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How To Buy A Wig – The Guide For Buying Natural Looking Wigs

How To Buy A Wig

We all enjoy and love to look good. Hair is the crown of beauty and therefore you have to make it look right.

Back in the days when hair extensions were only used by celebrities, women and men struggled with different deficiencies of their hair.

How To Buy A WigThis affected their self-esteem and confidence. Thankfully today there are thousands of hair wigs to change your looks in a heartbeat. What’s more, you can look you best with different styles and pose a confident front.

The problem, however, is that out of the thousands of wigs, it’s not easy to know which one looks the best on you. So, this article is going to guide you into the best wig for you.

Why Do You Need A Wig?

Have you ever wondered why wigs are so popular today especially among celebrities?

They use the wigs to quickly change their outlook. In fact, you get to know about new wigs when you see them being worn by the celebrities.

Wigs will serve you on for different roles as you will see below.

  • For those bad hair day

Every human has that day when you aren’t just pumped up. You feel like you don’t want to take care of yourself for that day. When you don’t want to focus so much on your hair that’s the time you should use a wig.

  • Are you losing hair?

Sometimes there are those who lose their hair because of sudden tragedies. One of the popular You Tuber is Shalom blac. Though she got massive burns and can’t grow her hair back, she wears amazing wigs to change her look when she wants to.

  • Did you just cut the hair?

I have done this a lot. Sometimes I just feel like chopping it all off. At such times when you have short hair and you crave for your long and healthy hair, wigs have you covered.

  • What about the weather?

Humidity can take a toll on your hair. Other times there is extremely dry air condition which ultimately dries even your own hair. At such times, use the wig as a protective method to protect the natural hair. Ultimately you won’t damage your natural hair but the wig which you can buy.

Picking A Wig

When you want to buy the wig there are a few factors that you have to look at. They will determine whether you get yourself a good or bad wig.

Types of wigs

There are different types of wigs in the market. This gives you a leeway to find one that suits your own hair.

  • Synthetic wigs

The wigs, in this case, are made using the synthetic fiber as the hair. The hair industry is still advancing. Today, there are synthetic wigs that look just like the human hair wigs. However, human hair wigs are still considered way better.

Braided Wigs With Headband Wavy Half Wigs Blonde Or Brown Or Black Synthetic Hairpieces (1)Synthetic wigs are ideal for anyone who doesn’t like too much styling of their hair. This is because with the synthetic hair you shouldn’t use heat them. Additionally, you won’t change the color as it doesn’t work.

You can tell that the hair is synthetic by its being unrealistically shiny. For those who love the synthetic hair, they use power to reduce the shine. The only reason they still thrive in business is that they are low maintenance hair. You don’t have to spend too much time on the hair.

The other thing that has them being a favorite still is that although they have a short lifespan they aren’t affected by the changes in the weather. There won’t be cases of shedding, mating tangling, flyaway, and frizz.

Today, there are even heat-friendly types of synthetic wigs. Synthetic heat friendly wigs allow you to use heat in styling them. Nevertheless, they still can’t stand much manipulation like does the human hair.

The hair will last for not more than 6 months.

  • Human hair

These ones are costly but for a reason, sourcing the hair from humans is never easy. The best human hair which is virgin raw human hair is sometimes even scarce. It’s however loved for being high-quality hair. Moreover, they have a long lifespan.

Virgin Eurasian Deep Wave Hair Wig, Human Eurasian Deep Wavy Hair (1)The wig further works best for anyone who loves the versatility. You can even color or cut them if you want. You need to take good care of them though if you want them to serve you for a long time.

For a more natural feel, you should use these wigs. They are real and natural human hair so you handle them just as you would handle your natural hair. But remember, the hair is not being nourished from the scalp so you should moisturize and nourish them.

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  • Anti-slip wigs

These wigs are best used by those who have experienced complete hair loss. Since the wigs are designed with such a category in mind, they make the cap that grips your scalp perfectly. When using it, therefore, you don’t need to use elastic adjusters.

The ones used today are made together with the lace fronts to make it look more natural. They will come in different sizes with the aim to fit all and sundry. You won’t feel the itchy sensation from using the wig.

Modern Style Wigs (Natural Looking)

Wigs have changed over the years and today we have totally different wigs than we had back in the days.

  • Full lace wigs

Here you have the full lace cap that covers the whole head. The good thing about this kind of wig is that it mimics you scalp allowing you to style the hair as you wish. I like that you can part it however you wish.

Brazilian Curly Pre Plucked Full Lace Human Hair Wigs For Natural Color 250% Density (6)The wigs are among the high-end wigs but they are worth it after all. It makes your hairline look natural and real and that’s why they are more loved. It is comfy to wear because the lace is quite comfortable to wear.

This is also classified under the most natural looking wigs in the market because it mimics your scalp and skin making it hard to tell that you are wearing a wig.

  • Lace front wigs

Thanks to the wig evolution that has made it easy for us to use this kind of wigs today. They helped us stop the blending method that we would use for the wigs and weaves back in the days. Today the lace front makes the wigs look as though the wig is your natural hair.Brazilian Ombre Kinky Straight Hair 13X4 Lace Front Wigs Human 1B 30 Color (6)

Here you have the lace being only at the front part to give you the full look. For most women, they do have caps when wearing this style as that allows them to add more hair bundles for a full look. It also looks sturdier in construction.

  • 360 frontals

In this case, you will have the wig cap at the crown of your hair then the mesh is attached along your hairline. The frontal is designed to cover the hairline thus allowing you to style the hair however you wish to.

360 frontalsYou can part the hair anywhere around the hairline.

  • Monofilament wig

This is by far one of the most natural looking wigs you can ever have. It’s usually made using the polyester or nylon micromesh is used. The manufacturers then attach each strand to the mesh. In the end, it looks as though the strands are just growing from your scalp.

The wigs here are in fact great because it has you covered if you scalp heats up too much when you wear regular caps. The wig is great since it has such an airy cap form and light type. It allows your scalp to breath.

This wig will automatically be pricey but they are worth it as they look so natural.

Types of human hair wigs by country of origin

  • Brazilian hair

This is the most common hair in the market and it’s because it blends easily with most hair textures yet it’s affordable. The hair is known to be shiny and you can have it in all the different textures.

However, its straight hair is not always bone straight, it comes with some light waves which is still okay for some people.

It fits all kinds of styles you want to try and it doesn’t require too much maintenance. Just take care of it the way you would with your natural hair.

  • Peruvian hair

This is another common hair that is also luxurious in texture. A defining characteristic of the hair is that it’s coarse in texture and usually thick. Although it’s voluminous, it’s also lightweight which means you won’t feel as though you are wearing a wig.

If you like the short and edgy styles or the straight ones this hair will work out for you.

  • Chinese hair

It’s a great kind of hair especially if you are looking for bone straight wig. However, it’s not as popular as the Indian hair. The hair is normally healthy, straight and shiny.

  • Indian hair

This is the most popular kind because year in year out Indians donate their hair in the temples as part of their rituals. For this reason, unlike most other hair, it’s more popular. It’s also a voluminous type.

They are easy to curl and straighten if you wish. However, you shouldn’t subject the hair to humid temperature because then it becomes frizzy.

  • Malaysian hair

This is a luxurious hair that is sleek and will hold curls well. It’s easy to manage especially since it’s not affected much by the environmental changes. They are softer in texture than most other hair types.

Peruvian Vs Brazilian Hair Vs Malaysian Hair Vs Indian Hair

How Can You Make the Regular Wig Look Natural?

  • How you attach the wig matters

Notice that where you decide to wear the wig will determine how natural it looks. Some people wear it so much below the hairline and this makes it look unnatural. For the more natural look, you can use the mesh and nylon on your scalp for a more secure fit.

If you can get fitting the hair where you have the natural hairline then you will have achieved the natural look.

  • Blend in

If you can use a wig but blend it in with your natural hair, not many people will tell it’s a wig. This is the traditional method that works even today. You only need to leave the hair at the front part of the hair then wear the wig further back.

The trick is to make sure you have the same color of the hair and texture as well. If you nail the texture and color then the wig will look natural.

  • The products you use

Even after you wear the wig, it’s possible for it to feel unnatural because you didn’t use the right products so it looks frail. Ask the stylist for advice on the right products to use. You can also use medium heat to tame away the flyaway and frizz.

The style

If you know your style, that is good but if you don’t, you should find out which length is best for you. Do you like it long, short or medium? The color you like depending on your skin tone. Lastly, the texture and hairstyle of the wig matters.

I don’t know which wig you want. Could it be bob, long weave, curly wavy or straight? Which style do you like: the pixie, tapered or mohawk? What makes your heart sing in a wig is different from that which makes my heart sing and that’s okay.

  • The length

Most people do not know how important the length you choose is important. You see how the wig will fall on you matters if you want to look you best. The length normally differs with different textures.

Also, the person wearing the wig should have the ideal height.

Want more information for hair length? Here is the guide you need.

  • The texture

This an essential part of the style when buying the wig.

There are different texture of wigs you can choose from and they will suit different people perfectly. Some people like to try a different texture while others just want to mimic their texture for a more natural look.

You can have:


Straight hairWavy

Wavy hair


Curly hairKinky

Kinky hair

Want more different texture of wigs?

Check the article here.

The best wig color for you

One of the most important things when buying the wig is also its color. There are thousands of wig colors that allow you to go as wild as you wish to.

However, without the right color, you will look bad and better off without the wig.

The most important thing to confirm when you are looking for a suitable color that works for you is the temperature. Confirm your skin tone before choosing a different color than your natural hair color.

If you have a warm skin tone you should go for cool colored wigs. If you have cool skin tone, go for warm colored wigs. Otherwise, you should stick to two shades lighter or darker than your skin color.

Check out the color chart for more options.

The size that suits you

The size of wig matters because if you buy a small size and you are an average size, you won’t wear the wig and vice versa.

Luckily, the average size wig fits almost 95% of women so you don’t have to worry about it not fitting you. The average size or circumference of the wig is normally at 22.5cm. I like that some of the wigs come with adjustable straps that cater for your head if its anything more or less.

Here is a guide to help you know the size of your head and the wig size.

wig sizeIf you have the tape measure though you can measure the head to know the accurate measurement of your head. It’s simple to measure, just place the tape measure at the front of your hairline down to the ear and the nape then to the other side of the head.

The cap features

How the wigs are made matter. The cap is basically the material on which you have the hair being attached. And they differ as today we have the caps being light and durable yet natural looking.

  • The 100% hand-tied cap

In this case, you have the hair strands being fully hand-tied on the cap. This makes it easy for the hair to move with ease and allowing your scalp to breath with ease.

This cap is made to suit those with sensitive scalp and those that have experienced a massive loss of hair. It’s even soft and light in construction.

This hair is further appealing since you can style it as you wish because you can comb the hair in whichever direction you wish.

  • Lace front cap

This one works to bring to you the natural front hairline illusion. It keeps the hair away from reaching your face while giving you a complete look. For the lace section, therefore, you have the hair being hand-tied on this section.

Unlike the closures that sometimes cover just the frontal part, these ones are often temple to temple hair. You should handle it with care because the lace material they used to attach it is delicate.

  • Monofilament hair

This is as natural as it can get on the wig. It has a cap that creates an illusion that the hair is from your scalp.

This cap is quite comfy and also soft making it easy to use. The hair strands are normally hand-tied to the cap at the center but not the whole cap.

You will find the cap on a single part in the crown area.

  • Wafted cap

Since it has open wafting ventilation it allows for the air circulation.

It’s a durable type, popular and yet affordable.

Check out the article to know more about the wig cap.

The face shapes

Did you know that the face shape determines the weave you can wear too?

We need you to flatter the new wig so here are the basic directions on the best weave that will suit your face shape.

The face shapesOval shape: With this face, you will almost wear any wig you can think of. However, stay away from anything that has very long bangs.

Square shaped face: with this face, you will wear the wigs that are normally short to medium length. If you can get the wavy hair or those that cover the face thus creating the illusion of a round face, the better.

The aim is to narrow your face so any style that narrows the face is welcomed.

Round face: it’s best to go for styles that will add height to the crown area. But steer away from styles that are chin length. Layered style will work magic on your hair and head too.

Heart-shaped face: if you like long wigs then this will work for you. Although you can even make them chin length. You can also wear the side parts and swept layered bangs.

If you can bring some hair to the forehead this will hide the narrowness of your face.

The application method

When buying the wig, it’s important to know how you intend to apply it. You can have all the different application methods. All that is a matter of which is the most appropriate method of application for you depending on your lifestyle, scalp, and hair.

Gluing method: this method is majorly ideal because it doesn’t take you long before you have the wig on already. Just know that you ought to use the right glue or gel and we have them on Amazon.

Tapes: here you have a double-sided tape and you use it the same way you do with the glue. Just attach it at the hairline. Then place it on your head.

Sew in: the sew in method is another secure method to use in the application of the wig. Begin to sew on the front of the hairline as you go to the back. It’s safer and stylish at the same time.

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Bands and clips: today there are many wigs you can find that are worn using this method. The wigs that you wear using elastic bands often come with the bands ready for you to wear. They also have the clips on the sides for an even more grasp.

Your lifestyle vs the wig

What kind of lifestyle describes you?

Are you the person who often exercises or you spend your time on the desk working?

You see the wig you buy for someone who loves to exercise won’t be the same as the one you buy for one who doesn’t. For the exercise person, you need to wear a wig that you can easily remove. This will help avoid sweating on it.

An exercise person shouldn’t also wear the glue wig because sweat will quickly loosen the bond. In fact, do not buy a synthetic wig as you will soon damage it. Buy yourself a virgin human hair.

Do you like versatility? Go for a wig that gives you vast options like changing the color and style.

The cost of buying the wig

While it may seem as a none factor but it matters to know what you are investing in. There are good quality wigs costing you between $300-$2000 dollars. It depends on the manufacturer and what you are actually looking for in the hair.

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Note that there are many other factors that determine the choice you make in regards to the weave. But they are personal preferences.

Other factors to consider when buying the wig

  • Understand the wig terminologies

There’s no way you will make a good purchase when you don’t know the terminologies used. There are so many terms usually used and while you don’t have to know all of them, know the basics. Below are the four most common.

Remy hair: this refers to the wigs that have the cuticles intact and they are also aligned in the same direction. The collection process entails a lot of work and this is what usually makes it even more expensive. It’s supposed to be from a single donor.

Raw virgin hair: this is the hair that has not been altered by heat, steam and any other chemical process. The hair is normally in its purest form and thus one of the priciest hairs.

More reading:

Unprocessed Vs Processed Human Hair

Raw Hair Vs Virgin Hair 

Lace front wig: this is a wig that has a sheer panel of lace that is in the front section of the hairline. They usually give you a more complete look.

Lace Front Wigs, what you need to know.

Kanekalon: when you are talking of synthetic wigs, Kanekalon is the fiber used. It’s a high-quality synthetic fiber that looks and feels so much like the human hair.

  • How much are you willing to spend?

You can get a wig for whatever price so the question is on you. How much do you want to spend on the wig? Remember for you to get quality you should spend a little.

  • Let’s be natural

The only way to get a wig that will flatter your face is by being as natural as possible.

  • How much hair you need to buy

There are so many kinds of hair in the market.  It is hard to provide a definite answer to this question. Please check out the article How Much Hair You Need to know more.

How to take care of the wigs

  • What type is the wig?

Before you can use any product on the wig, understand whether it’s a synthetic type or human hair. The difference will help you know how to take care of it.

  • For washing it, use a designated shampoo and conditioner

Consider using the sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Also, make sure you go for the moisturizing products. But avoid any product that will way your hair down.

  • Protect the wig when you aren’t using it

Do you have a wig stand? Every evening when you remove it if it’s the temporary type, place it on the wig stand. Other times you can store it on a mannequin or hook of any kind.

Keeping it in an upright position makes sure the wig doesn’t tangle.

  • Avoid heat

While you may need to use heat on the wig, you should avoid it and only use it when necessary. The synthetic ones call for no use of heat completely as that may lead to melting. If you have to use heat, make sure it’s at the medium-low level.

  • Dry it before going to bed

If you washed the hair, you need to make sure its dry before you sleep. Sleeping with your damp hair on will lead to despicable tangles.

  • Cover your hair when sleeping

Use a satin cap and a silk pillowcase when sleeping. This will make sure you retain the moisture within the hair. Don’t use cotton as it often absorbs the moisture.

  • Don’t forget your own hair

People forget their hair once they have hair extension on. This may lead to a lot of damage. Therefore, take care of your hair that is underneath the wig.

Where to buy the wigs

There are so many places where you can source the wig from. Go to manufacturers and vendors like online or on Amazon, Alibaba among other stores.

There are many brands known to sell the best wigs as well. You can visit them to buy from their online shops.

Also, source the wig from the salon and hair shops near you.


How often should I clean my wig?

It all depends on how frequent you wear it. If you do wear it daily, you will need to wash it within two weeks. However, if you use heavy styling products, you may need to wash it once a week.

How come the prices of the same wig varies tremendously?

Well, I do not have a clear answer to it although I do know that the cost of production may differ. Also, there are scammers out here so be careful not to buy a fake wig. It’s important to check a price range of the wig you are interested in then buy from the average price vendor.

Is it okay for me to shower or swim while wearing my wig?

It’s not a good idea because your wig will eventually tangle. Remember, pool water is normally chemically treated. Therefore, this will cause massive damage to your hair. As for the shower, it’s not advisable for you to wash the wig every time.

Can wigs cause hair loss?

When you wear the wig for a prolonged time without letting your scalp breath, you will most likely cause damage to your hair. Sometimes to the extent of hair loss. The loss is especially experienced if the method of attachment used was the glue in method.

I want to use my hair to make wigs for my loved one, is it okay?

While this is a great gesture, it’s not such a good idea. Here’s why:

customizing the wig for a person is usually costly. It will cost you over $2000.

It will also take longer to make the hair.

You might still find that your hair is combined with other people’s hair to come up with the wig.

How long does will my wig last?

It all depends on how much care you give to it. With proper care, the wig can last up to 2 years.


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    It’s good to know that you should wash the wig every two weeks. My sister recently shaved her head because she said that it was damaged because of how many times she dyed it and that she wants it to grow back healthier, and she wants to wear a wig while she waits. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to her so that she can know how to take care of a wig when she gets one.

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