69 Different Types of Textures Hairstyles

The woman’s hair is the crown of her beauty. No wonder there has been an evolution of thousands of styles to suit all the different women. Nonetheless, some factors determine which hairstyle suits you best.

Your facial features, the shape of your face, and your lifestyle are a few factors that decide which one looks best.

Loose Wave Hairstyles

1. Loose wave with a side part

Loose wave with a side partI have always been in love with the loose waves. Take a look at this style above. You only need to add the side part on the loose waves to make it styles. The loose waves make the hair voluminous and good looking.

2. Braided loose wave style

Braided loose wave styleAnytime you braid your wig; you make it look so natural. For this style, braid the crown area of the head and let the half back of the weave flow. For this style to work, you need to wear the 360 wigs.

3. Half-up ponytail half-down loose wave

Half-up ponytail half-down loose wave

Sometimes all you need to do is hold the hair in a ponytail around the crown area and then let the other parts of the hair to flow. This allows your facial features to show.

Straight Weave Hairstyle

4. Platinum grey straight hair with middle parting

Platinum grey straight hair with middle partingStraight weave always goes well with most women facial shapes. The fact that it’s a platinum grey piece makes it even better. The weave comes in a straight, sleek piece with a middle parting style.

5. Chinese bang straight weave

Chinese bang straight weaveThis style has been a favorite for so many years. The bangs work best with sleek and straight hair. You should use thick hair for the style. Since the hair at the back is long, you can even decide to hold it in a ponytail.

6. Ombre style straight hair

Ombre style straight hairWould you like to have the hair in ombre?

Making a difference in color makes it even better. The two bright colors complement each other and blend well with her skin. Since you have dark roots, most will think that it’s your natural hair.

Straight natural hair

7. Balayage straight hair

Balayage straight hairThe hairstyle features the balayage style, and it suits all hair textures. But for the natural hair, a simple balayage to the straight hair makes all the difference. The hair is bright and bold yet thick.

8. Boho fishtail braid

Boho fishtail braidThis is a common style among people who have straight or slightly wavy hair. You have to take a few hairpieces then braid it and let it flow. It will keep your hair in place.

9. Waterfall braid

Waterfall braidYou will realize that as long as you have straight and long hair; you can do a lot with it. Sometimes it calls for creativity, though. The waterfall braid may consume time if you are unfamiliar with it, but if you know how to do it, then it takes a short while.

10. Choppy bob straight hairstyle

Choppy bob straight hairstyleThe straight hair is best worn voluminous. One way to increase its volume is by chopping off the pieces. So, for this, you can make a thick backcombing and a thick side part combing. Make a balayage highlight for enhanced beauty.

Body Wave Hair Styles

11. Short bob body wave style

Short bob body wave style

This body wave style is great even when the hair is short. It further has a side part, and you can blend it in or use the lace front. Body wave styles are easy to take care of.

12. Long body wave hairstyle

There are many hairstyles you can have in body wave. One of the most common ones is the body wave perm. If you want to wear a hair extension, it’s fine and that will work too. However, if you have long and wavy hair, you can perm it to add body onto it.

13. Braided body wave

Braided body wave

The braided body wave style is another style to make. Braiding the hair often amps it, especially because it makes it look so much as your hairstyle. The hair has a lace closure frontal.

14. Long body wave style

Long body wave styleIf you have natural and long body wave hair, letting it flow is all you need to make it a different style. You must side part it and let it flow to the front of your face.

15. Long blonde body wave style

Long blonde body wave styleThe color tone between the black and the blonde hair makes the style even better. Use the long hair to create a side fringe to spice it further.

16. Half High ponytail

Half High ponytailThe other famous style is where you hold the hair on the crown and let the other parts flow. A closure is nice as it completes the hair.

Deep Wave Hairstyles

17. Messy bun deep wave

Messy bun deep waveDeep wave is a perfect style for you. For this style, make a messy bun since the waves and curls are a style on its own. And yes, you can use it for party and professional occasion.

18. Curly bun

Curly bun hairSometimes you can make the style simple. You can make the bun high, medium, or low. So pull the hair at the nape, and the front of the hair then hold it in a bun. You should use a hair tie to secure it. If you like, you can use pins for the style. Then slay the closure.

19. Two deep wave ponytails

Two deep wave ponytailsThe other style is to hold the hair in two ponytail style. Make the ponytail straight then let the other part of the deep wave flow. This is easy if your hair is naturally wavy or if you are using a full lace wave.

20. Malaysian body wave hairstyle

Malaysian body wave hairstyleThis hair looks perfect mostly because the Malaysian hair can hold the curls in place over a long time. Simply side part hair and let it show the thick waves.

21. Ponytail Malaysian body

Ponytail Malaysian bodyLike all the other hair textures, you can hold this hair to a ponytail. Use enough hair to make it voluminous. The hair has the perfect color, which makes it look like your natural hair. Short

  1. Brunette wave

Brunette waveAnother side bang with the body wave hair. For those who love the brunette hair, here is a style for those with the right tones.

23. Body wave hairstyle sew in

Body wave hairstyle sew inFor black women, the sew-in style is a single most important style. With the leave outs, it looks so natural, and with the right length, not many people will know that the hair is not yours. Simply side part the hair for a more authentic look.

Short Hairstyles

24. Shaggy bob

Shaggy bobWe are used to the blunt bob, but it’s not always blunt. Sometimes you can have the shaggy curls. The romantic curls that make it even beautiful. Another thing about the style is to have the layered fringe.

25. Soft curls

Soft curlsYou can never go wrong with the soft curls. This one comes in as a side-swept bang to make it better. It will require that you know how to make the soft curls last longer.

26. Curly ends

Curly endsThe natural wavy hair with the curls being defined at the ends. It has a side bang to make it look more natural. So, for those with long hair, you can easily make this style.

27. Tousled layers

Tousled layersThis shaggy style surprisingly looks beautiful and professional. The style works to enhance the texture and increase the hair volume. This style then forms an effortless bang. You can get this hair in wig form as well as the making your natural hair.

28. Short textured layers

Short textured layersFor this style, you have a short and spunky style that is easy to achieve. You can use high-quality wigs to achieve this style, or it can also work for those with short hair.

29. Short and textured haircut

Short and textured haircutThis boy cut style has some slight and bare curls at the top of the crown. It further has a wispy bang for an enhanced look with the layered sides. It’s further neck hugging hair.

30. Bob straight hairstyle

Bob straight hairstyleFor black women with long hair, you can enjoy a different style. But not many of us love the long hair as it calls for a lot more maintenance. Therefore, I would opt for this kind of bob. It has a side parting. This is a chick look to go for.

31. Shot Curly ombre hairstyle

Shot Curly ombre hairstyleIf your hair is long enough, you can have large curly ends to spice up the look. The hair will come out as a bob hair too. I like that when you have long hair the curls will make it look sexy and voluminous. The curls are romantic and the dark roots look amazing.

It will enhance your facial features too, but make sure it suits your facial shape. Make a side parting for the hair.

32. Asymmetrical curly bob

Asymmetrical curly bobWe all love bob hair, don’t we? The asymmetrical style is the spice to the style. It further has the large curly ends. The hair is brown, and you can blend it with a blonde.

Peruvian Hairstyle

33. Peruvian body wave

Peruvian body waveThe dark ash color suits various skin tones. A high luscious ponytail for the Peruvian hair makes all the difference in the hairstyle. With the curls, the hair comes out even thicker.

34. Body wave with a middle parting

Body wave with a middle partingI have always been a fan of body wave hairstyle but mostly because of the volume and sleekness. This comes with a middle parting making it flow with ease.

Beach wave hairstyle

35. Short beach wave hairstyle

Short beach wave hairstyleThis short beach wave style features some not very defined waves. It comes in a medium length hair and it also comes in a brown color.

36. Long beach weave

Long beach weaveThis beach waves you can achieve without the need to use heat. So, you accomplish it by making the twists and plaits. Make sure you don’t make the twists tight. This is an ombre hairstyle with the dark roots.

Deep Wave Hairstyle

37. Malaysian deep wave hairstyle

Malaysian deep wave hairstyleHere you have the long deep wave hair which is a style on its own. So, you only need to make a side part. I often prefer Malaysian hair when it comes to curly hair because it holds the curls better.

38. Brazilian deep wave

Brazilian deep waveThis style makes the hair look so much like your natural hair. The large and small cornrows make it look so natural. Hold the hair in a side ponytail as you also accessorize the ponytail style.

39. Deep wave hairstyle with bangs

Deep wave hairstyle with bangsIndian hair is one of the most available hair in the market. The curly hair is long and it comes with a tiny bit of the bang to spice up your look.

40. Thick deep wave hairstyle

Thick deep wave hairstyleSince the hair is thick it makes you look younger. You can never go wrong with the deep wavy or curly style. Make it take the afro hairstyle for an enhances look.

41. Deep wave human hair style

Deep wave human hair styleThis features a Malaysian human hair that is 100% Remy hair. It’s a long hair that requires maintenance. If you wear the hair wherever you go, people will notice you.

42. High bun deep wave

High bun deep waveSometimes all you need to do is hold half of the hairpieces to a bun then let the other hair flow. This features a human hair that is a blend of red color and black hair.

43. Braided deep wave hairstyle

Braided deep wave hairstyleThis features the Malaysian that holds curls well. It further has the two braids to keep the hair in place while showing your face.

Curly Hairstyle

44. Curly bob

Curly bobFor those who enjoy the short bob style, you can make the hair curly too. The large curls are the best in this case, though. It comes in a blonde hairstyle.

45. Medium length curls

Medium length curlsEven with your medium length hair, you can have it being curly and blonde. These are simple curls of goodness, especially since the curls are defined.

46. Brazilian deep curly hair

Brazilian deep curly hairI love it when you have the hair being braided. Braid the hair to nice large and small cornrows. Make a bun at the crown of the head. For this case, you have to use the closure piece for a full look.


Natural hair curls

47. Long side swept curly hair

Long side swept curly hairThere are those of us with long and curly hair. This is a natural hair which makes it even better. Since it’s long, you can hold it differently to a ponytail or even braid it if you want.

Perm hairstyles

48. Layered perm

Layered permFor this case, you not only have the perm style, but it’s also a layered style that is side-swept. The big curls enhance the look making you look your best. It’s a style that has been in existence over a long time.

49. Spiral perm

Spiral permWhen you have long hair, the spiral perm is the way to go. It features the tight brown curls that are also long and good looking. Whenever you wish to look over ten years younger, this is the style to try.

50. Sew in deep wave

Sew in deep waveFor the most part, black women love the sew-in style because it makes it look authentic. Once you have the long wavy hair you can wash it and go. The trick is to ensure you take good care of your natural hair.

Kinky Styles

51. Short deep curly weave

Short deep curly weave

If you love the short weave, you can wear this style. The short hair is easy to style and manage. Coming in a shade of brown, it will suit almost every woman.

52. Bohemian curly weave

Bohemian curly weaveMake the curls create a bang for a full look. So, for this weave, you don’t need any form of leave outs. The tiny curls look rich and neat.

53. Side-swept curly weave

Side-swept curly weaveThe side-swept ombre like hair is a cute style for the young ladies. This features virgin hair that you can dye or bleach. Letting it flow in an afro makes it even better.

54. Curly faux hawk look

Curly faux hawk lookFor the women who have their hair cut, a faux hawk look is the best to achieve a difference and better look. The hair is showy flattery and also easy to style. The undercut on the side makes the style even better.

55. Short and fluffy curly hair

Short and fluffy curly hairMaking the hair fluffy makes it look natural, yet you can get this style with your regular hair extensions.

56. Short kinky curly wig

Short kinky curly wigFor anyone who loves kinky curls twist outs but can’t find ways to do it correctly, you can wear a wig. This is the most natural-looking wig style ever. I always twist my hair if I need to, but if I can use a wig, why not.

57. Brazilian kinky curly hair

Brazilian kinky curly hairWith this hair, you make a messy bun and allow some curls to flow to your face. The style is best suited for those with curly hair as it mimics their curly hair.

Kinky straight style

The reason I love and enjoy this wig so much is that it again looks so much like black women hair. Even then, you can be creative in styling it to make it even better.

58. Simple and short

Simple and shortSometimes simplicity will make it look even better. Make the straight hair short and comb the side part of the hair to the side. This is a bob wig, and it looks amazing.

59. Simple braid and long kinky hair

Simple braid and long kinky hairThe front lace wig will make this style possible. Make a single braid to the crown part and let the other part of the hair flow. Next, you can slay the baby hairs to make it look even more natural. Remember you can add more braids if you like.

60. Halo braid kinky straight hair

Halo braid kinky straight hair

The kinky straight hair calls for simplicity because already the hair looks like the black women hair. The halo braid style is another popular style today that adds spice to the style if you don’t want to be dramatic with it.

61. Kinky straight ponytail

Kinky straight ponytailHere is another style for anyone with the long kinky hair. Make the high ponytail and let the tail flow freely to spice it. A ponytail will always make you look lady-like and chic.

Water Wave Hairstyles

62. Make the large waves

Make the large wavesFor this style, the simple waves at the end of the short weave are what makes it this beautiful. I have seen people go to a wedding in this style. Simple and elegant is the description of the style. It comes in deep brown color and you can blend it with your black roots.

63. Braided water wave style

Braided water wave styleThis is a crotchet hairstyle which so many people are venturing into today. Make the nice braids at the side front and then crochet the hair to the other part of the head. It features a blend of brown and black hairstyle.

Make the hair flow on the side of your face for even more spiciness. I love the deep curls on the long braid.

64. Water wave bob

Water wave bobA water wave bob looks chic and ladylike. It’s a mid-length bob which means you can style it differently or go with the flow. Pull some of the hair to the side of your face and let the other hair flow.

Wet and Wavy Short Hairstyle

65. Short wet and wavy style with a side parting

Short wet and wavy style with a side partingThe short wet and wavy style is another one of the few styles that look modern and chic. It features the shiny curly hair with a great length for you to hold the hair differently whenever you feel like it.

Make a side parting to the hair and let it flow to the sides. Also, go on to slay the baby hair.

66. Wet and wavy bob

Wet and wavy bobAnother simple yet long bob. The wet and wavy style is all about the shiny and wet like hair. Make the hair flow from the side parting. Slay the baby hair to make it look even more natural.

Ocean Waves

67. Short ocean waves style

Short ocean waves styleFor some people, this is the style to go by. It’s easy to manage.

68. Ocean wave long hair

Ocean wave long hairDefined waves, just like the waves in the ocean.  The hair is thick and good looking on almost every woman. You can style it however you wish to.

69. Braided weave hairstyle

Braided weave hairstyleThis is another one of the famous braid hairstyles. You make the tiny braids, but you don’t finish the braids to the end. Leave them at the quarter mark to flow as weave. There are special hair extensions that you can use for this style.


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