We all love to change our outlook and this is especially true for women. The best change you can get to enhance your outlook as a woman is by changing the hair. And since there’s so much you can do to the hair, sometimes one can get confused.

Sometimes the only thing you need is to change the hair color. Even when you decide to color your hair, there comes to coloring the hair there are thousands of options to try.  This can be confusing for someone who doesn’t know much about colors.

Of course, if you are looking to change your hair color, a suitable tone, and shades matter.

That’s why the color chart is quite essential.

Any hair color chart will show a difference intones. With this range of colors, you can find a suitable color for you.

The main colors are usually blonde, brunette, red and black. For most companies, you have the main colors having different ranges of warmth and coolness.

Many customers from hairtheme.com may be confused with the colors when buying the hair. That’s why we have summarized the color chart.

Now below are the color options to choose from.

Hair Weave Chart

Here is the hair color weave chart. Most of the hair extension choices you have come from such charts.

Hair Weave Chart

#1 vs 1B Color

Hair Extension Chart

Hair Extension ChartThe Extensive Description of the Colors

When looking to get a good color of your hair you need to knot the following

  • The hair color levels

The hair color levelsWe have up to 10 levels of hair colors and the difference is based on how dark or bright it is. So, in this case, you have level 1 as jet black and level 10 as a blonde. When you speak of color levels everyone will understand what you mean.

It’s the easiest method to use in the description of the color. Other colors are then formed based on the tone difference. On the other hand, the levels are often determined by the pigment contributing to the difference.

Based on the natural hair colors on the hair color chart, choose your natural hair color. If you intend to color your hair, the difference is determined by how dark or light you want it. So, it’s advisable to lift the hair a level or two colors higher or lower.

With the difference in the levels,  you can even fully cover your grey colors.

  • The hair color tones

The hair color tonesYou can’t make the right choices without knowing the color tones you are choosing to wear. So, once you know the level, you should then choose the tones. The tones are often indicated using letters as opposed to the levels which indicate the difference in numbers.

So, it’s believed that each color you have has a combination of black, brown, red and yellow color. But the red and yellow pigment determines the tones of your hair color.

Cool tones:





V- violet

Warm tones






RB-Red Brown

RO-Red Orange


N-Neutral which means that the hair is neither warm nor cold.

Which skin tones work for you best?

When you are choosing the hair extension color, the skin tone will play an important role. Because you have the hair being close to your face, the right skin tone will flatter your face. It will also bring out the best in you.

It will even make the skin glow and eventually make you look younger. Nonetheless, the only way to make the right choice in regards to the tone is by:

  • Know what your skin tone is

It’s easy to understand your skin tone. You should go outside under natural light the sun. Check the veins found in your wrist. What color are the veins?

If they are purple or blue-you have cool skin tone.

If you have greenish veins-you have warm skin one

If you have both colors, yours is neutral and the best tone because you can play around with every color you can think of.

Another way to find out your skin tone is by wearing sparkling silver jewelry and then gold jewelry. Which one looks best on you?

If you look best wearing the silver-colored jewelry better, you are cool skin tone. And if you look better wearing gold jewelry, you are a warm skin tone. If they both look amazing on you then you may be neutral.

The best color based on the skin tones

Notice that you should wear the opposite of your skin tone. If say you have a cool skin tone you should wear warm tones and vice versa.

If you, therefore, have cool skin tones (those with a lot of pink blue or red undertones), use your hair to reduce the red on your skin. If you have light skin with cool undertones, use warm and golden colors.

If you are warm and light colored you should use reddish colors, ash ones and other cool colors.

For those with deep cool complexions, you should use the black color as it works perfectly for your hair. It will also bring out just the right features of your skin. You can further use espresso, deep violets and blue-black colors.

If you want to highlight the color you can use platinum blonde, blue red or brown.

Lace color

When you are looking for a suitable lace color, you ought to choose between the four most popular ones. If possible, get a color that matches your skin tone. But if you can find one that is exactly the same color as your scalp, choose a lighter color.

Lace color

Wig color

For the wig just like your normal weave, you can have different colors for different styles of your choice.

Wig color

Under wig colors, you can also have solid colors.

Hair extension can come in varying colors but sometimes you can miss your favorite colors. If this is the case you can buy a human hair type then color it yourself. Just make sure that you maintain 3-4 levels of color when coloring it.


  • Remember your skin tone when choosing a color to use. Generally, those with lighter complexions are best using dark colors.
  • Confirm that your hair extension is a virgin Remy type. The virgin hair is easy to color.

Other colors

Brown hair color chart

There’s something about brown hair color that makes it a favorite color for most. It has so many shades that will fit every person.

When you are looking for a suitable brown color for you, just come to the chart below.

Brown hair color chartRed hair

For those who like red hair below are the best choices to use.

Red hair

Shades blonde

Most of us enjoy the blonde hair color. Whether as an extension or as your natural color.

Shades blondeIndian lace wig color chart

Indian lace wig color chart