Eurasian Hair – What You Need To Know

On this website, you will notice that we have covered a lot that regards the most popular hair types. So today, we focus on one of the not so common hair-Eurasian hair. When you are looking for the hair that looks more like the Brazilian hair, the Eurasian hair is yours to use. Often the hair is soft, flawless, vivacious, and good looking.


What is Eurasian human hair

This hair is excellent, and it features a cross between the European and Asian human hair. Basically, the hair is one of those that are donated by the Eurasian women. It looks so natural that it easily blends with most natural hair types.

Eurasian hair is not common; however, if you find it, you are sure it will serve you best. It has the perfect color, texture, quality, and body that shows you it’s the right choice.

How does this hair look?

As you could expect, the Eurasian hair is often black, but sometimes you will have it coming in different shades of brown. The hair is famous for being silky, thick, smooth, and perfect looking. It, however, has a naturally wavy texture. This you would expect as both Europeans and Asians have slightly wavy hair.

The hair looks more like you have relaxed your natural hair if you are of Afro descent. The hair is the epitome of perfection. You will get heads turning when you wear this type of hair. Its no wonder people like it so much.

The Eurasian hair types

This hair comes in three major types

Raw hair

From the name, you can tell that this is the most exotic version of the Eurasian hair. The best that happens to the hair is selection, washing, and packaging. Not much processing happens to it. If you like the hair in its most natural form, then you should choose the raw version.

Remember, though, that this will cost you a little more than the regular hair does. The reason is that the hair isn’t easy to find in the market.

Virgin hair

You can then have the virgin hair too and expect it to be just as good as the raw hair type. Notice that it has the perfect shine and smoothness too. It hasn’t gone through processing, also, except for a simple steam processing.

Remy hair

Remy hair is another one of the very best hair type. It has gone through processing but not too much processing. Often it only goes through color processing, maybe. It still has its cuticles intact and aligned; therefore, its always perfect quality hair. Of all the hair types, this is the most popular choice.

Features of the Eurasian hair

The hair quality

We must just start with the fact that the hair is of high quality, especially if you find the authentic Eurasian hair. It blends the best features of the European hair and those of the Asian hair. Both of these hair types are popular for being the best.

Both hair types have the cuticles aligned and flowing in the same direction. This is why it maintains the perfect silky and smooth look. You will also like the fact that the hair appears nicely voluminous. Since the Eurasian hair is full, it also is nicely bouncy.

The hair has the perfect density and the medium luster, which makes it enjoy the luxe feeling and the ideal shine. We aren’t talking of Malaysian hair like shine, though.

The hair is nicely full

The one thing that makes people like this hair more is that it’s voluminous. You generally have the thick strands hair, which also means that you don’t need to invest in many bundles to attain a full look. Of course, like the Brazilian hair, it has the fullness that makes it look like any natural hair.

If you like Brazilian hair, you will love its thickness too, but the best thing is that its never weighty.

It blends easily

I bet you will like that the hair blends easily with all the different kinds of hair. Albeit, it blends well with the Caucasian hair because it’s soft. If you also want to use it with your African American hair, it will still work. Notice that the hair has the perfect level of coarseness that makes it look and feel more natural.

It comes in different finishes

Like most other hair extensions, this hair has three major finishes curly, straight or wavy hair. You are, therefore, at liberty to choose the hair you like the most from the different textures.

This hair is durable

Realize that this hair is the best yet very durable. The hair will last longer, and it will serve you best too. The secret is to take proper care of it. The hair has a lifespan of more than 12 months with proper care.

It’s pricey

The hair is quite rare, and that’s what influences the price. Getting real authentic hair is not easy, so you will find them at a higher cost. This is especially true when you are looking for virgin hair.

It never tangles nor sheds

Its everyone’s fear to use the hair that will tangle and shed soon. But the good thing about this superior quality hair is that it never sheds or tangles. You will need to maintain its moisture to makes sure it never dries; thus, it never sheds or stars to tangle.

Use it for any style?

Which style are you interested in creating? This hair can create all the different styles you like to create. You can fold it and pull it however way you want, check out the different styles in our blogs for ideas.

Eurasian hair textures

Hair theme is the place to get the different textures of the hair. It has different styles of hair, but you will need to choose the right texture for you.

Eurasian Straight

Here we have 100% human hair, which means it’s the durable quality type. You have the bundles being from single donors; thus, you will enjoy its uniformity and quality. We make sure only to take the hair from healthy and young donors.

This natural straight hair color is perfect, and you can even color it for more spice. You don’t have to doubt this hair as we use stringent measures to make sure the hair remains healthy. The hair is free of all forms of imperfections.

The hair is basically clean and ready for you to use it. It’s free of lice and all forms of parasites. You can curl, straighten or wave it if you want, and you won’t damage its quality. Enjoy the silky texture and the perfect ends that make it last even longer.

Eurasian wavy hair

Hair theme is, here again, to bring you the most authentic body wave hair to use. The perfect waves create an instant volume that will also let you style the hair, however way you wish. If you like the natural bounce, then this is the hair to choose at any time.

This hair, you can quickly straighten or curl to create a style change. It doesn’t matter your ethnic background; you will find such hair to be useful to you. The hair is soft and with a sleek feeling. Remember to run your fingers over it and notice how beautiful it looks.

Ths hair will blend effortlessly with the African American hair. It features the use of unprocessed hair, which also means that the hair will never start to tangle and shed. It further has the highest level of shine, and yet it maintains the elasticity. This hair is also full and thick with the perfect ends.

You get the best quality hair at an affordable rate. All our clients who already bought it are saying that its the perfect choice to use ever.

Eurasian curly

Curly hair is all about volume, and you will have even more volume when you are using the Eurasian hair. The hair is naturally famous for the perfect volume, and when you use it for curls, you won’t need to spend too many bundles.

It’s not hard to attain such curls with the Eurasian hair since its naturally wavy. Our Eurasian curly hair is most significant because it holds the curls perfectly. The hair has a high sheen and softness, which makes it attractive to most.

This hair has no split ends and its double weft to attain the hair security, which then means that the hair won’t start to shed. Our hair is 100% human hair; that’s why we have it lasting longer and healthier.

Buying guide

Which hair will you choose?

Of course, if you have been reading this hair article, you already know that the Eurasian hair is one of the very best options. But it’s one thing to know you want Eurasian hair and another to know the type. You can have the wig, weave, or hair extensions. Therefore, before you go out to order the hair, you need to know which one you will choose.

Once you have that answer, you also need to know the type you intend to buy. You can choose the raw virgin or Remy hair, all of which are great options to use. Some factors will make you choose one over the other. That may include the finances, the type of hair you are going to buy, and more.

However, if you would like the most natural-looking hair, then you should choose the raw hair and only know that it will cost more.

How many bundles?

Unless you know the number of bundles you need to make the hair work for you, then you may order lesser or more hair. I prefer that you order more hair than less hair for your style.

Remember, if the hair is long, you will need to have more bundles. But when you use the short hair, then you will need fewer bundles.

What’s your budget?

Notice that the hair is generally costlier than other options. Nonetheless, you need to have a budget that you expect to spend. You can confidently search for the hair that works best for you when you know the amount you want to spend.

What hair length?

When you know the exact length you would like to have, you go to the different sites to find the Eurasian hair. Choose the one that you would like to have.

What hair color?

Often you can have the hair in its natural color. However, you can have the hair in its natural color. Which shade are you going to buy?

Where should you buy the hair?

There are many sites you can have the hair from. Hair theme is the place to buy the best quality Eurasian hair, though.

We have a variety

Check out our site to find all the superior quality Eurasian hair. It has the cuticles aligned in the same direction.

Whether you want the wigs, weave, or just hair extensions, we have them. Which length pleases you the most? We are here to deliver the right color too. Are you going to look for the hair that has closure for a more natural look?

We deliver the hair fast

Unlike other brands that will have the hair take more than two weeks to reach you, we deliver the hair in 2-5 days. Mind you; we don’t charge extra you will have free shipping.

We have the best reviews

Since we have been in business for some time now, you expect reviews I know. Well, I’ll tell you to check our reviews. It’s all about happy and satisfied clients.

We have the best sales team too that will work to make sure you buy what you like. They help to guide you to the different options if you need to.

Are you going to buy the hair?

I know you must have fallen in love with this beautiful hair. But unless you buy it, you won’t know whether you like it. Visit today for the best quality, flawless, and stunning hair options.

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