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Different Types of Part Lace Closures

Free Part Closure Vs Middle Part Lace Closure Vs 3 Part Lace Closures Vs Side Part Lace Closure

Are you a person who has been wondering what a free part closure, middle part lace closure and side part lace closures are? Well, you aren’t alone and today we answer your questions in details.

Lace Closures are great for giving you that natural finish.

However, unless you know how to use it or the right one that fits your face structure, you may not really rock the hair. These closures will all serve to give you the perfect install.

Free Part Closure Vs Middle Part Lace Closure Vs 3 Part Lace Closures Vs Side Part Lace ClosureThe closures are mostly made from swiss lace or French lace.

What Is A Closure?

This makes for the section of hair strands that you will find tied on the lace or silk material. They cover the front part of your head where you would have naturally left some hair to blend with your hair extension.

It simply features a lace fabric or silk fabric that is normally either a transparent one or non-transparent one. You then have the hair strands tied to it one by one. This will make it look like natural human hair.

You can place the frontal closure anywhere you would love to have the illusion part whether it’s on the middle part or side parts, the choice is yours. You have two choices with the closure you can either glue them in place or sew them in.

What Is A Free Part Closure?

This is a type of closure that you can part it anywhere you wish to. The closure will look like your scalp if you are keen to choose closure material that looks like your own scalp. This free part closure works to protect your natural hair.

Free Part ClosureInstalling a free part closure

  • To install the hair, begin by combing the hair nicely then go ahead and lay that closure flat so that it can create a natural look.
  • Ensure you have braided your natural hair well so that the hair extension can a give the flat look.
  • Take your closure and place the middle part of the free part closure on the middle part of your hair.
  • Now glue in your closure or sew the closure in. Next, add on the other parts of the hair extension to your hair. This will give you a finished look.
  • Then customize it: this is where you cut the lace to take on the hairline.
  • Remember the closures only mimic your scalp they aren’t your real scalp so you ought to treat them with a lot of care.


  • The free part is more convenient for the stylist to choose to part your hair in different areas.
  • With free parting, you can create all the different styles.
  • It further makes it the most natural-looking closure compared to the others discussed above.
  • You can use it with all your different hair extension units and it will work best.
  • It appears to be one of the cheapest hair closures we have.
  • The free part even works best when you are thinking of wearing your hair straight back and without parting.


  • When wearing the closure, you will have to try a little harder to maintain the parts.

Bella Hair 44 Free Part Silk Base Closure Brazilian Straight Hair


This silk base closure is the closest you can get to your natural skin. It features a 100% unprocessed virgin human hair. It’s soft and tangle resistant it will further cause no shedding. It takes on the natural black color and since it’s unprocessed, you can easily color it.

The 4 by 4 free part closure is light in weight which makes it the easiest to keep on your hair. The single piece of closure is just enough for your head. It features a straight hair free part closure.

With this hair, you can process it, dye it, bleach it and even straighten it. This hair fits in with the straight, wavy, curly and loose weave hair.

Free Part Ear To Ear 13×4″ Full Frontal Lace Closure


This features the Brazilian Remy human hair and it’s made by the 13 by 4 inches. It has the baby hair bleached knots. This makes it as natural as possible. It will last longer with its realistic lifespan.

It features a lace frontal that will last long and has its knots are bleached even though you may bleach them to suit your scalp color. It comes in a pre-plucked hairline that is soft, tangle-free and shedding resistant.

It further has no smell and is ready to use. You can dye the hair, permit, straighten it all to suit your favorite styles.

Middle part closure

This helps you to have the popular middle part hairstyles in a crazy short time. It, in fact, is parted in the middle of your head. Middle part with baby hair around makes it look natural. This closure features purely imported lace.

Middle Part Lace ClosureIt works to give a natural finish. It’s soft and more specifically smoothly blends with your own natural hair. They look more natural just because it’s easy to part the hair down the middle. It’s the work of your stylist to add more hair to the middle part so that it looks even natural.

8A Straight Brazilian Middle Part Closure

This hair features the 100% unprocessed hair. The fact that the hair is unprocessed makes it easy to color, straighten, curl and style it in whichever style you desire. I like that it has thick full ends which makes it easy to work with.

The thing about this middle part is that it looks so good and similar to your natural hair.

It maintains a natural color and texture which is why it embraces the different colors and textures. It features a grade 8A quality hair that doesn’t shed or tangle. You will find it soft and smooth. It uses the swiss lace closure to achieve the middle part.

The three part closure

This features similar and regular closures with the difference being that it has three parts of closure. The hair comes already parted and allowing you to choose the different styles from the middle part, left part and right part.

three-part closure

The three part is unique and works to give you a unique look. For some women, the braiding of the closure is the best way to rock it. The three part closure is, therefore, one of the pre parted closures. The closures simply provide a pre plucked make to make installing it easy.


  • This three part closure can help you to switch the part from one side to the other and even confuse people making them think that it’s all different hairstyle. This is more effective if it’s more than a 4×4 closure.
  • You can glue or sew in but depending on the method you choose to use; it can make it easier to style or install.
  • It’s easy to take care of the parts.


  • Some people find it hard to install so they prefer to go to the stylist so that they can make it for them.
  • If you aren’t careful on the installation, your hair may look unnatural.
  • With a closer look, you can see the other pre parted sections.

My take is that the pre parted closures are normally more fragile than the free parted ones.

3 Part Lace ClosuresInstalling a three part closure

  • Bleach the lace of the three part closure and make it blend well with your skin color.
  • Now braid your hair with the aim of making it as flat as possible.
  • Take the middle part of the closure and place it on the middle part of your own hair.
  • Next, sew in or glue in the three part closure.
  • After you are through with the installation you can install the three part closure to a braid.

Blowing Straight Hair 3 Bundles with Closure Brazilian Virgin Hair


This hair features the 100 % unprocessed hair which allows you to straighten it, dye it and curl it. It’s a high-quality Brazilian hair that works with a grade 8A. You have all hair being cut from one donor and its soft silky smooth with thick ends.

The hair doesn’t tangle, shed or cause lice.  With this set, therefore, you have both the weave bundles to sew in as well as the right closure. You can have the hair being as long as 26inches or as short as 10 inches.

You have it purely coming from human donors without synthetic fibers. It comes with the natural 1B color.

MeiQin 8″ Lace Closure Body Wave 3 Part

The human hair extension works to change your entire look in a speed of lightning. This is a virgin hair type that hasn’t been chemically processed. It’s shedding and tangle resistant. You can straighten your hair, curl it dye it and style it to your desired level.

This features the use of Swiss lace. The hair is 100% tied on the closure. You can maintain the texture after you wash the hair. It maintains a natural color. It features the 100% Brazilian body wave that you can style even to a high pony style.

It doesn’t have its notes bleached as it’s believed that it may easily lead to shedding. Nevertheless, the lace comes in medium brown which is the color of most colored women. Now if you want to color it you can do it to attain the color of your scalp.

The hair has healthy ends. Also, it’s silky and bouncy.

Side part lace closure

Side Part Lace ClosureFrom the name, this is the hair closure that has a part on the side, not at the middle. This hair like all the other types has baby hairs and covers your frontal part to make it a full thick hair part.

Maxglam Short Bob Wigs Glueless Straight Side Part

This hair features the 100% unprocessed and virgin human hair. This hair you can style and dye as you wish. You can use the frontal lace to achieve a perfect looking side part. The parting is normally long and then deep.

It’s a wig with baby hairs and you just need to pre-pluck it all around. This hair looks all natural. It’s further pre-bleached. Moreover, it gives you the choice of side-parting it or middle parting. It maintains a perfect quality and it reduces the shedding as well as the tangling possibility.

The hair is generally soft and luxurious. This hair further has the bleached knots. The good thing is that if you will take proper care of the wig you can expect it to last anything from 12 -24 months.

It’s not common to find the side part closures since you may use the free part and the 3 parts closure for the same pup arose.

Difference Between the Free Part and Three-Part Closure

Both of these hairstyles are easy to part and easy to wear as closures. You should, therefore, bleach the knots for either style of closure. They give you the versatility of styling.

The Free part will give you even more styles to part on. The three part works the same way but it has minimal styles compared to the free part one.

The Free part gives you the luxury of choice whereby you can part it from whichever angle. This means you don’t have it already pre parted and you can even decide not to part it at all and still look your best.

The three part will also allow you to switch the parts from one side to another. This eases the process of parting the hair. So, they make it easy to keep up with the parting.

It’s not easy to keep up with the part if you are wearing the freestyle. This is usually problematic since you have to be good in styling your hair.

Middle Part Vs the Free Part

We all agree that with the free parting you achieve the most natural-looking type of lace closure.

The good thing is that the free part doesn’t look bad when you part it wrongly.

Like other pre-parted closures, middle part closure is great as it’s easy to keep up with the part created. The free part one, on the other hand, just makes it troublesome to keep up the parting.

Caring for The Closures

Like all to other hair extensions and natural hairs, you need to give it proper care if you intend to increase its lifespan.

The hair often spoils when you are sleeping and you don’t want this to happen. So, you need to sleep over a satin pillow or cover your hair with a silk scarf or cap.

Whenever you are combing the hair be careful and gentle. While you have to clean the hair it often causes shedding.

Do not scrub the closure when you are cleaning it. Scrubbing it will most definitely lead to breaking of the hair. The hair will tangle if you don’t maintain gentleness.

Just run the hair shampoo on the closure and then run it under water in a downward action with your hands.

Your closure tends to move back and you can’t avoid the closure structure from taking over. If you want them to last longer, don’t wear them over a long period of time and consecutively.

Notice that another most important aspect of maintaining great braids is in making sure you maintain the small braids. Make them even flatter. Give yourself a little stringy braid. Make sure the braids are further strong.

Place the hair of the closure facing the right direction. This makes it easy to blend with any style.

Never start to treat your closure as though they are your real scalp because they aren’t. They are delicate and need tender care to increase their lifespan. Remember to be gentle. Therefore, don’t scratch, over comb, scrubbing and using your poor-quality hair products.

It shouldn’t be too hot; While you may enjoy styling your closures you ought to use minimal to no heat. When you use extreme heat, your hair will get damaged. Remember this includes areas that are extremely hot as the kitchen.

Which One Is Best?

I don’t think we have a clear closure that will suit you but we have all the closures to fit you at different times.

Free part works when you are looking for a natural-looking hairline. It’s further versatile as you can part the hair from anywhere.

The pre parted hair styles are great as they will allow you to use the 3 parts one, middle part or the side part.

The one most famous pre parted one is the three parted ones as you have the freedom to choose from the 3 parts where you would best part the hair.

Albeit, if you are looking for a middle part one then you are going for a more natural look.

Where to Buy the Closures

At, you can find different kinds of lace closures to buy.

Of course, there are many online stores offering the hair products and you can get the closures from them.

Some of them include Amazon, AliExpress among others. There are further manufacturers of the same hair that you may go to for the closures.

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