you have selected. This will always protect your hair scalp.
  • Tip the extension to your natural hair and then use your hot extension iron to heat the tip. Next, roll the hair with your hands for it to fix and fit naturally with your natural hair.
  • Do this across the whole head. Remember to take your time and only pick small strands.
  • Finally, brush all your hair so that it can blend itself naturally to your normal hair.

Difference Between the Hot Fusion Hair and Cold Fusion Hair

Of course, it is easy to confuse these two because they are both fusion hair extensions. They are first gaining popularity because of the way they blend with your hair.

Hot fusion uses heat to attach the hair while the cold fusion one uses no heat nor glue for the attachment.

Cold fusion is best used by those with thin hair and is looking to give their hair a fuller body. The hot fusion one works to give your already healthy hair an even fuller look. In both cases, you should make sure to make a strong bond between the extension and your natural hair.

The Pros and Cons of Fusion Hair

Thanks to the internet that gives you more information you need about almost anything you could think of. It’s wise to know that if you are going to invest your hard-earned cash in this extension, you ought to know the pros and cons.

Simply put the hair extensions come with a number of hair strands that have glue pre-installed at the end. You use the heat gun to attach the hair to your natural hair.

While there are a number of people who believe that the hair extensions aren’t effective, we will let you chew on that yourself and conclude.


This is a great way to acquire longer and fuller hair

The pre-bonded hair extensions basic use is normally to make your hair appear thicker and fuller. They are easy to install for most professionals today.

So, although you will take some time in the salon, the good news is that once you are out, people will turn heads to look at your hair.

  • They last longer

Although hair extensions have been available over a long time, finding one that can last long has always been tricky. How long the fusion hair extension will last differ. So many factors may determine the length of stay with the major factor being how fast your hair grows.

Other factors include the quality of the extension you are using and the quality of attachment done to you. Generally, though, it will last anything between 2 and 6 months.

  • It holds your hair best

Every other person using this hair extension knows that the only reason you want to use the hair is that it holds firmly to your hair. For a long time, you won’t have cases of slipping and falling. You can comb it however you want and still have that amazing look.

  • They work with coarse and thick hair but sometimes even the thin one

Since it works to give your hair a full body, you may use it if your hair is a little thin or beginning to thin. Only make sure you use professional help to install the hair. If you already have coarse hair or thick hair then this one will work to enhance that volume.

It also works perfectly to alter the color of your hair and increase its length. This hair type will always look so natural to detect.

  • You can have a wide range of colors of the hair to choose from as well as the length

Since it gives you an invisible bond, your hair flows and blends naturally with the extension and not most people will tell the difference.

With this hairstyle, you can style it up or down as long as you are comfortable. It allows you to enjoy the different styles available.

You can even use them in shorter hair to give it some length. You only need to use a professional.


  • Expensive

The whole process of attaching the hair and even buying the hair itself is an expensive process. Regardless of where you are, expect to use anything over a thousand dollars especially if you are expected to buy more hair extensions.

Unfortunately, unlike most other hairstyles you won’t say that in order to save more money you should DIY yourself.

To remove the hair extension still needs the help of your hair technician as well which adds to the expenses.

  • Takes long to apply

As mentioned in the segments above, applying the extensions takes anything from 3 to 6 hours. This depends on how good and fast your technician is. In an era where people have wigs, it may be hard for them to choose a process that will have them spend a whole day.

  • Glue guns

There are technicians who will opt for glue guns and yet glue guns are messy to use and time-consuming. Other glues aren’t good for your hair which they tend to damage it.

  • They don’t last 6 months

Although most people say that they last six months, they really don’t. They will take a few weeks before they begin to wear down. This is the reason most people question if it’s a viable method since you invest a lot on the process.

  • The heat

Since in most cases you use heat to apply the extensions, it may damage your hair.

  • They tend to cause uncomfortable headache and itchy scalp the first days of applying it.

How to Remove the Hair Fusion Extension

Notice that you will have about 25 strands attached to sections of your hair. The process involves the wax-based keratin protein. If you know how to remove them you can DIY but you need to take care since you might just end up destroying the hair.

  • Begin by sectioning your hair

Use clips to section your hair together with the red zone or better understood as the area where no extension is placed on the hair. These sections are important as they help your hair not to show that you have extensions when you pull it up.

Clip the hair within your red zones. It’s normally located within the hairlines. Next, divide the remaining potions in 3 to 5 horizontal rows. This will help in the removal process.

  • Apply the alcohol-based gel

Once you have all the parts sectioned, apply the alcohol-based gel to the fusion bond. This will loosen the bond between the extension and your natural hair. Then you can break the extensions easily.

You should work on one bond at a time. Take a small amount of the alcohol-based gel then rub it on the palm of your hands to heat it up. Rub the same gel on one bond at a time.

  • Crush those bonds with a hair pliers

After you rub the gel on one bond, use the pliers to crush the bonds. Take the bond and place it between the pliers’ tip then crush it in five seconds by exerting pressure.

  • Slide the removed hair

The hair should begin to slide out easily but if it doesn’t just use the pliers to crush the hair again. Slide it all out of your hair and the bond must also fall away.

  • Finish it up

After the sliding process is done, wash your hair then use a deep conditioning treatment.

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Can the Fusion Hair Damage Your Hair?

This is something that several people wonder about. The answer is yes and no depending on various factors.

The hair extension will only damage your hair if you don’t follow the proper application method and maintenance.

What Would Lead to Its Damaging Your Hair

  • Not using the hair technician

With this extension hair, even if you are a professional at the DIY sector just seek the hair technician help. It’s even better if they have massive experience in the same sector.

You will pay more but your hair remains intact after you remove the extension. Besides, one will easily notice the bonds if a professional didn’t install the hair for you. Let them install move up and remove the extension once you are ready to remove them.

  • The weight

Always make sure that the hair you have used isn’t heavier than your own hair. Because if you don’t watch out for that, your hair will begin breaking.

For the styling, you don’t want to constantly pull your hair as this will lead to breakage over time.

Frequent use of extensions

Don’t make the extensions every time let your hair breath at some point. Do everything in moderation and your hair maintains its health.

Tips for Maintenance

  • Only buy quality hair

If you understand your hair, you should buy the extension that not only blends with it but also enriches it. There are various types, look at the quality more than you look at the price. Also, use the right products during the application and maintenance of the hair.

Buy the best shampoo designed for your extension. This will help your hair not to become dry and dull. Don’t use anything that has sulfates to avoid the breaking of the bond. Sulfate stripes the extension color.

  • How do you brush the hair?

Learn to brush your hair right so as to avoid tangles. The same way to brush your natural hair to avoid tangling is the same way you should brush your hair extension. Start brushing from the bottom going to the top.

Detangle the hair one section at a time to also avoid stressing your hair. Through the process, you should maintain gentleness. Don’t be too rough to pull the hair off.

  • Understand the hair extension

There’s so much information online about everything. Before you buy the hair, understand its pros and cons then check out if it will work for you.

Once you apply the extension, you will need to take care of it. This will reduce the tendency for it to break off. You must wash the hair the same way you do in the salon. Wash the hair extension in slow motion from the top to bottom.

Always use conditioner after you wash the hair. In the process, detangle the hair but don’t use a lot of force.

  • Drying your hair

When drying the hair, make sure the item you use isn’t too hot. Of course, you want to dry your hair but when you use very hot tools, you might just damage the hair.

  • Sleeping

Make sure you sleep in a low ponytail or braid to avoid tangling while you are asleep. Also, never go to bed with your wet extension as this will result in mating.

  • Trim it

Your hair and the extension need regular trims to get rid of the split ends. For the extension trim it after 6 weeks.

Where to Buy the Hair Extension

You can buy the hair extension in online stores like Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, eBay among others. I’m sure you have various hair shops around you where you could buy the original fusion hair extensions. Here at, high-quality fusion hair extensions are provided.

How Much Do the Fusion Hair Cost?

Fusion hair extensions are generally costly you will find the hair extensions costing anything from $200 to $5000. The hair cost is, however, influenced by the type of hair you want, the application process, sometimes the color and even the amount of hair you will use.


With the right knowledge and willingness to work on your hair you can attain the dream volume length and texture you desire. Always go to your technician whenever you want to attach the fusion hair.

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