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How Much Is Brazilian Hair

How Much Is Brazilian Hair

Since the Brazilian hair is one of the popular hair extensions, we can’t help but ask the question; how much does Brazilian hair cost?

Brazilian hair will cost you at least $20- $50 per bundle. But you should expect even higher rates especially when you are buying longer hair. If you are buying high-quality hair it may cost you over $200.

Know more about bundles of hair.

How Much Is Brazilian HairLowest Priced Brazilian Hair

You know where you can find the low-cost bundles Amazon and AliExpress. Albeit you must understand that some of the sellers on this platform are manufacturers, so they sell hair direct. These two sites offer you some of the cheapest deals.

Notice that such hair will most likely have lesser quality than others we have here. This isn’t always the case though. Some sellers could be selling their products in wholesale and thus cheaper. Remember you will often have to buy three bundles to fir your head.

Here are some of the cheap options to choose

Cheap Brazilian hair bundles with frontal for straight hair      $36.12 – $167.78

If you want straight hair, you should consider this kind of hair. The difference in price is because of the lengths. If you want longer hair, it will come at a higher cost than the short one. Since it comes with a frontal, it’s a complete piece. It’s further a very cheap hairpiece here.

Body Wave Bundles Brazilian Hair Weave Bundles         $12.93 – $160.35

We love wavy hair, in fact, Brazilian wavy hair is always the best. This cheap piece is therefore everything. It’s one of the best quality hairs that will last long.

There are many other cheap Brazilian hair bundles you could find in the market if you do proper research.

Brazilian afro kinky curly hair     $25.22 – $54.74

Anyone who loves afro kinky knows the best quality at first sight. This is one such high-quality hair. Coming in an ombre color you can be sure that it will blend with your skin color if you know how to use it.

I know every woman’s dream is to get value for her money, thus, you just have to make a careful purchase.

Why would the hair be so cheap at one place and costly in another?

The reason is that some sellers are manufacturers by themselves so they cut on the middlemen cost.

Also, it depends on the cost of production. If you used more money for production your will definitely charge extra. But if the cost of production is lesser then the cost of hair is low. No wonder most high-quality hair is found in China since they have a low cost of production.

Average Price

Often this hair range is more popular. Many people want to buy the hair they trust. Such hair will cost you anything between $100-$350. We have a lot of them in our shop and you can bet the quality remains high standard.

This hair set is appealing because you may treat it like your natural hair. You can straighten it or color it when you need to. The hair is one of the best quality kinds that you may use.

Here are a few examples you could buy.

Brazilian Straight Dark Roots 1B 613 Blonde Hair Bundles with Lace Closure  $112.71 – $315.79

This is a modest buy for most women and since it has darker roots, it’s easier to blend with your natural hair.

Brazilian Human Loose Wave 360 Lace Frontal with Hair Bundles   $163.55 – $387.98

If you love the loose wave you will enjoy this piece. I love that it retains the long waves over a long time. It also gives you a complete look.

The High-End Brazilian Hair

Often by high-quality hair, we mean unprocessed virgin hair(Unprocessed Vs Processed Human Hair). They are hard to come by which influences the cost. You will find hair types that cost thousands of dollars. Such hair is only available among some of the top brands in the world.

For you to sell such hair you may already have a large following on social media. They further depend on celebrity endorsements. So, for such hair you will have pure virgin hair of high quality one, thus, you have to pay for the cost.

Such options are rare since the market base isn’t that large. If you, therefore, expect quality, you must know that it will go with a large price tag. You may spend anything like $700+ on the hair but it will be worth every penny you invest in it.

Best brands to buy Brazilian hair from

Hair extensions are available at every turn you make. However, sometimes customers just want to go with the brand they know of already. This keeps your dollars safe. Remember some of the high rated brands though will be expensive.

  • Mayvenn hair

Most people trust Mayvenn. In fact, most stylists recommend it as the place to buy some of your best Brazilian hair. The hair they have comes in different textures.

If you are looking for quality hair then Mayvenn is the place to go. They are even available on Amazon and AliExpress.

  • Perfect locks

Another brand that will sell you all the quality Brazilian hair that you wish to have. They come in different lengths and textures. So many women buy from perfect locks based on the fact that they trust it.

This brand also has quality hair that comes in different lengths and textures. You could further have access to Brazilian hair, Peruvian and many more.

  • AliExpress and Amazon

When you talk of hair in these two shops, you talk of pools. They have thousands of vendors for you to choose from. Be careful though here since it can be very confusing to get what you want.

What Determines the Price

You will ask yourself how we get to choose the price so we break it down for you. Many factors influence the price as you will see below.

  • The quality

Notice that hair, just like any other thing around the world has varying qualities. So, if you want the high-quality of hair you will have to speed more money. There are instances when you may get high-quality hair at a cheaper price. This happens when you buy from the manufacturer.

You may wonder why someone like Kylie, for example, wears hair extension worth about $8000. This has to do with the quality and customization of the hair. Therefore, you can have hair that costs you as little as $15 and as much as thousands of dollars.

Remy, virgin, raw, and unprocessed hair will cost you much more than when you buy non-Remy, virgin and processed hair. But if you are looking for durable hair then you should consider the virgin and Remy hair.

Please note that don’t always trust the hair grade system the hair vendors claim.
Remy Vs. Non-Remy Hair

  • The quantity

You must buy bundles that are enough for your head. So, you can’t spend the same when you are buying four bundles as that person who is buying only two bundles. This may be due to the size of your head or just the fact that you like to use more bundles.

Know more about How Much Hair You Need.

In other instances, the vendor may sell hair at a much lower price if you are buying a lot of hair bundles. It’s like a discount for you. So, for those who buy the hair in wholesale, you will spend a lot less per bundle.

  • The length

The more the length, the more hair we use in the manufacturing process. This then means that the longer the length, the higher the cost. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the short stylish hair like bob is always cheap.

Want to find out how to choose the most suitable hair extension length? Check out the article.

In most instances, if the manufacturer has to make, for example, 30 inches of hair for you, it will cost you more than if you are only buying a 16-inch hair.

  • The source

Depending on where you sourced the hair from, it may influence the price. For example, Brazilian hair is amongst the cheapest which makes it popular. European hair is a little more expensive and that’s because there are fewer European donors in the market.

Well, since we are talking about Brazilian hair it will be cheaper than most other hair types.

  • Durability

The vendors know the quality of the hair and they know which hair will last longer if you maintain it well. For this reason, the cost may be a little higher compared to other types.

If the hair will serve you over a long time, you must spend some good money don’t you think? To some extent, therefore, the durability influences the price.

Straight hair tends to be cheaper than curly or wavy hair. The difference is in the length though. If you choose the longer lengths then you will spend more money. On the contrary, as you would expect, curly and wavy hair are a little more expensive.

The manufacturing process will take you more time than when you are making straight hair.

Generally, Brazilian hair is popular because it’s easier to style than some other Asian hair. It further is thick, light and cheaper. Since it’s common it’s readily accessible too.

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