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Full Lace Wig Vs Lace Front Wig – Which One Should You Choose

Full Lace Wig Vs Lace Front Wig

Wigs are generally popular these days but for a reason, they are the quick fixes.

In the world of wigs, you can have various types.

The most loved wigs are full lace wig and lace front wigs. Some people can’t tell the difference between these wigs.

Full Lace Wig Vs Lace Front WigBut if you are going to get the ultimate service you need from them, you will need to know the differences.

This then makes you know which one works for you. So, before you go out there and buy this wig, let’s find out as much information about them as possible.

What Is Full Lace Wig?

Full Lace WigThe difference between this wig and other lace cap wigs is that it covers the whole head.

You then have pure human hair knotted on the lace to make it look like real hair.

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So, for you to wear the wig you have to either hold or braid your hair underneath the cap. Next, you can wear the cap to cover the hair and the human hair is attached to the cap.

Benefits of Using A Full Lace Wig

  • Versatile hairstyle

When you wear a wig, you will have the option to wear a range of styles. High updos, mid parting the hair from the front hairline to the nape and even the side parting. This happens because you are wearing a cap that mimics and covers your scalp.

  • They are light

Even though you are wearing a whole lace cap, they are light. Thus, you don’t have to worry about it feeling like a log on your head.

  • It’s airy

Made of lace means that your scalp will be breathing as usual. This makes it easy for your natural hair to grow healthy.

  • It looks more natural

Any woman wearing a wig wants it to look as natural as possible. This is the most natural wig style you can ever have. Just make sure you choose the right hair for the wig.

On the downside

  • This wig is costly but I say its all worth it.

Lace Front Wigs

Lace Front WigsThese are the wigs that come with a small sheer lace at the front panels. This lace then has hair attached to it. It’s meant to give you a full look.

The essence of the lace front wig is usually to give you the natural hairline look. So, you have the front and the back of the wig is different. They are actually just joined together at the end of the installation process.

The lace front usually comes in at 2 inches wide at the front section. Now don’t confuse the material used for the base of the lace front as being the light lace you may know off. It’s different and slightly heavy.

For attaching the hair, you use the glue and tapes. Some people even use the sew in method or the elastic bands and clips. This hair is easy to use especially because you don’t have to wear it all over the head.

Benefits of using lace front wigs

  • Looks natural

The reason why we use the lace frontal is that it gives you a finished look with the perfectly created hairline at the front. Furthermore, the baby hairs look so natural. The secret is to pluck them well.

The fact that you can use different methods to attach it makes it the best choice to use. It helps you make a perfect style as it protects your natural hairline. If you will be careful taking it out the hair then it should help the hair on the hairline grow out.

  • It’s versatile

You can use the lace fronts to make all the different styles you wish for. Although it’s not as versatile as the full lace wig is but it’s also effective.

  • The wig is cheap

It’s a cheaper option than buying the full lace wig. It’s an affordable option for most customers.

  • They are easy to wear

Even a beginner can get this right with the right instructions and videos on YouTube. This is not only a time saver but it also lets you slay.


  • You can’t use some styles

Unlike the full lace wig that mimics your natural hair and therefore you can style it however you wish, this one you can’t. Styles like ponytail won’t work when you have the lace front wig. Lace front wig is only worn at the front thus limiting the styles you can use.

  • It’s fragile

For some reason, the lace front is normally made so fragile that you must handle it with care. Otherwise, it won’t last long.

How Does the Lace Front Wig Work?

So, I’ve had most of my friends argue that they can’t seem to get the lace front wig right. People will know when they wear the wig and I tell them that’s because they don’t wear it right.

If you have taken a look around the internet you will notice that there are many people who know how to wear it. So many people use different methods, so the question is which method is right?

Have you heard of the meltdown method?

This is the most recent style of wearing the lace front wig and the most effective method too.

Heres the process

  • Pull all of your clean hair to the back. If possible, just braid it up. Go ahead and use styling gel to further make it lie down flat.
  • Wear the nude color wig cap over your head. Go on to use the freeze spray for the process. Spray a layer over the cap and use the blow dryer to dry it even further.
  • Next, spray another layer then dry it with the blow dyer fully.
  • Ensuing, cut off the band from the wig cap and then spray the freeze spray again for a more laid down attachment.
  • You can then use a foundation that will blend with your skin perfectly. Apply it around the perimeter of the hairline. Then remove any excess foundation that you may find.
  • Melt the lace down using the hot comb as it will make the glue stick into place as it smoothens.

Tips for consideration

  • When using this method, you need to be very careful that you don’t burn yourself.
  • If you have any forms of irritations, you need to ensure they are healed first before you use the got 2b spray or glue. If you use it on your irritations you are going to hurt yourself further.
  • Also, before you start attaching the wig, clean the hairline using alcohol and a cotton ball.

Lace Front Wig Hairstyles

  1. Side parted burgundy bob

Side parted burgundy bobThis bob style wig is the best kind of wig for someone to use when wearing the lace front. It comes in burgundy color to add up the spice. You can part it wherever you want to. But the side parting it is great.

Make it have a fringe front headline. It’s a hair density

  1. Lace front and high updo

Lace front and high updo

This is the style you use when you are wearing a long weave. Make it a high updo ponytail. Then take care of your baby hairs for that slaying look. Not only does it look professional but you can use it for other casual functions.

  1. Side swept bob

Side swept bobThe wavy bob style is the style that you part on the side and make it feel like a side swept hairstyle. Furthermore, the hairstyle showcasing the face more.

  1. Braided lace front

Braided lace frontThis style makes it look more realistic in that you braid the front part. Since you are wearing the lace, unless someone comes very close to you, they won’t even know that you are wearing a wig. Thus, it flows looking so natural.

How to Keep My Lace Wig in Place

Of course, the essence of the lace front is to transform your outlook while making the hair look more natural. For this reason, everything a woman wants is to keep the hair in place. The following are the thing you use to secure the wig.

  • Wig glue

The wig glue works better because it helps to make the lace front lie flat. The best thing is that it will hold the wig for at least five days. Be careful when using the wig glue though. You should take precautions that will keep your hair and scalp safe.

Ensure you use the right hair glue like got 2b hair glue. You can purchase the glue online or over the counter because it’s readily accessible in almost every place you would think of.

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Here’s how to use it

  • Clean the hairline section after holding or braiding all your hair backward.
  • Apply the glue to the secluded section.
  • Take the lace front and attach it on the perimeter. You can start from the mid-section and to other parts of the head.
  • Press the lace front in then let the glue dry securely to give it the perfect seal.
  • When it’s time to remove it, you can use the glue solvent or what other people like to use the oils.

Wig Tape

There are thousands of people who prefer to use the tape over using the glue. These tapes are normally double-sided which means that you need to attach it on the wig as well as your hairline.

So, follow the same procedure as above. Clean the perimeter where you intend to attach the wig then attach the tape. When it’s all secure, you can place the lace front wig.

Bobby pins

This is another way that is being used to attach the wig. They are fast becoming common because wig glues are irritating to the skin and damage to the hair. So, people are looking for ways to use natural methods.

This is easy to do as you only need to know where you intend to set the wig. Then attach the wig with two or more pins to the other wig. You can attach the pins to the lace frontal and then to the temple. Next, do the same thing to the nape as well.

You should make sure the pins are the same color and then cover them again with your hair. If you will properly attach this wig, you can rest assured that the wig will be secure.

Elastic band

This is my all-time favorite band. In this case, you simply use elastic to secure the lace front in place. Most people often use these clips together with the clips.

Difference Between Lace Front and Full Lace Wig

  • The material used for the base

It comes to you with a base that is made using the lace for the entire base. This material will cover the whole head no wonder it’s called a full lace wig.

Lace front wig has the sheer lace material covering the frontal section of the wig or weave. Often, the lace front wig is different from the other part of the wig. Thus, the lace base covers only the front section.

  • Which one gives you a more natural look?

The only reason we would say the lace front wig is ideal in giving you a more natural look is that it covers the front section of your head. Thus, it gives you an illusion that you have the perfect hairline.

The full lace wig covers the entire head but unless you use the lace front, most people can tell that you are wearing a wig. Thus, it’s not as natural as when you use a lace front.

  • Let’s talk of styles

The lace front gives varying styling choices but still, there are some styles you can try. The back will show that you are wearing a wig.

The full lace wig is your ideal choice because it gives you the option of using different styles including high updos, halfway parting. Remember you have the lace base mimicking your scalp. Thus, you can part it anywhere you wish.

  • Which one is durable?

The lace material used to make the lace front wig is often very fragile. This means that within a few weeks you have to discard it. Full lace wig, on the other hand, is made to last longer. It will go past six months.

Nevertheless, the maintenance is key if you need the hair to last long.

  • The cost involved

There are more advantages to wearing a full lace wig. You can style it however you wish. The lace front wig makes it easy to style your hair too but not as much as the full lace wig. In addition, with the full lace wig, you have the whole base made using lace.

This means that the full lace wig price is a little higher.

  • Ease of use

It’s easy to wear the lace front wig than it is to wear the full lace wig. Even a beginner can wear the lace wig easily than a full lace wig.

The lace wig only covers a small section thus you can also take care of it with ease.

Can You Sew in A Full Lace Wig?

Yes, you can. In fact, it’s the safest method to use as opposed to using the adhesive on your whole head. There are other methods that you may use to attach the lace wig but the most popular method is the sew in.

How to Install the Full Lace Wig

  • Clean your hair

Before you attach any extension, you need to clean your hair using a good shampoo that is free of toxin.

Next, condition the hair with a good moisturizer. If you can use the deep conditioner the better. You will pack the hair with the right amount of moisture.

You can decide to dry your hair using a blow dry of a hairdryer. Other people like to air dry the hair.

  • Make the cornrows

Make the cornrows on your head this helps to keep the hair lie flat. In the end, towards the nape, braid all the cornrows together.

  • Clean the forehead and trimming the lace

Before you begin the process, clean the forehead using the rubbing alcohol. This makes sure that you get rid of all the oils and dirt. Remember, this is where you intend to have the lace lay down.

If you wish you can apply the scalp protector around the hairline. This is the part that is bare so you need to protect your skin.

Fit the lace to see how much lace you need to cut off. You don’t need excess lace of course. So, trim the lace at the front of the head to make it look as natural as possible.

During this time, you should be careful that you don’t cut the whole lace. So cut a little lace at a time. Leave out about an inch of the lace sticking out of the hairline.

  • The adhesive

Next, apply the adhesive along the hairline but take care that it doesn’t reach your natural hairline. Apply it on the edges keep it off your natural hair.

Apply a thin layer of glue to the hairline. You can either use a cosmetic stick or makeup brush for the process.

Give the glue time to become tacky before you can begin attaching the wig.

  • To attach the wig

Look for the parting of the hair extension as that is the part that you ought to align with your hairline.

Place the wig on your entire head starting from the back all the way to the front.

Place the frontal on the front hairline then press it for a firm bond formation. Then give it time to dry.

  • Pull all of the hair and clip it together

On the back, begin to sew in the lace of the wig from edge to edge and on to the cornrows. Use a needle and thread for the process

You can also use the adhesive if you want for the back hairline. Follow the same process as the front part. Apply a thin layer of adhesive to the hairline then attach the wig.

  • Finally, let the hair dry off. Give it about 15 minutes to dry before you begin to style it. You can use the hair dryer on the lowest temperature for quick drying if you are in a hurry.
  • Finish it off by styling it as you wish to.


  • Unless you apply or install the wig properly, you won’t be comfortable. The discomfort will also make it get spoilt sooner.
  • Take care of your natural hair even when you are wearing a wig. Use the right oils, condition and wash the hair frequently.
  • Your wigs will often come with the elastic or Velcro straps at the back to make wearing the wig easy. You can tighten them or loosen it to make it comfortable and easy to wear.

When using adhesive

The first thing you need to protect is the natural hair. Therefore, if you choose to use the adhesives, make sure you keep the natural hair out of the way. This is because so many people have experienced hair loss while using hair adhesives that you don’t want to be one.

Always buy the right hair adhesive or glue too. There are so many glues in the market but the last thing to do is go for a trial and error at the risk of your natural hair.

To look your best, you need to style the hair

When styling it, you should always follow the natural pattern of the hair.

If you are using a human hair wig, you can use the heat styling tools. Otherwise, keep off heat styling tools.

  • Be careful of the products you use with the wigs

Even the products you use may destroy your hair. Therefore, you should be careful about the products you decide to use. Any product you use shouldn’t weigh your hair down. So, quit using items like heavy cream and oils. This will make them greasy.

Conclusion- full lace wig or lace frontal wig?

There’s not one that we can say is better for you. It all depends on the personal preference as well as the style you intend to make. Both wigs are ideal.

As discussed earlier, they both have the pros and cons, therefore, choose a wig based on your needs.

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    Full lace wigs are just full extension of hair wigs with cap to wear, while lace front wigs are just small portion of designed hair only to make hair look natural and it is generally depending upon the person requirement for wigs. Some prefer full lace wigs and while others lace front wigs for fashion trends. Make sure to check out our crochet braids hair extension.

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