We are trying to collect all the questions that the customers ask frequently. If you can’t find your answers here. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Will I need to register first?

The answer is no. We are trying to make purchasing from us easy. You don’t need an account to buy from us.  However, we recommend to register an account from us so that you are easy to track your order. It is so simple.

You won’t have to fill a lot of details. Follow this link for the registrations.

How do you make an order?

We have made the process very easy for you. Even if you are a beginner, you will find the process being easy. Go to our shop to check out the hair you want to buy. Don’t forget to use the filter function on the left of the site to help you find the products you need fast. Key in the essential details like the length, bundles, and the color then check out.

In short, you will need to follow the steps when making the payment online. You will find that it’s an easy process to check out. In case of a problem, contact our customer care team.

When you finish this process, we will take over from here to make sure you receive the goods.

How will I make the payment?

Of course, there will be the acceptable channels to use when you are making the payment. At hair theme, we accept the following:

  • PayPal (we recommend it more than other payment methods. It’s the safest process)
  • Credit cards (Visa card, MasterCard, American Express card)
  • Money gram
  • Western union
  • Bank transfer

When using PayPal, make sure the address you intend to send the products to is the same one on your PayPal. It makes the check out faster.

If you want to use another method that we haven’t listed here, you will have to contact our customer care. We will confirm whether the choice you intend to use is viable for us. Our customer care is always on standby to answer the questions. Don’t hesitate to ask them.

What's your shipment policy?

We love to send hair products faster. Like most vendors, we use the safest shipment companies DHL or FedEx. Within 24hrs, we start to ship the package. For some people, it will arrive in 48hrs but for some, it may take more time.

Here is the breakdown of the shipping process.

  • It takes 2-4 days to America
  • 2-5 days to Europe
  • 2-5 days to Australia
  • 5-7 days Africa

We are talking about the working days. Remember, it’s not the weekends inclusive.

In a nutshell, most of our goods will arrive in 2-5 days. We offer the FREE shipping, but that doesn’t mean it’s slow. We have used this method for a long time and I must say it’s the best.

Check your P.O box addresses. The address you give should be bot accepted by the shipping company; otherwise, you will make confusion.

Are there anticipated extra charges?

Some people worry that they will have some additional costs. If you worry about custom duty, you won’t have to pay that in our country. Now we don’t know about your country custom laws and some may need you to pay tax. You will need to confirm that first.

If you aren’t sure, you can let us know the value of the products you wish to declare. This will make it easy to go through the borders.

Can I cancel my order?

The moment you place the order, we start processing. But if you decide to cancel within the first 24 hours, communicate with us. If you take more than a day, the product will already be on its way to you; thus, we can’t cancel.

At this level, we have other entities included and that’s beyond us now. Contact us, though, to see how we can help you with this. Even if we made it possible a 15% charge is inevitable. This is the handling fee.

Can I change the order?

Since we opt to have you receive the package sooner, we start working on the order immediately. So, if you take too long to change the order, it will already be on its way to you.

You may change it within the first 24 hours. At that time, we are still looking for ways to have it reach the shipping company. In other instances, we may accept the exchange just as we do the return.

How can I check my order status?

Technology has made everything easy and fast not first. You can check the order movement if you have registered with us. So you will need to key in your email and order id on order tracking page. To finish off, you press the track button.

This makes it easy for you to know when you expect the product.

What is the return policy?

We will accept the products if you haven’t used them, cut or destroyed the packaging, worn them, or damaged them in any way. It should reach us in not later than 15 days from the day of shipping. You will need to send us the product in its original state.

Here’s the deal though, before you send the package back you should email us to let us know you are returning it. If you don’t do that, then we have a right to decline it. Our sales team is always on the radar to serve you when you need to.

Nonetheless, we won’t take care of your clearance and customs duty tax if you have any that was applied. You take care of such costs.

Check out this guide to see more about our return policy.

Is there a return fee?

It depends, if it is our responsibility, such as sending the wrong product(s), we will cover the shipping fees. Otherwise, you will have to provide the cost of shipping if you need to return the goods.

More details, check out out return policy.

What's the return process?

Contact our sales team about your interest to return a particular product. To ease the process, shoot them an email with the order number for easy tracking. To make it easier, you can send us the photos for us to reference them easily.

We will communicate with you in the next 24 hours.

What's your exchange policy?

Again, just like the return policy above, before you send back the item, you should communicate with us first. Send us an email with the order number and photos to make it easy to identify the product you are talking of.

We will offer you an exchange if you haven’t worn or damaged the products in any way. Notice that you will once again cater to the shipping fee but for the new exchange hair, you don’t pay to ship.

We only offer you a one-time exchange for the order you are making. You can’t receive the exchange item and want to exchange it again.

If there will be a price difference with the product you ordered, then we charge you the extra cost.

Also, we won’t pay for the customs tax if your country charges for that.

Find out more about Cancellation and Change.

Why did my payment fail?

There will be various reasons why your payment fails. If you are using PayPal, did you use the same address on your PayPal when showing us the registration? This may cause PayPal to decline payment.

For the cards: is your card security code. If you are using the wrong one, then it will fail for sure. Try again to see that you key in the right security cord.

You may have an insufficient amount and therefore, it declines. Just check out once you have loaded your card with more.

Did the amount you ordered exceed your limit? If you ordered excess goods, then you will have the payment decline.

Are their discounts and offers?

Yes. We sometimes offer you discounts and flash sales. Sign up to our email list and you will know when we have offers. If you want, you can also follow us on various social media platforms. You will know when we give offers and flash sales.

What are the five unique terminologies to know?

Human Virgin hair: this is the hair that the manufacturer collects from a single donor, and its often unprocessed. The donor must have never chemically treated the hair too. It’s the highest quality of hair.

Remy hair: here is another one of the high-quality hairpieces. It has the cuticles facing the same direction. Such hair never dries quickly nor tangle. It’s the most common type of hair in our shop.

Natural color: this refers to the tone of the natural virgin hair. It’s the color of the hair that you haven’t altered in any way. It’s often the off black color or dark brown. Most of the hair comes in this color, but you may also have them colored.

Weft: is a section of hair strands that have a seam on top, which keeps the hair intact. If you buy the weaves or wigs, the hair comes in wefts.

Bundles: it’s common, and you must know what it means. It shows you how the hair comes when you purchase it. Often it comes in a plastic packet and the hair is held in place.

It will also come in the rolled weft, and the ribbon you see around it will keep the hair in place and it makes it look like the real hair.

Click here to see the complete guide about hair grade.

How many bundles are enough?

It all depends on the hair you are choosing, the size of your head, the length, and the texture. For longer hair, you will need 4-5 bundles for medium to long; you will need 3-4 and for short to medium length 3 bundles is enough.

If you want, you can add on a closure to make it look and feel real.

More details? Check out this guide.

Does the hair smell?

Many people complain about the bad smell but our hairs are not like that. We don’t chemically process our hair so you won’t have it smelling. We care for you to look good but we also want you to maintain your hair health.

Expect some shampoo smell though, because the hair is co washed before we send it to you.

Does it shed or tangle?

The hair is double weft so you won’t experience much shedding except for the initial stages when you lose just a few strands. For even more security, you can seal the wefts.

We don’t expect shedding if you are gentle with the hairpieces. Comb it with a wide-toothed comb or brush them gently.

It doesn’t tangle either since we have all the cuticles intact and aligned in one direction. Nonetheless, be cautious about the products you use on the weave. The products shouldn’t weigh the hair down.

Also, you should keep the hair moist and avoid dryness. If you let the hair to form build-up, swim with it or allow saltwater on it, then it will soon start to tangle. Wash the hair twice a week and follow the hair care routine.

How long will the hair last?

Often weaves and wigs last over 12 months. But if you are using the closure pieces, then it will take at least 7 months. For this to be a real deal, you have to take good care of the hair. Follow our advice on how to take care of the weave to make it last longer.

If you have the curly weave, then it’s a little different. Check out our blog on how to take care of the curly weave.

We sell all the best quality hair, that’s why we expect them to last longer. If you don’t take good care of them, though, they won’t survive.

Can I restyle the hair?

We send you the hair in their best quality; therefore, you can change the style if you need to. You can straighten the curly hair or wavy one or even curl the straight one. I mean the choice is all yours.

Is it ready to wear?

It all depends on the hair you choose. All of the hair we sell show you how to take care of them. Sometimes you will need to wash the hair first to get rid of the debris or dirt it gets when on transit.

Can I color the hair?

Our hair is pure human hair, which means that it takes the coloring very well. But you should color it with the help of the colorist. They know best how to color the hair without damaging it. If you do it yourself, then you risk damaging it.

What does 3pcs lot or 4 pieces lot mean?

It means that you will get 3 pieces or 4 pieces of hair (usually 100g per piece) if you buy per lot.

Why we sell hair in bundles?

First, you will always need 3 or 4 bundles to make a full head. Second, you can get a big discount buying more than one piece at a time.

What does quantity mean when buying hair online?

It is usually 100g or 3.5oz per bundle. So when you see 3 bundles per lot, it means if you buy the hair, you can get 300g hair.

What is natural color weave?

It is the original hair color. We don’t do anything to change the color of the hair including Perming, dyeing and some other methods.