What Is A Brazilian Blowout – Is It Really Worthy?

Instagram is blazing with different women showing how beautiful they look after the style. Some people are just yearning for the styles, but they often don’t know if it works for their hair type. At least I have seen the comments from curious individuals.

I like the style mostly because my hair attracts so much frizz and it smoothens the hair with ease. I always experience frizz and I welcome anything that will smoothen it. I like that Brazilian blowout is one of the options you have that works for all kinds of hair.

What Is Brazilian Blowout

This is a simple semi-permanent hair treatment method which uses the liquid keratin to protect each of your hair strands. When you are using the treatment, the hair won’t get damaged. Originally from Brazil, the treatment uses ingredients like camu, acai berry, and annatto.

Brazilian Blowout treatmentWith these ingredients, it eliminates the frizz, thus keeping your hair smooth. But don’t confuse the Brazilian blowout with other keratin methods.

For you to understand the Brazilian blowout, even more, you need to know the difference between other keratin treatments and Brazilian blowout.

Similarities between Brazilian blowout and other keratin hair treatment methods

Both treatments are never permanent. The only one that changes the hair structure completely is Japanese straightening treatment and relaxers. They will alter your hair structure but not permanently.

The keratin and Brazilian blowout create a protein layer around the hair shaft. It smoothens the cuticle, thus maintaining the shine and frizz-free look.

keratin hair treatment before and afterThey will both make the hair manageable and makes it easy to style.

You should reduce the number of times you wash your hair because only then can you maintain the chemicals within the hair structure. Otherwise, you will wash away the substances sooner than you should.

Brazilian blowout vs keratin treatment vs Botox Hair treatment

Brazilian blowout Botox hair treatment Keratin treatment
Who should use it? Meant for those who have medium to thick hair. It’s ideal for anyone with fine and frizzy hair It’s best if you have very thick hair.

Do not use it if your hair is straight already or too fine.

What does it do? · It keeps your hair frizz free.

· It further calms your unruly hair.

· The essence is to make the hair manageable.

· If you have slight waves and curls, this is yours.

· If you are starting with the treatments, this is also the best option.

· It tames fine hair frizz.

· Your hair, therefore, becomes manageable.

· This one works if you have unruly hair by making it manageable.

· It straightens the curly hair.

· It further works best if the hair has volume than when it doesn’t.


The result · It makes your hair frizz free.

· Although slightly straightens the hair but not as much as when you use other treatment options.

· If you have wavy or curly hair, they will maintain their curls and waves by making it smooth and frizz free.

It works best on you fine hair because it doesn’t reduce the volume of the hair. The hair will be smooth and frizz free. · Your hair will be smooth, sleek and straighter.

· You will also have a reduced volume if you have thick hair.


Which is the convenient one? Brazilian blow out is convenient.

This treatment uses amino acids, and this allows you to rinse out the procedure on the same day.


It gives you the desired results immediately.

Botox treatment is convenient.

It takes a shorter time to make since it contains no formaldehyde.

You can finish its process by flat ironing.

In this case, you will need to rinse the hair before you begin to flat iron it.

Keratin treatment is not very convenient.

It needs about 72 hours for it to work on your hair effectively.

During this time, you shouldn’t rinse the hair or subject it to any circumstances where you can sweat.

No styles that will tamper with the process as well when you are wearing this style.

Safety Though it uses the keratin protein, you don’t have to worry about over keratinizing the hair. It’s a milder option. This is the mildest option as it contains no formaldehyde. Here you need to be careful, or else you will have the hair over keratinizing.

What Does a Brazilian Blowout Do?

The essence of using the Brazilian blowout is to get rid of the frizz while maintaining the texture of your hair. Let’s say you have wavy hair; the treatment will make it smooth, healthy, and bouncy. If the hair is curly, it will make it frizz-free, thus enhancing the curls.

If your hair is straight, it will make it shiny, frizz-free and just a little straighter. It can straighten the hair but not as much as the other treatments do. So, if you expect the Chinese like straight hair, this may not work for you.

It’s further the best treatment if you are transitioning to a new straight style. Using it first makes the transitioning process easy.

How Does It Work?

I don’t know of any other best smoothing treatment we have except for the Brazilian Blowout.

It deposits a layer of keratin protein to each of your hair strands, and this then seals the hair cuticles. You can use it to straighten your strands or even make it frizz free.

In the end, you have a smooth, shiny, and healthy strands. It’s a popular treatment because most women often experience frizzing of the hair. Since the product smoothens the cuticles, the hair becomes easily manageable especially because it stays hydrated.

When using Brazilian Blowout, you soak your hair in the treatment. Next, use the flat iron or blow dry to straighten the hair.

The Ingredients of Controversy in The Treatment

The treatment contains a lot of other ingredients which include some of the richest formulas from Brazil. Acai, camu camu are a few of the elements. One controversial ingredient that is essential in the treatment is formaldehyde.


This is a chemical composition that you use as a preservative and disinfectant. Unfortunately, it has long term adverse health effects on humans.

The reason why it’s used though is that it can change the structure of the hair protein.  Therefore, it causes the strands to be smooth and healthy.

Even when the ingredient is at room temperature, it can be toxic, but when its heated, it produces a toxic gas.

It has acute side effects, which include: burning eyes and throat, nose bleeding, asthma attacks, and skin irritations. It causes leukemia and nasopharyngeal cancer.

Today, many companies are claiming that they no longer use formaldehyde in the Brazilian Blowout. But just so you know, they can have it in different names. You should, therefore, be careful.

Benefits of Using the Brazilian Blow Out

  • It’s fast

The treatment works so fast that you don’t have to spend hours giving it time to change your hair structure.

  • It’s not permanent, but it will last long

For about three months, you will experience the smoothness and other positive effects of using the Brazilian blowout. The other good thing is that when you wish to stop using it, you can once this time has elapsed.

  • No more frizz and no dryness

The essence of the blowout is to smoothen the cuticles and ultimately get rid of the frizz. Moreover, once you smoothen the hair cuticles, you won’t experience more dryness. This hair remains hydrated.

Not only do you attain whichever texture you want, you can also maintain the bounce and health.

  • Styling and maintenance are easy

Unlike the times when you haven’t used the treatment when you use it, the care of the hair is easy. When it comes to styling the hair, it’s easy to comb and change the style, which makes it appropriate for use.

  • It’s flexible

Whether you have curly hair, wavy one or straight hair you can maintain the texture with the treatment. I further like that it lets you enjoy the different styles, not necessarily the straight hair only.

  • It works with almost all hair types

Whether you have kinky, curly, wavy, or straight hair, this treatment will work for you. For those with low porosity hair, you will find a way to smoothen the cuticles as it makes it quicker to dry the hair.

Is It Safe to Use?

There’s no doubt about the fact that these products work to deliver a silky and smooth hair. However, scientists say that it’s toxic to your health.

I know the moment you see the results on your thick and bushy hair you won’t want to put it down, but you may have to reconsider your choice.

The formaldehyde ingredient causes various ailments that include some cancers.

However, some researchers say that the treatment is safe to use because it contains just a little bit of the ingredient. It contains about the same amount that you have in the nail polish. Therefore, since you comfortably use nail polish, you should also use the treatment without fear.

So, to me, it is more about personal instinct. If you feel safe using it, go ahead and if not, stay away from it.

Disadvantages of Using the Brazilian Blow Out

  • The cost

The treatment is in itself quite costly. For most people, $120-$300 is a lot to invest in a very temporary process. Notice that you will even need to maintain the hair lightly.

  • Hair loss and damage

Once you have applied the treatment, you need to flat iron it or blow dry it to make it straight if you wish. The challenge is how to know that you have chosen the right heat for the hair. If you use excess heat, there will be damage to the hair.

  • Formaldehyde

The fear of cancer in the world is so real. So many people would rather have unruly hair than risk developing cancer. This ingredient causes some cancers. So since the treatment has the element, it’s only natural that people want to stay further away from it.

Who Is the Best Candidate for The Treatment?

If you have so much problem managing your hair, you can use the treatment. It will make it more manageable and reduce its unruliness.

But Who Shouldn’t Use It?

Although it’s said to fit all kinds of hair, you shouldn’t use it if your hair is too fine. This is even though you might also have a frizz. The treatment is too strong for such hair types.

Look for a suitable keratin treatment for those with such hair.

Will It Work on My Hair That Is Also Colored?

It doesn’t matter whether you have color treated your hair or not, this product still works. It’s even effective since if you have colored your hair since it seals your cuticles. The chances are that it will maintain the color for longer.

Stylists suggest that you should color the hair before you have used the Brazilian Blowout. The reason being that the cuticles are still open, and once you use the treatment, the cuticles will close.

If you wish to color your hair that you have already treated, you should wait for another three weeks before you can perform the process.

Side Effects

  • Cancer

Formaldehyde causes some cancers like leukemia, and that’s why most people are staying away from it. Aside from formaldehyde, there are other many ingredients like the formalin, methylene oxide, and others that will adversely affect the health.

  • Pregnancy

Pregnancy involves some changes. Therefore, if you are pregnant, stay away from such strong chemicals as the effects may be dire to you. It can cause miscarriages.

There are also complaints that it will cause infertility.

  • Changes the hair structure

That’s the role the chemical plays and if this is not what you want in the long run, then you should reconsider the decision.

  • Medical effects

From a burning sensation to nausea, throat ulcers, headache, and fatigue, you will experience some of the external conditions when you use it.

How Straight Will It Make My Hair?

Do you like the sleek straight hair that is almost similar to the Japanese and Chinese hair? This treatment won’t give you that level of straightness. It will be straight but not bone straight.

What’s more, the treatment doesn’t make your hair permanently straight. After 3 months it regains its original structure.

So, you have seen all about the style, let’s find out the cost. On average, making a Brazilian blow out will cost you $400. For some people, this is okay because it lasts at least three months. However, in a year if you decide to make it the dominant go-to method, you use about $2000.

Do’s and Don’ts of Brazilian Blowout

  • Although you come out of the salon with an already changed hair, you should wear it down for another 72 hours.
  • Not all products are right for you once you have treated the hair. Some shampoos and conditioners are just destructive.
  • No sodium chloride with processed hair. While almost all hair products in the market contain sulfate, they aren’t necessarily good for you. In fact, if you want the Brazilian Blowout, you should stay away from any shampoos and products that have sodium.
  • Do you like to color your hair? If you have already applied the treatment, you should at least wait for three weeks before you use the color again. Remember, once the procedure is on, you have a protein layer covering the shaft.
  • Rinse the hair clean after a swim. This gets rid of the chlorine and other chemicals on the hair that you find in the swimming pool water.
  • When using the blow dry or flat iron immediately after you use the Brazilian blowout, you should be careful that you don’t overuse it. Otherwise, you will cause hair damage.
  • Protect your hair at night while you go to sleep with a silk scarf.


Once you have treated your hair, don’t use the pins or slides for styling until after two days. This makes the hair to keep getting treated.

You love swimming but don’t swim all the time. Remember its a requirement that you don’t wash the hair frequently once you have treated it. This is to say that staying it the pool for long will make the treatment come out sooner.

Don’t use the regular shampoos as most of them contain sodium, which is never good for your hair.

Do not use a cotton pillowcase when you go to sleep. Remember you want the hair to remain hydrated and moisturized, so using a cotton pillowcase will absorb all the moisture.

Brazilian Blow Out Hair loss

Unfortunately, this is the truth about most of these treatments; they cause hair shedding and damage. If you take a look at the internet, the number of people complaining about the treatment causing hair loss is vast.

Notice that the change in the structure of the hair causes the hair loss. Sometimes you even cause the changes in the roots. Often when the change occurs in the roots, the hair begins to thin out, and then the shedding is inevitable.

With the presence of the formaldehyde, different effects are expected. Some of the effects include the hair loss especially if you use high heat immediately after applying the treatment.

Nevertheless, don’t worry the damage isn’t permanent. Your hair will begin to regain the structure and body once again and pretty soon.

Brazilian Blowout for Afro Hair

Most of us black women are born with different levels of curly hair that is also frizzy. The hair is often also voluminous and hard to manage. So, most of us choose to use the Brazilian blow out technique to make the hair manageable.

It also improves the shine and outlook. Do you know why we eventually opt for the Brazilian Blowout?

Some of us opt for the flat iron or blow, dry but then you can never get the best results. In a few days, the hair regains its unruly and unmanageable nature. Brazilian blowout is good because it smoothens the cuticles thus getting rid of the frizz.

Remember there are those who even have the 4c hair which shrinks to over 75% level. With these products, you can at least straighten the hair a little. The good thing is that as opposed to relaxing the hair where you need to use many styling products, here you only use a few.

You also save yourself from the need to visit the salon every week because you will have the treatment on for at least three months. While it needs maintenance, you will have the hair being shiny and healthy over a long time.

Moreover, this is not permanent. You will regain your hair texture once the time elapses and after several washes.

Notice that, if you have kinky hair, the Brazilian Blowout will also loosen the curls just a little bit. So, if you don’t want to lose the curls, the treatment may not work for you.

The products will further maintain a good level of shine that none other product can make. Not even perming or relaxing the hair can make it this shiny.

Therefore, for those who are tired of sew in and wigs maybe you should try this method if you have never tried it.

The styles

The Straightening stylesStraightening is the most common style you have when you are using the Brazilian blowout. Some may think it’s just a bawdry but its not. Can you imagine you staying with your straightened for weeks upon weeks?

  • Afro Brazilian Blowout

Afro Brazilian BlowoutYou can maintain the kinky curls and comb the hair to an afro after the Brazilian Blowout. The good thing is that the hair is now manageable.

  • Bob Brazilian Blowout style

Bob Brazilian Blowout styleA side-parted bob is a dream for every woman. It’s way easier to make a bob style when you have straight hair. It’s easy to achieve the styles because the hair is short. I particularly love the shine.

How to use the Brazilian blowout on African American hair

There’s minimal to no difference in the way in which you apply the treatment on those with straight hair as those with curly hair.

Step 1

Comb out the hair to get rid of all the tangles and mating.

Begin by washing the hair thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo. You need to get rid of dirt and previously used products.

Once you wash the hair, don’t use the conditioner as you would normally do. Leave the cuticles open.

Towel dry the hair but don’t rough it up.

Step 2

Part your hair into section and then start applying the treatment into the sections.

The reason why you part the hair to section is to make sure all the hair strands are coated with the solution.

You shouldn’t apply too much of the solution so that it begins to drip. Once you finish the application, wipe off the excess.

Step 3

Protect yourself by wearing a nose mask. This solution has strong fumes that cause discomfort when you breath them in.

Also, you have to dry the hair as you give it time to process. You can blow dry the hair and then flat iron it. Some people choose to go into the hair dryer. It will take about 20 minutes to dry out fully.

Rinse out the excess build up. This is what makes the difference with the other keratin types. Because here you can rinse the hair within the 90 minutes of the process. If you want, mask for the hair. Apply it all over the hair parts.

Next, rinse it once again to get rid of the mask. When you aren’t using a mask, use leave-in conditioner. You see every hair needs conditioning, especially if it’s chemically processed.

Dry the hair under the dryer for a few minutes because you should not walk in wet hair. Give it time to dry out entirely.

Step 4-Comb it out

Some people use the wide-toothed comb to get rid of the knots and tangles. Once you have combed out all the parts, use a flat iron to straighten it further if you want the hair straight. Flat iron the hair in sections.

You are ready to go

Remember, for the next three days; you should keep the hair straight don’t even use the styling tools to fold the hair. This is true if you want it to be straight.

After Care Tips and Products to Use

It’s not hard to take care of the hair once you have the Brazilian Blowout on. The only thing is you should avoid sulfate shampoos and sodium products.

You must wash your hair to maintain its cleanliness. However, you need to regulate the number of times you clean the hair. I often advise people to wash it once a week.

Remember, even if you have to use the regular shampoos, you should make sure you use one that is sulfate free. Better yet, follow our suggested choices.

1. Brazilian Blowout Shampoo and conditioner

The reason why I prefer this shampoo is that it contains the same composition as the treatment you use for the blow out process. Whenever you wash the hair; you pack it with amino acids.

This helps to enhance the smoothing results. Even when you have thick hair, this shampoo will smoothen it and thus get rid of frizz. The solid aim of the product is to maintain the Brazilian blowout.

What If You Want to Color the Hair?

You are called upon to color your hair before you treat it. This is based on the fact that you will smoothen the hair cuticles. You can decide to color the hair on the same day you are going to treat the hair because it works.

The most important thing to consider, though is that the treatment will affect the color of your hair. Therefore, choose a darker shade than the one you need. This will help to maintain the color when its lightened.

For those who love to swim

Some of us love swimming with a passion such that not even our hair can stop us. You subject the hair to chlorinated water and this can affect the hair gravely.

In such cases, you can use the products below

2. Brazilian Blowout Daily Smoothing Serum

The essence of the smoothing serum is to smoothen the cuticles. It works to keep the Brazilian blowout for even longer. It will detangle the hair, condition it and thus pack the strands with moisture then seal it off.

It further protects you from the UV rays. In essence, that means that you will have shiny and healthy hair.

Apply this serum before you go swimming as it will keep you protected and then when you are done swimming, rinse the hair several times then apply the same serum again.

What of Deep Conditioning

Remember, when you use the treatment, you often have changed the structure of the hair. Therefore, you need to nourish the hair so that you maintain its outlook.

In fact, go on to use the mask for a real replenishment.

3. Brazilian Blowout Acai deep conditioning masque

This one nourishes your strands with moisture. It further brings back more amino acids to the hair. In the end, it maintains the smoothness of the treated hair. You are guaranteed not to experience any form of dryness.

You can use a daily conditioner with the hair and then deep conditioner it at least once in two weeks. Use it when you have the time or leave it on the hair overnight.

What of the styling?

You still have to style the hair. You should be careful about the style you are choosing. Remember the products you use when styling can weigh the hair down or keep it safe. Choose the products you choose wisely.

4. Brazilian Blowout Thermal Straightening Balm

When you use this product, you will feel as though you have just applied the Brazilian blowout. It will maintain the shine and smoothness, making it easy to style. It’s best used when your hair starts to lose the Brazilian blowout.

It’s effective as a heat protectant too so you should use it just before you begin to blow-dry or use flat iron on your hair.


How long will I be in the salon?

It takes at least 90minutes to finish the whole process.

I have highlights, can it work on my hair?

Yes, it will work. In fact, since the hair is classified under the color treated hair, this product just enhances its outlook. It will reduce frizz then enhance the shine.

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