85 Black Women Hairstyles (You Can Get Ideas From Them)

There are thousands of black women hairstyles you could try out there. You can try short hairstyles, but you can also do the long ones.

With this article, we are dedicated to showing you some of the very best styles you can try.

It doesn’t matter whether you want the curly hair, wavy one, or the straight hair you will find your best options here.

Short Hairstyles

The short hairstyles are the easiest to pull for black women, mostly because we often have short to medium natural hair. If you are one of those who loves wearing natural hair, I know you will find something for you here.

1. Big afro

Big afroThis is a natural hairstyle for black women, mostly because of our hair texture. You don’t need extensions with this style. Just apply hair products on the hair comb it out using the afro comb and leave it alone.

The style looks impressive if you don’t mishandle it. One thing that usually damages your hair is the frizzy hair. So, if you learn how to avoid it you are safe to use the style.

2. Layered medium bob

Layered medium bobI have always loved the layered bob style because it makes the hair both casual and professional. This style is ideal for the smooth movement of the hair. It then forms the soft edges at the ends of your hair.

In this case, you have the hair being well-shaped. The side part further spices the hair look, and then it creates a bang that flows to the front part of your head.

3. Angled bob

Angled bobSome of us are naturally a perfectionist, and if this is you, go on to use this style. It’s ideal if you love the sharp edges as it will accentuate the hairstyle. In the end, you have your individuality described on your hair.

4. Short twist outs

Short twist outsEven very short hair is stylish. You can use the twist outs to achieve the perfect looks, but you can also play around with the blonde colors to make your style even better. It’s upon you if you want the hair to be very short or slightly long.

5. Front and forward

Front and forwardYou can use this hairstyle to showcase the sides. If you have relaxed the hair, it’s easy to pull this look. Alternatively, use the hair weave or wigs. With this style, you will get the soft and curly look for official or casual events.

6. Short Pixie cut for black women

Short Pixie cut for black womenOne thing about natural hair is that styling can be challenging, but if you know how to play around with the styles, you can achieve the perfect style like this one. Give your hair the side part to enhance the look as you let other parts of the hair flow and make a bang.

Besides, it does have minimal layers at the back of the head. With this style, you can achieve a style that is both stylish and sophisticated.

7. Coily pulled back puff

Coily pulled back puffHere you will have the perfect corkscrew curls that are further coily. The style features a large puff-like look, and with the help of the defined edges, you will have an ideal style. With this hair, you can draw attention to both the curls and the volume.

You will end up achieving a cute and sweet hair type. Remember, if you like, you can customize the size and the height of the puffed hair.

8. Dreadlocks

DreadlocksThe dreadlocks are another one of the many styles that women wear. Whether it’s long or short, the locks can be perfect. Some people don’t like the locks, and neither do they embrace them.

However, you can style the short dreadlocks to achieve the perfect look for your weekend getaway but also the official occasions.

9. Bob hairstyle

Bob hairstyleYou can also classify the bob hairstyle for black women on the short hairstyles. In this case, you have the layers in the form of bangs to achieve the perfect look. Additionally, you can use the different shades of brown to make the perfect look.

Make a side part of the bob hair to enhance the look.

10. Backswept feathers

Backswept feathersOne good thing about African American hair is that it has such an impressive texture. In this case, you can make a great updo. Even when your hair is concise, you can still make the feathered style.

Choose a different color or two-toned colors to blend and spice the color more.

Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

11. Short crotchet hair

Short crotchet hairA little bit of creativity is all you need for your short hair. One of the best styles to use is the crotchet style. To spice the crotchet style, you can add on the side parting and blend in a few brown colored hairs. The good thing is that the hair is easy to maintain.

12. Platinum curly hair

Platinum curly hairSometimes all you need to spice up the look is the change of color. Whether you are aging and you would want to embrace it, or you want the platinum color for style, it is all perfectly fine. In addition to your regular curls, add the color to make a simple yet elegant style.

13. Curly hair

Curly hairYou can never go wrong with curly hair. The curls make a style on themselves, so you don’t have even to do much about them. Here are the afro curls. Naturally, black women’s hair can make lovely afro style hair. These curls look like the natural type 3B hair.

14. Curly pixie mohawk

Curly pixie mohawkThe short cut will make it your personal style. This mohawk style is a little edgy but also feminine. It features a simple mohawk together with the curls, but you don’t have to shave the sides of your hair as you would typically do.

Use this style to slick the hair down and make the gorgeous finger waves.

Black Girl Long Hair

Some of the black women do have long hair, as well. But even if you don’t have long hair you can use hair extensions to achieve a desirable look.

15. Smooth and straight long locks

Smooth and straight long locksOne of the most natural styles to make when you have or like long hair is soft and straight long hair. Nonetheless, the quality of the hair choice matters. Always choose the Remy hair as that is more durable.

You can style it in different manners if you like; just make sure you attach the hair right.

16. Voluminous and big curls

Voluminous and big curlsYour long hair can also come in large curls. There’s one thing about the big curls, and it’s that they create volume for your natural hair. The amount then means that you can achieve the feminine and fun look.

For anyone with this long hair, you can use the curling iron to achieve this look, but if you don’t then you can use the hair extension. Always get yourself the weave that is pre-curled. Remember, you should take good care of it if you need it to last longer.

17. Half up half down

Half up half downEven black women can wear the half up half down style. I think long hair is the easiest to style because you are spoilt for choice with the different styles to rock.

If you decide to use colors for the hair, this is the best style to show the different color tones. Otherwise, hold the hair at the crown area and then let the other hairpieces flow.

18. Big bun

Big bun

If you have long and voluminous hair, you can try this style. With the hair being voluminous, it will make a large bun at the crown of the head. Meanwhile, pull all the other strands to lie flat on the scalp, and if you think that it’s not coming out as you would love for it to, you can use gel.

It’s an ideal style for anyone with big curls and who loves to look good.

19. Braided high ponytail

Braided high ponytailOne thing that makes me love the ponytail style is the fact that it gives you an edge of confidence. This is truer if you have a high ponytail. It’s one style that will make you look so cute. I don’t know a race that doesn’t like ponytails.

Just make sure you use the best hair extension for the ponytail ends. It’s also easy to use a hairstyle. You don’t have to go to the salon for this simple braid you can do it at home. Just separate the strands into three parts, then start braiding.

20. Curly side ponytail

I often prefer the long ponytail style mostly because it’s the one that improves confidence. The difference here between the one above and this one is that it has the hair pulled to one side.

The extension is further made using the curly hair. You can use this style for the different party events but also official calls. Remember, ponytail gives you the freedom to dress the hair down or up.

21. Long waves

Long wavesSometimes, a simple wavy hairstyle is enough to make you look organized. It balances both the volume and hair length. You can, therefore, use the curl defining lotion to achieve the perfect look. With the right sprays, you can tame the frizz and define curls.

22. Minnie mouse buns

Minnie mouse bunsAnother style that you can achieve is the Minnie mouse hairstyle. It’s ideal for anyone with long locks, but if you have the thick strands, you can enjoy the style too. This style is not only cute, but it’s also flirty, yet you will take just five minutes to make it.

If you want, you can use the gel to slay the baby hairs and edges, thereby giving it a more natural look.

23. Weave with the ombre

Weave with the ombreAnother one of the most common styles is the weave with an ombre hairstyle. This features a sew-in weave with the side-parted bangs to improve your look. The creamish brown color was created to achieve the perfect break from the black color.

Straight Hairstyles for Black Women

24. straight ponytail

straight ponytailTalk of a sleek straight ponytail style with the side parting. If you like to look trendy, this is the best style to serve you. Ensure you use the best quality extension for the ponytail ends.

25. Bob straight hair

Bob straight hair

If you don’t like the complication of taking care of your hair, you can use the bob hairstyles to achieve the unique look.

We have a short straight bob hairstyle that we may use to achieve our desired style. Go on to add the side parting on the straight hair. If you wish, you can make the hair long on one side and short on the other.

26. Straight bob style with bangs

Straight bob style with bangsAnother one of the best-looking hairs is the medium length bob. Here, the black woman can use the Yaki hair mostly because it looks like their natural hair. Keep the hair nicely straight and then add onto it the short bangs.

27. Green straight hair

Green straight hairIf you check your skin tone and confirm that you can use the green color, try this straight piece.

With this wig, you already have a perfect style. Make a middle parting for the easy flow of the hair strands. Green is one of the colors you may use, but there are many more color choices you could use.

Wavy Hairstyles for Black Women

28. Keke waves

Keke wavesI love beach waves because they are easy to manage, and if you love going to the beach, you will most likely enjoy this style. The waves appear nicely chaotic then you can use the blow dryer and mousse to improve the texture.

29. Loose waves

Loose wavesThe most natural style to maintain is loose waves. You should have a middle parting, and then you can slay the baby hairs. For such choices, the best thing to do is to make the hair long enough.

Natural Black Hair Styles

30. Tapered natural hair pixie

Tapered natural hair pixieThis is ideal for anyone who has naturally curly or coily hair. The essence of the pixie hair cut is to showcase the beautiful curls at the top of the hair. In this case, you have two-toned colors also to spice up the look.

So even with your sassy and natural hair, you can achieve the perfect look.

31. Classic and beautiful round afro

Classic and beautiful round afroThe 70’s afro style is back in style, and it suits those with type 4 hair mostly because they often have thick hair. This hairstyle is easy to maintain when you know how to do it. Remember to use the right spray to allow the hair to shine.

It features smooth rounded hair that is further voluminous. It maintains the perfect length which is not too long; neither is it short.

32. Short twist out style

Short twist out styleShort hair always looks fantastic on those with 4C hair. Therefore, you can shave the sides of the hair while you leave the top part being slightly longer.

33. Bubble braid updo

Bubble braid updoThis is ideal for anyone looking to achieve a unique and eye-catching style. With this style, you will need the type 4 hair to make it work. If you make it right, you have so many people who will turn heads.

34. Burgundy natural TWA

Burgundy natural TWAWhen you use the natural burgundy color, you will be adding some spice to your natural hair color. This Teeny, Weeny Afro, is one of the most popular styles among black women today.

This style is versatile, and it will flatter almost any face shape but more so those with round foreheads. This is one of the easiest to maintain styles, which will look different depending on your twist outs.

Short Cuts for Black Women

35. Undercut short shaved hair

Undercut short shaved hairIt was in the African culture to shave the hair, and when you shave yours, then you go back to the roots. The good thing about shaving is that you can always change the style after a few weeks when the hair grows again.

36. Spunky natural fade with shaved part line

Spunky natural fade with shaved part lineThere’s nothing so simple to maintain than your short natural hair. You will have the hair cut very close to the scalp; then, you can make the side part. This is more of a wash and go style that you can maintain with some of the most natural oils.

If you have the round, oval, or heart-shaped face, this style will serve you best. If you look at it keenly you will notice that the top part is the only part where you have the visible curls. You need no more styling once you have cut your hair in this manner.

Very Short Hairstyles for Black Women

37. short haircut

Short haircutsAnother style is the all-around short haircut like the one above. One of the best styles to make for an African American woman is the short haircut. In this case you can also add the blonde color to the hair to spice the look.

38. Buzz cut

Buzz cutAlternatively, you can cut the hair very short, and this will give you a chic and efficient look. This style is perfect for you if you have textured hair. You can also use it if you have naturally curly or kinky hair.

It’s a perfect wash and go style that suits those with short hair. It mostly suits those with a round face, but you can wear it even when you have a different face shape.

Braid Hairstyles for Black Women

39. Sleek Dutch braids

Sleek Dutch braidsThis is one of the most popular kinds of braids. You, however, must tame the hair flyways with gel. This will make it easy to style the baby hairs too. In the end, you will have not only shiny but also the sleek style braids.

40. Micro braids

Micro braidsMicro braids are a great style, but most people avoid them since they consume a lot of time. Once you have everything on your hair, you get noticed everywhere you step.

For the black women, this is a regular style, and if you can, therefore, take care of the natural hair beneath it, you are safe. They happen to be easier to manage because they are thin, and thus, you can reach almost all the strands.

41. Senegalese twist

Senegalese twistAnother one of the styles that will make you stand out is the Senegalese twist. If you are looking for means to protect your hair, use the Senegalese twist. The good thing about the style is that you get to choose the length and thickness you desire.

Pixie Cut for Black Women

42. Twisted curl pixie

Twisted curl pixieWith its coppery colored curls, you already have a style. Also, you have the twisted curls that serve those with natural hair. So, the coils on the top sides are longer for them to make the spiral curls. You can then let the shorter sides make the micro curls and braids.

With this style, you will flatter your face and the natural hair as well. I like that the style is easy to make.

43. Short kinky curly pixie

Short kinky curly pixieWith this kinky pixie curly hair, you can have the most natural-looking curly hair. Since the hair appears even, it will draw attention to your entire face.

Short Afro Hairstyles

44. mountain of curls

mountain of curlsWith the afro hairstyle, you can create a nice-looking natural style as well. You only need to make the tapered ends and sides to give a statement. In the end, you will look unique with a beautiful style.

45. Afro inspired look

Afro inspired look

This is another one of the most famous afro hairstyles that take on the look of the oldest black women hairstyles. Both the women and men love this bushy hairstyle. The secret is to comb it right.

46. Playful afro

Playful afro

Sometimes you only need to be playful with your natural 4C to make a desirable style. Enjoy the tiny corkscrew curl. Remember to hold the hair in such a way that the crown is thicker than the sides.

Undercut Hairstyles for Black Women

47. The short twist with an undercut

The short twist with an undercutHere you have the twist out style on your temple, so you need to keep the hair clean and nicely nourished. But you should then have the sides cut to the skin level. If you like, you can cut the hair even at the back of your head.

48. Faded glory haircut

Faded glory haircutOne exact thing about black women is that the undercut style flatters them immensely. This is one of the simple fauxhawk styles that you can make your own by adding on some color if you wish to. Remember to choose a color that suits your skin tone, though.

Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Black Hair

49. Bantu knots

Bantu knots

This style is mostly associated with South African styles. It’s a more cultural style, but it would look good on most women. Here you twist the natural tresses, or you can add the hair extension then twist it.

50. Choppy lob

Choppy lobIf you want to remain a trendy low key, you should use the choppy lob style. It’s a shoulder-length hair that works best on you whether you have long or short hair. This one is for those with shoulder-length hair.

It has minimal waves and a form of layered hair. It’s easy to get this hair together, but if you are not the handy type, then you can go to the stylist.

Medium Length Black Hairstyles

51. Side-swept hairstyle

Side-swept hairstyleThis style has one of the best medium length hairstyles. Here you should keep the hair to the shoulder length level then hold it straight. You can then part the hair to the side. In the end, you will have a fashionable look.

52. Curly hair

Curly hairEvery black woman has some level of curly hair. Most of us have different levels of defined curls, coils, and kinky hair. Even for the middle-level hair, you can buy this hair or hold the hair in place with the help of a head wrap.

Twist Hairstyle for Natural Hair

53. flat twist

flat twistOf all the styles, in the market, this is one of the most natural style you could ever have. It acts as a protective style, but it’s also an elegant style you may use to go about your day to day business.

54. Tight twists style

Tight twists styleProfessional Hairstyles for Black Women

55. Wavy hair

Wavy hairThis style reminds me of Whitney Houston. She loved such loose curls, but also the style is professional. If you need to change the hair color then it should be a dull color. The large curls enhance the volume of the hair.

56. Cornrows

CornrowsEven when you have cornrows, you can still make a professional look. Here, use the extension to create very long cornrows and then hold it all into a bun. Cornrows are never just casual you can make them professional too.

57. Short haircuts

Short haircutsEven the short hairstyles can make for the professional look. Here you can decide to twist out the hair or just cut it and shape it out a little. Just make sure you have the right head shape for the same.

African American Short Tapered Hairstyles

58. classy tapered hairstyle

classy tapered hairstyleHere you have the perfect bangs and tapered nape to make you look your best. This style is easy to maintain, but it also gives you a professional look as it does the casual one. If you want, you can change the color of the hair to make it look even better.

59. Tapered shape up

Tapered shape upDo you have a round face, and you would love to wear a short afro? Here is the style to try today. The best name given to this style is the shape up style, which is because of the shaved hair around your hairline.

This structure makes your cheeks visible as it enhances the length of the hair.

Sexy Hairstyles for Black Women

60. Hot Marley twist

Hot Marley twistThis style is taken to protect your natural hair, but it does look sexy on most young women. The hair is further ideal for low maintenance. The good thing about the twist style is that they are lighter, and they will pull very little hair.

61. Smooth ponytail

Smooth ponytailIt’s easy to make a style sexy, but especially when it’s the simple ponytail style. With this style, you could go for a work mission and then go direct for a date or a club. If you can add even bangs on the front part, then you will have spiced it even further.

62. Romantic waves

Romantic wavesThis is another style of the thick and long waves with the hair blending shade of brown and black hair. You can achieve a beautiful look in a few minutes. Therefore, you will see the curls made away from the face.

In the end, you will accentuate the hair texture and improve its dimension.

63. Long curly hair

Long curly hair

Another one of the many stylish and sexy hairstyles is the curly hair. You can make the tiny curls at the front part of the hair then hold the remaining pieces in a ponytail. It blends the two colors in the same manner. Use the right oils to maintain the sexy curls.

Easy Hairstyles for Black People’s Hair

64. Headband flat twist updo

Headband flat twist updoSome natural hairstyles like this one, you can achieve in less than ten minutes. You always need a few such hairstyles to be on the safe side. This is a large headband twist that puts the hair in place. The secret is to twist the front part to a bohemian braid.

For this style, you don’t have to go to the salon because you can make it at home.

65. Pineapple up do

Pineapple up doAnother one of the simple hairstyles to do is the pineapple updo. It will take you less than ten minutes to make, but it will also look perfect. What you need to do is to pile all of the hair strands to the crown area of the head.

For anyone who doesn’t know much about sleeping routine, you may also use this style to protect the curls and twist-outs when going to bed.

66. Two large cornrow braids

Two large cornrow braidsThis is another one of the easy to make styles that you may try. You can make this style when you want to protect the hair from heat and sun rays. It will even help it to retain the moisture.

African American Hair with Bangs

67. Black pixie hairstyle with bangs

Black pixie hairstyle with bangsThis pixie cut is sharp and sassy, thus suitable for those with smaller heads. It fits those who are going for professional events. I like its bangs as they give you a face dimension. It further means that you will have low maintenance for your hair.

68. Burgundy bob with a thick bang

Burgundy bob with a thick bangHere we have both the color and the length of the hair to achieve our desired look. It has a side parting too, and the burgundy color is more than bold enough for anyone with the right skin tone for it.

69. Medium length hair with bangs

Medium length hair with bangs

Here you have the shoulder-length waves and a forehead bang to spice it all up. It further comes with a high shine finish, which means you should maintain the perfect color.

Hairstyles for Black Women Over 40

70. Slanted bob

Slanted bobOften you can never go wrong with the bob style at most ages. I like though a style that makes you look younger and your authentic self at whichever age. Remember, you don’t have to use very bright colors; rather you can use the simple brown color with the dark roots.

In the end, you will have both a sexy style and a sleek professional one. When done right you can wear the style even when you are in your 40s.

71. Short haircut

Short haircutThere’s one style I have found to work on any woman of the different ages and that the haircut. Therefore, you have the twist outs for over 40’s women. You can also have the side of the hair pulled as on the image to make you look your very best.

72. Cornrows

CornrowsIf you can do the additional cornrows at whatever age, you will be in a perfect position. One good thing about the African braids is that they allow you to be creative and make only the style that suits you. You can use it as long or short hair as you wish to.

73. Gravity-defying curls

Gravity-defying curlsIt doesn’t matter which color of the hair you choose; you will stand out when you wear this style. The reason is that it brings you the big retro curls together with the buzz around the sides of the head. Make sure you use the right spray for the style.

Short Haircuts for Black Women Over 50

74. Simple haircuts

Simple haircutsThere are many haircuts you can try, but it all depends on how you want your hair to be. If you have embraced the greys, then you can make the style above.

Other Styles

75. Shaved hairstyle with the braids

Shaved hairstyle with the braidsToday, most people use both braids and haircut styles. Thus, make the sleek and shaved sides then achieve the perfect combination of the hairstyle of your choice. Also, you can decide to hold your hair to a bun at the top crown part.

76. Wrapped bun with undercut

Wrapped bun with undercutThere’s one style that will only suit the black woman most of the time, and it’s the shaved hairstyle. The shaved hair can be simple or sophisticated if like. Here you have the sides and the back of your hair cut while the braids are wrapped into the bun style.

77. Straight Mohawk with shaved sides

Straight Mohawk with shaved sidesOne of the most common styles in the 21 century is the mohawk style, but when you cut the hair on the sides, it gets even better. If you want, you can also use the grey hair for the spice of it. Make sure the front part is long enough.

78. Stylish curly mohawk

Stylish curly mohawkWe have said it before, and I’ll repeat it herein when it comes to the hairstyles you only need to be creative. With this style, you can revive even your ancient weave. It doesn’t matter whether you have the corkscrew curls or the spiral ones; this style will serve you.

Go on to pull your hair on the sides to the back and let the curls flow freely at the top crown part. If you want to enhance the look further, use the bangs, and achieve the perfect style with the curls. If you want a style that you can wear from day to night, this is it.

79. Side cornrow with weave

Side cornrow with weaveIn making the side cornrows, you don’t only make the style easy to achieve but also an edgy style. If you want, you can pair the style with the big curls to give it an even better and chic look.

80. Faux hawk style

Faux hawk styleIf you are the type of person who loves all the trendy styles, this one will suit you best. The style is where you have the sleek pulled hair on the sides, and the curls are on the rest of your head. In sweeping the sides back you create the faux hawk look.

81. Elegant low bun updo

Elegant low bun updoAnother one of the natural hairstyles to try is the low bun style. Hence you have the two braids on the front, and they will go to meet at the nape. This glam style will make you look elegant and chic.

You can recreate it with whichever texture of the hair you may have.

82. Half up half down

Half up half downThis is another one of the most popular styles in the market. You should hold the top crown part to the bun and let the other part of the hair flow freely. In this case, we have deep curls, which is a great style by itself.

If you, however, have some highlight with your hair, you can use the high low style to achieve the desired look.

83. Headwrap

HeadwrapIn Africa, the use of Ankara as a headwrap has been in existence for ages. You don’t have to complicate the style; just use the headwrap and either leave some of the hair or not. If you know how to wrap your hair though this should be a perfect style for African weddings.

84. Full head wrap

Full head wrap85. Fiery short hair

Fiery short hairA woman with short hair is powerful, and this is because they can play around with their hair. The style features the fierceness and confidence to try even the strangest colors. With this hair, you can experience power over a long time.

How to Style the Short Hair

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