Bob Hairstyle for Black Women (More Than 110)

One thing that makes the bob hairstyle so popular among black women is its stylish nature and versatility.

If you aren’t sure about the hairstyle, you would love to create, go for the bob hairstyle. Bob is a great style for different face shapes.

There are hundreds of styles you may use whether you have the short or medium length hair. You can also wear the hair with bangs if you want to.

Bob Cuts for Black Women

1. Short straight and natural

Short straight and naturalWe all love some level of drama, but it doesn’t have to be an everyday business. Here you cut your hair to a concise level with the aim of easy maintenance. You will straighten it with ease just the same way the styling is easy.

The style is ideal if you are a busy woman without much time to style it. You will only need to tousle it a little bit. These hairstyles are all about flattering the perfect facial features.

2. Sleek vintage bob

Sleek vintage bobThis is another kind of bob style you can wear, and it has the side parting. It’s a classic short hairstyle for black women and its ideal for the people with shorter hair. If you have just started growing your hair this could be your best choice.

3. Tapered bob cut style

Tapered bob cut styleThis is a standard cut of a bob style where you have the tapered side part and with a side parting. I love the wispy bangs that give you face the perfect framing on your hair.

If you check the crown you will notice that its slightly teased, and this is for the increase in the height of the hair.

4. Simple bob cut

Simple bob cutSometimes if all you have is the short hair, you will only need to set it properly. In this case, a simple flat iron is enough to see that you achieve the perfect style. This is ideal for those who enjoy very short hair.

African American Bob Hairstyle

5. Pale blue colored straight weave

pale blue colored staight weaveOne of the best colors to use if you are a black woman is the pale blue color. But confirm that it matches your skin tone before you use it. This would always spice up your look, and since the hair is straight, you can use it for the different professional calls.

You also have it coming in the asymmetrical feature with a side parting. Just make sure you wear the proper makeup for you.

6. Asymmetrical bob style with waves

Asymmetrical bob style with wavesIn matching the different shades of brown, you spice up your style. Here you have the asymmetrical style where the one side is long and the other side short. It’s, however, wavy with a side parting, and the roots come in the black color.

7. Short angled bob style

Short angled bob styleIn this case, what makes it perfect is the thickness of its body. On top of the different shades of brown that will create the ravishing color, you have the layers. All these are the perfect combination for the unique style.

8. Natural curly bob

Natural curly bobNaturally, we have curly hair, so the difference is often on the tightness of the curls. Curls will add more volume to your hair. If you naturally have type 3b or 3c hair this should be the easiest to achieve.

9. Straight pink hair

Straight pink hair

You can use the pink straight hair for a change, but make sure you confirm that it blends well with your skin tone. Get the side parting and make the hair long on one side and shorter on the other side. You can also make the hair blunt and round shaped.

10. Thickly feathered bob

Thick feathered bobThe thick front bang gives your hair the more texture. It further has a bright side parting with the visible feathery style on the hair. You can make the hair long and angled too.

11. Front feathered bob

Front feathered bobWith the sleek side part, you will let the fringe be eye-catching. It makes the fringe fall to the side of your face and thus amps this look. It features the dramatic waves falling to the side and blending with the sleek side.

12. Side-swept bangs wavy bangs

side swept wavy bang bobAnother one of the rare and unique styles is the side-swept styles. The hair is also layered, and it blends the black and blonde styles. It further has a side parting, and it has a longer side that flows to your neck.

African American Stylish Bob Hairstyles

13. Half up half down

half up half downThe hairstyle is short straight and sleek such that it gives you a professional look. You can hold the hair to a bun on the crown area then let the downside flow. Straight hair is the easiest to manage.

14. Straight bob with bangs

You can also make the simple bang on your forehead and then let the straight side flow. This mid-length hair is all you need to achieve a casual professional style.

15. Cleopatra bob style

Cleopatra bob styleAnother one of the significant inspirations you may have when you want to create a bob hairstyle is the Cleopatra one. Simply put, the style is a bob hair with thick bangs, and the shaping of the bob is further the same as the style that was initially worn by the Egyptians.

I don’t know why you would want to wear the style, but for me, it would be because I admire the people and culture.

16. Side parted pixie bob  

Side parted pixie bobSometimes making the bob style short will make it even more elegant. Moreover, it feels as though you added the texture or colors. It has the layers at the back of the head, which makes it a fantastic hairstyle. In the end, you will have stylish yet sophisticated styles.

17. Bohemian layered short hairstyles

Bohemian layered short hairstylesWhen it comes to bob hairstyle, this is a style that every other woman must have tried at one time in their lives. But when it comes to the layered style, both the young and the old can rock the style. Whether you like to leave it in burgundy color or get another color is still okay.

18. Asymmetric bob

Asymmetrical bobYou can blend this hair by giving it a cut of any length. Also, you can blend it in with the help of layers and an undercut. So, when you create a layered look with the asymmetry, you deliver a softer look. It’s with the help of the layers that you shape the hairstyle.

19. Choppy layered bob

Choppy layered bobIf you would love to look, hippy, then you should design this style. The good thing about the hair is that you will use it for kinky, frizzy, and any other type of hair you may have.

Black Bob Hairstyle with Weave

20. Messy bob

Messy bobThis is a super chic style that is convenient yet easy to style. So, if you are using your natural hair, you should make the perfect cut. If you use the regular weave, then this should be even easier.

In this case, we have two color tones together with the waves for additional spice to the style. You should further side part it. This is one of the best weave bobs you will ever have.

21. A-line bob

A-line bobThis is like one of the styles that will flatter almost any face type. This is a blend of sleek and straight hair together with A-line style. You will also have the middle parting which will then easily enhance the volume.

Remember to use the right products with the hair to maintain the style.

22. Short straight bob hairstyle

Short straight bob hairstyleYou can never go wrong when it comes to the bob hairstyles.

As long as you have the color right, you will get the style right. In this case, we talk about the straight hair with the asymmetrical style. We also have the ginger-colored hair that, if you notice suits your skin tone, you will be okay.

Short Bob Weave Hairstyle

23. Four toned bob

Four toned bobSometimes playing around with color will give you an ultimate look you are after. We have a blend of colors and if you enjoy the difference the better. To spice it up, you have the side-parted bang.

24. Short stacked bob

Short stacked bobThick strands are amazing they give the feeling of good health with your hair. When you use the stacked bob, you will enhance the body of the bob even further. In this case, you have the swooning layers that look so refined for your regular work weeks.

Are you a night party girl, this style will suit even such events? If this is your best weave, you can keep trimming the split ends to maintain its perfect look.

25. Short bob

short bobIf you like short hair, this should serve you. It’s a simple style where you have the crown part tied into a bun and the other backside flowing. It features a straight hairstyle, but it’s also a textured and silky style.

26. Straight hair short bob


Sometimes a simple straight hair is all you need to make for a professional look. It features the use of green hair with a side parting. The hair is at the jaw length, but it also has the closure for a full look.

27. Bob loose wave

Bob loose waveThe bob style is so chic and stylish yet official for anyone to use. This features a simple loose wave bob. Also, you can spice it up by playing with the different colors to create an ombre.

28. Long inverted bob

Long inverted bobSo, you love your long hair, and you don’t mind chopping it off? You can use the long-inverted style. However, if you are afraid of chopping off your natural hair then you can use the extension. It has the short back, which will give you more bounce and shape the hair too.

This style is easy to style, but even if you want to cut it shorter, you can.

29. Curly hair inverted bob

Most black women have curly hair, and therefore, this style appears as though it’s a natural style. If you have curly hair you should know it looks good on different structures. The inverted style is great especially because it will enhance the volume.

30. Layered inverted cut with side bangs

Layered inverted cut with side bangsThis is the best choice for any woman who has defined facial features. However, if you love elegance then you can enjoy it. Usually, the side bangs will be flattering to most women, but more so when you pair it with side bangs.

The style features a rounded shape that’s also highly complementary. Its shape is ideal for shaping your face too.

Curly Bob Hairstyles for Black Hair

31. Curly red bob with dark roots

Curly red bob with dark rootsWith this style, you will look fierce and confident at the same time. It needs you to have a heart-shaped face. This is an extremely appealing style yet simple. It further gives you a professional look for your official functions.

32. Short vintage curls

Short vintage curlsOne good thing about the vintage curls is often the large curls. They make the style suit any events from formal to party events. Here we have the golden-brown ends to spice it up. The side parting has further created a bang.

Whenever you feel like you have exhausted all the styles, you should try this one.

33. Medium length messy bob curly hair

Medium length messy bob curly hairNaturally, the curly hair will make your hair look voluminous while adding the definition to your look. The layers created in this style further makes it easy to flaunt the curls. You then have a simple side bang style.

Whether you have such thick, natural hair or you are using a weave; you will enjoy this look.

34. Curls and layers

Curls and layersThis is perfect for medium hair, and it blends both the blonde and black color. With the large curls, you will look both professional and like you are ready for a party event. When you get the angle right, then you create the right style for you.

Straight Bob Hairstyle

35. Straight bob hair for black hair

Straight bob hair for black hairWith this style, you will look sleek, neat, and authentic. It further has a side parting where you let some of the hair flow to the sides. It has a black color to make it look more natural. It further creates more of an asymmetrical angle.

36. Straight bob with bangs

Straight bob with bangsThe simple bang addition is the spice to the look, especially since we have a longer bob length. It’s made using the kinky hair which means that it mimics the African Americans’ natural hair. It’s further thick to make it look vibrant and healthy.

37. Middle parting bob

Middle parting bobA simple middle parting will create all the difference to your style. While bob hairstyle may come in various styles sometimes simplicity goes a long way.

38. Pink straight bob style

Pink straight bob styleThe pink color is one of the hairstyles that will bring out the best features of style in you. Here you have all the parts of the wig coming in pink, and the ends are blunt. You will have the side parting and make sure you use the right make-up to match the style.

Asymmetrical Bob Sew In

39. Ombre asymmetrical bob

ombre assymetrical bobHere you have several styles blended. First is the asymmetrical style which gives you a professional and casual look. The side part goes on to balance your style, and the color will give it the final spice.

40. Asymmetrical straight bob

Asymmetrical straight bobHere we have a straight and sleek bob, which is one of the hairstyles that most women crave for. Here, they use the asymmetry to frame the face. This will give you a sexy look, but you can also use it for the official functions.

41. Asymmetry style with side parting

Asymmetry style with side partingHere you have the best style that’s not only convenient but also easy to manage. With its asymmetrical cut, you have it shaping the face even better. You should make sure you use the right gels to keep it shiny and the edges in place.

Long Bob Weave Hairstyle

42. Very long bob

very long bobYou like your hair long? Who said you have to wear the short bob all the time? Use this style but create the middle parting to give the style some form of structure. The good thing is that the hair is straight, which makes it suitable for almost any black woman.

43. Long wavy bob

Long wavy bobThe waves and the side part are sufficient to create the best look for you. The ends have more defined waves. Also, the lace front makes the style more sleek and complete looking. The colors will suit anyone with the right skin tone.

Long Bob with Bangs Black Hair

44. Straight hair with bangs

Straight hair with bangsHere you can use the straight and long hair. The good thing about the straight hair is that it gives you a straight and sleek look. You can use this hairstyle for both casual and official functions.

45. Long bob in fluffy curls and the side bang

Long bob in fluffy curls and the side bangThis features the touchable tousles of curls that you can wear to look professional. This is one style that Keri Hilson used in one of the most popular movies called Think Like A Man Too. Though it appears simple, it will give you a high level of elegance.

46. Long bob

long bobIt’s true to say that these long bob styles have taken the world by storm. It’s especially ideal for those who love long hair, and it looks cute on almost any woman. The best part is further that it fits both the casual and professional look.

It doesn’t matter whether you want the hair to use the style in its curly form or the straight one, you will enjoy it in both instances.

47. Side bangs wavy bob

Side bang wavy bobHere we are talking of the thick and long side bangs that give the show that you have a healthy and voluminous look. The big curls further provide the hair a level of bounce.

Wavy Bob African American Styles

48. Wavy bob

Wavy bobThis looks like the waves in the ocean, and the style is just amazing. It appears silky and shiny, and in pushing some of the curls to the side you define the look. Finish off the style by slaying your baby hairs.

49. Loose waves style

loose wave bobHere we have loose waves that also create the Aline style. The side parting makes it flow to the side, creating a fringe look.

50. Sister loc bob style

Sister loc bobFor the love of bobs, even when you have sister locks, you can make them to a bob style. Making the side parting further shapes the hair and the burgundy color blends well with her skin tone.

51. Faux Locs

faux locAnother way to create a bob is to make the faux locs to a bob style. Today you will notice very many women rocking the style thus it has become trendy. It doesn’t matter whether you choose the thick locs or thin ones; the style will work for anyone.

If you want, you can accessorize it or even play around with different colors too.

52. Blonde braided bob

blonde braided bobI like that braids can never let you down when you need to change the style. Here we have a few side cornrows blended with the thick braids. If you love being trendy, then this style will suit you.

53. Senegalese twist braids

Senegalese twist braidsYou can never finish talking about black women’s hairstyles without talking about the different braids’ styles.

The Senegalese twist is trendy among black women. It makes it easy to show your style and roots. Its further one of the best protective styles you can ever have.

Bob with Side Bangs Weave

54. Blunt lob with bangs

Blunt lob with bangsHere, let’s go on to put the fake tresses on our hair to make sure you maintain the perfect look. So, you can manage the fringe and still have the blunt bob. This is a straight bob style to suit anyone who loves to try new styles.

55. Short bob with side bangs

Short bob with side bangsThe one thing that makes this style amazing is its sleek straight side bangs. It suits anyone who is looking to create a short cut that also looks fabulous.

56. Burgundy side-parted bob

Burgundy side-parted bobYou not only have a thick bang; it’s also long and nicely shaped. It goes down to the nose and is ideal for those who are bold and don’t mind trying different options. You can use the burgundy color to spice it up.

57. Side swept long bob

Side swept long bobIt’s wavy and voluminous to give you a full look with an off-black colored hairstyle. The waves will shape your face and add elegance to the style. If you don’t mind the length of the bang then this is the best style to take.

Blonde Styles for Blacks

58. Golden blonde hairstyle

Golden blonde hairstyleYou can use the style for a makeover when the need arises. It features a long blonde hairstyle, which allows you to part the hairstyle on the side, and you can use it for the textured curls. If you want to look like a celebrity you can try the style.

59. Straight blonde with bangs

Straight blonde with bangsFor such weaves, the best choice is the Chinese hair extension when you want to achieve the bone straight hair. For those days that you feel down, you can use this hair to brighten your day. The thick bangs give you the confidence vibe.

This is just one of the blonde colors you can use even though many other shades will look good with the bob style choice.

60. Curly blonde wig

Curly blonde wigCurly hair goes a long way, but when they are large, it’s even better and easier to manage. Here you have the Brazilian Remy wig, which gives you the pre-plucked blonde style. It blends perfectly with the darker skin tone and maintains the movie like bounce.

61. Short side-parted style

short side parted bobThe side parting is often enough to spice to the hairstyle. It will help in the creation of the side-swept bangs. I like the fact that it doesn’t cover the eyes, still showing the boldness and confidence in you. We also have one side being longer than the other side.

Cute Bob Styles

62. Knot up

Knot upHere you need to make the hair with your regular straight hair and then let the thick bang flow to you face as you make the ends longer. Then you can create two large cornrows and tie them to a knot.

This is the style that is ideal for anyone bold. This style is perfect for weddings and other functions.

63. Braided wig

Braided wigThe cornrow braids will look good on almost any black woman. So, you attach the wig and then start creating the cornrow patterns. When you finish, you can then slay the baby hairs.

64. Ultra-contrast bob

Well, some people are afraid to dye their natural hair while others love dyeing it, and they don’t fear to choose all the different dyes. However, you could use the hair extension if you want to try some of the unique colors.

So, the brown color that covers the blonde one creates more vibrancy of the hair, and it makes it look like her natural hair.

65. Naturally curly hair

natural curly hairSome of us are lucky to have long and curly hair. Our kinky hair si natural perfect, but if yours is curly you know you can hold it a little bit to keep it in place. If you have even longer curled, the better. For more spice consider coloring the hair.

66. Pixie cut bob style

Pixie cut bob styleThere are those of us who will do any short hairstyle and look perfect. Latyfah is just one of the few such women. The pixie cut is terrific with the deep side part to create even more flavor to the style.

It has the brown color to the ends of the long side-swept bangs. The undercut gives her a youthful look.

Feathered Bob Style

67. Feathered bob hairstyle

Feathered bob hairstyleHere you have a long bob that you have cut to layers, and then you can highlight the layers with a shade of brown. Side part your hair then create the layers.

68. Black and blonde feathered layers

Black and blonde feathered layersThe necessary thing about the style is the blend of the two-color tones. You can make the style even better when you make them feathered. For anyone who wants the style to look natural, you can use the invisible parting to make it.

69. Blonde and black with feathered bang

Blonde and black with feathered bangThe style has many distinctive styles that make it noticeable anywhere, but the feathered side bang makes it an even better style. The other thing is that you have the bang being thick, and the sides are sleek and straight.

Also, it does create an inverted style.

Shoulder Length Bob Black Hair

70. Simple lob

Simple lobSometimes a simple lob creates all the difference you need on the style. So, whether you are using the style on the natural hair or the weave, you should cut it just above the shoulders. You can also blend the light brown and deep brown color.

This style is wavy, and in side-parting it, you create a sort of fringe on the hair. This style will give you an effortlessly modern look.

Natural Bob Style

71. Naturally curly bob

natural curly hair bobIf yours is a 3B or 3C hair, it should be easy to pull this style. Some of us have long hair with more defined curls. In side-parting the hair and letting the backside flow, you create a simple bob style.

This is a blend of black and brown hairstyle. You can amp this look by slaying the hairline.

72. Shoulder length dreadlocks

Shoulder length dreadlocksEven with the shoulder-length dreadlocks, you can create a bob style.

This means that you use your natural dreadlocks and just let them flow, then you have your bob style. If you like, you can accessorize it or even add on two tons of color.

73. Long choppy bob

Long choppy bobFor this style, you can either use your natural hair or the weave. You also go on the make it a wavy kind of hair for added texture and volume. I like that it’s easy to care for this hair. With this style, you can stretch your face, and that makes it ideal for those with round faces.

74. Straight shoulder length bob

Straight shoulder length bobIf you enjoy straight hair, you will understand why this is one of the best styles. Make sure you have a middle parting for it to give it more shape. If you have such long hair then you can relax it to make the style.

75. Afro bob

Afro bobMost of the women have curly hair that puffs quickly form the afro. While you can choose to let your afro be, some people decide to shape it. This will be easier to make if you have long hair, but when you have short hair then it can’t flow down.

Medium length bob

76. Chocolate bob

chocolate bobThis elegant look is one of the few styles that will suit young women and make them look perfect. It features the wavy and layered hair on top of the best chocolate brown color.

77. Body wave

body wave bobHere you have the thick hair that is also side-parted, and it all does send the simple and elegant vibe. Your hair further looks healthy with the body waves.  You can make the fringe on the face for spicing up.

78. Medium length wavy bob

medium length wavy bobWith a simple middle parting, you create the perfect look for this style. The hair here is also wavy, and it does give you thick and healthy hair feeling.

Two-Toned Bob Style

79. Ombre style

Ombre styleThis is a blend of two of the best colors that are a perfect blend of her skin tone. It features a cool-toned ombre look where the ends are slightly brighter in color. It further shows the style better because it remains sleek and straight.

The side parting also shapes your hairstyle better by letting the hair flow to the side of your face.

80. Two-toned bob haircuts

two toned bob haircutThis style is for the bold, and you can use it to give out the fierce vibe. It’s a blend of blonde and black color. Since you have the blonde hair on your side bang, it’s more visible. If you wish to leave the people you pass in awe about the style you are wearing, try this one.

Side Parted Bob

81. Extreme side-parted bob

extreme side parted bobHere is one of essential bob that you may use for your hair. The side parting is deeper, and you can blend it with the large and thick bang. The fact that you use different colors further makes the style appealing.

82. Side parted

Side partedAlways remember to comb the hair while creating the side part for better structure. For this style you can even use your natural hair if you want. That will mean that the style is temporary.

Blunt Cuts

83. Full bangs with the blunt cuts

full bang with blunt cutsThe medium straight hair is ideal for anyone looking for a more professional look. You also have the thick bangs that also give the hair more definition. I’m never a person to enjoy the bangs, but with this hairstyle, you can rest assured you will look better.

84. Middle parting blunt bob

Middle parting blunt bobThis is another one of the most professional looks, and with the middle parting, it will structure the hair better. The edges feature a blunt cut, and the hair is sleek and straight.

85. Red and black bob

Red and black bobThis style is easy to wear by anyone because the blend makes it look natural. Also, you have the middle parting to let the hair flow with ease on both sides.

86. Best sew-in bob style

best sew in bobThis is one of the easiest to style wigs. Coming in at a shade of blue the hairstyle, you should make sure it blends with your skin tone. It features a sleek and straight hairstyle, and the middle parting structures the hair to flow with ease.

If you like to make the sew-in styles, this is the best hairstyle to try.

Angled Bob

87. Mahogany bob

Mahogany bobThis features the mahogany and burgundy colored hair. So, the hair blends the warmth of the burgundy style with the dark skin tone to make it a fantastic style. Furthermore, it has an A-line angle to help it shape your face.

88. Beach curls

beach curls bobThis features the angled asymmetrical bob style with beachy curls. It doesn’t matter whether you want to use it for the curls or straight hair, it will work. The medium-cut is further easy to achieve on your natural hair if you know how to do it.

Make sure you have the right angle when you are making your hair. The good thing is that the waves will create more shape and fullness.

89. Layered and steep angled bob

layered and steep angled bobHere is the shoulder-length bob that also has layers at the back to shape it. Also, it has the A-line cut, and it’s alluring. You can use your natural hair or the weaves to achieve this look. The good thing is that when you use the extension, they will hide your natural locs.

Black Celebrity Bob Hairstyles

90. Kelly Rowland bob style

kelly rowland bobHere we have the middle parting style for the middle-sized bob style. Also, it’s a straight bob style, thus good looking. It uses the edge that is rounded to shape your natural face.

91. Jordyn woods

Jordyn woodsShe is one of those who is not afraid to try different styles. Here you can make the side parting and then let the hair flow across your face. She looks so good in short hairstyles. So, you can use your natural hair or hair extension.

92. Slightly wavy bob


Taraji wears blonde wavy hair with dark roots. This makes it look as though it’s her natural hair. It seems like the messy and straightforward hair waves, but at the same time it gives the feeling of professionalism.

93. Black bob hair

Black bob hairThis looks like the choppy bob hairstyle that has the side parting. It’s a classic bob that has a single length size. Its design will increase the weight and volume of the hair. Gabriele loves wearing the different hair extensions, too, but you can use your natural hair if you wish.

94. Asymmetrical short bob

asymetric tyra bobWe have seen some of the best bob styles here. The asymmetrical bob is one such style. Tyra further blends the hair in brown, black, and shades of red. The model is another one known to rock the different kinds of weave, and this sleek style is one of the very best.

95. Alicia keys bob style

Alicia keys bob styleThere’s a reason why everyone asks for bob hairstyles, and it has remained trendy over the years. Here we have the side-parted straight hair with the blunt edges. It gives you the simplicity and a little sophistication to spice up the look.

96. Monica brown

Monica brownThis is a good lob hair with the middle parting and wavy hair. It’s thick and voluminous, which then gives you a healthy feeling.

Natural Hair Bob

97. Medium cut with waves

Medium cut with wavesHere you have layers and the side parting. This will allow the hair flow to you face for styling. I like that the hair is thick and voluptuous.

98. Loose curl bob

Loose curl bobOne thing that makes the loose waves sell so much is the fact that they are easy to maintain yet stylish. They do come to you with the lace front too.

Pixie Bob

99. Short stacked pixie bob

short blomde stacked bobAre you one of the busy ladies? You need this kind of style, which features the stacked bob. Although you have a busy schedule, you have every reason to look you best. This features the use of blonde hair.

This hair gets voluminous but also short on the backside, and it further has the round silhouette.

100. Short black layered pixie bob style

Short black layered pixie bob styleAnother one of the best styles where you have a very short pixie hairstyle with a side parting. It has thicker volume especially on the front which makes it easy to shape your face.

Short Wavy Bob Black Hairstyles

101. Beautiful wavy bob

beautiful wavy bobHere you have the simple middle parting, and the hair is at the middle length. The secret to maintaining the look is in using the right hair products that will revive the shine. You will also have the lace front for a complete look.

102. Blonde wavy bob

Blonde wavy bobYou can also have the wavy hair with the middle parting to give you a more relaxed bob style. Even though she is a celebrity, you, too can pull this style and make it work. The brighter shade that is at the very front will define your face even more.

Bob Haircuts for Fine Black Hair

103. Side parted pixie bob

Side parted pixie bobWhen you have fine hair, you should find ways to make the hair appear voluminous. This style with a side parting is the best when it comes to such hair types. You could choose to make it a stacked-layer to further make the backside voluminous.

Here you don’t need to invest a lot on the style instead create simple layers, and you are good to go.

104. A line wavy bob

A line wavy bobAnother method to use in the increase of the volume of your fine hair is in using the wavy hair. But when you do add the A-line definition, you make the style even better. I like the fact that they create the A-line at the front since that will give your hair some life.

So, for anyone who is looking for volume with their hair, this is the best choice to take.

105. Chin length bob

Chin length bobHere is a chin-length weave that you may use for your party function, and it has the smooth middle parting. You also have it creating the volume at the back.

106. Black chin length middle parting hair

Black chin length middle parting hairThis is another one of the best bob hairs to use, and it features the straight hair that reaches the chin length. It further has the middle parting to structure the hair better. This is a chic and fabulous hair.

107. Asymmetric bob African American hair

asymetrical bob african american weaveOne of the common African America bob styles is this asymmetrical bob hair. In this case, you make the feathered hair ends to enhance the style. It further has one side of the hair is longer.

108. Blonde inverted layered bob

Blonde inverted layered bobFor anyone who loves the chic style bob then this is one of the best to choose. It has tons of layers, and it features the perky blonde look. The hair is flipped back with an addition of side-swept bangs curls.

Sexy Bob Style

109. Ombre loose curls

Ombre loose curlsYou can never go wrong with curly hair, especially when you are looking for a sexy look. This is a blend of the blonde color and black, which blends perfectly with her skin color. What’s more it brightens her face to make her look even better.

These curls are amazing and refreshing, as well as perfect for different occasions.

110. Weave bob hair for black women

Weave bob hair for black womenIt looks messy, but that’s where the fun is. It further appears voluminous to make you look healthy. What makes it sexy is its flow on to your face.

111. Short jerry curls

Short jerry curlsNaturally, the jerry curls are sexy. Here we have the side parting to help in the structuring of the curls. You should also slay the baby hairs. This hairstyle will appear thick, and when you use the right makeup then you look sexy.

112. Deep part bob

Deep part bobStraight hair with the A-line hair and blunt edges. This is a quick weave hair that is at the shoulder length level. The deep parting will make it easy to design it.

113. Curly bob

Curly bobHere we have the curly ends of the hair with a middle parting. You can let the hair flow to your forehead. So, for this style, you can wear it on your natural hair or with the regular weaves.

How to Do A Bob Hairstyle with Weave

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