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Different Types Of Curly Hair Weave

Curly Weave

For those who are blessed with curly natural hair, you know that it can take so long to grow.

But if you are anything like me, you must have used the hair extension to attain the curly texture because my hair is the straight type. I like that it gives you that youthful look.

Curly WeaveIf you don’t have curly hair but you would like to enjoy the curls use hair extensions.  In addition, you may have the curly hair but it just doesn’t reach the length you are looking to achieve.

Hair extension still comes in handy under such circumstances.

I particularly love curly hair during summer seasons but they have a bad rap because they often tangle, mate, develop frizz and are hard to cater for. This doesn’t mean that you can’t care for them, you only need to know how to.

How to Care for The Hair

Below are the steps you ought to follow when planning to increase your hair longevity.

  • Detangling

Before you wash the hair, you should first detangle it. When you brush your hair use a wide toothed comb and then brush your damp hair to avoid breaking. Work the hair in sections from the tips to the roots. Don’t brush dry hair as you may just cause breaking.

It will be way easy to shampoo and clean the hair when you have detangled it already.

  • Moisturize the hair

There’s nothing so important for any hair type than the moisture. It’s particularly essential when you have the curls. When you have the curls moisturized you keep them from frizzing. In the end, your hair is freed from tangles. You won’t have to spend a long time trying to detangle it.

For daily practice, you may spray your hair with water then add on the leave-in conditioner. During this time avoid any product that has paraben, sulfates, silicone, and alcohols as they make your hair stiff.

  • The shampoo and conditioner you use

We all feel good when we have clean hair. When you want to keep those curls looking fresh you need to clean your hair with the shampoo and conditioner. For the shampoo case, only use the shampoos that are moisturizing and sulfate-free.

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Go ahead and wash this hair in a downward motion to get rid of tangles. Next, wash the hair with a moisturizing conditioner. Here, take your time and use the fingers to distribute the conditioner through each curl.

  • Co washing

There are times when you realize that your curls need a little more than the regular shampooing. At such times, use the co wash. Co washing is a sure way to bring your hair back to life.

It helps to increase moisture. In this instance, you will work the hair in a downward motion. Your fingers will then gently detangle the hair.

This is yet another method to moisturize and increase the shine of the hair. It will further hydrate your hair and there are very nice deep conditioners.

  • The styling

I like curly hair for the fact that it’s already a style on its own. However, when you want to style the hair, you should maintain gentleness and if possible, use different styling cream. Follow the right procedure, detangle the hair first before you can style the hair.

  • When going to sleep

Like all other hair, you need to protect the hair at night. But most importantly work to avoid friction. Do not use the cotton on the pillow or to cover your hair. Before you wrap the hair braid it to a pineapple style.

Next, cover the hair then with a silk scarf and go to sleep. In the morning the first thing to do is normally detangling your hair as you try to moisturize it.

  • Apply an after-shower cream

Like any other hair, after showering, you should comb through the locks. Apply the ideal after shower cream through the curls. Do this from the roots to the ends and the hair should be healthy, shiny and with a great luster. They will provide you with the right nutrients.

  • Protect your hair from heat

It’s important to use the heat protectant spray when you are going to use heat on the hair.

The Different Types of Curly Hair

There are different kinds of curly hair as you will see below.

  • Deep wave

Deep wave hairThis is normally just the wavelike hair but they are deeper than those of the body wave. They are classy yet smooth. They further have tighter curls. You should always give it proper maintenance if you want it to last long.

  • Deep curly weaves

Deep curly weavesThe deep curls work to add more volume to your hair. They are usually tighter than the deep waves yet they will give you the natural look.

  • Spiral bouncy curls

Spiral bouncy curlsOne thing about curly hair is that it enhances the volume. The spiral curls are great especially when you are looking for ways to make it look natural. You can have this spiral curls being short or long. This is the newest inclusion in the curly weave selection.

  • Kinky curly

Kinky curlyThis is the easiest of them all to maintain. This weave style will add more volume to your hair. Your hair will stand out.

  • Loose curlyLoose curly

Another one of the common curly weave style is loose curly hair. For those who can’t tell a difference between the waves and the curls here you have the perfect definition. It has tighter curls than the waves do.

It however mostly has larger curls than the deep curly hair types.

  • Afro tight kinky curly hair

Afro tight kinky curly hairThis mostly looks like the regular tight afro hair type. The hair is popular for being dense and although it grows up and not down you can create the different styles as she did. For African Americans, this will look like their natural hair.

Types of Hair for Curly Weave

If you are going to use curly hair, you will need to use the different hair types in the market. Check the hairs below.

  • Brazilian curly hair

This makes one of the highest qualities of human hair extension. They are made naturally and they are never processed using chemicals. The hair is characterized as being thick, durable and soft.

As for the Malaysian hair, it’s heavier and thicker than the Indian one. It’s further softer and silkier than the Peruvian and Indian hair. The hair is shiny and luxurious.

They are thicker yet coarse and lightweight. Because it’s normally thicker you use a few bundles to get a full look. They will hold the curls and it’s further easy to color.

This is one of the most common hair in the market. It’s ideal for giving you natural hairstyle. It works for all the hair textures.

Kinky curly weave sew in

This is the most common method of hair installation among Africans.

1. 9A Grade Mongolian Kinky Curly Hair Extension

This features the 100% Mongolian human hair. Taken from young girls, the hair is shiny healthy, clean and nutritious. It has the realistic curly hair that looks and feels somewhat as your natural hair color.

It has the tight spirals which you may restyle in different ways. It remains fabulously full and luscious in looks. Since it’s the unprocessed human hair type, you can color it to any other color you are looking to achieve.

However, ensure that you don’t put the hair in extreme temperature. Also, do not color it frequently. The hair is the easiest to manage so it doesn’t curl or shed. It remains one of the most durable kinds of hair you can ever have.

To avoid tangles just wash the hair at least once or twice a week using the right shampoo and conditioner. This will decrease tangles. Use a wide-toothed comb for the process.

The Best Brands for Curly Hair

There are very many brands that sell high-quality curly weave. But if you will be going for the human hair type, try these ones.


This one I like because it contains no chemicals yet it looks like and acts like your own natural hair. This hair being a high-quality type, you can style it in any way and the hair maintains its shine. The hair is very affordable although you can re-use it to benefit from it.

  • Sensational goddess Remy

This is one of the most common hair that you will find in most of the salon in your neighborhood. It happens to be one of the most popular hair types. It’s the most versatile brand around. Although it’s equally of high quality, it’s cheaper than most other hair types.

  • True Indian hair

Well, this hair type is the one that has been tried by many and it has been in existence for over 12 years. And what’s the reason for its thriving to date? Simple, they will handpick the hair strands to ensure the quality of each hairpiece is maintained.

While the hair bundles will cost you between $120-$300, it will serve you over a prolonged period of time.

  • Extension plus

This is an internationally known brand that is also one of the most respected hair that suits all kind of hair. The hair is used by all and sundry. This makes the product flawless.

  • Boho exotic studio

Here is another go-to hair. It comes with 21different curly styles. They further manufacture even straight hair and wavy ones. The hair extension is of high quality such that it has minimal to no shedding.

  • Heat free hair

This was originally designed to suit those with curly hair. They give you a selection to choose from. They have the clip ins, sew in and wigs styles. This brand offers you some of the most valued hair in the market.

It has raised the bar on those who make the hair extension for those with curly hair.

  • Galaxy 5000

This one is new but we must say it has quality hair. The only thing that will make it worthy of your dollars is the durability. It lasts over two years with proper maintenance. This hair type is particularly taken from Cambodia and Philippines.

They emphasize on the quality and therefore maintain a machine weft stitch technique to minimize the shedding.

2. Mei You 8A Kinky Straight Hair

Take a look at this hair to notice the tiny curls. It features the virgin unprocessed hair that’s also cut from a young girl’s hair. It has the kinky texture and can be dyed or bleached as you would love to. It has no chemical treatment no smell and no toxins.

You should treat this hair carefully for it to serve you over a long time. It’s fluffy which allows you to style it in the most unique styles you can ever think of. If you want to color this hair you can. However, restrain from coloring the hair over a long time.

The way it’s designed is such that you won’t experience tangling and shedding.

3. Afro kinky curly hair

This hair looks so much like the natural kinky hair. It has healthy cuticles which means it will be lasting for more than two months. It’s tight and neat since it has been double weft. It further has minimal to no shedding.

It’s made without much chemical processing which then means you can restyle it, color it or even trim it as you wish. The hair is easy to maintain since it’s tangle resistant. It’s cut from human donors. And it has thick and healthy ends.

You can stretch the hair to be healthy and straight. It will fit all the face shapes and all other hair textures.

4. Short Kinky Curly Human Hair Extension

The secret to a healthy hair is normally first where you source it form and this one is sourced from young Brazilian girls. It’s known for being richer and bouncy. It has no tangles, no shedding and further no smell.

The hair remains soft to touch, smooth and comfortable. You can restyle it, dye it, bleach it and do to it any other thing. It’s shed resistant since its double weft.

Best Products for The Curl Weave Hair Extension

The key to your long-lasting curls is in the moisturization and maintenance. So, once you have the hair installed you will only need to have the right products to maintain it.

  • Pricey isn’t necessarily quality

For most of us, we equate high price to great quality which is not always the case. You can have a fairly priced product that is also of value.

  • So, what should you look for in the kinky hair products?

Here, emphasize on products that add your hair moisture, hydrates it and gives it a lightweight formulation. This curly weave hair is naturally a high maintenance kind of hair because it has different textures and tight ringlets.

The thing you need to do is make sure you are maintaining a balance of good moisture and hydration. Only use the lightweight style, good shampoo and conditioner and you are good to go.

  • Silicon isn’t that bad Afterall

Silicone works great with hair extension so it’s okay to have them in the shampoo and conditioner. It works by creating a coating on the hair to maintain its luster and softness.

However, when you use the silicone product and any other heavy cream over a couple of days, you should use the clarifying shampoo to get rid of product build ups.

5. Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner/Detangler

This gives you two values both the conditioning of the hair and detangling. So, you will use this product and easily tackle two problems at a-go. It will then work to smooth the tangles as you eliminate the knots.

It is made using the marshmallow roots which is richly nourishing to different hair types. It further has a gel-like consistency and it acts as an antibacterial which then soothes and relieves your hair and scalp.

It has vitamins that are great in taming the curls. It’s one of the best curls’ conditioners in the market. By smoothening the cuticles, it works to get rid of the knots. You can even use the wide-toothed comb for the curly hair.

6. Bellisso Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner

This conditioner has a blend of vitamin E and essential oils like argan oil.  The hair is easy to manage when you use this product since it gives it a great shine. You will experience no more frizz and split ends.

In addition, it has antiseptic sebum and the magnesium grains enhances the hair elasticity. It then has the nuclear hydrolyzed which will penetrate, nourish and moisturize the damaged hair.

This conditioner is free of gluten and sulfate but it’s also free of all the toxic ingredients like sulfates and paraben among others. It contains no additional animal products thus making it vegan-friendly.

Regardless of the kind of hair you have, this conditioner is effective. But most effective is when you have the curly hair. Forget about the tangles and frizzes when you buy this product.

Best Products for Kinky Curly Hair

This hair is going to maintain its perfect look if you will remember to take good care of it. You have no choice but to invest in high-quality items.

7. SEXYHAIR Long Luxurious Detangling Shampoo

Since it has the long sexy hair it will provide you with enough moisture and shine. It’s particularly ideal for anyone who has the excessively dull hair. This shampoo will keep your moisture locked in.

It particularly helps you get rid of the bad odor that is produced when you have virgin hair. It’s further great for all hair extension. It works with your kinky curly weave. As stated, it works best to get rid of the tangles on the hair.’

8. Aloe Curl Enhancing Twisting Cream

Whenever you have the kinky hair, I advise you to have your aloe cream in place as well. The cream is great for your wash and go styles. It features a lightweight product that won’t weigh your hair down.

When using it, apply it to your clean hair on every part of the hair then brush it using the denim brush as you twist the ends. It’s enriching and gives your hair a shiny appearance and soft texture.

It works to help you hold the curls and give it the bouncy feeling. Whether you are using it on hair extension or your natural hair matters not. You can even use it you have the chemically treated hair.

9. DevaCurl No Comb Detangling Spray

If you have natural curls or extension, you will know that there’s nothing so tiresome as detangling the curls. When you use this detangling spray, you will have a smooth experience,

No more tight knots. With it, you just need to wet your hair then apply it. Moreover, use your fingers to comb the hair. This is made of a gentle blend botanical conditioning for a great scent and organic advantage.

10. Curls Milkshake Light Curl Styling Lotion

Have you realized just how popular this item is? It works and all without weighing your hair down. It will define the hair curls while separating the strands to avoid tangling. It smoothens you frizzes and defines the waves and curls.

It will work to help you define the curls and get rid of all the frizzes. Also, it softens the hair and it’s gentle to the hair thereby giving it the perfect natural hold. When you have this, you need not have all the different hair products you would always buy.

It further works to add moisture to the hair thereby giving it the perfect texture. It works as a great item for the curly angel as it will bring the curls back to life. No more rough textures and frizzes on your hair extensions.

11. Design Essentials Deep Moisture Milk Souffle

When you are looking to hydrate your hair, you should use this product. Its lightweight and works to enhance the curls and give it the perfect texture. It will provide the hair with many layers of protection. It also nourishes your curls and coils.

This product is made using the formulation milk protein that works to repair your hair. The shea butter and sunflower oil will work to moisturize your hair. Moreover, it works perfectly for soft curls and other curls.

The moisturizer hydrates and revitalizes your curly hair but what will make it even last longer is the fact that it’s lightweight. You may use this product on any kind of hair you have but more specifically the hair extension.

It saves you time, you would otherwise spend on the mirror trying to style the hair.

12. Hair milk curl smoother


This styling cream is made with the perfect balance of moisture. It then works to hold your curls in place while controlling the hair frizz. It then is effective at retaining the hair extension bounce.

It features a blend of honey, shea butter and soy milk. You can stay assured that your curls look perfect. You are best having them if you have wavy and curly hair even if it’s the hair extension.

You have every reason to enjoy the styling process. The styling cream will hold your hair in place through the ballet dance and other sweaty situations.

13. Coconut Curls Shampoo

For the shampoo, this is the best choice when you have the kinky curly hair extension. For some reason, it leaves your hair moisturized and shiny. This product helps you with the frizzes as well.

Coconut products are great for use when you have curly hair and how better would it get than a blend of coconut and citrus oils? While it will work with all hair types it nourishes your hair extension even more.

The uniqueness of the product is based on authenticity. In the end, you will have the soft and silky looking hair.

Bringing the Curly Weave Back to Life

There’s nothing so hard than maintaining your best curly weave especially when you don’t know how to. So, what happens when you have this particular curly weave that you love but it just looks dead? Simply follow the instructions below.

  • Detangle

The secret to maintaining that perfect texture body and the healthy weave is in detangling the hair. It requires patience and determination. For the best results, you may use the oils that we have shown you above or shampoos to help in the detangling of the hair.

Also, use the wide-toothed comb to comb the hair. Be gentle through the whole process and particularly start detangling from the ends to the roots. Moreover, keep using the fingers to detangle the hair.

  • Deep conditioning

If you didn’t know this, I would love for you to know that the curly hair is the most susceptible to dryness. So, you should try to deep condition the hair every once in a while, especially when you have removed the hair. This will give it back its vibe.

  • Moisturize the hair

The secret to maintaining the perfect tresses and ends is in moisturizing that hair every so often. When you moisturize, you keep the hair away from frizzes and they will help to detangle the hair. The best way to go about it is to always use spritz.

Avoid any product with harsh alcohol and silicone.

  • How about some dry scalp treatment?

The conditioners are great but they won’t penetrate deep into your hair. It’s essential that you use the right oils to your scalp.

  • Wash the hair

Awls wash the hair but with the right products. I like to give mine a deep wash once I remove it from my head and intend to re-use it.

  • Don’t ever use the heating tools. Air dry your hair.

How to Keep Your Weave from Tangles

Before we show you how to keep your hair from tangles, let’s see what makes the hair tangle

When you don’t take care of the hair it will definitely tangle. It’s even worse if you invested in a cheap hair type. If you can buy quality hair and quality hair products then maintaining the hair is easy.

Here’s How to Prevent the Hair Tangling

  • Brush it

It’s as simple as saying brush the hair and brush it right. The secret, therefore, is for you to brush the hair from the ends to the roots. Aside from reducing the tangles, it keeps the hair from shedding and splitting.

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Generally, detangle your curly hair when it’s still wet.

  • Sulfate-free hair products

These products you will use might affect your hair structure and you don’t want that. Sulfates will strip the hair extension of its outer layer making it weak.

Can you avoid the head wraps?

Instead of using the head wraps that end up taking your hair moisture, tie the hair up at night. This is because when you don’t tie the hair at night it will rub against your pillow and eventually lead to hair tangles.

If you can use the satin pillows or headscarf the better for you.

Maintaining the curls

  • Do not overdo

You may be tempted to over wash the hair, over condition it or even over treat it, be careful because this hair tends to dry up so quick. Overdoing anything will strip the hair of its essential oils.

  • Deep condition

We all know that deep conditioning is ideal at making sure you moisturize the hair. Deep condition it at least once in every week.

  • Don’t overuse heat

While you may be tempted to use the blow-dries or hair dryers you should try to avoid it and instead air dry your hair.

  • About products

There are so many products in the market for each type of hair. you should know which one works best for you. Remember to avoid excessive chemicals as they weigh your hair down.

The nighttime care routine

The secret to maintaining the perfect looking weave is in taking care of it at all times. The nighttime routine care is especially essential. It determines how your weave looks in the coming days. It further makes it easy to maintain the hair.

Do the following at night to retain the moisture within the strands and the perfect look too.

  • Brush it

Brush the hair first making sure you get rid of the tangles and knots.

  • Braid it or tie it

If you want, you can then braid the hair to a low ponytail braid. In some cases, though, you can create two braids if the hair is not as long.

With some textures, you can also tie the hair to a loose ponytail. The essence of this is to make sure you don’t rough up the strands as you go to sleep.

  • Wear a satin cap or scarf

Once you are done, then you should wear your satin scarf or cap. Covering the hair helps it retain the moisture within the strands.

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