All You Need to Know About Brazilian Hair – Beginner’s But Complete Guide

Women love changing their hairstyles every so often, that is why you might have realized today, that the hair business is fast growing. Gone are the days when we would struggle with the short, thin or poor color of our hair.

Today, you could have one hair this minute and a completely different one the next. In fact, social media has even made your work easy because you can just go online and see the kind of hair that suits you and go out there to buy it.

With all these changes, one thing is true, if you want a high-quality hair you have to do some massive investment. For this reason, you ought to understand the hair before you can buy it.

The article focuses on making everything clearer for you in regards to the topic of Brazilian hair.

What Is Brazilian Hair?

This we would say is a kind of hair that is often donated by Brazilians.

Brazilian Hair

However, human donors aren’t authentically from Brazil. If you are in let’s say India and you have the hair that looks and feels like the Brazilian hair, the manufacturers definitely name your donated hair a Brazilian hair.

Most people think that Brazilian hair is only from India, Brazil, Peru, Mongolian and other Asian regions.

But the problem is that the Brazilian hair due to religious reasons is not always collected from donors, this means that it’s very tricky to come across the authentic virgin Brazilian hair.

Generally, this hair is normally thick, richly colored, durable and soft. This makes the hair suitable for any kind of hair whether its straight hair, wavy or curly. It can handle color very well with regards to its deep natural color.

This kind of hair is common among black women and particularly those from South Africa. So, you should understand that there are many products in the market that are fake and still pose as high-quality items.

If you love hair extension read on to know what is good for you.

Why Should You Choose Brazilian Hair?

If you are just starting out, I’m sure you might be wondering why someone would choose the Brazilian hair. The answer is pretty simple since we have talked about it already.

The only reason why the hair is popular to date is that it is soft, shiny and naturally strong. This makes you look younger and beautiful. This hair is popularly used among people of all ages and races.

Brazilian Hair before and after

The hair is further easy to style and color especially if it’s a virgin hair weave. Naturally, the Brazilian hair is usually an unprocessed human hair.

Unprocessed Vs Processed Human Hair

It rarely tangles even though it’s still so thick. Furthermore, the hair doesn’t shed off as many other hair types do, you can play around with this hair. One time you can straighten it, the next curl it, bleach it or style it as you wish.

With this hair, you won’t have to blow out it fast, rather it is cut directly from the donor by tying a rubber band at the ends and cutting it. This makes it appear neat.

This hair varies between straight and natural to bouncy body wave.

Coming from a human donor, it normally has healthy cuticles which is the reason why it remains durable.

It has a longer lifespan since it will last anything between 8-12 months. However, remember that it all depends on how much care you give to the hair.

The hair is thick and beautifully colored. This makes it ideal for any race of humanity. It usually has some natural waves which make it develop a natural luster.

Brazilian Hair

Types of Brazilian Hair Waves

You can get all kinds of hair extensions you wish to have when you have the Brazilian hair wave, below are the various types.

  • Brazilian hair straight

Brazilian hair straight

This hair is normally silky straight. It has no frizzes, therefore, tends to give you an elegant look.

This is especially achieved once you know how to trim its ends every so often, some people opt to use the bob cut for this style as it makes your hair appear authentic. However, you may also let it flow long and still attain that authentic look.

You could also go for the long ponytail just like the one the American songstress Ariana loves to rock.

  • Brazilian kinky Curly hair extension

Brazilian kinky hair extension

This will give you a natural afro look. The hair normally offers thick voluminous and an achievable coarse style. This one is easy to blend in with your natural afro look. The best thing about this hair is that you can dye it to whichever color you would love to.

With this choice, you could work with the loose curly hairstyle. It, in fact, embraces the afro natural hair.

  • Brazilian loose wave hair extension

Brazilian loose wave hair extension

This hairstyle has looser and larger curls than the kinky ones. Notice that it also has a major difference between the body wave and loose wave. The loose wave piece flows differently while the body wave flows in the same direction.

If you notice the large coils, know that the hair is referred to as loose hair. The big curls will normally drop which makes it essential for you to offer your hair a lot of maintenance. These curls, however, will give your hair some glamour.

They look even better if you color it a little more.

  • Brazilian body wave hair

Brazilian body wave

I don’t know of one person who doesn’t enjoy the body wave hair extension. It’s quite popular yet the most used hair around the globe. The reason why it’s popular is that you can color and style the hair to any desired look.

The maintenance is low and manageable which means that you can either create those bouncy and shiny curls or straighten the hair.

The reason why it’s referred to as the body wave is that the hair, in this case, has enough volumes. The hair isn’t all so straight or does it have tight curls. With time, the hair straightens out fully. The curls are known to disappear with time.

With this hair, you don’t need to be extravagant in styling. This is, therefore, a style that suits anyone who doesn’t like to make so much of the styling. The best part is that it suits anyone.

  • Brazilian water wave extension

Brazilian water wave extension

This one has a unique texture and pattern whereby; the hair has a different curl direction to give it a water wave style. This is a different style that gives and raises your confidence.

When you use the right product, you will maintain it thus enhance its lifespan. Remember to let the curls flow naturally.

  • Brazilian deep wave

Brazilian Remy Human Hair Deep Wave Weave 3 Bundles With Closure (5)Basically, this gives you some deeper waves than the Brazilian body waves. With the curlier and bouncier hair, you develop the fun and inviting styles to suit all users. This one you will achieve best if you can use the frontal or your natural hair.

  • Brazilian Spanish wave

Brazilian Spanish wave

Well, there’s not much difference in this hairstyle and the waves above. In fact, it’s a combination of the body wave and deep wave hair extension. This one you can color, flat iron or curl it.

However, you will realize that after you straighten the waves, some other waves are developed when the hair is wet. The curls are normally soft to boost your confidence.

  • Brazilian Afro Kinky Extensions

This looks more natural for those with afro kinky hair. It has the tight kinky spirals, no wonder, most blacks love it. It emulates the original afro style for a great afro style sew in more hair extensions.

Mink Brazilian Virgin Afro Kinky Curly Hair Extensions 2 Bundles (6)The hairstyle makes your hair look fuller. To maintain it, simply keep it moisturized with a moisturized water-based product. You can use the lace closure for the hair just the same way you would with other hairstyles.

My Brazilian Weave Is Dry and Frizzy

Although the weaves and other human hair extensions are usually expensive, they often reach a point when they lose their shape. Unfortunately, there’s nothing as ugly as an unkempt hair.

Notice that the only reason why the hair frizzes is that it doesn’t get nourished with your scalp’s natural hair. While sometime you may not resist this, you should take good care of your hair to keep it moisturized and good looking.

It would be easier to prevent the frizz and dryness than it is to get rid of them.


  • Wash it

You should wash your hair at least 7 to 14 days. Remember to use the gentle products that won’t strip your hair off its moisture.

  • Condition your hair

Try using the deep conditioning method to further moisturize your hair more. After you wash your hair, condition it then let the conditioner settle for 5 minutes.

  • Use serums

Once you wash your hair and condition it you can apply serum the better.

  • Use styling equipment

After you wash your hair use the straighteners and dryers on low heat. Don’t use the high heat as it will damage it and once it’s destroyed it can’t be undone.

Care tips

Without proper care, there’s no way your hair will last long so you need to follow the following steps.

  • Moisturize

The secret to maintaining your hair is to make sure it is moisturized. This you should ensure you do to any kind of hair that is not growing from your scalp because it’s not nourished by your scalp natural oils.

If the hair is moisturized and clean it will always retain its vibrancy which makes it easy to style.

  • When installing the Brazilian hair

Don’t cut through the hair tracks as this will create loose ends. If your hair extension develops loose ends it will be inevitable to stop the shedding. If you really must cut the tracks though, use the weft sealants before the application.

Try to ensure you keep the weave track as a whole piece. If possible, fold over and wrap around the method. This is an easy way to keep the weave longer.

If you are using the sew-in method for the hair, don’t stitch the tracks as this destabilizes the weave. In the end, you might develop shedding of the hair. Stitch around the tracks to maintain the stitches as you prevent the shedding.

  • Coloring

You should be careful when you decide to bleach or color your hair. You can color most Brazilian hair types; however, you should know that this is a chemical process which will get rid of the natural moisture.

This means that you have to take so much care when you are coercing it. Keep conditioning it to moisturize it. Nevertheless, seek the help of a professional when you wish to color your hair.

  • Washing the hair

While shampooing your hair is one very important part of the washing process, you also need to condition and oil it.

Condition washing the hair

  • In this process, you wash your hair with the conditioner to maintain the cleanliness while moisturizing it to nourish it even further.
  • Using the soft brush, thoroughly brush your hair to get rid of all the tangles and knots if any. Ensure that the strands are now free-flowing.
  • Apply the conditioner in all parts of your hair then work on ensuring each strand is fully conditioned. Be gentle through the process to avoid the frizz. Leave the conditioner in the hair for at most ten minutes.
  • Rinse your hair clean and then pat dry it. You should do all these gently.

Shampooing the hair

Ensure you shampoo the hair at least twice a month.

  • As above, begin by brushing your hair thoroughly this ensures you don’t have tangles or knots.
  • Pre-condition the hair to avoid the drying effect of the shampoo. You should use a spray bottle to condition the hair. Don’t rinse it though just make sure all parts of the weave are conditioned.
  • Apply the shampoo over all the hair. Gently scrub the shampoo in your hair. Ensure your hair strands are facing downward.
  • Thoroughly rinse your hair. But be gentle in scrubbing it. Makes sure the hair is free of all the shampoo by confirming that the water is clear.
  • Rinse it again with warm water and squeeze the water.

How to dry the hair

When you have weaves, you should leave the hair to dry naturally although it takes more time. So, you should use the towel to pat dry it then let it be. However, if you are in a hurry you may use your hair dryer at medium heat level.

You should never subject your hair to high heat as this dries it. If you have wavy and curly hair you should avoid the hair dryers.

Styling and brushing the hair

You are allowed to brush your hair at least twice per day; however, you can brush it as often as you wish to. You are called upon to brush your hair from the tips to the roots. Don’t use a fine-toothed comb instead use a paddle brush.

Keeping it shiny

After you shampoo your hair use the right oils to maintain its shine and texture. The best oil that enhances the shine is Argan oil. You may use it when your hair is still damp. Use just a small amount.

Sleeping with your Brazilian weave

If you have the natural wave and straight Brazilian hair, you should tie them down then use a silk cap or satin cup to cover the hair. Don’t use the cotton material to cover it. It does absorb the oil from the hair thereby making your hair unmanageable.

Don’t use bands on the hair as that will cause stress to the hair. Lastly, brush the hair before going to bed this will reduce the brushing stress.

Dont forget your natural hair

Most people tend to forget their natural hair when they have weaves on and this is not going to make it easy for you eventually. Without enough nourishment, your hair will be itchy and dry thereby making it unhealthy.

Find yourself some scalp treatments to keep your hair nourished.

The Problems Caused by the Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair like any other hair extension may cause some problems to your hair at some point. Generally, the major issues are often created because your hair lacks moisture.

Here, you may use any kind of oil scalp treatment. Apply a few drops of the natural oils to your scalp, massage it in then leave it to rest for about 10 minutes. Next, rinse it out completely.

  • My hair is Too dry

If you have hair that looks too dry, you should completely stop using the shampoo. Shampoo tends to dry your hair out so you ought to stead use the conditioner. Use the conditioner to wash the hair once per week.

  • The hair tangles

This happens at some point especially when you are using the hair extensions. If the hair is long or curly or wavy you might find tangles at some point. Simple use the paddles brush to comb out the tangles. You can also use the wide-toothed comb for the hair.

Remember, don’t exert a lot of force during the process.

Once you remove the tangles, condition the hair once again and rinse it half an hour later.

Never ever use the grease product on the hair. Use the following products instead

Hair Care Products

Anti-frizz hair products

There are so many anti-frizz hair products in the market today. You just need to use it so as to avoid the frizz or get rid of it.

1. Awesome Remy Hair Silk Serum

While this Remy serum product is great for the treatment of your frizz, it also works fine in protecting your hair from damage. The hair silk serum item is full of antioxidants rich ingredients which you may use to protect yourself from hair loss.

It even makes your frizz hair attain its health. The hair is rich in vitamin E together with the fruit extracts which will rejuvenate your thinning hair. It works best to hydrate the hair thereby attaining the perfect look every time.

It’s easy to use as well as non-greasy. It also works best for your hair extensions. It has a light fragrance which makes it ideal for use by both the men and women. It will even prevent the shedding thereby increasing your hair volume.

This product balances the PH with moisture and nutrition on regular occasions. It seals your hair with a protective coat, therefore, shielding it from the unnecessary frizz.

2. Mizani 25 miracles

If you like using hair extensions, then you must have these products. The hair product works to smoothen, condition and hydrate your hair. It’s healthy and rich in antioxidant. It keeps your hair moisturized with more defined curls.

This is your leave-in conditioner. It’s a product that is easy to use and repairs your hair for styling. It keeps your hair from tangling while shielding you from breakage. It moisturizes your hair while shielding you against damage.

The drying hair is free from sulfate, paraben and mineral oils. This item is a multi-purpose item that you use for various purposes. It’s effective even for your color-treated hair. It enhances your hair shine.

The milk in it protects your hair from split ends frizzes and shedding. You also have the hair stay put other than be blown away. In the end, you have a manageable kind of hair that is soft and easy to comb.

3. Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Hair Color

Every so often you might find yourself in need of the same hair type but want to alter its hair color. This so often okay although you must know that using color will most probably weaken the hair. This is why you should choose a type that is going to nourish the hair.

It uses the three fruits as part of its ingredients to nourish the hair. Avocado, olive and shea oils are great in the nourishment. This will make sure your hair never runs but most importantly your hair remains moist.

It even has the grapeseed oil called ampoule that you can pour into the mix. Understand that it will spread evenly while smelling great. If you won’t take care of the hair after you have colored it chances are it begins to break or loses its luster.

How to Dye Your Brazilian Hair?

Coloring your hair is best done by the professional. However, if you feel that you can color it yourself then follow the procedure below.

You will need a brush or wide-toothed comb, hair color and the bowl where you will mix the colors. A towel, gloves, the extension, and conditioner.


  • To begin with, always make sure you comb the hair neatly using a wide-toothed comb. If your hair has any stylish products. Wash it all away before you begin the coloring process. Once you finish washing dry the hair thoroughly.
  • Put on your gloves and begin mixing the color of your choice. I hope your color came in with the developer. Follow the instructions on how to mix the color according to the instruction by the manufacturer.
  • Next, dye your hair and use more dye than minimal. Put the hair into the bowl with the dye to coat it. After a few minutes comb it out to ensure all the hair has dye.
  • If you are coloring the hair on your head, then you should cover the extension with a towel letting it stay for the stipulated amount of time.
  • Now rinse the excess color that still remained on the hair. Use warm water to thoroughly rinse the hair. After that, wash your hair with shampoo. Next, condition it then comb it our as you wish.
  • Use the cold water to get rid of the conditioner. This will give it a natural shine as well as making sure you attain one last seal of your hair.
  • Finally, dry your hair. Go for air drying since it will retain the moisture of the hair within. You can also use the hair dryer if you wish at the right temperature.

Best shampoo for Brazilian weave

4. BEST Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner

This is an ideal set of shampoo and conditioner that you may use for both the male and female hair. Since it has no sulfates and paraben, the set is ideal for the nourishment of your Brazilian hair. It even has the argan oil for your hair and scalp nourishment.

It works for all the different hair extensions and even color-treated hair. The shampoo keeps the color of the hair strong while strengthening the shine of the hair extension. With this shampoo and conditioner, you attain the results you expect in the salon while at home.

It will get rid of the dirt oil and make your hair frizz free. It doesn’t strip your hair of its moisture and shine. The hair remains shiny for a longer time. The conditioner even offers you aftercare protection.

With your hair extension, when you use this item to deep condition, you will maintain its luster. The set is mild yet effective for all those who need the product. This acts as a great organic shampoo and conditioner. Your extensions will attain their natural silky and smooth texture.

Best conditioner for Brazilian hair

5. PURE BRAZILIAN Deep Conditioning Masque

There’s nothing that determines your weave moisturizer like the conditioner does. This is a creamy and nourishing hair mask as it fortifies your cuticles and prevents the breakages. It’s, therefore, your perfect hair for the healthy and shiny hair.

This is specifically designed to suit the Brazilian hair extension. It’s made using the keratin, Arginine. This makes sure you retain the best nourishment for the hair. All these three strengthen your hair and its cuticles.

It will shield your hair from damage, frizzes and it makes it easy to style your hair. In the end, your hair develops the radiant shine as it reduces the effects of the use of harmful chemicals. Once you deep masque your hair the frizz stands no chance on your hair.

You receive the hair salon quality hair in the comfort of your home. It’s easy to apply and it has a great scent. Use this item to develop a hydrated skin and moisturized thick shiny and soft hair.

Can I Blow Dry My Hair Extension?

It’s inevitable that you have to wash your hair every so often, dirt builds up not only makes you develop a foul smell but also destroy the hair itself. The rule of the thumb is that you should air dry your hair but sometimes you have no time to let it air dry.

In such cases, you may use the blow dry over medium heat. If you know for a fact that the Brazilian hair you have is susceptible to breakage then make sure you don’t use a blow dry. This is because the heat may loosen the cuticles thereby make it break.

Even though you may use the blow dry it might not be advisable for you to comb it when you are drying it with the dryer. This helps to avoid shedding.

Restore Your Brazilian Hair

Every so often if you realize that your hair looks dry, you always wish to give it a new look.

Here is how to do it.

  • Detangle it

Just like all other hair types, ensure you comb it with a wide-toothed comb or brush it. If you want, you can add some conditioner to your hair to ease the process of combing or brushing it.

  • Soak it

Use your favorite shampoo to soak the hair. If you can get a great and nourishing shampoo the better since you want to retain the moisture and luster of the hair. You should also ensure you get rid of all the dirt.

  • Rinsing

This part is effective because if you don’t rinse the hair properly, you will soon develop shampoo build up on the hair. Rinse from the top to the bottom.

  • Conditioning

Deep condition of the hair makes it easy to regain its moisture color and rich body. Whichever conditioner you know works for you; apply it then let it sit on your hair for about 20 minutes.

You can even sit in the dryer for the 20 minutes. Then you should rinse it out again.

  • Dry it

Begin by pat drying the hair and if you like you can simply air dry it. If not, then go inside the dryer and maintain a medium heat level.

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