59 Killer Burgundy Hairstyles (Colors) To Try

Burgundy color is the perfect color that suits women with different skin tones. It takes on the dark red and red wine hues to your hair. Notice, the same way you will find the glass of red wine color being inviting is the same way the hair color here is. These hair colors are amazing and they will get you looking all pretty.

Burgundy color is the best color especially for those who are shy to color their hair or use the different hair colors. This color is cool and to some extent, it often looks natural. In the following paragraphs, you will find some of the ideas of the style you could use for a quick change to amp your hairstyle.

Consider this perfect hair color opportunity

Burgundy color will always make your hair strands lively regardless of whether you are a blonde, brunette or one with the shades of black. The hair color is the perfect adjustment to your natural hair color because it goes to blend well with your natural hair. Remember that you will have to give your roots touch up from time to time.

The burgundy-colored hair comes in different shades. You can have it in deep colors or the subtle ones it’s all your choice. Even if you are the type that wants to change but you just don’t want to go deep all at ones, use the lighter shades.

Nonetheless, always make sure you choose a shade that will brighten your eyes and skin tones. You can, therefore, choose the softer reds to break the color shades. If you have a darker complexion, the bright red will still look good on you.

1. Burgundy highlights


There are so many ways you could wear the burgundy hair color. Here we have the medium length burgundy hair with subtle waves. To spice up the look you should add some shade of burgundy. This will tweak the burgundy shade to brighten up your skin tone.

2. Burgundy bob style

You can never go wrong with the bob style but especially when you use the different colors to heighten the look. This style works well for those who prefer short haircuts. The hairstyle features the perfect blend between back color and burgundy one.

The style appears professional but you can also be playful with it. In the end, you will have the color adding some texture to the hair. If you want, you can create the layers with the burgundy and black hair color.

3. Purple burgundy color









The long hair is an amazing style but when you want a simple style, you can create the purple highlights on the burgundy hair. This low key hair is stylish mostly because it lets you blend different hair color shades. Notice that the roots are darker and the ends get even lighter.

Allow the hair to flow to the back. It will reach almost waste length then use the hair sprays to make the hair shiny. So this style will make you achieve a chic and Profesional style.

4. Burgundy hair with blonde highlights

Here, we have the burgundy hair shades with the blond highlights. Notice that the hair uses fiery colors that make it stand out in a crowd. Like the previous style though, you should make the hair roots darker then brighten the hair color towards the ends.

The loose curl at the end is the spice to the style. So you will blend blonde, burgundy, black, and any other color of your choosing. Also, use the curl to create layers and thus, in the end, make sure the hair is perfectly shiny.

5. Burgundy hair with blonde highlights


Well, you don’t have to use to make the deep red colors you can make them stylish by making it appear as though you have a subtle blend of the burgundy hair shades beneath the blonde hair. So the blend of blonde hair with the lowlights of the burgundy is ideal if you use the lowlights color to create a hint of color on your blonde style.

With such a style, you will create a multinational look. If you want, you can even make a loose braid to make it even stylish. It looks best when you have straight hair because then the two-tone colors are visible.

6. burgundy hair with face-framing blonde


The dark burgundy hair is usually perfect but if you want to lighten it you can use a few strands at the front of your face. This blonde hair will brighten the look. The fact that you create a difference in the bang makes it an even better style. You will have the defined fringe formation.

She uses the dark shade of burgundy to make the perfect contrast. Luckily the color will also blend with the perfect skin tone. The wavy style is the perfect choice for those with warmer tones.

7. Inverted black and burgundy bob


You cant decide between the black color or the blonde one? consider this style. Since you will normally use the black hair, you can also use the burgundy hair to spice black colored hairstyle. You can never go wrong when it comes to the short bob because it’s official and playful.

It’s also the hair that has layers for even enhanced style. Of course, you don’t always have to make the burgundy hair color dominant. You can use

8. Wavy bob


burgundy hair is stylish. Take a look at this official bob hairstyle. the best part is that the hair is wavy to make it even more stylish. I like that it creates the bouncy curls. the roots are therefore black with the end being burgundy. the side parting creates even more definition.

If you, therefore, love the bob hair, use the layers to make it even more stylish. I love that it creates a side bang and this is the simplest style of the burgundy hair.

9. Subtle merlot balayage wavy


Do you love the brown color so much on your hair? You can as well blend it with the burgundy hair color. Such a blend will normally create the perfect mix for any event. To further spice it up, add the merlot color to the ends. The hair has the curling ends that you may create with the curling rods.

This hair will even make the perfect curling and wavy effects. Also, you can divide the hair at the front of the face. Remember to use the dark roots. This hair features the sparkling colors that are bold.

10. Short burgundy


The other secret to wearing the burgundy hair is in wearing it short. Anyone who loves and enjoys bob hair knows just how much the hair can be fun and it gives you the leeway to wear it in different styles. In this case, you form the side bang with the side parting you create.

This style features the lighter shade of burgundy at the ends and the darker one at the roots. Well, whether you decide to color your natural hair or use the hair extension is still fine. I love that the hair appears perfectly voluminous and that then proves that you are healthy.

11. Straight hair with the middle parting


Beauty comes in different shades from white to black. You have to learn to find the right tones to use on your skin tone. Featuring the burgundy hair, you can make it straight and long depending on how you like it. Additionally, the middle parting is great to give the hair some definition.

Notice that the roots are very dark and almost black in the middle part. At the ends, though we have burgundy hair. This color will suit even the lighter skin tone and consequently, it will create the perfect contrast. The secret then is to make the hair sleek and straight yet fun.

12. Afro style


If you love afro style well you can still wear the afro with your burgundy hair. For black women, the afro hair defines power and self-confidence. Its no wonder we love the style so much. If you like wearing an afro, consider this shade. Notice that the color we use with the afro has a darker tone.

You can also make the side parting for even more definition on the hair. Also, let the hair flow to your face to create a simple and subtle bang. I love the ends that make the thick curls. I love the fact that afro makes the messy hair look elegant. Now, remember to use just the right makeup for the skin.

13. Burgundy twist


I love twist braids because they are easier to manage than the regular weave and wigs. Here, make use of the extension to create the twist style. Since the twists are large you will create another unique hairstyle. Once you have the twisted style, you can push the hair to one side of the head.

She knows how to make her style even more elegant since she finishes it all by slaying the edges. For this hairstyle, it’s better to use long hair. But if you want then you can also use the short ones.

14. Messy knot


Brown skin girl can play around with all the different colors you know. Here, we have the curly afro style in a shade of burgundy. So you can decide to leave it messy but she uses the knot on the crown part to get the other hair strands off her face.

The hair then flows freely to the back of her neck. You can also let some more hair flow to the side of the head. This is the easiest style to create yet it can be tricky to maintain if you don know how to make it work.

15. Short hair with long wavy bang


Anyone who loves to wear short hair may try this option. Just make the side of the head very short then you can make a side parting using a long wavy bang. The side-swept bang comes in the form of layers that we have swept to one side. This hair goes to cover one eye completely.

The other side though is very flat and short such that you may shave your natural hair.  The crown part though, you may use the wig to create it.

16. Burgundy color ombre


You can never go wrong with the ombre color as it does looks good on any woman’s hair. Often all the colors you will come up with are seductive. With three different colors, you can be sure to benefit from the colored hair. The essence of these colors is to get heads turning from amazement.

Here, the ends are platinum blond then we have the middle part coming in reddish then the roots are burgundy and black. With such a hair color you can rest assured you will have the perfect style for any event.

17. Dark burgundy ombre


This works perfectly for anyone who has dark hair. It’s going to be easy to make the hair work when you blend it with your natural hair. Thus you start with the dark roots and then fade it with the shade of the burgundy hair.

This ombre will look good on anyone who has very long locks as you can then use it to create the perfect layers. These feminine layers are dramatic to create the perfect shape of your face. I love the wavy ends as they will always improve your look.

18. Half up burgundy ombre


Another style you could create is to make an ombre where you have the black roots and the burgundy strands. This style also works best for those with dark hair but you may also use the wig to change your look. It features the use of long hair that you can easily pull to the crown part of the head.

Additionally, the ends are wavy and they will also create the layers on the head. As you pull the hair to the crown you will have it shaping your head.

19. A-line bob


Here you have a natural color that will look like your natural hair. This hair features the long inverted bob and since you use the light shade of burgundy, your hair remains perfect. I love that it gives you the option to play around with different colors.

You can also make the burgundy hair versatile where you use it on the brunette hair. Although you may not see the color difference in the dark, you will surely notice it when you go to the light whether artificial or natural.  The style features the layers that form the deep side part that you have.

In the end, you will have the volume of the hair being visible and beautiful.

20. Burgundy highlights on brown hair


Most women have brown and blonde hair color. When you wish to make the changes to the hair color you can simply make the burgundy highlights for the dramatic effect. You can then make the layers to allow the visibility of the different colored hair types.

If you want, you can also create the middle parting for even more definition on the hair and the shape of your head. Here we have the hair being about the shoulder length.

21. Flaming burgundy curls


For this style, you have the subtle shade of blonde. This curly hair will look so perfect because we have the blonde and burgundy hair definition at the crown part of the head. You then have a brown middle parting that lets the hair flow away from your face.

You also have the hair at the middle length. You will notice that the hair is straight at the roots and wavy at the end which makes it the perfect style. This style is amazing when you are going for a date and event.

22. Burgundy plum purple

There’s one thing I like about the hair and its that it always adds some dimension to your hairstyle. Here we have the dark burgundy and the cool purple hair blending in to create the perfect color blend. You also have the layers and waves at the very end that are further thick.

The bouncy hair looks vibrant and amazing on any kind of skin tone. If you thought that you wouldn’t blend the purple hair with the burgundy hair, notice that you don’t have to use a very strong purple color rather just use dark tones for both of them.

23. Bright burgundy hair


This is a bob hair and it looks amazing on any skin tone but mostly the dark skin tones. It features the use of the bright colored burgundy hair. You will find that the color here is bright and beautiful almost taking the red color. Moreover, it features the bob hair which means it will further work best for anyone who enjoys the bob.

Consider creating the side-parting with the hair to give your hair even more definition. Also, the hair is messy to make it an even better and easy style.

24. Braided deep burgundy hair


If you are bold, consider using this burgundy color. It’s a bold color that is further noticeable across the board. You could also make the hair perfect when you braid them into two french braids or a single loose braid like this one. Here, you just have to color your black hair to burgundy.

Since the hair is black, it gets the deep burgundy hair quicker.  If you want, you can mix it up with other different shades or just use the deep burgundy color. For you to braid the hair, you will have to either use the hair extension or you need long hair.

25. Burgundy with brown hair


This burgundy hair has a very subtle shade of brown color. In this case, she has the balayage to make the brown hair fairly visible. In the end, you create the burgundy hair with fair brown color. The wavy layers make the brown color visible.

The style is the best if you have long hair but it looks as though it is transitioning to another color. It’s in fact the best color if you are just starting out. You, therefore, have the choice to make extraordinary changes or not.

26. Blonde burgundy ombre


How can we finish our ombre list without highlighting the blonde ombre hair color?

Here, we have the burgundy hair with the deep blonde colored hair. Naturally, the blonde hair has the tinge of burgundy in it. You will find it spicing your hair even better. I love the layers as they will show you the best part of the hair.

The roots of the hair are dark which makes it blend easily with other skin tones. If you have dark hair, you may use the bold style to amp it.

27. Rich plum red hair color


Although we have highlighted most longer burgundy hair, you can also make the short and medium hair vibrant and beautiful. So if you have the medium hair, use such a hair color to enjoy it over a long time. You can use the rich plum hair to accentuate your facial features and your skin tone.

Furthermore, since the waves are quite close to your face, they will give your head the definition. In wearing this hair then you can be spotted from afar. The style is perfect for those with dark roots.

28. Dark brown purple burgundy


All the brunettes know that this is one of the best styles and colors to wear. You further have the wavy hair showing the brighter shades of burgundy. On the other hand, the roots are far much darker. Using this hair never compromises on your looks.

This color looks strikingly beautiful on wavy hair. It further adds even more dimension and depth to your hair thus you will look sassy and stylish.

29. Black burgundy hair


Here you have the hair type coming in both black and burgundy hair colors.  For brunette, this is not a new color to try. Since the color comes in darker tones it will brighten your skin tone too. Here we have a chic, sleek ad straight hair that’s further wavy.

This features a darker shade of burgundy so you can use it during winter or fall. But if you love the darker shades, consider this style. The style is simple and you can use it for official and party days.

30. Lavender and burgundy



This is hot and stylish hair for anyone who loves the vibrancy of the style. If you are a brunette, this is going to be the best style to choose. Everyone can have a burgundy color that’s suitable for them. Here, you also have the waves to form layers and keep the hair stylish.

Also, you have the hair forming the bob style and the fact that it features the dark burgundy means that it will work for even the official functions. The locks will further form the perfect beach waves for your favorite summer days. In the end, you will have the style looking chic and stylish for any event you choose.

31. Cherry burgundy


Well, if you love the contrast between your black hair color and the blonde one you will enjoy this hair color. In fact she has the hair held to a bun to make it even stylish. I just know that there’s nothing better than the perfect blend between the cherry red and the black hair.

I love that the hair looks more natural and that you can wear the style to any place including work. If you further wish to go for any party events, you should consider this style. It will fit all those women with lighter skin tones.

32. Burgundy ringlets


Here, you may decide to use the weave in order to achieve the perfect style. You will create the ringlets that therefore enhance the volume. So you will create the bang together with the burgundy ringlets to form the perfect shaped style.

This style is ideal for anyone with warm skin tones. You can also use it to enhance the length of the hair you are after. Whenever you are looking to use a bouncy style, this may be the best style to choose as it serves you. If you want though, you can loosen the curls.

33. Short and curly burgundy


Here is a style that could play the perfect sweet style that you may use for any event. You can create the style with your natural hair. You will only need to shave the sides of your hair then curl the crown part. In the end, you will form a mohawk style where the curls are defined and thick.

These curls are further so thick that they will form a bang like the style to flow over to the face. Notice that the sides are further black which forms a perfect contrast to suit your brown skin.

34. Burgundy TWA


This is one of the easiest styles to achieve among black women. We love to cut our hair short and you can then use a sponge to roll it into place. You will only need to color your natural hair to burgundy color. Ensure that the concentration is on the crown part then make it fade towards the back.

For the style to work perfectly for you, make sure you cut the back to a perfect fade. The way you shape the hair though will determine whether it works. Also, make sure you have the perfect skin tone.

35. Burgundy updo

Even when you have natural hair, you can enjoy this style. You only need to know how to make it work. For example, you can have the sides shaven and then the create curls or let your natural hair curl on at the crown part. It will even form a simple bang that styles your forehead.

You will then need to style the edges for even more style. TWA is one of the most common styles among black women that isn’t about to go. I love that its easier to manage than any other style.

36. Burgundy pixie cut


Well if you love pixie cuts, you probably enjoy such styles. Have you ever thought of styling it better using color? the hair is shorter which makes it easier to manage. The waves at the top crown part make it stylish for any head shape.

Meanwhile, the sides are trimmed to form the short and laid down styles. You may use both the burgundy and maroon color for the style. This is the best style for anyone looking for a chic style to make. Remember, when you have short hair, the only other thing to make you stylish is to use the right type of makeup.

37. Burgundy bob braids


Box braids are unique and trendy but they also make you feel and look stylish. Here you can create the thick braids but then make them create the bob hair. Anyone who loves such a bob style will do anything to make it work.  So you should further create the side part with the hairstyle.

You can also amp your bob while using the hair cuffs on the hair ends. Here she uses the gold cuffs to make it even more visible from afar.

38. Stylish cornrows


Sometimes the only thing you need is to be simple to attain one of the best styles. So here you can create both the thick cornrows and the thin ones to create a high and thick bun. But in all essence, once you have the braids on, you should remember that how long it lasts will depend on the care you give it.

You can never go wrong with the updos but you can personalize it if you wish. If you have the perfect head shape to hold the hair to a high bun go ahead and don’t hesitate.

39. Cornrows with curls


It doesn’t matter the style you choose, the burgundy hue will always work on your hair provided you pick the right skin tone. Here you may create the normal cornrow styles on the sides and back of the head then you attach it on the curly hair on the crown part.

The curls will go on to create the mohawk like style. This is one of the best styles to use by working-class women or those in their 40s. For this style, you will find it vibrant, cute and stylish.

40. Burgundy twisted frohawk

Here is another one of the best and stylish mohawk for you to try. Since the sides are sleek and flat they get stylish. Take a look at the frohawk that will create an extra flair. The fact that its twisted makes it an even better style. You could think that the hair is pinned down but it’s only gelled down.

When you have special events like weddings, always consider this style. You can even further accessorize it with the flowers. Mohawk has been trending for ages now and it’s not about to stop. You can create another mohawk but a stylish one like this is the best.

41. Burgundy braided bun


Are you in a hurry to go about your day? Consider this style.

It’s one of the easiest styles you can achieve in a very short time. So you will need to hold your hair to a sleek, straight, ponytail. Make sure all the edges are laid back then you can create a burgundy bun or buy one. You will need to attach it to the ponytail you created to achieve this stylish look.

42. Tree braids


Tree braiding style is common among women in Africa and across the globe. The one thing that makes the women love the style is the weave you create with the braids. However, you can also let the hair flow to one side. So the invisible cornrows will put the weave in place.

You could even make the parting with the aim of making the style even better. I love the waves it goes on to create so you can use the spray and tousle the hair or keep it looking stylish. Make sure though that you choose the right burgundy color for your skin tone.

43. Flat twist updo


The flat twists style is perfect for those days when you don’t intend to do much on your hair. You can also use the braided side to create a side bang. This is the best style for those with long and maintained natural styles.

So you will have to make the large cornrows from the back flowing to the front to create a bun. You can use the style to further slim your face. Also, you can even create other styles of a flat twist if you wish to go for the official functions.

44. Red-purple burgundy hair

Here we have the hair being wavy and long. You may use the blend of purple, red, and burgundy hair that will form the dark color. You may use the color for both the official functions as well as the festive ones. You further have the hair being darker roots.

This is the best style for those with mid-length hair with the choppy ends too. Notice that, the hair appears voluminous thus its bouncy and fun.

If you want you can style it even better by holding the hair in ponytail or buns.

45. Blonde and burgundy hair

Although naturally the burgundy hair is dark, it doesn’t always have dark. You can use the blonde hair to make it very light for those who enjoy the lighter version. The burgundy lowlights will work for anyone who has the hints of color.

The bob hair is further suits anyone going for either official or party events. Notice the layers that form on the hair. This is a platinum blonde with darker burgundy hair. If you want you can hold the hair to make it even better. You can either make the wig or use your natural hair if it’s long.

46. Kinky long curly hair

Curly hair is stylish but especially the kinky curly hair.  You can use the long kinky curly hair for any style you wish and one of such style is the burgundy hair. Remember, even when you have the kinky hair you have to be sure it suits your face.

Some people will look good with their hair long while others will look good with their short hair. This style is simple yet cute for anyone. You can create the middle parting, side parting or free parting. You will look sweet and cute with the style.

47. Burgundy and navy ombre


You can also have a blend of blue and burgundy. This is a form of an ombre color where you will have the hair being wavy and voluminous. To further accessorize the hair you may use the bow clip. You will further have the roots being burgundy and the ends will be blue.

We further use the long hair to make it easy to achieve the hairstyle. This is that perfect blend that you most likely didn’t or don’t think is possible. So if you want to achieve the bright colored hair, you may use the different colors.

48. Burgundy brown raisin


If you don’t enjoy such bright colors, you should choose this color. Today burgundy is more popular than most other colors because it gives you the chance to use it for official roles. Here, they use the colors to create a form of balayage and dip styles.

This style is perfect when you have long hair since it will show the contrast effects. It also comes in the wavy form making your hair bouncy and the perfect color for almost any skin tone. So you see you don’t have to wear bright colors when you can make these ones.

49. Stylish bob with the burgundy dip


Here you have the posh style for either the official function or a date. You will have the roots of the hair being dark or even black then the ends take on the bright burgundy. This creates a two-tone contrast which ultimately looks perfect for the hair.

You will also have the side parting which then creates a side bang to flow on the face and thus form the perfect shape. Anyone can rock this hair and you will have nothing less than confident to take on the world.

50. It’s a blonde and burgundy


You can never go wrong when you have blonde hair.

You can make the blonde hair as playful as you wish or even as serious as you want. You will find this hair being cute. Although you could use the hair to lighten the ends you don’t have to. You can mix it up to a 50/50 tone like this and make it wavy.

I love that it looks playful and sexy. It features the use of delicious hues that match each other perfectly. The style is also perfect for those with long and blonde hair.

51. Blunt bangs with long locks


This is the best definition of the sophisticated style in simplicity. Anyone who wishes to look youthful should try the blunt bangs. It always gets you looking very young and elegant. Well, aside from the elegance, we have them being stylish and sexy too.

If you have the sexy and long hair then you add the bangs, you create that amazingly sexy style. I have never seen the burgundy style go wrong. You will always achieve elegance.

52. Burgundy hair with green bang


If you don’t mind the very unique unicorn color on your hair, consider this style. Here we have the green roots and bangs that flow to the burgundy ends. So, here you will have the high bun hair that then flows to the bun and you have to let the other parts of the hair flow easily.

It features the use of the mid-back length hair while you let it be a little messy. Of course, there are some professions that you won’t use such hair but you can go for party events with it.

53. Thick blue and burgundy bob


This is the definition of a thick bob that will get heads turning. Such a hairstyle is ideal for some of the winter days when you can’t stand the cold. Of course, you will have to be keen to maintain the style. If posible you need will need to use the straightening tools to straighten the hair more.

Here you have the roots being the perfect shade of blue then the ends come in burgundy. This style is great for all roles whether official or fancy.

54. Short burgundy and blonde layers


With the different hairstyles, all you need is to be creative. Another style for those with short hair is this one. So you will need to pull your hair to the crown whether you create the layer of the perfect burgundy and blonde blend. Such a hairstyle lets you use it at whichever age.

You can decide to have the sides being shorter or pull the long strands to the crown part. You will need to let the hair create the bang that flows to your face.

55. Silky and straight assymetrical bob


Are you one of those with the silky and straight hair? If you are then you know how comfortable this hairstyle makes you. The straight hair will forever be on fleek but when you make the hair angle, you even add more spice to the style. So your hairstyle will be visible not only because of the color but also the texture.

If yours is the curly hair, you may use the straightening tools to get the hair to straight. You can also use the wigs and weaves to achieve this look. The best part is that you will go with this style anywhere.

56. Pixie cut


If you love very short hair we have you covered with this cute hairstyle. This style will make you look stylish and chic yet it makes it easy to maintain. You should make sure you have thicker hair on the crown part. Whether you will go on party events with this style or the official ones you are safe.

The style will blend with the different skin tones and thankfully it will fit most people. When you are looking for a trendy style this is a perfect choice.

57. Mohawk for men


There are different versions of mohawk and this is one of the creative ones. Of course, the mohawk fade will suit almost any man but the uniqueness is in the creation by different barbers. When you have the right hair texture this will be quite easy to achieve.

Notice that with this style we have a blend of both the mohawk hair and the blonde one together with your natural black hair. Once you have colored the crown hair, you can have the sides to a perfect undercut design.

58. Burgundy dreadlocks


Those of us who enjoy dreadlocks know that you may need to alter the style just a little for the change. Here she has very long dreadlock and since her skin tone blends well with the dark burgundy, it’s a good idea to color it. So we have all of her locks coming in burgundy then you can hold the hair to a high bun and let the others flow.

These locs look stylish but especially since you can side part it. As your hair is growing from the roots you can have it look like its a two-tone hair. Finish off by creating the perfect makeup to blend in with the style.

59. Burgundy faux locs


If you love locs but you don’t like the permanency, you can make the faux locs. Here you can braid the hair to very long faux locs. Once you have the loc on, then it’s easy to style them. You could even make the ponytails if you want or let the hair flow to the back.



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