Crotchet Braids (Hair) – The Beginners’ Guide

For a while, crotchet braids have been on the front line with some women only wearing them as their dominant style.

But this is not a new style, it started gaining popularity back in the 90s and early 21st century.

Crocheting is once again back to the game with just a little bit of improvements. You see the 21st century has seen a rise in the natural hair movement and even crocheting hair extension today is taking on the texture of natural hair.

Crochet HairYou will even notice that the styles created are more natural. If you aren’t so keen you would probably mistake the crocheting braid for one’s natural hair. Therefore, more and more people are buying into the idea of crocheting, we all want to look natural.

What Is A Crochet Hair?

It’s easy for you to confuse the phrase crochet hair for the hair used in the crocheting style. However, crochet hair is just the method used to braid the hair to your own natural hair.

Crocheting is the same as the sew-in method that you use to attach weaves on your cornrows.

Albeit, unlike the weave, where you sew in a large section of hair, here the hair is loose.

Moreover, you use a crochet needle for the process and you insert the needle over the braids.

Insert a small amount of hair into the needle and you then pull the needle over the braids. You then tie the note to secure the braids.

What Makes Them Great?

  • Are you a DIY kind of girl?

If you like or have admired girls who can make their own hair, this is your chance to try it. The only problem I’ve had with crocheting is that I can’t make cornrows. If you can make some great cornrows, the style will not only be your go-to style but also the best one.

Remember the cornrows don’t have to be all great as though you are going for a party with the queen. Just make them neat after all you will cover them so there’s no big deal.

  • They look so much like your natural hairstyle

With the naturalist movement, you will have more and more people flocking to this style. It looks so much like our own hair. In fact, if you buy Marley hair you will realize that the texture is very close to your natural hair.

I don’t know why but most people can tell when you are wearing a wig or a sew in but not the crocheted hair.

  • This style is cheap

Braiding this hair is cheaper than most other hair options. In fact, some hair types will even come already braided or twisted and yours is just to attach it to your cornrows. You will get the crocheting hair for as low as $3 and at most $10 a pack.

  • It’s protective

Just like most other styles where you use hair extensions, this hair is protective to your natural hair. You can keep it for weeks and if you will take care of your natural hair, you will develop healthy hair

  • Takes a relatively short time to install

While it depends on the style you are trying to create, it will take you about two hours to install. Of course, for those who wear weaves this is less time compared to some methods of attachment. And for those hairstyles where you make real braids, this is even lesser time.

  • It’s versatile

You have hundreds of styles to choose from when applying the crocheting style.

  • You look your best

From the east to the west to the north and south of the globe this style makes you look perfect. I haven’t seen anyone wearing the style who didn’t look good especially since enhances your facial features.

But How Long Do They Last?

Everyone who is trying a style for the first time will want to know whether it’s worth their time a day.

Do they even last? Well, how long the style lasts is on you. It’s mainly about how you maintain them.

Although how you install them equally matters and the quality of braid you have used. The hairstyle will last between 4-8weeks. Listen up though, you should never keep the hair for more than two months as that is going to strain your natural hair.

Types of Crochet Braid

For the crochet braiding, you will find the braids coming as human hair or synthetic one. As with the weaves and wigs, human hair will be your best choice when. This doesn’t mean that synthetic ones don’t work but it’s just easy to handle human hair.

  • Human hair

Like all other hair types, the crotchet braids that are made using the human hair have their pros and cons.

A major advantage is that the hair is styled to many different styles without you having to think about distraction. Simply put, the hair is like your natural hair and it can stand some level of heat.

Human hair has that real glossy shine that you can’t attain when you are wearing synthetic hair.

It will further never dry your hair as the synthetic hair does and all this is because it has the composition that is similar to your own hair.

On the downside, these hair types are more expensive because finding natural human hair is never easy. This hair type is further a lot harder to work with than your synthetic. You shouldn’t even try to wear it loose because then it will tangle more than synthetic hair.

  • Synthetic hair

It’s versatile and there are so many styles you can choose. For this reason, although you don’t have the leeway to style your hair as much as you would want you can choose your desired style with the braid.

This is easy to work with because it’s not slippery. They are further the best because then you can use hot water on them to help in the sealing process. This makes them better because you don’t have to tie the knots in the end.

They too have their drawbacks because they normally look unnaturally shiny or dull. In addition, you have to maintain the moisture of the hair or else it really dries your hair.

The crochet hairstyle

  • Wavy Crotchet style

Wavy Crotchet styleWavy hairstyle for you crochet braids is ideal because they make your hair maintain their great movement. The wave is everything it keeps you looking perfect. What’s more, it feels as though it’s your natural hair and you just styled it a little.

The hair moves well as you move. Whether you want to get yourself a wavy bob here or just any other wavy style is a non-issue. This is innovative with the ability to exhibit just the perfect wave.

  • Straight Crotchet style

Straight Crotchet hairKnow there are so many women out there who just prefer having the straight and sleek style, this is for you in. They will serve you better if you like to rock the updo hairstyle like a ponytail or half ponytail.

Since it falls neatly on your shoulders you are the least bit worried about them appearing messy. The length doesn’t matter whether long or short you can still enjoy looking professional.

Poker straight hair

There’s nothing as great as you rocking this poker straight hair since you take such a short time to style it. The crocheted version is even better because you spend minimal to no time in the styling.  It further goes on to protect our natural hair.

  • Curly Crotchet hairstyle

Curly Crotchet styleUntil recently the only style that I knew used to work with crocheting was curly hair. I know them because they are great at adding volume. They are usually bouncy and they give you that youthful feel. It further gives you easy movement as you move.

  • Twist Crotchet hairstyle

Crotchet Twist hairThe twisted crochet braid is the other one that most people for some reason just love.

Unlike the straight crochet braid that may be boring for some people, these ones are twisted. They don’t come to give you a bounce but they give you class. You can have them in all the different lengths. This allows you to choose the length that fits your lifestyle.

As you choose the twisted braids, choose not only the right length but color too.

Cornrows for Crotchet Braids

So, once you have decided that you will install the braids, the next thing you will need to know is the cornrow pattern of choice. The cornrow pattern is essential in making a perfect end result.

With the right braid pattern, you will find it easy to know how the braids will lay. Although sometimes you find that we have thick hair, it’s best to make the braids apart for easy oiling of your hair.

  • Straight back cornrows

Straight back cornrowsOf course, the straight back cornrows are the go-to style for an easy crocheting process. The cornrows are then popularly used by some hip-hop artist. For the style, straight back cornrows make it easy to style the hair without looking bulky.

It’s a great style but it’s not as versatile which means that you can’t make your crocheting style with the bangs when you have the cornrows going back. They look great when you make your favorite crochet box braids crochet braids twist and other styles.

crochet box braids

  • The beehive crochet braid pattern

beehive crochet braid patternThis is another style that is popular because it gives your braids the versatility to give you the full appearance. It’s further the ideal style for creating a crotcheting weave with bangs. These braids are not only for the crocheting but also for your weaves and soft dreadlocks crotchets.

If you know you will like to make ponytails every now and again then use the beehive braids. You can use it for the styles below.

beehive crochet braid pattern style1beehive crochet braid pattern style2

  • Micro crotchet braid style

These are the other neat braid styles that you will use to install small sized braids. Since the corn rows are made small in size it’s easy to install the different kind of small crocheted braids you would love.

They tend to make the style a little tedious but you will look your best once you are done. You can as well use them for the straight hair work.

  • Zigzag braid pattern

Zigzag braid patternThe crocheting braids you create here are usually crisscrossing each other. They, in fact, cross each other horizontally. It works for anyone who is looking to make the knotless crotchet braids.

They mostly create a platform where you may insert your crochet braids. They give you the natural look for your crocheting style below.

  • Diagonal crochet braiding

Whenever you feel like creating the side swept bangs in the front with your crochet braids this is all you need. With these braids, you could easily create your favorite and classy updos, ponytails and high buns. You can decide to leave the front section and style the back part.

What Is Kanekalon?

This is a brand of the synthetic fiber used in braiding the crochet braids. This is your best modacrylic hair world over. This fiber makes different clothes although it’s also used to make the wigs and braids. The name refers to a registered trademark that’s also Japan-based.

How Many Packs of Kanekalon Hair for Crochet Braid?

Notice that the amount of braids you use differs from one person to the other. It all depends on your hair texture, the density of your hair sometimes the size of your head matters.

The amount of hair used for someone with an average sized head isn’t the same as the amount you use for a small or big head.

Generally, you will need to buy 5 packs of hair. But you should always have a pack extra just in case the hair isn’t enough. If you are using them for curly hair do buy 6 packs though.

How to Install Crochet Braids

This is the easiest method to wear your braids style today and for the installation, you only need a few simple steps.

  • Wash your hair

It’s always necessary to begin by washing the hair with the right shampoos and conditioner. Remember for the next 4-8 weeks you won’t wash your hair properly so give it a nice wash. This means that you start with a nice clean hair.

  • Make cornrows

As per the above cornrow braid style, I don’t know which one suits your desired style but you must make the cornrows first. This will work as the base for your favorite extension.

  • Attach the crochet extension

Simply begin by inserting your crochet needle to the first stitch of the first cornrow. Ensure the latch is closed.

Now open the latch and insert the hair extension close to the latch.

Go ahead and pull this needle through the cornrow then make sure the extension forms a loop. Next, remove that crochet needle.

Tighten the loop by pulling the tails of the extension and watch for the closing of the loop.

Tie the knot so that you secure the extension

  • When inserting braids

Insert the needle to the first cornrow and ensure the latch is closed.

Open this latch, insert a single end of the braid and then close the latch.

Pull the needle out until you know that you have pulled it for about 2 inches.

Open that latch and push the braids up and over it.

Next, go on to insert the other ends of the braid into the latch.

Finish off by pulling the braid out of the loop and then tighten it.

With this process, just keep repeating until you are done with the process.

Tips for Installing the Braids

Always make sure you are installing the crochet on a cleaned hair. If possible, moisturize it as well. If you install it on the dry hair you risk damaging it.

Keep your hair braids spaced to allow for the breathing of your scalp as well as ease in the installation of the hair.

On the front part, use the small strips of hair to make sure the knots aren’t visible.

Washing Your Crocheted Braids

While I love the style, washing it is never quite easy. In fact, it may be the only toughest part of the hair. You must be careful because any simple wrongdoing will loosen the knots and it begins to fall off.

  • You should use a spray bottle of shampoo and water to spray your scalp. Next, massage your scalp lightly.
  • Now, co-wash your extension but be gentle.
  • Take your time for the process and then rinse the hair thoroughly under running water preferably a shower. Make sure the hair is utterly clean.
  • Condition your extensions this doesn’t require magic just do it the same way you would with your natural hair. Next, rinse the conditioner out completely.
  • Now spray some leave in conditioner on the natural hair that is cornrowed.
  • Let the hair air dry before you add the moisturizer. Next, seal it with a good moisturizing oil.

Maintaining Your Crotchet Braids

With all kinds of hair extensions, one thing you must do is proper maintenance. Without maintenance, the hair will damage your natural hair and come off sooner.

  • Keep it moisturized

The hair that is used for crocheting is often too hard. This is especially the synthetic ones. Without proper moisturization, it will suck into the scalp oils making it too dry.

Whether the hair looks kinky, curly or straight you still need the best moisturizing products to maintain its texture and shine. Always move your fingers in the hair to get rid of the tangles.

Make sure you use some moisturizing crochet spray or just some oil to get rid of the frizz while giving it the perfect shine.

Ensure you sleep only on a satin cased pillow because the cotton pillowcase will take your moisture.

  • Clean the scalp

It’s quite hard to clean your scalp when you have the crochet and sew in weaves. Nevertheless, make sure you clean it right and keep it moisturized. Crocheting is a great protective technique but most people don’t know that without care to your natural hair you still damage it.

Try to oil and moisturize your scalp at least twice a week to keep it healthy and beautiful.

  • Clip away the frizz

Most people find it hard to believe but you should accept that the scalp will form the frizzes and there not much you can do about it. Don’t pull them out of your hair instead just clip them off with a pair of scissors every so often.

This stops stressing the hair and prevents more creation of the frizz.

  • How about some love for your natural hair?

Before you can put the hair extension, wash it and condition. Once you have worn the extension, moisturize it and keep it clean. The moment you get the crochets out, wash your hair and moisturize it then give it some time to breathe.

  • Your Edges

You may easily forget the edges but don’t. If you want it to serve you best, sleek the edges with some hair gel.

How to Remove the Crochet Braids

The problem with the style is that you often tie many knots during the removal process. This means that you will make many mistakes when removing the braids. Therefore, take good caution when you begin the process.

  • Use an oily product that will make it easy for the extensions to slip away and ultimately avoid damage to your natural hair.
  • Cut those extensions until they are close to the knots tied to your cornrows.
  • Cut the knots gently since you don’t want to cut your own hair. You can start wherever you wish, the back and the front it’s all okay to start anywhere. You will be using the hair scissors.
  • Finish off by taking out the crotchet at the back of your head. If you still have crotchet hair on your hairline, go ahead and remove the crocheted hair in a well-lit room with a tiny pair of scissors. Be gentle all the way you don’t want to cut your own hair.
  • Now carefully undo the cornrows. Comb it.
  • Wash the hair with enough shampoo. Wash it again and again until you feel that it has gotten clean enough.
  • Deep condition your hair. It needs that to regains its strength and moisture. There are great products for deep conditioning that you may use.
  • Rinse it and then air dry it or blow dry it over medium heat.

Tip: Remember to rinse the hair using cold water as this seals the moisture.

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