64 Weave Ponytail Hairstyles You Can Try

There have been different hairstyles for over thousands of years, and one style that stands out year after year is the ponytail. But aside from ponytails, there are other styles like braids, dreadlocks, and hair extensions. All the styles are amazing, but especially when you are creative with them. Of all the styles, I love … Read more

More Than 100 Braided Hairstyles to Try Today

Braided hairstyles have been in existence among black women for ages. It’s the style that will make you forget about your natural hair for a long time. Although most people love wearing the style at any time, most women remember the braiding style in the summertime. However, this is a style you can use at … Read more

66 Easy Hairstyles You Can Try

Double ponytail

Am I the only one who always feels like I don’t have time to make my hair, especially on those rush mornings? Unfortunately, when your hair is unkempt, you will look untidy even when you have done every other thing. I have recently come across a few easy hairstyles that I can make at home. … Read more

42 Best Hair Extensions Hairstyles

High ponytail

Have you noticed how much humanity loves things that they don’t have? For example, when it comes to hair, women love changing their look. Anyone one with straight hair will mostly look forward to curly hair and vice versa. If you have short hair, sometimes you dream of long one. More reading: Long Hair Vs … Read more

22 Unforgettable Types of Bob Styles

Bob hair

Amongst other popular hairstyles in the market is the famous bob style. Easy to manage, chick, and classy is how I like to describe it. You see while there are very many names and styles of the bob cut, it has been in the market for ages. To get a good bob style you have … Read more

Brazilian Hair Styles, Peruvian Hair Styles, Malaysian Hair Styles, Indian Hair Styles

You do know that there are several styles you can use with the different weave types. Brazilian hairstyles For women who love to change their hairstyle every so often, waiting for your hair to grow very long or cutting it short the next moment is impractical. Growing natural hair entails lots of challenges. Sometimes the … Read more

69 Different Types of Textures Hairstyles

Short wet and wavy style with a side parting

The woman’s hair is the crown of her beauty. No wonder there has been an evolution of thousands of styles to suit all the different women. Nonetheless, some factors determine which hairstyle suits you best. Your facial features, the shape of your face, and your lifestyle are a few factors that decide which one looks … Read more

91 Beautiful Sew in Hairstyles With Pictures

best sew in bob

Evolution in humanity has made life a lot easier than it was. Gone are the days when you would wish for a hairstyle and think you can’t do it because your hair is not that long or of that texture. Today, with the help of hair extensions, you can wear your favorite hairstyle in a … Read more