How to Choose the Right Hair Extension Lengths

straight hair lenth

There are so many types of hair extensions but did you know that choosing the extension is a whole process in itself. There are many factors to consider and one such factor is the length. In a nutshell, people are required to choose hair that is within 4 inches longer than their natural hair. This … Read more

13 Best wholesale wigs distributors

The demand for hair extension is growing by the day. More people are seeking to use hair extensions as a solution to their hair deficiencies. This desire for new and different types of hair has led to the need for more wholesaler wig distributors. There are thousands of wholesale wig distributors in the market, and … Read more

What is the best Remy Hair (Hair Weave Brand)

Deep Water Wave Weave Peruvian Remy Human Hair 3 Bundles With Lace Closure (2)

I’m one glad black woman that we have hair extensions today because we can use them to attain the different dream styles. Most black hairs don’t grow as long, full or colorful as we want them to, at least I can attest to that. We are grateful for all the different kinds of hair extensions … Read more

Weave You Can Swim In

Best Weave for Swimming

Not even a good hair weave will stop a swimming fanatic from swimming. This is why we offer you the best weaves that you would use, even when swimming. When the summer seasons are here, we swim even more, yet it’s also the time we need to take and protect our hair more. Of course, … Read more

10 Inch Weave (Human Hair Weave Styles)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text text_larger=”no”]For ages, women had to put up with the feeling of not being good enough. This was because they didn’t have the hair length and type the media industry wanted. Today you can use hair extensions to amp your style, and one of the best ones is the 10 inch weave. With the hair … Read more

The 25 Dope Haircuts For Black Men


It is always every man’s dream to have that dope hairstyle that makes him stand out in a crowd. Regardless of the fact that you love your professional or casual style, you want that haircut that makes you smart as this automatically boosts your confidence. When looking at the black men haircut, like other male … Read more