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15 Must See David Beckham Hairstyles To Get Your Inspiration In 2021

There are many stars of the sports world, but only some of them have succeeded in becoming a personal style icon. David Beckham is one of the exception in this case.

His great sense of style and the great ability to mix the wardrobe items to achieve stunning looks are impressive. His haircuts and his amazing hairstyles are the talk of the town.

Given below are the most popular hairstyles of David Beckham. The soccer star only likes short to medium length hairstyles, but all his hairstyles are different from each other. 

Given below are some of the Most Stylish Hairstyles Of David Beckham:

1. Extra Short sides and elongated Top

This hair cut was sported by him at last year’s launch of his body wear range. He has styled his hair to be shorted on the sides and elongated top. The locks at the top are swept back to give a hint of pompadour hairstyle.



2. Extra Short Crew Cut

The extra short crew cut is carried off well by David Beckham. He had combined it with a perfectly balancing beard to give it a sexy and elegant look.


3. Ultra Short Haircut with Two shaved Parallels

Shaved head is a look that needs a lot of confidence to be able to pull off. David Beckham not only pulled this off but also added a twist by having two shaved parallels.


4. Outgrown and Bleached hair

This was David Beckham’s hairstyle when he was a young soccer player. The outgrown hair was given some quirky edges and well trimmed ends which along with the bleach gave a cute look to the football star.beckham_hair7

5. David Beckham Messy hair cut

This is a classy haircut that has the hair outgrown at the top as well as the temples. The top portion is given gentle quiff to give it a messy look. The rest of the sides are also left on their own to complete the out of bed look.


6. Short and Edgy with under cuts

This super cool edgy style sure adds to the charm of David Beckham. Giving the crew cut an exciting twist, this haircut has shaved temples and also a shaved triangle over the forehead.

The edgy hair on the top are styled to spike to boost the cool quotient.


7. Short to Medium Hair with An Angled Quiff

This hair style involved growing the locks to medium length with the point cut and top hair angled steeply.  A little colour highlights could add that spunky streak to your look.


8. Mohawk

The Mohawk hairstyle was one of the most popular hairstyles sported by David Beckham. This has his fans all over the world queuing up to their stylist for a similar hairstyle.

The Mohawk suited David Beckham perfectly as he shaved the sides of his head leaving a trail of thick edgy styled hair in the middle.


9. Pompadour with Extra Voluminious Top

This David Beckham hairstyle is perfect for thick hair. Giving that extra volume at the top with short sides can be carried off with elan just like the super sportsperson.


10. Slicked back Men’s Hairstyle

This simple hairstyle is popular among men more so after it was sported by David Beckham. The top of the hair is slicked back forming a quiff and using a semi matt styling product.

mens-hairstyles-slicked-back-undercut-david-beckham-5552cdf21502e-699x1024-111. Tapered Haircut

This is a classy taper with elongated top hair cut straight and styled to achieve a perfect look. This is suitable for a formal event as well as a fun do.


12. Cornrows

David Beckham donned this hairstyle in 2003 and it immediately became a sensation worldwide. Basically the hair is grown long and braided to achieve a dashing look.


13. Head band

The headband is an accessory that is used to keep in check the growing hair. When transiting from a short haircut to medium length, this can be used to keep the tresses in check. Nevertheless, this can become a sort of transition hairstyle till the desired length is achieved.


14. Elongated Razored Haircut with Sun Kissed touches

The slighter longer haircuts with razor induced edges give a great uplift to the face. It can carry of the disheveled  look with cool colour streaks to give it a textured look


15. Haircut with Outgrown Temples and Nape

This hair style can be achieved with elongated hair. The temples and sides are blunt cut to give a neat look. The top hair is pointed in a quiff that will add volumes to the hair.


We have picked David Beckhum’s 15 haircuts that we really thought worth sharing. Hope you have enjoyed these awesome hairstyles by this football legend to get inspired for your own haircut.

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