Sometimes you will need to cancel your purchase for varying reasons. A change of mind may occur to everyone. If this happens, we want to be as lenient with you yet fare to ourselves.

If you want to cancel, you should make sure you do it within 24 hours of ordering the product. Within this window of time, we mostly haven’t started the shipping process.

However, once we have started the shipping of the goods, then we are sorry but you can’t cancel it. Remember, its now a whole process that involves different entities.

For the Exchange

If you wish to make an exchange, you can. Make sure it’s within the 15 days window, and you shouldn’t have damaged the hair product. We will only accept the product if it’s not opened, washed, or worn. You shouldn’t even have damaged the packaging.

Heres How to Go About It

Contact our sales team first to advise you on the necessary steps. Before you ship the hair back, you still need to reach us via email. Remember to use your order number since that makes it easy to know the product you are talking about.

Next, take images of the item and attach them to the email to show us the product.

We will send you an email giving you the go-ahead directive.

Since you are the one interested in an exchange, you will cover the shipping cost. So, send the product back to the address we gave you.

If possible, only use the trackable shipping option that we often use DHL or FedEx.

Once we receive the product and investigate it to see it’s in good condition, we can now open an exchange order for you. Remember, if there’s an extra amount to pay, you will need to cover the charges.

Nonetheless, we send the new product to you without shipping costs.


When is the best time to make the exchange?

I know you may have a change of mind at any time. But my advice is often to exchange when the product hasn’t left our stores yet. That’s within the first 24 hours window.

Will I pay for the shipping cost of the product?

For the one you are returning for exchange, you have to cover the shipping cost. But the one we will send you as an exchange you won’t pay as we have it covered.

Just remember to write on the package that it’s a RETURN NO DUTIES. This will make sure the packages reach us on time.

When will I receive my exchange product?

Once we receive the returns, investigate the product to see that it’s in good shape. After that, we will start the shipping of the new item. Never forget to contact us before you begin to send our products back. This allows us to track it.

We will notify you when we start to ship the product for you also to track it. This should take about 2-5 days.

Can I change to a different color?

Send us an email showing clearly the order number and the color shade you now want. Just make sure we have the color. Sometimes though, we may offer customization, so don’t hesitate to contact our customer care.

But if the color is on our website, tell us the product you want. We will inspect the product you return to see if you are eligible for exchange then send the new one.

How will I contact you?

We prefer that you reach us via email as our team is often out there waiting to hear from you. It’s further easier to contact us through email.