The Complete Guide to Body Wave Perm

Over the years, women have used different techniques to change their look. We wear hair extensions, color our hair and use chemical procedures to change the hair texture.

We do all these for change. But one of the most loved styles is perm.

Would you love to have wave perm? Before you do notice that any form of chemical treatment to the hair may adversely affect the hair. You obviously need to take good care of it. Needless to say, with this perm, you will feel young and nicely different.

What Is A Body Wave Perm?

We all have different hair textures, lengths, and volume. But if you are looking for more volume, the best way to style your hair is to make the waves. Nevertheless, you should know how you are going to care for the hair.

Body Wave PermBody wave perm features the loose curls that you form on your hair to make it wavy rather than curly. In this case, we use the larger rollers during the perming process. You will develop soft and loose waves.

This style is durable, but the waves will be tighter and more developed within the first weeks. Then in around a month or two, it begins to loosen even further.


What Is A Perm?

Perm is also called the permanent wave. It involves the treatment procedure for the hair that brings out tight or loose waves and curls. So, different perming solutions determine the outcome.

Notice that, the procedure is somehow permanent although most pioneers say that it’s temporary. Since you will use the chemicals to change the texture, the hair growing from the roots will take on the same curly or wavy texture as opposed to straight.


Why Perm Your Hair?

There are so many reasons that would make anyone want to perm their hair.

The hair will look much better

If you are tired of wearing straight hair, then anything that will make your hair different is welcomed. Most people opt for perm to achieve good-looking waves.

Sometimes I usually think it’s our visual pictures we have of how we would look with the permed hair that pushes us to perm the hair.

Creates volume

Natural wavy hair has a way to increase the visual thickness of the hair. Perm will work if all you need is volume. If you have thin hair, then the style increases the hair volume.

Reduces the styling time

This is already a style in itself. Therefore, you only need to brush it here and there. So, you won’t need to use a curling iron and perm rods every time before bed. You already have the waves.

Things to Know Before the Perm

When you decide that you wish to perm your hair, it’s okay but here are a few things to note before going on with the procedure.

Check your hair, is it in good condition?

This is very important as this will determine how valid the perm is. It also indicates whether the hair will maintain its good condition. It’s not advisable for you to perm unhealthy hair. That will cause more damage.

Perm is best applied on bare hair

If you already bleached the hair or applied chemical to the hair, you will damage the hair when you perm it. Remember any form of chemical treatment weakens the hair so make sure the perm is your first chemical treatment.

You will go back to straight if you wish

Although it’s considered permanent, it’s not so much a permanent style. If you want to, you can get it straight again. It will take time, but you will eventually develop the straight hair once the hair has grown out. Remember with the perm; you can wash it away.

If you, however, decide to use the straighteners, do use the heat protectant for the process. Otherwise, stay away from straighteners and any other heat tool.

No chemical treatment before and after the perm

Your hair is already weak enough after using the treatment on it. For this reason, you ought to stay away from the treatments at least a month before and after.

There will be a change in your hair care routine

You have changed your hairstyle. So, the products you use will also change. Don’t expect to use the same products you were using before. Invest in shampoos, conditioners, oils, and sprays meant for those with treated hair.

Conduct research to come up with the list of products you can use on the hair.

Are you committed?

This style calls for commitment. You don’t expect to notice the difference immediately. It will take a few days. Therefore, give it time to see the difference between the hairs.

Set time aside for the procedure. This is not something you will do over the lunch break and rush back to work. You need about 3 hours for the whole process.

If you are anything like me who never likes too much commitment on the hair, sorry this won’t work for you. Perm calls for proper maintenance, or else you will lose all your hair.

Dont wash that hair right after the perm

I know you may be those who wash their natural hair daily. But don’t wash your hair right after a perm. It will cause you so much damage. Let the hair be for the next 48 hours. Then you can wash it as it’s now fully done.

Have a good conditioner

Often, the perm damages your hair. Therefore, you should ensure you use the right conditioner for the process. Remember the perm in itself is quite drying; therefore, you need to use a conditioner to moisturize it.

How Does the Perm Work?

We all love the curls, especially when you were born with straight hair. But, have you ever wondered how it works?

You should know that the hair’s vital component is keratin, and that is what is altered a bit to change the texture.

So, the keratin has a component called amino acid cysteine. This amino product then has the reactive sulfur atoms. So, when you have the two molecules of keratin, you make the disulfide bonds.

So, this disulfide bond is responsible for the kind of curls formed by the perm. The bond is easy to break using the external chemicals than it would be to break the keratin molecule.

For the cold perm, you roll the hair to the curlers and then apply the reducing agent on it. In a few minutes, you will have the disulfide bonds breaking, and then the hair keratin molecules are free.

Therefore, the reducing agent changes the structure of the hair strands making it curled. Then the neutralizer is used to stop the process. Generally, it then reverses the effects of the reducing agents.

In the process, you form new disulfide bonds that lock the hair into the curly or wavy shapes. The different reducing agents determine the different types of perm.

How to Perm the Hair

To begin with, you have to check the hair stature. Confirm that the hair is in good health and it can handle the different chemical composition. If the hair is over processed, you will have to wait for it to regain its strength.

But if the hair is healthy, then you can dive right away to the procedure. Set aside at least 3 hours for the whole process.

Prepping the hair

You wash the hair with the right shampoo and conditioner first. Part the hair into sections then roll it on the curlers or rollers. Always make sure you have all your hair rolled over the rollers.

Apply the ointment to your hairline to avoid all forms of burns that may occur. When using the rollers, you should know that the thickness of the rollers determine whether the hair will come out curly or wavy. If you want waves, use the thick rollers.

Apply the perm solution

The next vital process is to apply the ammonia thioglycolate (perm solution). Apply it to all the rods that you have on the hair.

It works since it opens the cuticles to restructure the shaft. It does so by breaking the disulfide bonds as earlier mentioned. It will take it at least 10 minutes.

The neutralizer

Once you have used the perm solution, you should rinse the hair with warm water. Then you can use the hydrogen peroxide solution to set the new shape of your hair. The essence of the neutralizer is to reinsert the disulfide bond.

Give it some time then remove the rollers. Use enough neutralizer because it also stops the perming process. Next, rinse your hair in three to five minutes.

Washing the hair

Remember, you will develop varying results once you have finished perming. If you have the fresh perm, you should only wash it after 48 hours. This ensures the disulfide bonds stay put even though it will eventually it grows out.

How Long Will the Body Wave Perm Last?

The body wave perm lasts about six months. Remember, during this time you need to take good care of it. The perm, just like the colored hair may experience massive damage. The perm doesn’t wash away the same way that the color does.

The Average Cost of The Perm

The cost of perm varies depending on the city you are at and the stylist that will work on it. But it will be between $50-$300.

Types of Perms

There are a few types of perms that you can try today.

Body wave perm

Body wave permSince we are so interested in this type of perm today, we can start the list with it. I know many people who aren’t confident to wear a spiral perm, so this serves them best. This kind of perm is designed to serve those who are interested in increased volume.

It’s wavy but never too tight. For those who naturally have straight hair, this will be a great option. The reason why its quite popular is that it works with all the different kinds of hair. From fine to thick and to flat hair.

If you are also looking for the definition of your curly hair, this style is going to serve you best.

Root perm

Root permThis is ideal for you if you have hair that is flat and lifeless. From the name, notice that the perm works to just perm the roots. You develop some curls at the roots to give it body. The result is that it will lift the rest of your hair, thus giving it volume.

Do you have short hair and have been wondering what kind of perm to try? Here is one that suits those with short hair. It gives it a fashionable look and fullness you desire as well.

Spiral perm

Spiral permThis is one of the most popular kinds of perms we have. It features the tight rolls and curls. The tightness though is determined by the perming rod you are using. When you make it with the help of skilled personnel, it will last up to six months.

It can look like the twisted corkscrew if you use the very tiny rods. When you are looking to add more volume to your hair, use this style. The reason is that the curls don’t rest flat on your scalp.

It’s voluminous and bouncy too. There are people with natural curls that look like spiral curls, especially those with type 3 hair. If you have un defined curls, you can use the perm for the definition.

Pin curl perm

Pin curl permDo you have short or medium hair?

Here is yet another style to try. It doesn’t last as long, but it can work over a few days. So, if you are looking for a style to suit just a few special occasions, this is it.

For this style, you use both the pins and curlers to come up with these unique curls. They will create tight curls. Also, you don’t use any harsh chemicals; rather you use the curling gel.

For this reason, the moment you wash the gel off, your curls are also washed away.

Multi-textured perm

Multi-textured permThis is a natural-looking perm. It works only on long hair. For the process, your hair stylist will use two different rod sizes. They make the curls and waves lie over each other with ease. For this reason, it’s the most natural looking perm pattern.

Are you looking for volume and bounce with the curly hair? this is the style to try. You shouldn’t do this at home. Instead, seek the help of the professional because they know the rod size to use and how to layer the hair over each other.

Spot perm

Spot permCelebrities love this perm. It involves the use of curls on particular sections of the hair. A good example is that you curl only the mid-section of the hair or the ends. Whether you want tight or loose curls, it’s okay.

Stacked perm

Stacked permThis is not suitable for those with layered hair. You need to have a single length of hair. I like that it works with women of all the different faces. Therefore, you only curl the ends of the hair. Ultimately, you will have created an illusion of volume to the hair.

Volumizing perm

Volumizing permFrom the name, the essence of this perm style is to add volume. Your stylist will use extra tiny rods to create tighter curls and ultimately great volume.

Partial perm

Partial permFor the most part, people think the style is the same as spot perm. But there’s a difference between the two. Here you add curls to just a few sections of the hair. Thus, some of your strands remain straight.

What Kind of Perm Should I Get?

Generally, you can do the perm on all the different kinds of hair textures. There are no restrictions. However, the factor of concern should be the health of your hair. Also, seek the help of a professional for more guidance on the perm to try.

How to Care for Body Wave

Without proper care of your newly permed hair, it won’t last. In fact, damage is inevitable. Since you don’t want to damage the hair, you should use the following tips to take care of the hair.

No more treatment on the hair for a stipulated time

We have said it before; if you intend to get a perm, you will need to have healthy hair. Unhealthy hair won’t stand the pressure of perming. Equally, after the process, you will need to employ all the techniques that can rejuvenate your strands.

Therefore, you shouldn’t color the hair or use any other harsh treatment option on the hair for the next three months. If you do, you risk experiencing hair loss.

Protect the hair

Once you are from the summer vacation or any other form of vacation, most people want to try a style that is easy to manage. The body wave perm is a wash and go style with not a lot of styling need.

However, you should always use heat protectants on the hair after the perm. It will shield it from the harsh rays of the sun. Also, shield your hair from the chlorine and salt of the ocean when swimming.

Air dry your hair rather than using heat

Already as it is, the hair is weakened. Therefore, use less heat or none at all. Airdrying is the best option to choose from. However, if you need a little touch-up, make use of the curling iron at the lowest temperature possible.

Nourish your hair

If you have been keen, then you will notice we said that the whole process alters the hair protein. Therefore, your focus should be on the nourishment of the hair shafts and increasing protein.

Go for the protein treatments like olapalex reparative treatment among other treatments.

Deep condition and mask the hair

It’s only when you deep condition your hair that it regains its natural structure. You will need the moisture since the scalp may not deliver as it always did. You can use the deep conditioner at least once a week or twice depending on the need.

Wash it less and condition more

Conditioning of the hair is necessary. But remember, unlike your virgin hair, you shouldn’t wash it frequently. This will retain the moisture and oils in the strands, thus nourishing it. Don’t use the towel to dry the hair though.

The styling

Remember, you may damage the hair further just by the way you brush it. Once you have permed the hair, get yourself a wooden wide-toothed comb and a paddle brush. They will help to get rid of tangles.

The essence is to use all the tools and products that are gentle to your hair, especially during styling.


Can you get a perm if your hair was dyed?

If you just dyed your hair, you shouldn’t perm it. Give it time to regain its structure because both of the processes is harsh on the strands.

Similarly, if you want to dye your hair after a perm you will have to wait for at least three months before you color it. And if you have to color it don’t bleach the hair.

Can you get a perm for straight hair?

Yes, why not?

The style suits all the different textures. If you have straight hair and you would love to wave, curl or perm it, you can.

Also, there are straight perms that can work for you wavy and curly hair.

Can you perm highlighted hair?

It depends on the level of highlights. If you have about 30% highlight, it’s not a good idea to perm it. However, anything below that is okay. Highlighting the hair in itself is quite damaging, so if you add onto already damaged hair a perm, hair loss is inevitable.

Can you perm the human hair weave?

Yes, you can, especially when it’s a virgin raw and unprocessed hair. So, you can color it perm it or style it differently. But don’t use too much heat as that will damage it eventually.

How long will it take for your hair to relax?

It starts relaxing within the 2 hours that you start the process. But the full perming varies with the texture, length, and thickness of your hair.

How often is it okay to perm the hair?

You can perm your hair again in 4 months. But make sure you trim the ends to develop the healthy growth process.


Perms are great but only when you know which one works best for you. If you are looking for a bounce and volume, use the body wave perm.

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