41 Closure Weave Hairstyles You Can Try

I like that today; women have different choices when it comes to making their hair. The good thing is that different styles come into the market by the day.

The wide range of choices makes it easy to choose one style that particularly suits them.

Hair weaves have been in the market for ages. The evolution they face makes them better every day. We have the closure weaves that make you feel and look as though the strands are flowing from your scalp.

Today we help you figure out some of the styles you can try when you have closure weave.

Weave Hairstyles with Closure

1. Long wavy hairstyle with a middle parting

Long wavy hairstyle with a middle partingClosures make it easy to achieve a natural-looking style. With this style, you create a middle parting as you slay the baby hairs to give you the perfect looking style. Body wave style is not only good looking but also easy to maintain.

2. Double ponytail style

Double ponytail styleOften the closure is a small 4×4 inch. However, if you know how to hold the hair, then you can create a sleek double ponytail style with the hair. You, however, don’t have to hold the hair on the middle part rather from the side.

Since you hold the hair to ponytails, you have to keep the hair on your scalp sleek and straight smooth. With such a style, you can go for both official and casual functions.

3. Brazilian hair with the lace closure

Brazilian Water Wave Human Hair Bundles With Lace Frontal closure (2)Curly hairstyle is one of the best styles to try. You can use your naturally curly hair or the hair extension, but when using the style, you can add the closure to ensure it looks more like your natural hair.

The hair isn’t only thick and healthy, but it also is the right length for those who don’t like very long hair.

4. Half up half down loose wave

Half-up ponytail half-down loose waveOnce you have your best weave on you, have to learn how to make it stylish. Here we have the long loose wave, and therefore you can hold it to a half up and half down style. Since it flows continuously it will look as though it’s your natural hair.

Hold the crown part to a high ponytail and let the waves flow naturally. If you want, you can further slay the baby hairs or just leave it. Remember to hold the hair to a slight side bun and not the middle part bun.

5. Halo crown braid with closure

Another one of the styles that is quite common today is a crown braid. So, if you have the closure, therefore, you can create this style. When you do braid the hair, therefore, not many people will know that the hair isn’t yours because it looks so much like your natural hair.

6. Lace Closure Half High Bun Curly Hair

Lace Closure Half High Bun Curly HairThere’s one good thing about the lace closures, and it’s that it’s hard to tell whether the hair is growing to form your scalp or not. Here hold half of the hair to a bun then let the rest flow. Using the tighter curly hair is even better as it gives you a youthful look.

7. Peruvian kinky straight hair

Peruvian kinky straight hairKinky straight hair is another one of the best hair types that mimic your natural hair. You can hold half of the hair to a ponytail and let the other parts flow. since it has the closure, which makes it appear as though it’s your natural hair.

8. Bob sew in hairstyle middle parting

Bob sew in style with middle parting bobWhen you have straight hair, you make it a style by itself. Bob hairstyles have been in the market for edges. Today you can use the closure to give it a complete look. Simply create the middle parting on the hair then let it flow to the shoulder length.

9. Free part lace frontal closure

Brazilian Body Wave Lace Frontal Ear to Ear Human Hair Closure Free Part (5)Some of the weaves come with the free parts; this allows you to part the hair wherever you wish to. The body wave hair is an amazing hair to use if you find the straight hair being boring. Since it has the ear to ear closure, you can also part it wherever you wish.

Bob with Closure

10. Body wave bob with closure

Body wave bob with closureOne of the best and easiest style to use at any age is the bob style. But when you have such large waves, you have the perfect style for the different events that include the official ones.

Also, since you have the lace closure, you can make a side parting and thus make it look like the hair is growing from your natural scalp.

11. Front feathered bang

Front feathered bangFor the love of bangs, you can use the closures alongside your bangs or as part of the bang. Here we have the feathered layered bang that is further thick for those who are bold. The style comes out in the form of an asymmetrical hairstyle.

One side is shorter than the other side.

12. Grey bob style with the closure

Grey bob style with the closureIf you love the long bob that is further colored, you can use this style. We have the layered bang with the two-toned colors which include the dark roots and grey ends. It also comes with the side parting to shape the bang.

13. 613 straight blonde with closure

Brazilian Straight Remy Human Hair 3 Bundles with Lace Closure 1B 613 Honey Blonde Color (1)Straight hair gives a serious look but when you add on the blonde color then you can use it wherever you wish. This hair comes to you in an asymmetry form where one side is longer than the other. The closure makes it look natural.

You also have the ends being blunt. It also has the side parting for better structuring of the weave.

14. Body wave sew in with frontal closure

Body wave sew in with frontal closureBefore the closures began to trend, people would make the sew ins without them, but one would tell you are wearing a weave. Today, with the closure you can make it seem as though the hair is growing from your scalp. It gives you a completely natural look.

Here you have the long body wave style, and since there’s a closure we can’t see where the wefts start. Also, the side part gives your hair the structure thus making it flow to your face in the form of a fringe.

15. Afro style with closure

Afro style with closureAlthough we naturally have afro hair not all of us can make the thick afro that we may sometimes want and besides, it’s a bit tricky to maintain the hair. This is why most blacks prefer to use the weave.

In making the afro weave, you can use the closure to make it natural looking. Simply let the curly hair be puffy to create the natural afro style.

Full Sew in Style with Closure

16. Brown ombre full sew in with a closure

Brown ombre full sew in with a closureWhen you get the right person to make the sew in style for you, it will look so natural and perfect. Here we have the brown ombre style for those who enjoy a color twist to their favorite hair style. The hair is further wavy for more style.

If you look at your hairline, you will notice that it looks as though the hair is from your scalp but especially since she has laid the baby hairs

17. Wavy sew in with a closure

Wavy sew in with a closureOften the simple waves on your hair create a massive difference. In fact, this is more like the wet and wavy style, but to make it look more natural you should create the side parting and sweep some of the hair to the side of your head.

Remember to use the right color that suits your skin tone. Also, remember to slay the baby hairs for a more natural look.

18. Versatile sew in with a closure

There’s only one reason why people love the versatile sew in more. It gives you a variety of styling options to try. But when it has a closure, it will make it seem as though the hair is your natural one especially when you are using the kinky hair.

Short Hair with Closure Style

19. Short curly wig with closure

Short curly wig with closureShort hair is trending today just as much is it was back in the day. To make it look even more natural, you can use the closure. Curly hair is by itself natural-looking, but you can use the closure to make it even more natural.

20. Straight lace closure hair

Straight lace closureThe straight hair is not new to anyone, but mostly because for a long time, we were made to believe that it was the best type of hair to have. Well, today if you want the short hair you can have it by creating the middle parting and thus allow it to flow.

The straight hairstyle will never go out of fashion, but if you can wear the extension with a closure like the one above then you make it look like your natural hair.

21. Kinky curly weave with closure

Malaysian Kinky Curly 3 Bundles With Full Frontal Weave Closure (2)African Americans love kinky curly hair because it mimics our natural hair texture. Here you have the kinky curly hair being puffy and looking like the natural afro style. Let it flow and even create the bangs.

22. Braided closure with the long curls

Braided closure with the long curlsWhen you have the long curls, you can simply create the large braids on the hairline as its shown in the image. This will then make another beautiful style. Here you have the deep curly wave to complement the braids.

The good thing with braiding the weave or wig is that it makes it look as though you have the hair growing from the scalp.

Hair weave Closures with Parting

23. Ginger color hair with a middle parting

Ginger color hair with a middle partingThe most common parting method of the hair is usually the middle parting. Here we have the slightly wavy hair that’s long. It also comes with closure, and this gives you the chance to part it in the middle.

24. Side parting style

Side parting styleYou can have different parting styles, and one of them is the side parting. When you make the side parting then you can also have the side-swept style which will create another perfect fringe style.

25. Free parting style

Free parting styleWhen you are creating a free parting style, you don’t have to part your hair on any part rather pull the strands to the back or let them flow naturally. Voluminous curly hair is great but especially when it’s this long and the perfect honey blonde color.

Brazilian Sew in Weave Style

26. Brazilian Sew in weave with closure

Brazilian Sew in weave with closureHere we have the deep wave style with a side parting. It makes the hair flow to the side of the face. The good thing about Brazilian hair is that it’s shiny and voluminous, which makes the style look like one’s natural hair.

27. Brazilian straight hair with closure

Brazilian straight hair with closureIf you have a straight hair extension, then you can braid the closure to make one of the perfect styles. Make the thick and thin braids at the crown and hold them to a loose ponytail. Make sure the hair remains sleek and smooth.

28. Brazilian silver straight style

Brazilian silver straight styleIf you are bold, you can make the Minnie mouse buns as you let some of the hair on the closure to flow with ease. Featuring a silver straight hair, you will stand out. Creating the minnie mouse buns should be easy as long as you have combed the hair already.

29. Peruvian hair ponytail with closure

Peruvian hair ponytail with closureWith the right closure, you will manage to hold your hair to such a sleek ponytail style. The ponytail ends flow with ease making the hair appear healthy.

Short Body Wave Sew In

30. Short body wave with frontal

Short body wave with frontalI love the fact that the body waves create volume for the hair. In addition, it’s short so it looks more like your natural hair plus the style is easy to maintain.

Frontal Styles

31. Bob lace front wig

Bob lace front wigHere you have a blend of brown colors and a side parting. The hair flows in layers on the side of your face. This style comes with a lace front to make it look like your natural hair. for all the casual and professional calls go for this style.

32. Half bun straight hair with a bang

Half bun straight hair with a bangCreativity will let you create some of the best styles you could ever think of. Here you have a clipped in a bang, and then you hold the hair to a half bun as you let the other parts flow with ease.

33. The pink loose wave style

Pink loose wave styleHere you have the regular frontal weave that allows you to part the hair however you wish. You could also use the beautiful bobby pins to keep the hair from flowing to your face. What makes it an ideal style is the use of the pink color. Make sure it blends with your skin tone.

34. Lace front lob

Lace front lobIf you love bob style, but you would like it to be a little long use this hair. You can let it flow and part it wherever you wish to. A good hairstyle is the one with a few waves.

Frontal Weave Hairstyle

35. Blonde wavy hair

Blonde wavy hairThe blonde hairstyle will forever remain trendy. Here we have the long Remy hair weave with the dark roots. The ends are further wavy to make it voluminous and add up the style on the hair.

36. Blonde ombre lace front weave

Blonde ombre lace frontWith this weave, you create one of the vibrant looking hairstyles. The roots are dark, and it slowly blends into the blonde color. The hair is wavy which further enhances the look. You can slay your baby hairs too. The dramatic fringe hair is what makes the hairstyle appealing.

37. Blue color lace front

I’m a fan of the blue color. Therefore, any hair extension that is blue in color is amazing to me. Here you have the wavy ends to spice up the colored hair. You can create the middle parting too.

360 Frontal

38. Kinky straight ponytail

Kinky straight ponytailThe only time you will find me looking for the 360 frontal is when I want to make a high ponytail style like this one.

Considering the hair is long makes it easy to achieve the desired ponytail. Also, the fact the kinky straight hair looks so much like the black women’s hair. No one will ask you whether that’s your hair since it looks so much like your natural hair.

39. Kinky bun style

Kinky bun styleFor an even more natural-looking style, try this style. You only need to be creative when you make the bun. Even though it makes the big bun, not many people can tell it’s not your hair as you have the 360 frontals.

40. Sleek straight braided weave

Sleek straight Braided ponytailsWhen you have the right frontal, then you can make the braid like the one above. But the secret to making it such an amazing style is in making the sleek hair straight. Hold the hair to a high ponytail.

You can never go wrong with a ponytail whether you are going for an official function or a casual one.

41. Deep wavy lace front

Deep wave lace frontThis hair feature some of the best and fluffy hair types. Not only does it look like your hair as it’s short, but it also appears healthy. Furthermore, you can part it on the side if you want to create a side-swept style.

How to Style Hair with Closure

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