What Is Co Washing Weave – How To Co Wash Weave

There’s nothing so fulfilling than wearing your weave. It gives you class and style too. But for you to keep the weave looking sexy, you have to style it with different products. The products will weigh your hair down, thus learning how to co-wash the hair may benefit the weave.

Notice that while wearing the weave sets your natural hair free from constant manipulation, you have to care for your weave. You will need to style it using heat tools and different other styling products. That’s why you need to know methods that will rejuvenate the weave.

But first

What Is Co-Washing?

This is the easiest way to wash and refresh the hair. In fact, you don’t have to wait for it to get dull instead take care of it as soon as you realize it’s losing its stature.

It’s the method of cleansing the hair with a special conditioner that’s also called the co-wash conditioner. So basically, you skip the shampoo and clean it only with the co-wash. Well, you omit shampoo use.

For a long time, some stylists have criticised shampoos citing that it contains toxins that downgrade the hair. Often, they contain some form of harsh ingredients, and that’s why you are supposed to veer away from it.

However, at some point, you will most definitely need to shampoo your hair. There are some hair products that, if you use on your hair, you will require you to use the shampoo and not co-wash. But the shampoo you use should be sulfate-free.

Co-wash is great as it reduces frizz and tangles. But if you use it in excess, then it will weigh your hair down just like the products you are trying to get rid of.

Although most naturalists are the ones who use it a lot more today, you can use it on the weave too.

Types of Co-Wash

The market has several co-washing products, and if you are going to use it, then you should know which one would work best on your hair. Well, it all depends on the kind of hair you are washing and, in this case, we are talking of weaves.

The creamy co-wash

This is one of the most common types in the market. The essence of the co-wash is to restore the moisture. Such a conditioner has a similar consistency to the leave-in conditioner.

This type of co-wash is safe on your human hair or synthetic wigs. Even then, it contains ingredients that will weigh your hair strands down. If you want it to work, take the time to choose the best one for you.

No lather shampoo and co-wash

One thing about the shampoo is that it’s rich and gentle, yet it won’t produce bubbles. When you are looking to seal the cuticles and restore the moisture, you should use this shampoo.

You may use it for your natural hair in the company of many different oils to use, and they include jojoba oils and tea tree oils.

Low lather shampoo and co-wash

This shampoo is great, but you don’t expect it to produce as much bubbles. These products will clarify the hair helping it get rid of product build ups. You may use the product for both the synthetic and human wigs.

Benefits of co-washing the hair

The process is fast

Whenever you have the weave on, washing the hair takes a long time. Remember, you have to take at least three steps in the washing method. I like that when you are co-washing the hair, you can do it in a concise time.

So, you will only have to rinse the hair, then apply the conditioner and then rinse multiple times again.

Retains the moisture

If you didn’t overuse the co-wash, it would retain the moisture. Remember, moisture is to hair what food is to humans. Well, if you have curly hair, you probably understand why you need the moisture. Curly hair doesn’t receive enough oils to the ends of the strands.

Also, weave doesn’t receive nourishment from the scalp; therefore, the co-wash will pack it with moisture to sustain it. Have you ever washed the hair? You will notice that it appears soft and moisturized.

Co-washing is great for waves and curls

When you use co-wash with your wavy and curly hair, then you have the ultimate definition. If you condition the hair or lubricate it, then it will appear defined. The hair looks naturally healthy.

The hair will maintain the perfect smell

The most significant benefit of the co-wash is that it gets your hair smelling perfect. Notice that you will have the scalp smelling perfect.

Makes the hair manageable

The whole essence of co-washing is to pack the hair with moisture. Remember, the weave does not receive the oils and nutrients from your scalp. When the strands are moisturized, then they will rarely tangle.

There’s nothing as tricky as managing the hair when you don’t know how to go about it. But weave is far much worse if you don’t have the right products and skills to maintain it.

In co-washing the hair, you make it soft and easy to handle. Just remember to brush or comb the hair from the ends as you move to the roots. Be as gentle as possible to ensure the hair strands don’t break.


Co-washing makes it easy to style your hair, but only when you haven’t overused it. Since it gets the strands moisturized means that it gains body and that will, therefore, make it easy to style. The hairstyle stays in place and you don’t expect flyaways.

Shampoo Vs. Co-Wash

There’s a hot debate today in regards to co-washing. So many people say it’s good and another group of people believe co-wash is bad. So, let’s break it down for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are using it on your natural hair or weave; the effects are the same.

Shampooing your hair is the traditional method of cleaning your hair. It cleanses the buildup form both your scalp and hair. Anyone who still vouches for shampoos should know that its best to use the sulfate-free shampoo.

You see sulfates strips typically the hair of its nutrients, leaving it dry and lifeless. But if your only reason for cleaning the hair is to pack it with moisture, then you should co-wash it.

A co-wash, on the other hand, will soften your strands and pack the hair with moisture. The good thing about the product on the hair extension is that it will leave the hair strands being flat, frizzy, and easy to manage.

I bet I can’t say which is better since I use them both interchangeably. I’ve always believed that too much of something is poisonous. But when you benefit from both sides, then it’s terrific.

Co-Wash Vs. Conditioner

A conditioner packs the hair with moisture just like the co-wash does. However, if you have to use the co-wash, then you can skip the shampoo. This keeps the hair from toxins, and in the end, you have the oils that cater to your hair.

When you use the co-wash for the conditioning, you pack the hair with moisture as you wash it. This shortens the time to clean the hair.

  • You can cleanse the hair and condition the hair in a single step

When you cleanse the hair, then you pack the hair strands with moisture. This makes it easy to detangle the hair. Since you are using the conditioner, you will strengthen the hair strands and then repair the damages with it.

The significant difference is that the co-wash gently cleanses the hair of its product build-up. But the regular conditioner moisturises it. If you are going to use the conditioner, you have to use the shampoo as well.

  • You should use the co-wash in two steps

For a thorough clean of the hair, you will need to use the co-wash twice. So, you can scrub your hair and scalp for the first round; then, this will get rid of the dirt and grime. In scrubbing the hair, then you get rid of the dirt. Remember the co-wash doesn’t lather.

Go on to rinse it once again and then apply another portion. So, you can apply the conditioner from the ends going all the way to the roots. Use the conditioner to detangle the hair.

Don’t worry for the second part; you don’t need to apply it on your scalp.

  • Co-wash at least once a week

Of course, too much use of the co-wash is damaging to the hair, but you should use it at least once in a week. There will be no wrong or right way to clean the hair, but then make sure you remember to use the co-wash at least once or twice.

Use it more times if you have dehydrated hair. So, you can wet the hair and then condition it.

How to Co-Wash the Hair

There’s one thing you will need when you are co-washing the hair weave, its patience. But you will mostly need to apply the conditioner on the section of the hair.

Remember, in this case, especially when you have the weave on, you should focus on applying the conditioner on the weave. You don’t have to use it on the scalp and roots. You shouldn’t apply the co-wash on the scalp as it will go on to the form residue.

But if you can co-wash even your natural hair under the weave, the better. It will strengthen the hair and prevent it from tangles.

Comb or brush the hair

You should first make sure the hair is free of tangles. So, start combing it from the ends gently and going all the way to the roots. If you have to use a detangling spray, do it. You should have the hair being smooth.

Rinse the hair

This is also what we would call wetting the hair. Before you start working on the hair, you should wet it first. So, check the connection part of the hair and then let the water run on it. Rinse the hair from the roots to the tips.

My tip: always use the warm water as opposed to cold one. With the warm water, the cuticles open with ease. Just make sure it’s not hot as that could damage the hair strands.

Condition it

Once you are sure all of the hair is nicely wet, apply the conditioner generously. Squeeze a healthy amount of conditioner onto your palm then begin to apply it.

Begin from the ends to the roots. Go on to cover every single strand you have from the ends to the roots. You should then use the wide-toothed comb to spread the conditioner.

For even better results, use the wide-toothed comb and run the comb through the hair weave. If you notice any part that doesn’t have the co-wash coating, apply some more.

Gently rub it

Wigs are very delicate, yet this process may help to clean the hair. As you are combing it through, the hair may get clean, but you also gently rub it to get rid of any form of dirt build up.

Let it rest

Set the hair aside then to let it rest for a few minutes. Five minutes is enough for the style. Within this time, you will rehydrate the hair.

Rinse it

Now you will need to rinse the hair off to get rid of the co-wash and if need be, repeat the procedure. Nonetheless, this time you don’t have to reach the scalp. You can apply the co-wash to the strands to the middle part then let it rest.

Now go on and give it one final power rinse. This will completely get rid of the build-up and dirt.

Finish this by setting the hair onto the mannequin. The essence is to let the hair dry on its own. You don’t want to weaken the hair so you can use any heat-free and safe method to dry it.

But How Do You Co-Wash the Sew in Hair?

If you have recently made a sew in, you can still co-wash the hair. Only remember to use the co-wash on your regular wash day.

Begin by detangling the hair from the bottom going all the way to the roots. Make sure though that you comb the hair and free it from tangles and knots.

Go on to apply the conditioner and then use a brush or comb to get it to every part of the weave. Let the conditioner rest on the hair for at least five minutes then rinse the hair until the water get clear.

Tips of Co-Washing

Even when you will use the co-wash, there are a few things to note and tips to make it work best for you. Remember since you have eliminated the conditioner , you will need to adjust the way you rinse the hair.

Get the best conditioner for your hair

Well, there are many conditioners, but not all of them will work for your hair type. Take the time to find the right conditioner for you. Not all of the conditioners will work for your style, you know.

Its okay to use the shampoo sometimes

You can’t focus on only using the co-wash because with time; the hair develops build up that only a shampoo can handle. So, it’s not a mistake to use the shampoo. Nevertheless, you should be careful about the shampoo you use.

Run your fingers onto the scalp, and if you feel the residue, then you should shampoo the hair.

Keep changing the co-wash

Well, don’t hold the co-wash you use as the only one that works for you. Keep changing the products to find one that works best for you. Give yourself the leeway to slowly find one that works for you.

The Mistakes of Using a Co-Wash

Whether the weave you are intending to wash is curly, wavy, or straight, you may make the following mistakes. If you know how to avoid them, the better. We will suggest them to you for you to make the right decisions involving the co-washing.

Remember, you will only benefit from co-washing if you do it right.

Using a heavy product for co-washing

There are many co-wash products in the market, but not all of them will work for you. Some products will be greasy, and then they can weigh the hair down. Notice that you can’t use all the conditioners as co-wash.

The light conditioners work best as co-wash. The thick ones aren’t good conditioners. So, when you are washing your hair with the shampoo, you may use the conditioners.

Do you detangle?

One thing that will make it tricky for the conditioner to work is if you don’t detangle the hair properly. When you want to deliver a thorough clean to your hair, you will need to detangle it fast.

If you didn’t detangle the hair, then the co-wash won’t reach all the strands. The results when you co-wash detangled hair is great as you get good looking hair. In fact, it will take you lesser time to cater to such hair than if it wasn’t detangled.

Not caring for the scalp

At the end of the day, scalp health is necessary. Sadly, the co-wash conditioner works for your hair and not the scalp. Well, you may use a little bit of the conditioner on the scalp and gently rub it to get rid of oils and grime.

If you want, though, you may use the shampoo together with the co-wash to allow the shampoo the time to give your scalp a thorough clean. Although you are wearing a weave, the only way to have the hair growth is to maintain the scalp health.

Take the time always and focus the cleansing session on the scalp to make sure the hair grows healthy beneath the weave.

Dont solidly use co-wash if you use heavy products

Of course, you will use different hair products for your weave.

Unless you focus basically on the light products, you may also need to use shampoo and other cleansing methods. For example, if you are going to use petroleum products, the co-wash won’t give you a thorough clean. You will have to use the shampoo to clean it right.

If you are only going to use the co-wash, you will feel clean just for a while; then, your hair must form build ups. If you intend to use no other cleaning method, consider using only the light product.

You could be using detergents that wont work for you

The cleaning products contain different ingredients, and you should know that the ingredients don’t work the same way. The results you achieve on one hair type is different from the results you receive on another hair type.

Confirm that the ingredients you use will serve your hair. You can tell when the detergent doesn’t work on your hair based on checking its reaction.

Not rinsing right

If you didn’t rinse the co-wash right then, it would form even more build up. Some people want to believe that you are not supposed to rinse out all the conditioner. You should because if you don’t, then you allow the formation of scam.

Reasons Why Some People Dont Like to Co-Wash

Although co-wash is very common today, it has received several criticisms from those who use it and those who don’t. Here are some of the reasons that co-wash isn’t suitable for your weave.

Please use it together with the shampoo, but still, if you don’t do it right, it gets damaging.

It develops build ups over time

Even thong co-wash is supposed to clear the build ups, sometimes, it will cause even more build up. For those who solidly depends on co-wash for their weave, build ups are inevitable. You are only safe if you also remember to use shampoo and clarifying cleansers.

Use the clarifying agents when the needs arise, not regularly. This will help you remove build up that forms as a result of co-washing and other products.

Is your scalp itchy?

Anyone with naturally itchy scalp will have a problem in co-washing. You see when you co-wash the hair that you have on, and you don’t clean the scalp thoroughly, it will only make the scalp itchier.

Watch out, though, and if your scalp continues to be itchy when you co-wash the weave, consider shampooing it. Also, apply tea tree oil on the scalp to make sure it soothes your scalp and nourishes the hair.

The oily roots

The problem with co-washing is that it makes the hair very oily. Whether you are using the co-wash on your natural hair or the weave one, the hair will remain so oily. This is especially true if you use the creamy co-wash. You shouldn’t use heavy hair products.

Well, this will mostly occur if you co-wash the hair regularly. Give yourself time though, because the scalp may react negatively to the co-wash and that’s okay. If you realize that depending solidly on the co-wash is damaging, change, and use a cleanser too.

If you over-moisturize

Moisture is necessary for the weaves. But excess moisture is damaging to the same. If you co-wash regularly, you risk over-moisturizing. Check the hair, and if you realize that it’s becoming limp and lifeless, then you will need to use other methods of moisturizing.

One of the best methods of moisturizing includes deep moisturizing. I mean, it goes for that saying that too much of something is poisonous. So, use the products in moderation.

You dont check the ingredient

Some of those ingredients used in the co-wash aren’t good. Silicones are particularly damaging, but especially the non-water-soluble silicone. This creates too much product build up. Often the silicone will go on to coat your hair strands.

When the silicone coats the strands, then it makes it hard for the hair to absorb moisture, and this ultimately forms build ups. So, stay away from all the products that have toxic ingredients.

The Best Co-Wash for Weaves

1. R+Co Acid Wash Apple Cider Vinegar Cleansing Rinse


If you are using too much products in styling the weave, you will need a great co-wash like this acid wash. It’s gentler on the hair, and it also soothes your scalp. The good thing is that it will clean the hair without stripping it of its natural oils.

If you want the hair to achieve the perfect shine, consider this choice too. This product contains aloe vera, and naturally, the aloe vera adds luster to the hair. This product will add the dramatic shine to the hair and make it more appealing.

It contains no toxins, and it’s safe to use on both natural and weave hair.

2. Curly Hair Products by Carol’s Daughter, Hair Milk Sulfate Free Cleansing Conditioner


This is another great product that you may use to co-wash any texture of hair. Whether we are talking of natural hair or hair extensions, it works. The good thing is that it moisturises the hair from deep within.

It contains no toxins, so it’s safe to use on the hair without weighing it down. It has several ingredients to nourish your strands, mostly. If your hair tangles a lot, consider the use of the hair milk. It not only cleanses, but it also detangles the hair.


Can you use any conditioner to co-wash?

Well, yes, you can, although some of the conditioners will be better than others. Remember, lighter conditioners work better than the heavy ones. Here’s the example, if you go buying the conditioner, consider choosing one that’s called a cleansing conditioner.

Often, this kind of conditioner has super gentle surfactants. Such ingredients will break down the oils for that clean feeling. But the general rule of the thumb is that the conditioner you use differs from one hair type to another.

Does the co-wash make my hair greasy?

This is a question most people will ask. But its because they don’t feel and get how the conditioner can work as a cleansing agent. But whether your hair becomes greasy or not is dependent on factors like what kind of weave do you have?

The other factor is, which kind of co-wash are you using and how do you use it. It will probably make your hair oily for a short while because you are just introducing it. If you use it together with the shampoo, then you will be okay.

You may sometimes, though, use the dry shampoo to avoid constant washing.

How often should I co-wash my weave?

Generally, you are supposed to wash the sew in at least once a week. If you decide to co-wash every week, it may work against you in time. Use the co-wash on the weave at least twice a month.

Should I co-wash the weave before wearing it?

Yes, you should, there are three things you should do before you wear a weave. If you buy the weave online, take the time to inspect it. This will let you know whether it has lice and you, therefore, the need to disinfect it.

It also lets you see the quality. Also, some people encourage sealing of the hair. This is particularly essential if you are going to cut the wefts.

The last part is that you need to co-wash the hair. This will show you the exact texture of the hair and let you moisturize it. It’s an essential feature if you are using human hair.

Time to Try It

Well, there you have it all about the co-wash. If you aren’t going to use it fully, make a point of including it in your hair regimen. When you are looking to maintain the shine and softness, you can consider this tool.

So, go on to wash the hair further for a maintained perfect smell and health, thus durability.

If you have more information on how you use the co-wash, you are welcome to suggest them below.

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