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You do know that there are several styles you can use with the different weave types.

Brazilian hairstyles

For women who love to change their hairstyle every so often, waiting for your hair to grow very long or cutting it short the next moment is impractical. Growing natural hair entails lots of challenges.

Sometimes the hair starts to thin, or it gets weak, making it hard to style.

Thankfully you can use the hair extensions to achieve the different styles. Brazilian hair is just one of the few hair types that many use. From celebrities to the non-celebrities, high priced to low priced hair, we have you covered with this hair.

The following are the styles to try.

Colored Brazilian hair

While you can buy the unprocessed Brazilian hair then color it, you can also buy the hair in your favorite color. Although the hair is colored, it doesn’t compromise on the quality of the hair. it still has thick and quality strands.

1. Grey color

Grey color2. Blue color

Blue color hair3. Green color

Green color hairBrazilian Remy hairstyles

Remy hair is of the highest qualities of hair. You can color or style it differently.

4. Half up half down red hairstyle

Half up half down red hairstyleComing in the red color, this hair is one of the easy ones to achieve. It’s trendy considering it comes in the red color. It features a body wave style, and you only need to hold it in half up half down style. You can further use the closures for a more natural look or blend it in.

5. Side parted bob style


Side parted bob styleIf you love short weave, then you can wear this front lace wig. It comes in straight in texture and natural black hair color. The fact that it’s a lace front makes it even better as it makes it feel and look natural.

6. Two-toned Remy Brazilian hair

Two-toned Remy Brazilian hairThis pre plucked wig comes in the two-toned colors for a different look. Over recent years, more and more people are opting for the two-toned colors. Since it comes in as a Remy piece, it’s a high-quality piece.

7. Deep wave Remy hair

Deep wave Remy hairIt looks so much like the natural hair texture of those with type 3 hair and would, therefore, suit them when they need to change the style. You should make sure you have the baby hairs laid down for a complete look.

Virgin Brazilian weave

Virgin hair is closely similar to the Remy Brazilian weave. However, it’s the hair that isn’t chemically processed in any way. So, the hair is just the untreated and raw Remy hair type.

8. Body wave virgin hair

Body wave virgin hairThe body wave hair is long and that makes it a suitable style on its own. The side parting, on the other hand, amps the style. You have the baby hairs laid down nicely, and it will suit all the different face shapes.

9. Braided and unbraided hairstyle

Braided and unbraided hairstyleFor this style, you must use the full lace wig. The braided hair makes it looks much as your natural hair. Consider the fact that the hair is a virgin hair type. If you are the type that loves it when the hair looks more natural, then use the braided style.

10. Straight virgin hair

Straight virgin brazilian hairThere are so many options to try if you are going for straight hair. The virgin hair is one of the best you can go with though. It comes to you with a closure, and it’s a sleek straight hair. You can alter the style if you wish, though.

Short Brazilian hairstyle

11. Short bob wig

Short bob wigThe short Brazilian wig hair is an excellent type of hair for anyone in love with short hair. It comes in black color, but you can try all other different colors of your liking. It’s a Remy type of hair and a full lace wig which means that you can style it however you wish.

12. Brazilian curly bob style

Brazilian curly bob styleThe hair is wavy, and yet it comes in a bob style, which makes it easy to manage and style. It’s a virgin human hair that comes in its natural color. The lace front wig mimics the natural hair of those with curly hair.

13. Short pixie hair

Short pixie hairThe wig brings out the best facial features. Coming in a pixie cut the hair is easy to take care of and it looks beautiful. If you like Kris Jenner’s hairstyle, you must love this human hair piece.

14. Short Curly Brazilian hair

Short curly Brazilian hairGenerally, curly hair gives off the feeling of youngness. I think that’s why more people love it. This high-quality wig comes to you with a lace front making it look as though it’s your natural hair. It’s great to use if your hair is naturally curly.

15. Short curly bob

Short curly bobWhen you are looking to make the hair short then, a bob will serve you even better. Made of Brazilian hair, this hair is naturally voluminous, premium, and shiny hair. It will serve you over a prolonged time.

It has a lace front for the finished look too. Besides, you can make the side parting or mid parting all because the lace front lets you part it wherever.

Brazilian wavy hairstyle

16. Long wavy style

Long wavy styleSometimes when you have the hair being long, all you need is simplicity. This one comes with the lace front. Thus, you can hold the forehead section using a band and then let it flow on the side of your face. It will look as though you made a side parting for a more enhanced look.

17. High ponytail with side braids

High ponytail with side braidsYou only need to be creative with the style for it to look authentic. Braid the side of your head to beautiful cornrows and hold it to ponytail then let the wave flow. Finish off by slaying the baby hairs.

18. Front braided body wave hairstyle

Front braided body wave hairstyleAnother style to try is where you braid the front perimeter of the hair and let the other parts of the hair flow. If you wish you can slay the baby hair for a fuller look too.

Brazilian straight hairstyle


19. Brazilian straight bob

Brazilian straight bobIf you can get a short bob style in a straight texture, you will look the best. For more versatility, you can hold the crown area to a bun and let the other parts flow naturally.

20. Sleek straight high ponytail


In this case, always make sure the hair lies flat on the scalp before you tie it to a ponytail. You should use the sleek straight hair to achieve this look. For a more finished look, you can slay the baby hairs too.

21. Middle parting

Middle partingMiddle parting is the most common style to achieve when you have straight hair. From Kardashian to Nicki Minaj to Rihanna, they have all tried this style at some point. That is what makes it even more popular.

22. Two ponytail style

Two ponytail styleYou can make the two ponytails when you are wearing straight hair. It looks best when you have a round face or heart one. Albeit, you can figure out if the style is for your face too. Then go on to either lay you baby hairs or not.

Brazilian curly weave hairstyles

23. Short curly

Short curly hairBrazilians mostly have long hair, but you can also have the hair is made short and curly. Short curly hair is a simple curly weave style mostly because it looks like most type 3 women hair. These curls come out as the bouncy type that is also voluminous.

24. Short loose curls with a side part

Short loose curls with a side partYou must have noticed that I love short curls, but why wouldn’t you?

Coming in black color, it suits most women of color. I love the big curls with a lace front wig. The difference is when you side part the hair. You can go on to slay the baby hairs if you wish.

25. Twisted crown with curly back

Twisted crown with curly backComing in the shades of brown chocolate and black, the curls are not only shiny, but they also look so good. What makes it outstanding is that you twist the crown area. I would love it especially since I have such a sensitive face.

Brazilian body wave styles

26. Short black and blonde ombre

Short black and blonde ombreThe ombre style makes it a unique style on its own. The body waves enhance the body of the weave, making it voluminous and full. I like the dark roots as they make it appear as though this is just your hair.

27. Short body wig with bangs

Short body wig with bangsIf you love both the body wave and the bangs, here you have a style to try. It’s black in color and it suits the different shapes.

The side swept bang, on the other hand, becomes an amp to the style. Coming in a shoulder-length makes it ideal for those looking for the hair that’s not so long.

28. Body wave ponytail

Body wave ponytailYou have it braided at the crown area. But you also hold the hair to a ponytail. This is the easiest way to make the hair look natural.

29. Natural body wave

Natural body wave hairThis is the most natural body wave you will come across, and it’s the simplest style to achieve. You can make it a side parting or middle parting if it suits your face. It comes in the original hair color.

Loose wave Brazilian weave styles

30. High half ponytail

High half ponytailJust like all the other styles you can make the half up half down style with a long loose wave hair. Pull the crown area to a straight hair hold then let it flow to the side. This hair comes with a frontal to give it a finished look.

31. Side swept bang loose wave

Side swept bang loose waveAnother style to make is the side swept bang loose wave. You can make it cover the right eye if you wish. It’s a high-quality hair that allows you to style it differently or color it if you want.

Brazilian crochet style

32. Kima Brazilian twist

Kima Brazilian twistWhen you don’t feel like making a sew in, maybe the kima crochet twist will serve you better. This is another trendy style that serves you over a prolonged time.

33. Brazilian French wave

Brazilian French waveHere is another style if you are after the volume of your hair. Coming in dark brown color, the Bobbi braids will suit almost every woman who tries them on.

Long Brazilian hairstyles

34. Shoulder length curls

Shoulder length curlsWhen the hair is long, you can make it curly to give it a fuller look and enhanced body. Regardless of the length you choose, it will look good because the hair mimics the natural Brazilian hair.

35. Big yet beautiful curls

Big yet beautiful curlsSometimes all you need is the beautiful big curls to make the difference in the styles. The fact that it’s long and black makes it even amazing because it will suit all women. The big curls are good mostly because you can set them yourself. It’s further bouncy.

36. Fauxhawk style

Fauxhawk styleWhether you have long curls or you are using a weave, this style will be one of the easiest to pull. You can use pins to bring it out. So, pin the curls above your temple and then let the curls flow on the crown to the nape of your head.

37. 14-inch Brazilian hairstyle

14-inch Brazilian hairstyleThe black and red end Ombre color make all the difference to the style. The hair is long and sleek straight, yet it comes with another closure for a full look.

38. 12-inch weave


12-inch weave hairFor a 12-inch weave, a bob is an ideal style, but if you can have the bangs for an enhanced look is even better. It comes in straight texture and blunt edges, making it look good. Ensure you have the right person to attach it for you, though.

39. 8-inch hair

8-inch hairThis hair is deep wavy with a side parting. It’s classified among the bob hairstyles. It comes with a closure to mimics your natural hairline. Since it comes in the natural black color, you can color it again if you like.

Brazilian hairstyle with bangs

40. High bun with bangs

High bun with bangsSometimes, a little change will spice the style. You can make a simple bun and then let the bang flow to the front for a difference in style. This hair features the straight hair.

41. Blonde Brazilian hair with a bang

Blonde Brazilian hair with a bangHere the only difference created is in the blonde color. To make the weave, you need to use the sew in method. It’s vital that you make sure the color blends perfectly with your skin tone.

42. Side swept bangs

Side swept bangsLoose wave weave is the easiest to manage and the side bang creates all the difference. Depending on your forehead, it will look good on almost every woman.

Brazilian sew-in

43. Body wave

Body wave hairMost of the weaves done for black women are often installed with the sew-in method. This one comes with a closure, but you can even decide to have leave outs for easy blending in.

The body wave hair is great because you don’t have to struggle in maintaining the curls neither do you need to struggle making the hair straight.

44. Straight sew in

Straight sew in hairIf you like the straight hair, you can sew it in and still have it lie as flat as this hair. Make the side part look like the hair strands are coming from your scalp.

Peruvian hairstyle

Peruvian sew in style

45. Loose wave

Loose wave hairLike the Brazilian hair, you can use Peruvian for a sew-in. This comes in as a loose wave and you can change the style if you so wish. It comes with a lace closure for a finished look.

46. Body wave sew in style

Body wave sew in styleThanks to the vixen sew in style that allows you to part the hair whichever way you like. This makes the hair look so natural. Natural Peruvian hair is known to fit in with the natural African American hair. The side wept bang here is best to spice it up.

Peruvian curly hairstyle

47. Messy curls

Messy curlsPeruvian hair is often thicker than most other hair. This makes it suitable for curly hair. Here you have the thick and messy curls that mimic the natural curly hair. Make sure to take care of it so that you maintain its outlook.

48. Two ponytails long curls

Two ponytails long curlsI am one of the few people who find it hard to handle the long curls. However, you don’t have to sweat at the thought of styling it. Just tie the curls on both sides to a messy ponytail before you go.

Peruvian straight hairstyle

49. Straight hair with bangs

Straight hair with bangsThanks to Jessie, Ariana, and Nicki with their song Bang Bang because bangs have become my go-to style. Make the straight hair long and then make a high pony with the other half of the hair flowing. For professional and casual activities look.

50. Deep wave style

Deep wave styleDon’t you find these waves looking sexy? I know I do.

You can find the Peruvian hair from the shop and use it to make people think it’s your natural hair. With curly hair and waves, you don’t have to tamper with them make it long, and you are good to go.

51. Peruvian kinky hair

Peruvian kinky hairI’m glad that unlike in the past where women found it hard to embrace the kinky hair, today we do and enjoy it. With the help of a band, you can style you thick and voluminous kinky curls.Peruvian Human Kinky Straight 4 Bundles Hair Weave With lace Frontal Closure (6)

Malaysian hairstyles

52. Malaysian straight hair

Malaysian straight hairMalaysian straight hair like all other straight hairs is great. You just need to know how to fix it. Middle parting for the medium length Malaysian style makes it sleek.

53. Malaysian curly hair

Malaysian curly hairThis features the tighter curls. I like that the Malaysian hair can hold curls more. This is ideal for you if all you are after is more volume for the hair. The style is great, but you have to keep it neat as you enjoy its bounciness.

54. Malaysian kinky curly

Malaysian kinky curlyKinky curls can come through with all the different curls. Therefore, they enhance the volume and length. Not many people can tell the difference between the weave and your natural hair. It looks the same, especially since the Malaysian hair becomes less shiny.

55. Malaysian deep wave style

Malaysian deep wave styleWhenever you are more interested in the length than the curls, you can use this wavy hair. I haven’t spotted anyone that doesn’t look great wearing the deep wave style. It’s easy to manage, and that’s why I love it.

56. Fauxhawk

FauxhawkTry this style if you are ready to have an undercut. The deep curls create a total difference to the hair. This is a virgin hair that allows you to style it differently if you wish.

57. Malaysian body wave

Malaysian body wave hairThese waves improve the boring straight weave. In using the body wave, you don’t exactly have the waves, but the hair isn’t straight either. When you add the bang, nothing compares to the beauty it creates for you.

58. Malaysian body wave with a side part

Malaysian body wave with a side partThe side part creates a different tone for the hairstyle. It makes it look even better and more like your natural hair.

Indian hairstyle

59. Indian water wave hairstyle

Indian water wave hairstyleI like the style more because it will suit almost all kinds of face shapes and sizes. Being a bob style, it’s amazing and it looks good on virtually any woman.

60. Long curly weave

Long curly weaveMost Indian women have very long hair, and therefore, it’s no wonder to find very long hair in the market that is originally from India. Being curly and dark brown makes it look so natural.

61. Indian layered weave

Indian layered weaveThere’s a way to use the layered style to bring out the best of your facial features, and that’s what this does. Coming in short and wavy also enhances its outlook.

62. Yaki straight lob style with bangs

Yaki straight lob style with bangsThis straight lob is ideal for the ladies looking to show confidence when they get into a room. The bang amps the look. The hair is made using the Yaki hair that makes it look so natural.

63. Braided weave

Braided weaveIt’s normal to notice a few women who have their hair braided the weave. This makes it look even more natural thanks to the full lace weave we have today. In this case, you have the ponytail and the half part braided to large and small cornrows.

64. Chick ponytail

Chick ponytailMore women are opting for the ponytail style. So, sometimes you can hold your hair to a high ponytail then add the extension to make the ponytail long then go on to twist it thus making it trendy.

65. Mohawk style

Mohawk styleIf you wish you can braid the sides of the hair to a cornrow then weave the temple to make it purple colored mohawk.

Use a curly weave, though, for an even better look.

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