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The Best Foods for Hair Growth

Best Foods for Hair Growth

For everything in the world that relates to humanity today, it matters what you consume. If you want to be free of sickness, watch what you eat, if you’re going to be healthy, check what you eat and if you want the perfect hair and skin, watch what you eat.

Its everyone’s dream to maintain the healthy long and shiny hair (Long Hair Vs Short Hair). But not everyone has the same sometimes it has to do with genes, sometimes the care you give it and sometimes the food you eat.

With this article, we are going to suggest to you some of the best food eat if you want to maintain the healthy strands.

How Does the Food Impact on Hair Healthy?

Your hair constantly grows and is replaced using the body nutrients. This is to say that if you don’t have the right nutrients, your hair can never grow healthy.

Generally, the food you eat will determine the quality of hair you grow plus how long it grows. Specific vitamins and minerals are very necessary for your hair strands. When choosing the right food, you should make sure you also have enough protein and fats.

You should maintain varied but richly nourishing foodstuffs. Notice though that with food, it will take time before you can notice the results you are looking for. Let’s say that you will need to use the diet as a source of the long-term effects.

Understand that the right nutrition is essential to aid in the growth of the hair you lose daily.

The nutrients that will help your hair grow and strong

The food you eat is essential to deliver varying nutrients. But before we go looking for the right foods, let’s find out the right nutrients for your hair.

  • Vitamins B

The very first nutrients for your hair are vitamin B, which is responsible for the development of the red blood cells. These cells are responsible for the transfer of oxygen to the scalp and follicles. It will also transport the oxygen to every part of your body.

If you need healthy hair, you should seek biotin and vitamin B. The essence of the two is to metabolize the amino acids from the food you are consuming.

The biotin will make the hair strands strong and resilient, and ultimately this makes it stand the different weather changes.

Source of biotin: you should eat egg yolk, yeast, soy flour, whole grains, and liver.

  • Fatty acids and omega 3

You will only get sufficient omega 3 from your diet. These acids rest on the epithelial cells that are on the line of the scalp. Their essence is to aid in sebum production, which is responsible for healthy growth and shiny hair.

Where to source omega 3: you will get the omega 3 from the fatty fish like salmon, herring, sardines, mackerel, and trout. You may also get them from avocado, chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin, and walnuts.

  • Vitamin A

For the growth of the cells, you always need vitamin A in your diet. Note that the hair cells are the fastest-growing ones, and they, therefore, require the extensive use of vitamin A.

It’s also essential for sebum production. They will always keep the scalp moisturized and nourish the follicle.

Source of vitamin A: you can get the vitamin A from sweet potatoes, spinach, pumpkin, cantaloupe, carrots, kales, milk, yogurt, eggs and cod liver oils

  • Niacin

The essence of niacin is to support the balance of moisture on your scalp.  It helps in the circulation of nutrients in the scalp.

Source: tuna, eggs, beef, mushroom, and nuts.

  • Vitamin C

The vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant, and the essence is to shield the cells from free radicles. The free radicles can prevent the proper growth of hair.

It also works to aid in the iron absorption as it synthesizes the collagen. This is an essential protein for your hair.

Source: guava, berries, oranges, kiwi, strawberry, sweet potato, papaya, broccoli, blackcurrant, and more.

  • Vitamin D

This is also the common sunshine vitamin.

Its role is to help in the creation of the new follicle hair. When your body comes to contact with the sun, it produces vitamin D.

Source: sun, cod liver oil, mushroom, and fatty fish.

  • Vitamin E

This one will shield you from oxidative stress; thus, it supports hair growth.

Source: almond sunflower seeds broccoli hazelnut, wheat, germ spinach, and avocado.

  • Zinc

It will aid in tissue growth and repair. In essence, the zinc is essential for hair growth as it will keep the sebaceous glands working. When your hair is deficient of zinc it gets dry, and the scalp also gets flaky.

Sources: fortified cereals, whole grain oyster, spinach, eggs, pumpkin seeds, and lentils.

Foods You Need for The Hair Growth

Below are some of the food you need in your day to day diet.

1. Eggs

EggsThe eggs are the most significant source of protein that you may use for your hair. Also, they will give you biotin, which encourages hair growth. Remember, you will need to eat the whole egg with its yolk to reap the benefits.

Notice that your hair follicles are mostly made using protein, and the eggs will give you adequate protein necessary for hair growth. Without enough protein, you will tend to experience hair loss. So, use the eggs to earn enough protein.

The other nutrient you get from eggs is the biotin, which will help you in the production of keratin. Notice that keratin is an essential protein for your hair growth. So, if you will consume enough protein, then you will receive biotin, which improves the production of keratin.

Eggs will also deliver the zinc and selenium, which are vital for the growth and strength of the hair strands.

2. Fatty fish

Fatty fishYou will always need healthy fats for your hair. Some of those healthy fats you can source from the fatty fish. Omega 3 is one such abundant fatty acid that will aid the functioning of the heart, but it also encourages the growth of your hair and nourishes your skin and eyes.

So, with the right fish, you will get the fatty acids, as well as the vitamin D., Make it a habit to eat the fatty fish to be safe from some of the most common chronic diseases. In fact, you will never suffer from heart problems and strokes.

Generally, the fatty acid is known to contain some unique oil that is responsible for the growth of the hair. Some researchers believe that small amounts of omega 3 will help curb the hair loss problem, and that should be reason enough for you to eat food that is rich in omega 3.

3. Spinach

SpinachAnother nutritious veggie for your hair is the spinach. This food is quite essential if you want to maintain healthy and rich hair strands. Spinach delivers the vitamins but also iron and magnesium. It’s necessary for anyone looking to produce more sebum glands.

Your hair cells need iron that you can also find when you use the hair cells. Notice that if you have a deficiency in iron, you may suffer from hair loss. The dark leafy veggies are ideal for your iron production.

Remember that when you nourish the strands, the roots, and the follicles, then the hair grows.

4. Nuts

Many nutsOften the nutty foodstuffs deliver the right fats for your body. We have nuts like peanuts that act as antioxidants, but we also have Brazil nuts. They have different functions for your body.

The Brazil nuts will deliver the selenium, which is essential for the boost of the hair growth. Selenium is ideal when you are looking to create new hair strands. Nevertheless, take just enough selenium to avoid the side effect experienced by some people.

There’s an upper limit which you should take. Remember, you can also source selenium from eggs, cereals, milk, and meat.

Nuts are generally plant-based protein, but they also do carry along the omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, vitamin A, E, and B.

5. Whole-grain foods

Whole-grain foodsIf you can find the whole-grain foods you will be on the safe side mostly because they deliver the biotin, zinc, iron, and B vitamins. They are further ideal in the production of the amino acid, and all the ingredients here are ideal for hair growth.

6. Sweet potatoes

Some Sweet potatoesThis is ideal for the sourcing of the beta carotene, and as you know, this is the ingredient that the body converts to vitamin A. Generally, vitamin A is one of the essential elements to produce good quality hair.

Notice that vitamin A is responsible for the production of sebum, which leads to the development of healthy hair.

This component also encourages the rapid growth of your hair while keeping the hair healthy. If you want to have thicker hair, you should consume more vitamin A.

7. Avocado

AvocadoFor anyone who is concerned about their health and therefore is considering the consumption of healthy fats should find the use of fatty acids. They are mainly an excellent source of vitamin E, which encourages hair growth.

The antioxidants are particularly great because they will combat the stress when they neutralize the free radicals. If you notice that you are experiencing hair loss, you should consume more of the vitamin E to tackle the problem.

Remember, if your skin is damaged, your skin won’t produce enough hair follicles for the growth of the hair. So, if you want the hair to grow, you should eat more avocados.

8. Oysters

OystersWhen you are looking for zinc, you should consume more oysters. The zinc is known to support the hair growth and repair cycle. So, for anyone who is experiencing hair loss, you should consume more zinc. Sometimes the hair loss will occur because of the deficiency of the zinc.

If this occurs, consider consuming the zinc supplement. Remember, you will, however, need to balance the zinc because if you take a lot of zinc at once, you risk losing the hair too.

9. Meat

meatThis is another one of the staple diets in most people’s homes.

The protein that you consume form meat is essential for the repair and strengthening of the hair follicles. Meat like red meat, for example, is rich in iron, which will then help to supply the oxygen to the body cells. Ultimately, this will nourish your hair cells.

10. Seeds

Some of the common seed you may consume to nourish the hair is the chia seeds. These seeds contain omega 3s, which are the essential fatty acids necessary for hair growth. They are, therefore, rich in fiber, antioxidants, and proteins.

They are very tiny pieces of seeds that you may use in the soups, sauces, juices, and even the water. it will also maintain a healthy heart life.

Other seeds you may use include the pumpkin seeds and flax seeds.

11. Carrots

CarrotsAnyone who is looking for fast hair growth can use the carrot juices for the same. The carrots contain vitamin A, and this vitamin is essential for the rapid growth of the hair. It’s ideal when you want to help the hair produce more sebum.

This veggie will keep the roots healthy as it boosts the health of your hair.

12. Consume more citrus fruits

citrus fruitsSince your body needs iron, vitamin C is ideal for making it easy to absorb the metals. Often the citrus food contains vitamin C. Consider eating tangerine, lemon, or even oranges.

They will aid in the production and consumption of collagen. With these nutrients, there’s the transfer of oxygen and the right nutrients for hair growth.

13. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurtGreek yogurt is a popular drink that aids in hair growth. This yogurt is rich in vitamin B5. The essence of the vitamin is to maintain healthy skin and hair.

For you to benefit from this meal, you should choose the unsweetened yogurt.

Vitamin B Foods for Hair Growth

Generally, vitamins are essential for the complete functionality of the body. They will often nourish your body, but it also nourishes the strands of the hair.

You need vitamin B12 to help with hair quality improvement. If you have less vitamin B, you may suffer from hair thinning and eventually shedding.

Below are the foods you may use to source vitamin B

  • Eggs

Although you all know that the eggs are ideal for protein production, you may also have other nutrients from the same. Eggs are rich in vitamin B12 and B7. The two vitamins prevent hair breakage and loss.

You can decide to consume the eggs raw or cooked; it doesn’t matter as you will still reap the benefits.

  • Salmon

We have said previously that fatty acid is essential for hair growth and strength. But aside from the fatty acid, salmon also has the iron and vitamin B12. With that combination, the hair remains healthy. If you don’t consume these nutrients, then the scalp will become itchy.

  • Chickpeas

Other foodstuffs that may serve you include the chickpeas. It contains the iron and folate for the nourishing of the hair strands.

  • Lentils

I know this selection is mostly ideal for a vegan, but it’s packed with nutrients. The lentils have folate and iron. The folate is from the vitamin B in the lentils. The essence is to secrete vitamin B, which then helps in the secretion of red blood cells.

The iron in this food is responsible for the transfer of oxygen to all the vital cells of the body. You should not have deficiencies of the same as they will lead to hair loss.

  • Nuts

Different nuts like the almonds are essential for the omega 3 fatty acid delivery to your cells.

These nutrients will aid in the regeneration of your hair cells. The nuts contain vitamin E that will stop the hair loss. It further has vitamin B, which is essential for the strength of the hair strands.

A Vegetarian Diet for Hair Growth

Many people wonder about this question since the vegans and vegetarians don’t consume the natural protein.

Just like the regular people, if you use an unbalanced diet then your hair may suffer. But if you are going to consume a balanced diet as a vegetarian, you should maintain the rich and nourished hair.

If you noticed from the list above, there are many non-meat and dairy products that even the vegan can use to maintain the healthy strands.

Consider easing lots of nuts, beans, soy, fruits, and veggies to maintain healthy hair. Also, don’t forget to consume enough proteins to ensure you keep the hair and repair of your body cells.

Foods That Cause Hair loss

When you are thinking of maintaining the health of the hair, you must know the foods to avoid that will encourage the hair loss.

  • Excess alcohol

You have probably heard this saying in the past, ‘too much of something is poisonous.’ When you are just consuming moderate alcohol, you will be okay, but too much alcohol may cause hair loss.

  • Selenium foods

You know foods like Brazil nuts will give you the selenium, but when you consume too much of it, then you may suffer from hair loss.

  • Fried


I don’t think there’s ever much value in consuming fries. Anytime you are taking high-fat diet you become susceptible to hair loss. They tend to increase the testosterone level, which then increases baldness.

  • A lot of sugar

Sugar is the enemy of a healthy life. While sometimes you may need it, you shouldn’t use a lot of it. Remember, you may also consume sugar from carbonated drinks, ice cream, and shakes. What you are told to do is to regulate the amount you consume.

There hasn’t been clear research on why the sugar leads to hair loss. Remember other foods like pasta and potatoes do breakdown to form the sugar too.

  • Aspartame

This is a form of artificial sweetener that you will find in the diet sodas. While you may think you are limiting sugar, taking diet soda will cause hair loss. Most experts suggest that the sweetener is a source of hair loss.

Tips to Employ to Maintain Healthy Hair

Of course, the cells will know how to take care of the hair and lead to growth but to maintain the health; you need to do the following

  • Ensure you eat the full breakfast

Anyone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle should know that breakfast is one most crucial meal on your day. Albeit, you shouldn’t dwell much on the carbohydrates that you love. Eat a well-balanced breakfast. Ensure you can get a good percentage of the nutrients.

A good breakfast is the beginning of a nourishing and fulfilled day.

14. Water

Water in itself is medicine, so you should make sure you drink enough water. It will wash off the toxin as it keeps your skin supple and moisturized. If you can take at least two liters of water per day, you will be okay.

When you are hydrated, you glow, and the hair growth is inevitable.

  • Take sufficient vitamin c

Iron is essential for your cells. If you can ingest it along with vitamin C, iron will be absorbed more. You should, therefore, ensure you take enough citrus fruits to consume vitamin C.

  • Enough protein

For your hair to grow you usually will need the bodybuilding foods. If you lack proteins, then you will cause hair loss and lack of new hair growth follicles to continue the growth of hair.

  • Continue to eat the varied diet

If you can eat varying food, you won’t get bored. The best part is further that you will consume sufficient nutrients from different foodstuffs. Varied menus will give you adequate minerals and vitamins.

  • Consume enough irons

When the irons reduce, you will begin to experience hair fall. This is the reason why those who have gone through menopause often experience thinning of the hair and hair loss too.

  • Snack healthy

There are nuts and seeds you may consume to maintain healthy hair. Snack healthy and avoid fried foods.

But What Exactly Affects the Natural Growth of Your Hair

  • With age, you will notice that your hair won’t grow as rapid and thick as it used to in the past. This is often because some of the follicles have stopped producing the hair.
  • Sometime stress will also affect the natural growth of the hair.
  • Pregnancy, due to rapid hormonal changes, may cause hair loss.
  • If you are using strong medication like the ones for chemo, you may not grow hair normally, or there will be rapid hair fall.
  • Malnutrition is another reason because you will lack significant nutrients that you need for the growth of the hair.

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