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39 Celebrity Hair Extensions You Must Know Of

Celebrities change their hairstyles rapidly from long to short and curly to straight hair. For a long time, I thought this was their natural hair but no. The only way to change this much is to use a celebrity hair extension.

Gone are the days when we would be stigmatized for using hair extension. Celebrities have normalized the use of hair extensions. White, Asian, or black celebrities, use hair extension to amp the look they are going for.

Often, celebrities need styles that they can rapidly change for different roles. This means that they use and buy some of the best hair extensions in the market. Sometimes they even customize them to suit their style.

Types of Extensions That Celebrities Love

  • Clip in extension

This is a temporary style of hair that would serve the purpose to change the hair rapidly. They are easy to wear and mostly affordable. You can even have the clips being customized to match the hair color. This makes then invisible and therefore more natural.

So, you use the clips to secure bunches of hair on your hair and scalp. In using the clip in extension, you not only increase the volume but also the length, texture, and color of the hair.

It all depends on what you are after but if you are in one of the busy weeks, clip in extension may come in handy. Remember, you only attach them when going out then you can remove them in the evening.

Celebrities like Jeanie Mai, Jenifer Lopez and Jenifer Aniston, for example, use this style a lot.

  • Halo extension

This is by far the safest yet easiest hairstyle to wear. Therefore, you have the crown wire with additional hair and it looks like a halo. So, you have the hair hanging on the bottom half part of the hair.

The top part of the hair is bare and it doesn’t wear your natural hair down. This is the easiest style to wear that you may not even need a stylist to do it for you. From Hailey Baldwin, Jenifer Lopez and Olivia Culpo, they have enjoyed the hair extensions.

  • Glue in hair extension

This is one of the most expensive ones and you would understand why, you have to invest a lot of time and effort in making it work. So, you apply the keratin bond around your natural hair. Often you heat and bond the hair to your natural strands.

It’s also called the glue in extension because you will use the keratin bond glue.

  • Tape in extensions

This is another common style and best preferred by celebrities. You may have it on for at least 6 weeks. But you have to take good care of it. You may secure the hair by sandwiching the extension between your natural hair.

This is a great style if you have a medium thickness. Using it on your thin hair will look unnatural as it’s visible. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner wears this style more often.

Celebrities Who Wear the Hair Extension

Let’s just say that the biggest population of celebrities wear hair extensions. The number of celebrities who don’t wear extensions is minimal. You don’t even have to ask just go through the biggest list of actresses, models, singers, writers, socialites.

They mostly use hair extension and you can’t blame then because they have to look their best every time they walk out of the door.

Let talk about the Kardashian sisters

Well its arguably true that the Kardashian sisters made hair extensions acceptable in our society. The power family embraced the use of hair extension and they keep changing their hairstyles to date.

When people see how flawless they look, everyone wants to try the hair extension.

Kim Kardashian west

Well, you don’t have to ask whether the beauty icon wears hair extension and wigs or not because she does. Notice that human beings change as they grow older. In fact, for a woman when you give birth you begin to lose the hair.

However, Kim has the same beautiful hair she had when she was in her twenties. We can’t talk about global beauty and fail to name Kim in the list or the Kardashian.

Perhaps this is because of the attention given to the way she looks in public. There’s so much help she uses to amp her style and one of them is her hairstyle.

So how comes the Kardashian have the same long, sexy, and voluminous locks? Kim and Khloe Kardashian have revealed that for over 15 years they have used hair extension to maintain that dream look.

Hair extensions create the iconic look of the beauty queens thus giving you the option to try a few of their best choices.

  1. Long and wavy hair with a middle parting

Long and wavy hair with a middle partingThere’s one thing about this style, I don’t know about you but I notice how young and elegant she looks. When you want to rock the long locks, consider this style. Whether you wear the clip-ins or the halo extension you will look your best.

Its waviness makes it look more natural than not plus the blend of brown shades is the additional spice to the style.

  1. The ponytail styles

The ponytail stylesBeing the most famous Kardashian sister means she must amp her game. She is the point of concern which means everyone looks up to her. Here she shows how you can use the loose wavy hair on a high ponytail.

Well, you can rock this style but without having to spend thousands of dollars. You can spend just a few hundred and have someone do the ponytail style for you.

  1. Short hairstyle

Short hairstyleI don’t know which hairstyle you like the most. Is it the long locks or short one that’s a choice you need to make by yourself? She does all the style short, long and sometimes even her natural locks.

With a million hair extension styles, you can rest assured you have so many styles to try if you decide to follow the Kim Kardashian route.

Khloe Kardashian

  1. High wavy ponytail

High wavy ponytailKhloe loves the blonde color but it’s understandable because she is the only blonde one in the family. Here, she simply uses the further wavy ponytail extension. Not only does the hair look voluminous but it’s also rich and stylish.

This is another one of the styles that’s popular today because it’s easy to wear if you find the hair that blends perfectly with your skin tone.

  1. Wavy and long

Wavy and longSimplicity goes a long way. Sometimes you may use the clip-ins to achieve such a style you just have to make the hair wavy and waist-length to get the Khloe look. It doesn’t matter how you style the hair this will make you look perfect.

Kylie Jenner

The youngest billionaire is known for high-end hair extensions and wigs. Let’s look at a few times Kylie wore some of the most amazing styles.

  1. Wavy and black hair

Wavy and black hair She naturally has black hair and every time she wears black it looks more natural than as a hair extension. This long hair is one of her best styles when it comes to hair extensions. Well, she loves to dye her hair but this one comes out right almost every time.

  1. Short ombre

Short ombreOmbre will always be the best of all colors. Here she blends a black and blonde color to come up with one of the most unique styles. She looks good in the different colors which include blonde hair. There are styles that when you wear you will most definitely stand out.

  1. Deep wave hair

Deep wave hairIn the youthful world, you most likely know her. Aside from her business, you will know her for her hair and style. She, like her sister Kim, changes the hairstyles now and then. Although she likes to change her natural black hair for other colors, sometimes she wears black extensions.

She will get your head turning with this stunningly beautiful hair color. She uses all the different textures and colors. The good news is she doesn’t have to dye her hair every time rather use colored hair extensions.

Kendall Jenner

  1. Wavy clip in extension

Wavy clip in extensionThe model uses hair extension as well and, in this case, she has clip-on hair extension. With a middle parting, the hair amps her beautiful nature. Not only is the hair voluminous but it’s also a breast length hair.

Following the roots of her dear sisters, Kendall has her style and she looks the best in almost any style she tries.

  1. Voluminous messy bun

Voluminous messy bunSometimes a simple bun is all you need to maintain the style. She uses hair extension to enhance the volume of the hair. She is one of the known stylish but simple models. Of course, even for you to pull this style you will need to skills to make it work.

Kourtney Kardashian

The firstborn of the family is another one you could watch for especially when you enjoy the more natural-looking styles.

  1. Deep side-swept style

Deep side swept styleShe loves this style and you can attest to the fact that she always looks perfect. Here you have the hair being loose waves and flowing to one shoulder. Of course, she has black hair so this one goes to amp her natural locks too.

The hair looks so voluminous at the roots but it maintains the volume to the ends. Notice Kardashian girls have so many styles you could try so we have to narrow them down to a few best ones we see at a time.

  1. Long way with a middle parting

Long way with a middle partingI know you can easily notice she has a hair extension. The hair is wavy and long to give more volume and length. The middle parting, she has on this hair gives the hair some definition. Anyone who loves the waves will find this look being super cute.

Christine Aguilera hair extensions

Well, this is the woman who enjoys to show you all the different styles she can think of. If you would start talking of all her styles, we would not finish in one article. Since the music icon became popular, she has done her best to make us long for what’s next in style.

She wears them all from braids to platinum blonde to sew in wigs and clip-ins. She does all this to achieve a luxurious look every single time.

  1. Braids

BraidsShe is one of the few bold ones to wear braids, especially during summer. Sometimes you don’t have to use the clip-ins or even wigs, use the braids to change your normal style. Braids are unique style by itself you can play around with the colors though to spice it all up.

  1. Tape-in extension

Tape in extensionSometimes the messy hair does the trick to your hair. The hair is blonde and messy with side-swept bangs. This style keeps her looking perfect and ready to take on a show.

  1. Blonde wavy clip in extension

Blonde wavy clip in extensionClip-ins are the best as you may use them to just add your hair length and volume. Here you can remove the hair extension when the day ends to let your hair breathe. If you look at her hair though, you won’t tell that she has an extension on.

Jenifer Lopez hair extension

She loves and rocks hair extension. This has been her story ever since she became popular. She uses the different kinds of hair including one which she wore recently that was 50 inches long. Most of the time she wears clip-ins so we will go on to look at some of her very best styles.

  1. Half up half down hairstyle

Half up half down hairstyleShe has the wavy brown hair that she pulls to a half up and half down style. The hair is long and yet no one can tell that this is a hair extension she has on. Most of the stylists’¬†aim is usually to make you feel and look as though you have no hair extension.

I’ve always loved the style but how she pulls it makes it even better. So, if you like the simplicity of this style, visit the salon and make it.

  1. Big curls

Big curlsThe singer cum actress has it all when it comes to her hair. She uses hair extension to come up with some of the most amazing styles you could ever think of. For this style, she works on getting the volume as well as the lengths.

When you further go on to accessorize the look, you just spice it. The hair comes in big curls which gives it even more definition.

  1. High wavy ponytail

High wavy ponytail2Ponytail exudes confidence and stature. I’ve seen many celebrities wearing a ponytail and one of the best ones is here for you to try. The beauty queen holds her hair high then adds on a wavy ponytail extension to make her look even better.

From weddings to parties to the runways and any other special event, you could rock this style. It features big and large waves to give you the ultimate definition.

Selena Gomez

Contrary to most beliefs, she uses hair extensions too. You can’t have short hair and then the long one tomorrow. No magic could get you there even if you wanted it to.

Everybody loves Selena but mostly because of her ability to rock the different hair extension styles. So, you will understand why in a week she changes from long to short hair. It’s all about hair extension.

  1. Wavy and long

Wavy and long2With a simple middle parting, you have one of the best styles you could use. Selena rocks the long brown like hair that’s also wavy. This is one of the simple long hairstyles for those with a round face like Selena.

  1. Wavy ponytail with bangs

Wavy ponytail with bangsThis is one of the best styles you can rock to the party events. Featuring a wavy ponytail extension with bangs you could go with this style to whichever party-like event. With this style, she was seventeen and it made her look her best at that age.

  1. The professional look

The professional lookStraight hair goes a long way especially when you go on professional events. Here, we have the long hair that’s further straight and with a side parting. Notice that she uses dark brown colored hair.

When you have a round face like Selena then this lengthens the face just a little bit.

Chrissy Teigen hair extension

The model isn’t one of the quiet ones when it comes to the topic of hair extension. She loves hair extension and she changes her style now and then. She is the one person you could get hairstyle ideas from.

Well, she goes for the best types and styles that suit her. Below are a few of the options she has shown us to try.

  1. Retro curls

Retro curlsHere she does have almost the same length of hair that’s why this sans extension is one of the very best. It has the golden tones and it further adds depth to her hair. Whenever you are looking for some bountiful hair this is the style to go by.

The style blends both the dark brown and platinum color. The hair has a side parting to give your style some definition. Well although it’s like an 80s vibe it does look good on her.

  1. Flowy long wavy style

Flowy long wavy styleWell, other people will notice her dark lips but not me. I do notice her long wavy hair. Not only does it look voluminous but it also blends well with her skin tone. If you want, you can sweep all of your hair strands to one side like this style.

  1. Shoulder length wavy cut

Shoulder length wavy cutOver the last few years, more women have been rocking this style. If features a simple and medium cut with a medium parting. The hair is wavy with the perfect shades of blonde. Again, this style looks close to natural hair even though she is wearing a hair extension.

Ariana Grande hair extension

  1. Ariana Grande ponytail

Ariana Grande ponytailAnyone living in this century must know Ariana for her signature look, petite body, and powerful voice. For years, she has worn the ponytail in different styles with the most common one being the straight ponytail extension.

I bet some people won’t tell it’s her if she today changed the style a bit. She loves ponytails and we must all agree that it does look good on her. Is there anyone who could rock it better than her? Maybe not because there’s only one Ariana and this is her signature.

Katy perry

  1. Vibrant look

Vibrant lookShe too loves hair extension and changing her hair extension. Sometimes she has short hair and sometimes just a long one. I must say she looks good either way. Here she uses the wavy long locks to amp her hairstyle.

Also, she blends in a few colors to make it look even better. With the proper stylist, you can bet you will look perfect.

  1. High ponytail

High ponytailShe loves lavender color and any other color that will spice her look. In this case, she simply uses the ponytail extension on her natural hair to add more spice to her style. It’s true that some styles only work for celebrities like Katy Perry.

Priyanka Chopra

Although she has always used her natural hair that’s long and luscious, today it looks like she is using hair extension as well. Recently she went on to the red-carpet performance with the very long hair.

  1. Long and wavy hair

Long and wavy hairAlthough she naturally has long and healthy hair, she sometimes uses an extension to increase the length even further. Her hair is dark brown and mid-length so in this photo you notice that the hair is a little longer. It’s also thinner at the end and not as thick as it is at the roots.

Celebrities with Hair Extensions Before and After

  1. Jenifer Aniston

Jenifer AnistonWell even in her blonde hair she looks just okay but to add some spice to her style we have length addition and honey blonde color which is a little bit darker. This blends well with her skin tone and therefore improves her look.

We all have those days when we wish to change after having looked the same for a long time.

  1. Ivanka Trump

Ivanka TrumpIt’s just unimaginable what a simple hairstyle change can do to you. In the after picture, she looks more vibrant and beautifully glowing. This happens as she has changed the length and style. She further uses color to amp her look.

  1. Rita Ora

Rita OraRita is your ultimate cool girl that can rock almost any style. She looks good in either style but sometimes it’s better to just wear a chic and luxurious style.

I often say that we all evolve and at one time we wear and enjoy the long and voluminous locks and another time we just want to make short hair. Either way, you should make the style that pleases you.

  1. Mylie Cyrus

Mylie CyrusI like that she is never afraid to try a new style. She must have done it all from short to long to wavy and to straight. A few years ago, she cut her hair and still, she looked good even though you wouldn’t tell she was the one.

When you have short locks and you miss the lengths, you could use the extension to reach your desired look and that’s what she does here. When she wears the brown long hair, you can’t help but notice her dramatic difference.

  1. Rihanna

RihannaRihanna plays around with her hair too sometimes she has the short bob like hair then she goes on to wear a dramatic long hair. She is one of those who make a dramatic change to her hair thanks to the hair extensions.

Here she uses the red short hair then goes to add wavy and long red hair to achieve a dramatic difference and beautiful look.

She enjoys both the wigs and hair extension so it depends on what she is after at every time.

Celebrities Without Hair Extension

Unfortunately, much as we enjoy hair extension, it’s sad that some women feel stigmatized by the thought of having to walk out without extension. Well ,you can’t blame them only because society is tough on celebrities.

But the funny thing is that these women still look perfect without the hair extension. Below are a few to see.

  1. Tyra banks

Tyra banks Isn’t Tyra still just beautiful with her medium length curly hair?

I love that she could show it off on Instagram because some women just can’t. Although there’s a difference from the regular Tyra, you could tell this is Tyra if you saw her like this. She has healthy and thick black girl hair.

Unfortunately, it’s not as long as sometimes she wants it to be so she is forced to wear the wigs and extensions.

  1. Khloe Kardashian

Khloe KardashianI love what hair extension does to the hair. Khloe has thin hair and when she wears the extension all of a sudden, she has long colorful and voluminous hair. This may be the reason why most women just opt for their extensions.

Although she would still look perfect the extension sure amps her style.

  1. Alicia Keys

Alicia KeysAlicia’s hair isn’t new to us because she loves to go out in her natural hair. Although she uses extensions too sometimes, we agree that she is beautiful regardless. Her curly hair is everything and the fact that it looks healthy and natural is amazing.

  1. Tika Sumpter

Tika SumpterYou must have seen Tika sumpter in most of these highly-rated movies she does. But she uses extension for such calls. I love her curly hair because it looks all nice healthy and vibrant. I don’t know but even if she had to use her natural hair for some roles, she would still kill it.

  1. Kylie Jenner

Kylie JennerShe would still look like a billion bucks even without the hair extension, right?

Well, she loves and I’d say she is the queen of wigs. You will never see her in public without her wigs. This lady has so many wigs in different colors such that she has a closet for the wigs. As a young girl, she had long and luscious hair but not anymore.

Today her hair is damaged from too many dyes and over-processing. She doesn’t shy away from saying she is more conscious about the hair.

  1. Amber rose

Amber roseI know you are used to her already with this style and therefore it wouldn’t seem strange. She does wear wigs sometimes though. Of course, her case is different as most of the time she walks out without the extension. But just saying she is a beauty queen regardless.

Celebrity Stylists Tips of Wearing Hair Extension

You will agree with me that most Hollywood celebrities have the perfect dream hair thanks to their stylists. While most of them rock very long hair, their hair is never that long and voluminous. Here are the tips of concern if you will wear extensions.

  • Lay your hair flat

If you are wearing straight hair, the only way to make it look natural is by laying it flat on the scalp. It doesn’t matter whether you are using tape in or clip-ins the hair will remain perfect if it’s flat.

  • Consider the length

Even though you may want super long hair, it will normally sell you out. You should consider using at most four inches longer than your natural hair to make it appear natural. However, if you have never had the hair be visible then it doesn’t matter if you will use wigs.

  • The texture

A high jump on the texture is a sellout. If you naturally have curly hair there’s no way you can develop bone straight hair overnight so that will show that you are wearing extension. You should use the hair texture that matches your hair texture.

If your hair is curly choose hair that’s curly too.

  • Learn to take care of the hair

One thing you must do with the hair extension is to take care of it. If you don’t take care of the hair extension then it dries out fast and that makes you lose money and look unkempt.

With that said, you should know that hair extensions are here to stay. Celebrities have been and they will still be using the hair extensions for a long time.

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