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8 Best Bonnet Hair Dryers – Top Rated and Buyer’s Guide

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Sitting under a traditional dryer isn’t a cup of tea for most people I included.

Luckily, we have the option of using a hand dryer. However, even this may cause your hair damage if you use it over high heat. The best alternative is, therefore, a bonnet.

The bonnet hair dryer came in after a series of inventions. The first one was the invention of the blow dryer in the late 19th century.

It was used in a French salon but shortly after, the handheld hair dryer was born.

Today, we have the handheld hair dryer which is popular among most people especially when they wish to make hair curls.

It turns out that the bonnet hair dryer is indispensable because unlike most other hand dryers and regular dryers, it will neither dry your scalp nor make your strands weaker.

Do You Know What A Bonnet Hair Dryer Is?

I know you have probably come across the item above. This is especially common with those who don’t like traditional salon dryers where you sit under the dryer. It not only dries your hair fast but you can use it both at home or in the salon.

In simple terms, this is a device that you use to dry your hair. It comes in the form of a hood sitting over your hair.

I’m sure that almost every woman is familiar with this item especially if your hair doesn’t just lock quickly. This item will bring your salon results home.

Bonnet is different from a hair dryer in that a hair dryer is designed to flow bursts of heat on your hair and this may cause scalp dryness. Bonnet circulates air evenly which is, in essence, soothing to the human scalps.

It’s effective because it’s heating elements are a distance away from the scalp. For this reason, it’s a safe method of drying your hair.

Types of Bonnet Dryers

There are two types of bonnet dryers, the soft and hard bonnet dryers.

  • The hard bonnet dryer

The hard bonnet dryer best suits commercial premises because they are more expensive and are often attached to the client’s seat. They sit under them and get their hair dried. The major advantage of using this dryer is that it aides for the even circulation of air.

  • Soft bonnet dryer

This one, on the other hand, is often used at home and it’s cheaper. They will deliver almost the same result. The dryer unlike your regular hand dryer is light and will never strain your arm. It’s also preferred when you have weaker hair that requires intensive treatment.

Bonnet Hair Dryer

Features of The Bonnet

  • It’s hands-free

Whether you have a soft bonnet or hard one, the devices set your hands free to tackle other activities or just rest. Unlike the hand dryer that you have to hold, a bonnet is either set on the chair stand or the hood is placed directly on your head and the device on the table.

  • The varying heat settings

Different people have different hair types. For this reason, a good bonnet should accommodate all the different kinds of hair. This is determined by the hair settings of your bonnet.

For example, if you have thin hair that requires gentle treatment, the low heat treatment should work for you. Alternatively, if you have thick and healthy hair, you may use a slightly raised heat.

  • Does it have a timer?

You don’t want to spend the whole day in the hair dryer therefore, you need to know how long you should take in the dryer. Notice that if you are using rollers and your hair has a medium level thickness and medium height, it should take you roughly 20 minutes.

In this case, you may set the timer to 15minutes first so that you check if it’s ready then add some more minutes.

  • It should have a cool shot setting

Your potential bonnet should have a cool shot setting as this will keep your hair locked in place.

  • Does it have varying speed?

This bonnet should allow you to control the speed of the air circulation. This may differ with different hair kinds. With this feature, the bonnet hair dryers reduce hair frizz.

  • The bonnet hoods

It’s best to only choose the dryers with larger hood especially if you intend to use them with your rollers. It should fit on your head while you are wearing the rollers. You should also have a space between your hood heating element and the rollers.

The space aides in the proper circulation of air.

  • The flexibility

If you will have the bonnet with a difference in height then you will be able to sit wherever you wish to in your house by simply adjusting the length.

Best Bonnet Hair Dryers

1. Soft bonnet hair dryer

Beaut’e soul is one of the major brands to watch for whenever you are looking for a bonnet hair dryer. Typical of the soft bonnet hair dryers, you are free to handle other roles in the house as your hair is drying because the dryer is flexible.

If you decide to take care of your hair, you don’t have to spend so much money in the salon rather just this soft bonnet hair dryer. I like that it has a larger hood than most others which makes it ideal for all hair styling purposes.

You have hair curlers and rollers in the package, how nice can it get? The fact that its hose is long allows you to go on about your other tasks in the house. The hose collar, on the other hand, is big enough to fit any hand-held dryer.

This device will allow you to use all kinds of treatments on your hair. Besides, if you wish you can convert your hair dryer to a professional piece. This is a safer option because it has an adjustable hair heating cap strap on the side to make sure it fits you properly.

It reduces the conditioning time and the item is portable which means that you will remain stylish everywhere you go. It has a waterproof material that is hand washable and you can’t damage it easily.

2. Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

It doesn’t matter which kind of hair you like or have, from locks to kinky and to braids the Laila soft bonnet is at your service. The fact that it has an infusion of ions makes it ideal for use with your chemical-treated hair.

The single most important advantage of this hair dryer is that it will lock in all the moisture thereby preventing the damaging of the hair. The hood has sufficient room to accommodate all your rollers and other curls.

The best part is that It’s comfy yet cheap to buy. It’s easy to use because you only need to choose among the 3-speed setting. Laila uses an even distribution of heat system as well as the ions to quickly dry your hair.

It comes with a case where you can keep the set for easy transporting. Besides, its only 3½ pounds. There’s no doubt about the fact that it offers salon quality hair drying. For your safety, while using the item, it has a drawstring that fits it safely on your head.

Its cooling setting helps to lock your hair after the styling. Generally, the collar is wide which might be ineffective when you are using a small dryer.

For natural hair

3. Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment

The one thing standing out about this soft bonnet is that you may use it for all hair types and it remains effective. From your natural hair to drying extensions and long thick hair, bonnet hood has you covered.

The item has a waterproof material that makes it stand any kind of temperature. Regardless of your head size, the item will fit since it has adjustable straps. The best part is that you may use it for all the hairstyles you need since the hood is large enough.

Its hose is not only wide but also long. This allows for the passage of warm heat and multitasking ability. What’s more, the hood is large enough to give you an even distribution of heat.

The collar of the item has a gripping silicone material that keeps your hair dryer from slipping. It will further fit any kind of hair dryer. You even have the chin straps to keep it from flying over your head.

For black hair

4. Conair Pro Style Collapsible Bonnet Hair Dryer

You can easily adjust this device to suit your height or when you need it to be higher when you are using rollers. Besides its large enough to fit all your big rollers. You also have a carrying handle to enhance portability.

One major advantage of this item is that you just need to rotate it a little bit for it to turn into a tabletop piece. You have 2 sets of heating; the high heat setting and the low heat setting. The high heat setting will stand the thicker, curly or kinky hair.

The low heat setting, on the other hand, makes it easy to dry thin hair and different other hair types. You may even use it for drying your synthetic wigs. It’s durable and will be lasting long as opposed to other soft bonnets.

Besides, the brand has a history of making ideal styling items. It’s further cheap and maybe this is why it’s common. Although its heavier than most other bonnets it comes with a compact storage system that makes it easy to transport.

The portable ones

5. Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment

The one factor that determines the portability of a bonnet is its weight and this one has just the ideal weight for transportation. The item features a large bonnet size that will fit all your rollers for the varying styling option.

It further has a long hose to ease the multitasking ability since it remains hands-free. Its collar will fit almost all types of hand dryers. It also comes with a storage bag that eases the storage of the item.

The bonnet hair dryer has an adjustable drawstring that makes it easy to fit the cap in place. It further has holes to aid in the heat distributing. It’s important to let your hair dry evenly and effectively. Since it comes alongside a towel the conditioning time is reduced.

Whether you wish to use it for heat conditioning and treatment or just setting the curls this is your ideal partner.

6. Andis 500-Watt Professional Bonnet Hair Dryer

We use this bonnet for all hair types even the shorter bob cut types and this is attributed to the fact that its designed for the professional purpose. You gain all the professional benefits of drying your hair with ease at the comfort of your home.

Since it also has ionic technology, the item is effective in taking care of your destroyed hair. The item is lightweight which makes it easy to store and travel with it. Its handle eases the transportation ability.

The hose eases make the drying flexible thus giving you ultimate comfort. The item is good for your thick and curly hair. The best part is that you may use large rollers for quicker drying and larger curls.

It uses two heating levels with both the high and low settings. Since the item allows for adjustability, it distributes sufficient heat evenly to your hair.

7. Gold ‘N Hot GH3984 Ionic Soft Jumbo Bonnet Dryer

Although most of the dryers here are ionic for ease in drying this one stands out. It accommodates your large rollers for ease in the drying. People love the ionic formula because it not only dries your hair quick but also avoids the hair damage.

It remains shiny and smooth yet beautiful for a longer time. It, like most other soft bonnets, has a long hose. With the two-speed setting, you can dry different kinds of hair.

8. Revlon Ionic Hard Bonnet Hair Dryer

This gives you the best of both worlds. You may use it in the salon though it’s equally effective at home. Since you can place it on your chair, it doesn’t occupy too much space. It has a large cap to accommodate your large rollers if need be.

The best part is that if you wish to carry it for most of your traveling purposes, you can collapse it. Its ionic technology gives your hair the perfectly smooth and shiny finish. Forget about the frizz problem with this item.

You may use the 2 heat and speed levels to dry and style your hair. It further has a safe place to store your cord after use. The item like other soft bonnets above is a hands-free type.

Bonnet Dryer Vs Hooded Dryer

The bonnet dryer which is a dryer that connects to the iron air flow hose then at the end it has a cap. Hooded dryer, on the other hand, is the dryer that may have a tabletop stand or grounded one.

It further has a dome-shaped cap which is where you put your hair and it produces heat to dry your hair.

The bonnet dryer is more convenient and portable because it’s easy to store and is mostly lightweight. Although the hooded one is also portable, you can’t compare it to a bonnet dryer.

Moreover, the soft bonnet allows you to move around as you are drying your hair something that the hooded one doesn’t.

The hooded dryer dries your hair faster than does the bonnet dryer. The bonnet is further a hooded dryer inspiration.

The hooded dryer is durable and will last longer than the bonnet. However, the hooded type is expensive when compared to a bonnet dryer.

Points to Consider When You Are Buying A Bonnet

The hair dryers will come in different styles, sizes, budgets, and shapes. It’s all a matter of your point of interest when buying the bonnet.

  • Where will you use the bonnet?

Notice that there are bonnets for the salons and those that you may use at home. You, therefore ought to ask yourself where you will be using yours. The salon bonnet is mostly meant for commercial purposes and its, therefore, a little more expensive than the one you use at home.

Other questions you should ask is whether you will use it on transit because then there are portable bonnets.

  • What is your hair type?

Before you go and buy the bonnet, understand your hair. Is it the thick and course one or the thin one that maybe needs more treatment? This will help you to determine how long you wish to have your hair in the dryer.

In addition, a bonnet with high wattage is ideal for one with thicker hair. On the contrary, you need low wattage for your thin hair.

  • The budget

If you are anything like me then you must know that this is something you don’t want to ignore. What is your set price for the piece? Like most other products, people believe that in paying more, they get a better product which is never the case.

  • Are you concerned about the brand?

For me, the brand is everything in buying some items especially the electronic items. If you can choose an item from a brand that has operated for years in the same field and is effective, the better.

  • Is it portable?

For those of you who love traveling, you must check for this quality. In that case, the lighter the weight the better and as you know we would all prefer the soft bonnet for portability purposes.

The Benefits of Using the Bonnets

  • Lesser manual work

Whether you are using the hard or soft bonnet, it involves less manual work than when you are using the hand-held hair dryer. The thing is you can take on other tasks as you are drying your hair because your hands are free.

Another advantage of this point is the fact that you don’t need to strain and twist your arms. You won’t even require to bend a certain way to dry your hair. Everything happens under the hood.

  • It’s flexible

While a bonnet is solidly known for the role of drying the hair it also has another role. It aides in the deep conditioning and treatment of your hair. In essence, this means that in using it your hair then is deeply treated thus making it stronger.

Your hair will not only assume a smooth texture but also healthy strands in no time because the device allows you to use the different treatments.

  • Styling

Whether you wish to use the bonnet dryer for your roller curls or just for the drying of your wet hair, it is one of the most effective methods.

I don’t know of any other method that is ideal for use with your curls. It keeps the curls in place while ensuring they don’t tangle. In addition, it will remain smooth.

  • You may use it at home

Although most of those who use the bonnet hair dryer at home use it because they wish to take care of their hair, some people use it for their small businesses. If this is you then the bonnet will help you to quickly expand your salon business.

  • It’s portable

Even while you are travelling, the last thing you need is an unkempt hair. Bonnet hair dryer is your best bet for retaining the hair curls and keeping the hair dry and healthy while on transit.

  • The wigs and hair pieces

Even when you are wearing wigs, you have every reason to maintain cleanliness. The dryer will dry the wigs evenly quick as opposed to excess heat subjected to it. Intense heat weakens the hair. You may even use it for drying your synthetic wigs.

Where to Buy the Bonnet Hair Dryer

There are many hair equipment stores in major cities of this country where you can get the different brands of the bonnet dryers. You may find this equipment in most beauty stores and mega stores.

Furthermore, you can conduct your market research online before you go buying the item offline or online. Sites like Amazon and eBay will give you all the best products.


I’m sure most if not all of these products listed above are effective but I would recommend Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer since it’s a famous brand that has served many over the years.

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