More Than 100 Braided Hairstyles to Try Today

Braided hairstyles have been in existence among black women for ages. It’s the style that will make you forget about your natural hair for a long time.

Although most people love wearing the style at any time, most women remember the braiding style in the summertime.

However, this is a style you can use at any time of the year, whether it’s winter, summer or spring. I like that the braids allow the stylists to be as creative as they wish.

So many styles that existed in the 80s have made a comeback, and that is to tell you that they will be around for ages.

The good thing about braiding is its versatility. You can make the cornrows, micro braids, box braids, fishtail braids, twist style, among others.

Braiding is a hairstyle that is here to stay. Notice that even celebrities use it from time to time.

African Braiding Styles

  1. Box Micro braid

Box Micro braidOne of the most common hairstyles is the micro braiding style. If you can get someone who knows how to make the clean and defined braids, the better. Make sure you use the long braids for the same. If you want, you can then slay the baby hairs too.

One advantage of the style is that it will suit all the different kinds of face shapes, so you don’t have to think much about that.

  1. Senegalese twist chunky crochet braids

Senegalese twist chunky crochet braids

Here you make one of the braided ponytail styles. So, you have a high ponytail for the long-braided hair. The secret is to make sure the braids blend with your skin color. Also remember to slay the baby hairs for a more finished look.

  1. Twist micro braid

Twist micro braidThe tiny twist braids are other styles you can try when you want a difference. This style is sometimes referred to as the rope twist. This style will give your hair the protection it needs while also bringing out the best facial features.

The good thing with micro braids is that you can easily take care of your natural strands and scalp since you will only hold a few strands on your hair.

  1. Two cornrow braids

Two cornrow braidsAre those summer days here?

The two braids are one of the most comfortable styles to make that won’t consume much of your time yet it acts as a protective style to your hair. Here, you can braid the hair close to the scalp, and it’s a good style for those who don’t like it when the hair comes close to the face.

This style will make you feel youthful and playful too. The style is subtle such that you can wear it for your professional calls as well as casual ones.

  1. Shuku Ghana weaving style


Shuku Ghana weaving style

Make simple push back braids that go to the end of your nape. You can add braids to the hair to make it longer. Some women though prefer to use their natural hair for the same, and that is still amazing.

  1. Layered braids with a bun

Like we have said in the previous context braiding calls for some form of creativity. For this style, all you need to do is make sure you hold the hair to a bun to make it an official style.

  1. Coiled flat twist

Coiled flat twistThe flat coiled twist is your other popular African style. It will look stylish, sleek and neat, then braid it to a ponytail. The technique doesn’t look like your regular three strands plaits, yet the side parting gives a face a definition.

  1. Bob braiding style

Bob braiding styleAnother one of the most common braiding styles is bob braiding. For this, it will fit a few head shape styles. The good thing about the braids is that it gives you the youth face. Here you have the take braids that are on shoulder length. Naturally, the braids are chic like.

  1. Braid Bantu knots

Braid Bantu knotsThe reason why Bantu knots thrive to date is that they are not only gorgeous, but they have a rich history behind them too. This is a staple style in Africa.

It’s a 90’s style that has just made a comeback. Therefore, you can use the blonde braids or any other color of your choice. Some people decide to use their natural hair, though.

  1. Fulani braids

Fulani braidsWhen all you want in style is the simple traditional style of Fulani braids, you can try this style. This features a full head of backswept braids. You can further accessorize using the bling and bring a single braid over the ears for a pop of surprise.

  1. Big cornrow braids

Big cornrow braidsThis makes some of the most eye-catching styles you could ever have. You can, therefore, make the big plaits and it does save a lot of time as the woman of today doesn’t want to spend a lot of time in the salon. The good thing about this style is that its easy to maintain and care for.

If you like, you can add the bling and ribbons to give it a better twist. Create the perfect pattern, too, aside from this one, if you want.

  1. Cleopatra braids

Another one of the common styles is this Fulani braid style. You will look like the Cleopatra of Egypt with this style.

This style is sleek feminine and with fancy details that give you the confidence you may need. The fact that the braids will drop on the side will help to shape your face even better.

  1. Fluffy cornrows with the side cornrows

Fluffy cornrows with the side cornrowsThis is another one of the natural cornrow styles to try. It features an open-ended mohawk style where you braid the sides to cornrows and then let the hair flow to the crown part.

Braiding Hairstyles for African American

  1. Double top knot braids style

Double top knot braids styleNaturally, we love the double knot hairstyles with wigs, weaves, and natural hair. You can also use them when you are braiding your natural hair. The secret here is to make the braids longer for it to look that natural.

You can then let the other braided hair to flow around your nape. This style gives you both the casual and professional look.

  1. Bob box braids

Bob box braidsThis is one of the trendy styles for anyone who adores short twists. You might have noticed this kind of braids around by celebrities all over the media.  This isn’t a new style as such, but it’s still as trendy as it was back in the days.

I like that you will blend the black hair and the blond one too.

  1. Poetic justice braids with bun

Poetic justice braids with bunAnother one of the most popular styles is the poetic justice braids style. You have a choice of either crocheting them or braiding. In crocheting, then you take a shorter time than when you have to braid the hair.

The bun will make it look as though it’s a professional look.

  1. Lemonade braid style

Lemonade braid styleWith the launch of Beyoncé’s album Lemonade, came the name lemonade braids. Even though the form had been in existence before, the name made it even more popular. This is all about creativity, so you can let the braids fall to the sides.

Finish off by adding the rope and bling to the braids. Remember, the style is about making the side braids long enough.

If you want to make an even better stand out, you can add the Dutch braids to the cornrows. Notice that this is a fun and versatile style you can try. I do love that it will bring out the best features of your face like the cheekbones.

  1. Shock waves inversion braids

Shock waves inversion braidsThe braids will take advantage of the natural flow of your natural hair. Here you don’t need to use the braids instead, use the natural hair to make the sea wave style hair. Remember that you should never touch your hair strands after you have finished making it stay neat.

  1. Cornrow French braid style

Cornrow French braid styleHere you can pull the two French braids on either side and thus, it will give you a dynamic appearance. You will also have the tiny natural hair cornrows to meet on the sides. The braid is long enough.

  1. Bubble braid updo

Bubble braid updoFor those special events, you ought to use any eye-catching styles. For this style, you may not need the braids rather your natural hair. Here the secret is to make the geometric sections, and that is what will make people glance at your hair in awe.

  1. Front cornrow braids and back box braids

Front cornrow braids and back box braidsBox braids have been in existence for ages, and they first originated in Namibia. This is a 90’s style, yet it’s as popular as it was back in the days. It’s a low maintenance style that is also protective hairstyle.  The style will give you so much more definition and versatility.

You could further use the braided synthetic hair, and they will enhance the volume and length of the hair. So add the cornrow braids and box braids.

  1. Crisscross braids

Crisscross braids are amazing, especially during the summer days. It features the use of chunky braids that are ideal for beach vacations. The good thing about the style is that it won’t take long to make. Also, you can shape braids using whichever design you like.

  1. Curly micro braid

Curly micro braidThere are very many trendy micro braid styles, and one of them is where you let the curly hair flow at the ends of the braids. This style is easy to care for and maintain. In giving it a side paring, you make it shape your face. The style makes the hair look healthy and amazing.

  1. Simple chunky cornrow braids

These Ghanaian braids style has been in existence for ages. You can use the style to protect your natural hair while giving you a beautiful finish. The secret is to maintain it so that it can last longer. Chunky braids are in thing today.

Natural Hair Braiding Style

  1. Halo braid

Halo braidThis is one of the simplest natural hair braiding styles. The style is a must-have for most women especially when you are looking for the most effortless style to protect your natural hair. Generally, you should section the front part of the hair to a bohemian braid.

The good thing about this is that you can achieve the style while at home without the need for any special tools. Therefore, make sure you divide your hair into half. The good thing si that you can undo the style in a matter of minutes.

  1. Chunky mohawk braid

Chunky mohawk braidHere you may use the single braid to achieve the perfect mohawk look. To give it the perfect finish, use the plumped, voluminous, and big mohawk style. The middle section is particularly chunky, with the extra thin tip that follows.

This style is ideal for those looking for an easy to manage style, and the best thing is that it does create a high contrast.

  1. Twist and cornrow updo

Twist and cornrow updoHere you make the twisted cornrows to make the modern style that is attractive and protective as well. In the end, you have the loose twists that will add the extra height while making the hairstyle look more elegant.

You can further create a bang with the ends that you will let fall on one end of the face.

  1. Crowded braid with a low bun

Crowded braid with a low bunThis style is not unique it’s also a cheap style. Here you have the braided crown that you pull to a bun. The good thing is that you can wear the style to an official function as well as the casual ones. The style will suit those with thick hair more.

  1. Inverted flat braids

Inverted flat braidsThis style acts as a protective style for your natural hair, and even though it takes a long time to finish, it looks the best. This is the best style for anyone who loves a hairstyle that comes with a protective style.

Cute Braiding Styles

  1. Floral braids

You should add some flowers to your braided styles. Here the stylist creates a simple braid with a loose ponytail then adds flowers.

You can use white and red-colored flowers on your hair. If you particularly wish to add some color to the hair you can use the flowers. Notice that it doesn’t matter the type of braids you choose you can use the flowers to add a pop of color.

  1. Braids with glitter

Braids with glitterOne other everyday fashion you will notice is the glitter on the braided hair. The sparkles are further ideal for the summer days. You make the two French braids then add the glitters. So, you can add different glitters.

  1. Waterfall braid

Waterfall braidWe have the waterfall braid styles, but you can decide to make the twists larger. Sometimes you can make the style simple for the different vacation days. If you are going for the party events you can use the waterfall braids for the same.

Many people make the waterfall braid at home, so you don’t need to go to the salon instead do it at home.

  1. Colorful braids

Colorful braidsAnother way to make the braids perfect is by adding the color. Here, you add not only the color but also the bubbles. Go on to make the styles blue and pink, but you can also blend the color with natural black hair. This style is refreshing and colorful to try or work on.

  1. Cornrow braid with a bun style

Cornrow braid with a bun styleAnother one of the fancy and chic styles is the cornrow braids styles. This style will look stunning and yet you can use the braids as you let them flow to the nape of your hair. This is one of the sexy methods that is also sophisticated.

Once you have the braids flowing on the nape, you can roll them into a bun. Moreover, if you wish, you can use the different colored braids together with the regular black braids.

Fancy Braids

  1. Rose flower braid

Rose flower braidAnyone with a beautiful medium hair can make this style. You can use your natural hair or the hair extension to make the cute flower bun. The hairstyle is more than stylish, but it’s also perfect for those functional wedding events romantic events among others.

  1. Ladder braid

Here is another one of the unique braid styles that is also simple for anyone to make. Hold your hair to a high ponytail. Start making the braid on the side of the ponytail.  You will need to braid small pieces of hair at a time.

Unique Braided Style

  1. Unique feed-in layered braids

Unique feed-in layered braidsIf you are lost for other options to try, you can use this style for a change. This style features a trendy braid style with very long hair. If you want, you can further add the accessories to the braids. This is another one of the unique hairstyles.

  1. The butterfly braids

The butterfly braidsAnother unique braid style is the butterfly braids that is often made on kids’ hair. If you have long hair, this should be very easy to achieve.

Pretty Braided Styles

  1. High braided bun

High braided bunThis is another one of the easiest to try. It’s a kind of feed-in hair that you use to make this elegant style.

You should always make sure the braids are neat and sleek, but you can style them to a high sleek bun. With this hairstyle, you can go for both the party events and the official functions.

  1. Voluminous beginner-friendly fishtail hair

Voluminous beginner-friendly fishtail hairIn making the fishtail hair big and lose, you make your hair appear voluminous. The style is trendy yet comfortable to achieve. You can pull the hair out at the end to add more volume to it.

Easy Hairstyles

  1. Milkmaid braid

Milkmaid braidThis is almost the same as the crown braid but now a slightly different style. Anyone can make the style as long as you have medium to long.

  • To begin with, divide the hair into two then make the line clear from the forehead to the nape.
  • Braid both sides to a pigtail braid. Then go on to wrap the twist to the forehead and then pin it to the forehead. Do the same thing on the other side.
  • You can then braid the other braid under the neck to secure the pins.
  • Use the bobby pins to make the hair tight and secure.
  • Finish off by spritzing your hair with hairspray.
  1. Fishtail braid

Fishtail braidOne of the best things about fishtail style is that it’s much easier to style than most people think. So, you can bring part of your strands over to the other side of the strands.

Just divide the strands into three sections and bring them from one side to another. But the braiding shouldn’t be tight remember. Go on to braid the hair down to the end of the strands.

  1. Sleek bun

Sleek bunThe sleek bun is a professional and casual style at the same time. Make sure you pull all of your hair strands down, then you can roll them at the nape.

One Side Braided

  1. Quick four strand braids

Quick four strand braidsIf you know how to braid the hair, then you don’t have to take the whole day for the same. Remember, this is about four strands and not the regular three strands. Take time to practice the style as you use the bling to add more accent to the hair.

  1. Fishtail twisted side braid

Fishtail twisted side braidIf all you want is to create a super effect for your side braid, then use this style. The style is ideal for those summer days when you want to spend time on the beach. But for it to work perfectly you need to have long and thick hair.

Although it’s a simple style, you can make it in just 8-9 steps.

  1. Rope twist braid

Rope twist braidAnother way to make the style is to make the rope twist on the side. Well, this one doesn’t consume much of your time, yet you can look your very best. You can make the style even when you leave the house.

47. How to create a French-style side braid

How to create a French-style side braid
For this braid, you can rest assured that you can add volume to the hair when you use the braid. Therefore, for those who have long, thick and voluminous hair you can plait the style direct. Then you can also use the curling iron to create volume to your hair.

So, go on to plait hair into a French braid once you have pulled all the strands over your shoulders. Leave out some flyaway hair on your face, though, for a more softer French braid look.

Go on to braid the hair to the end. Finish off by using an elastic band, and then you can spray the hair.

  1. Crown braid

Crown braidThe crown braid is not only elegant but also sophisticated, and it’s also the easiest to wear style. The style will suit those who don’t like the hair strands on their face and neck parts. It’s ideal for the busy woman of today. From weddings to official functions, you can use the style.

49. How to create your side braid

  1. Two braid style in the front

Two braid style in the frontHere, make sure you have the Yaki weave and then braid two simple cornrow braids on the front part of your head. For all the romantic occasions you would wish to attend, consider this style.

  1. Three braid style

Three braid styleSometimes the more the braids, the better. Here you can go on to hold the twists into a low bun. Often you will notice that there are two braids available, but every so often you may also find the four braids, but the three one is not as popular.

Here is one of the formal methods to bring out the braids and make the best of it. Remember, you can make the braids as many or minimal as you would want to.

French braids

  1. Long Dutch braids

Long Dutch braidsDepending on how long your hair is, you can make the simple Dutch braids. Of all the styles trending today, this is one of the most common ones. It’s also one of the easiest to make since you only braid three strands, and if you don’t have long hair, you can use the hair extensions.

  1. Short French braid

Short French braidEven when you have short hair, you can make French braids. With this style, you can look cool without having to strain. You can wear the braids at whichever age, and therefore you can use the bob hair length too.

Easy French Braid Styles

  1. Basic braid style

Basic braid styleIf you don’t know any other French style of braid, then make sure you braid the hair to a simple basic braid. It’s never a hard style to try, so you should master the basics to make all other French styles easy to braid.

  1. Mini French braid

Mini French braidThis is the best style to wear if you don’t want the hair to be flowing to your face. This braid is easy to make yet, it makes you look elegant, and you can use it for both professional and casual business.

Small French Braid Style

  1. Inside out French braid

Inside out French braidSome people may refer to it as a French braid, while others refer to it as a Dutch braid. All those are right, and it only matters where you are from.

The braiding happens on the inside out. So here you will braid the hair under the central strands. Notice that the hair even goes down at an angle. So, you will braid all the hair then use a hairband to secure it before you make it to a delicate chignon.

  1. French braided sided bun

French braided sided bunWhen you go for any informal occasion, you can wear this hairstyle. But the way it’s designed, you can also go with it for the professional functions. In this case, therefore, create a deep parting then start braiding the hair from one end. Go on to hold all the strands to a bun.

Long French Braid

  1. Long mermaid braid

Long mermaid braidThis is one of the hairstyles that would suit both those with long hair and a medium one. First off, you can use the three strands to make the braids then add on the extra strands to shape your face. Go all the way to the end to make you a mermaid.

  1. Two French boxer braids

Two French boxer braidsThis is one of the easiest braids to make where you need extensions you don’t have long hair. You can further add the gold bling to amp the style. Use this style for protection especially making sure your strands stay out of the way.

  1. Frozen Elsa French braid

Frozen Elsa French braidFor the love of Disney world, you can make a simple style above. Everyone wants to make a simple and elegant braid to fit in. For the Elsa style braid, visit the online YouTube for ideas.

Single French Braid

  1. Classy loose French braid

Classy loose French braidWhen all you want is a simple hairdo, then you can try this relaxed style. The secret here is to start braiding the hair from the middle center. This will require that you have long hair, and you can cross the braids one over the other.

  1. Side French braid

Side French braidThe French side braid is another easy style that you could use for your essential functions as a go back to school. So here you can sweep the hair to the side and braid it all, then let some strands on your forehead to smoothen the look.

You can then secure the style with a hairband to ensure it doesn’t come off. The fact that you may have lighter colors at the end makes it even better.

  1. Four French braids

Four French braidsThere are different methods to form a pigtail, and while you could twist or braid the three strands of hair, four strands is another one of the styles you may use. When you are looking to make the elegant professional look go for this style.

Blonde French Braid Style

  1. Halo twist

Halo twistThis will create a look like the half up half down. Twist the halo braid and add on some more flowers. This is one of the easiest styles to make that you can use for both the casual and professional functions.

How to Make a French braid

Braid Style for Medium Hair

  1. Messy fishtail braid

Messy fishtail braid

If you like trendy styles, you will know that the messy hairstyles are the in-trend styles in the market. But here you will blend it with the fishtail styles and the perfect color of the hair. Anyone who loves creativity knows this is one of the best techniques to try.

Remember, we aren’t talking of the outright messy hair, but it’s a nicely combed hairstyle.

  1. Side braid hairstyle

Side braid hairstyleIn making a simple braid at the crown part, you already have another style for the crown. The simple braid looks elegant on your medium hair especially since you have it covering the braids. Just make sure your hair has the sleek waves to go with it.

  1. Short braid with beads

Short braid with beadsSometimes the only thing you will need is to accessorize the hair to make it look even more beautiful. Make the large braids and then add on some form of bling.

Awesome Braid for Long Hair

  1. Swedish crown braid

Swedish crown braidWhen its summertime, you can try this style that’s easy to make and makes it easy to evade the ponytail normal. You can make it work with any of the summer dresses. To make it follow the steps in the images below.

How to make Swedish crown braid


  1. Rope twist style

Rope twist styleIf you have long hair even as a kid, you can make this easy to make style. Just make sure your hair is clean enough, then divide it into two sections. Hold the hair in a bun and begin to twist the ponytail ends.

  1. Wedding styles for long hair

Whether you are the bride or the person in attendance, some of these styles may serve you especially if you have long hair. You only need to find ways to make the hair voluminous.

  1. Half up pull through braids

Half up pull through braidsThis is one other fun and flirty hairstyle that you may use for the various events of your day. It features the half updo hairstyle. Here you have the twist braid as the start for the style.

You should first brush the hair and tie it to a half ponytail

Take the two strands that are next to your ear’s ant twist it then waits to conjoin it with the pull-through braid.

Braided Down Hairstyle

  1. Easy Boho style

Easy Boho styleWhenever you are looking for a beautiful mess style, you can try this one. It does give you a feel of a loose braid. Thankfully you also have the loose wavy hairstyle.

  1. Low bun updo

Low bun updoHere you have a side braid that you braid loosely but leave it settling loosely on your strands. You will also have a low bun that looks feathery. This is a style you may use for weddings and a party event.

  1. Half head braided style

Half head braided styleNatural hair cornrows are some of the best and easiest styles to make from time to time. Here you will blend both the braided cornrows and either straight natural hair or the hair extension. Consider styling the cornrows, though, for more style.

Modern Braided Style

  1. Jumbo braid ponytail style

Jumbo braid ponytail styleIf you want to know the one popular braiding style, it’s the cornrow style. Of all of them, we have the jumbo lemonade braids, which will help you preserve your lush hair. I haven’t yet met one person who makes the large cornrow styles, and they don’t come out perfect.

The style is beautiful, yet it’s easy to make. It will combine the dramatic style with the little color effect, but the fact that you bring them to a ponytail makes the style even better.

  1. Elaborate pattern with the big braids

Elaborate pattern with the big braids

This is a blend of both the thin and large cornrow braids to make different patterns for even more style. In this case, use the curves and large cornrow to make it even more stylish.

Braided Bun Black Hairstyles

  1. Sleek and braided hair with a bun

Sleek and braided hair with a bunHere we have the style being sleek straight on the front part but with a twisted bun on the crown. You can also have the back part of the hair in a braided cornrow. This is one of the most amazing hairstyles.

  1. Feed-in Double buns

Feed-in Double bunsIf you are creative enough, you can create this simple style to double buns. This style features the simple feed-in cornrows with a side parting. The buns though are just the spice to the style.

  1. Blonde braided bun

Blonde braided bunFor the love of blonde, make yourself this style. Here you have the thin cornrow braids that come in a perfect finish. So, you blend the black braids for the hair, and then blonde hair for the bun ends. With such a combination it can almost fit anyone.

  1. Braided updo with a low bun

Braided updo with a low bunThis style calls for creativity, and it’s a style that goes to connect at the nape of your head. It’s like you blend the halo braid and the heart shape design as well as a flower. For the most part, people will find this style unique so you can use it for special days like valentine’s day.

Straight Hairstyles with Braids

  1. Boho hairstyle

Boho hairstyleIn creating this simple braid, then you remove the hair from the face while giving it some shape. The hair is colorful with a simple braid to hold the hairpieces in place.

  1. Floral amazing straight style

Floral amazing straight styleHere, you need a little bit of creativity to make the flower, but you will also make the end braid.

  1. Crown braid hairstyle

Crown braid hairstyleI know you may be familiar with the typical style where you braid the hair around the hairline. Here you have the crown braid situated high up on the head. So, you have the crown mixing both the bun and the crown.

So, you will create it just the same way you do with the regular crown braid only here you don’t braid near the hairline but rather close to the crown.

  1. Flower embellishment crown braid

Flower embellishment crown braidIf you want one of the romantic looking hairstyles, this is one of them. So, you can place the flowers on the crown braid. Finish off by making the fishtail end of the braid. You might have seen these styles in the movies, but they too exist in the real world.

Fishtail Braid for Black Hair

  1. Fishtail braid

Fishtail braidHere you have several patterns brought together. Therefore, you have the fishtail going to the lower end while you make the cornrows and zigzag on the scalp. Make sure you hold the hair to a ponytail first then you can slay your baby hairs for a more finished look.

  1. Fishtail goddess braid

Fishtail goddess braidThis style is like the regular fishtail braid; only this is not on the tail rather, it’s on the scalp. It works when you braid the hair from the inside out to give it even more height. You then have the simple ponytail hair on the lower side of your hair.

Crazy Hairstyle

  1. Crazy awesome braid styles for girls

Crazy awesome braid styles for girls

White Braid Style

  1. Gorgeous loose braid

Gorgeous loose braid
Here once again, you should have the hair looking messy to make it a beautiful style. Often women prefer their hair to be sleek. However, with some, the careless messy style is just enough.

  1. Box braid ombre

Box braid ombreWhen you use the right braids, you will achieve the perfect white color style. Here you have the ends of your braids being white and the roots being black all to blend perfectly with almost any black woman. The major style, in this case, is the box braid hair.

  1. Half up half down

Half up half downOnce you have the white braids, you can hold them to half up and half down style. The tiny box braids will look elegant, but in styling them you give them spice.

Braid with Curly Hair

  1. Waterfall braid with ringlets

Waterfall braid with ringletsThis is your regular waterfall braid style, except you have the curly hair to perfect the technique. You also have the ringlets being in order.

  1. Curly micro braid hair

Curly micro braid hairHere you use the curly hair extension to make the micro braids, and the ends will then flow with the curls.

  1. Ponytail with curly ends

Ponytail with curly endsHere you have the braided cornrows forming a high ponytail, and the ends feature a flowy curly hair. For those who love curls you can bring them to the ends after you have blended the large cornrows with the tiny cornrow ones.

If you wish, you can even add the bling to the hair.

Box Braids Style

  1. Chunky box braids with half pigtails

To say that everyone enjoys the box braids is an understatement. Aside from hair protection, it also gives you an elegant style. We have a simple style, but that gives you the versatility to change the styles if you wish.

  1. Half bun half down

Half bun half downHere make sure you have longer box braids. Therefore, you can hold the hair to a simple crown bun then you can let the other ends of the hair flow. If you want, you can also accessorize the braids using the bling.

  1. Thick gold box braids

Thick gold box braidsThick braids are amazing, and they look good on almost any person. Ensure that your stylists cater to the hair tension, though to be on the safe side. The gold color is an additional spice to the braids. Also make the braids longer for easy styling.

Feed-in Braid Style

  1. Braided bun

Braided bunYou have the braids making a bun style first, but the most crucial part is that you can hold the hair to a high bun. The style is trendy yet gorgeous to suit anyone especially since you play around with the colors. For the summer days consider this style.

  1. Jumbo feed in braids

Jumbo feed in braidsJumbo braids have become so popular lately. They are great because you can arrange it however way you wish. They will always look stylish, but when you can add the rope accessorizing you make it even better.

Notice that you can either use the long or short braids, and anyone can find the pattern that’s best for their head.

  1. Half up half down cornrows

Half up half down cornrowsYou have seen the half up half down styles when you have the natural hair and hair extension, but you can also make them with the cornrows. They will often look perfect. Hold the hair to a high ponytail then let the other ends flow smoothly.

Single Braids

  1. Triangle style braids

Triangle style braidsWe have seen most of the single braids that are common among black women. This is one such style that features the use of long braids that come in the middle size. You can also slay your baby hairs to make it look the very best.

  1. Brown single braids

Brown single braidsSometimes in playing around with the color of the braids, you achieve your desired look. It blends the blonde and brown color. We are also talking of the tiny micro braid style, which is stylish on itself.

Goddess Box Braids

  1. Goddess box braids with tight curls

Goddess box braids with tight curlsThe fact that you blend the box braids with the tight curls makes it look even better. We have the middle length braids but with tighter curls. The braids are neat, and they look beautiful to give you some level of glamour.

The good thing is that it will suit everyone. If you, however, want, you can recreate the long braids with short curls.

Popular Braid Hairstyle

  1. Partial cornrow braids

Partial cornrow braidsPartial cornrow braids are some of the most common braids. You have the cornrows on one side, then natural hair, on the other side. It’s one of the very best styles to try. You have the natural hair flowing on one end and then the cornrow braids on the other part.

  1. Rope braids

Rope braids

Another one of the most significant examples of braids is the rope twist braids. Here you have long hair that will suit you even better. If you look at her hair, you will notice that the braids are made to look like a rope. You can also add some accessories.

Cornrow and curls

Cornrow and curlsHere you make your natural hair cornrows tight; then, you blend it on with the curl weave or curly natural hair.

  1. A braided style for kids

A braided style for kidsBraided Wavy Hair

  1. Half up updo

Half up updoWavy hair is naturally the perfect style for different events, which include parties. However, you can make the halo braid around the crown of your head to have the hair strands get outside your face. This is one of the regular crown braids styles.

  1. Ash-blonde braided lace front wig

Ash-blonde braided lace front wigHere you can make a few simple braids to the hair then let the other wavy parts usually flow.

Micro Braids with Curly Hair

  1. Wet and curly braids

Wet and curly braidsHere you have the roots braided and then the curls at the ends of the hair. So, for this style to serve you, then you need to braid a few centimeters off your roots.  Then you can braid the front of your forehead.

In braiding the hair first, you make it easy for your hair to lie flat. It’s at a medium level.

Latest Braided Hairstyle

  1. Light blue cornrow braids

Light blue cornrow braidsThe light blue hairstyle has a massive impact on the hairstyles. Today more women are attracted to the colorful braids as opposed to the regular black one. This is one of the styles that you will love, especially since it blends the blue and black color.

  1. Faux loc braiding

Faux loc braidingMore people wish they could have the dreadlocks for a day or two. Therefore, we have the faux locs that look more like the dreadlocks. Here you can hold all the hair strands to a high bun. Then go on to slay your hairline.

Braiding Hairstyle with Weaves

  1. Half hair ponytail braid style

Half hair ponytail braid styleYou have the top being braided, and then you will have the ponytail base wrapped to show you the glam. Additionally, the curly hair at the end spices the look even further.

  1. French braid with curly hair

French braid with curly hairHere you make the two French braid then let the hair flow in curls. You can have the curls being brown. Also, go on to slay the baby hairs.

  1. Simple African braid with the weave

Simple African braid with the weaveMake a sleek ponytail hairstyle with the curly hair extension, but on the side, you do have the simple braid. The curls will flow smoothly and considering the braid is the easiest to make, this will be the best style of choice.

Loose Braid Style

  1. Messy look

Messy lookHere you have like a loose side braid with a bun that makes it look as though you just woke up and went out. That’s not the case because this is a style by itself.

  1. Long loose plait

Long loose plaitSo instead of letting your bangs hang, you can braid them into a long plait.

Although you make the braid lose, its perfect for some of the hot summer days as it allows air through to your scalp.

  1. Tight braids

Twisted Braided Updo

  1. Bun with a twisted updo

Bun with a twisted updoEven with the natural hair, you could use this style to create the perfect bun with a flat twisted style.

  1. Flat twist updo

Flat twist updoThe flat twist is some of the most common styles you could ever have. For anyone who loves the curly hair but you don’t want to get it all over the head, you can make this flat twist style while adding on some color to it.

  1. Micro braid updo

Micro braid updoHere you have a blend of three hairstyles at a go. We have the undercut, the micro braids style with the updo. It doesn’t matter whether you have the short or long braids; the undercut is your best additional touch of glamor.

  1. High bun updo

High bun updoThis is one of the most popular styles where you will have a high bun with the side bang style. These tiny braids are stylish by themselves. So, when you want to make the style you will first have to hold all of your hair into a ponytail.

  1. Rose braid style

Rose braid styleIf you have been on Instagram lately, you should know that this is one of the styles that are quite popular. It’s a simple style to make since you use the natural hair to make a rose flower.

  1. Wedding style rose braid

Wedding style rose braidYou don’t have to spend time and money in making the rose flower braid. You will need, however, to use your natural hair to make the perfect rose flower at home. You can then add some bobby pins to spice up the style.

Ponytail Braid Updo

  1. Blonde color ponytail braid

Blonde color ponytail braidWhen you have a blonde color for the ponytail style, you make it even better style. Therefore, when you feel like you need some spice to the natural color you can use the blonde hair.

  1. Fishtail ponytail

Fishtail ponytailWhen you have the ponytail hair, you can even make the fishtail ends, and to spice the look you can add the accessorizing bling. Make sure you use the thicker braids for the style.

  1. Upside down braided ponytail

Upside down braided ponytailWhen you want to go to school, you should use this style since its quite easy to make. So do start at the nape area then let it flow to the ponytail style. Some people even decide to make the style to a bun, but you are free to make a bun or ponytail.

Caucasian Braid Styles

  1. Braided bun

Braided bunThis is one of the most important hairstyles you can make for special events. It’s perfect for both girls and young women who are looking for a unique hairstyle.

  1. Upswept braids with two bows

Upswept braids with two bowsIf you want an upswept hairstyle then this is another one of the most popular styles that you may use for different party events. Here we have the bows at the crown level to gather with two braids.

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