Weave You Can Swim In

Not even a good hair weave will stop a swimming fanatic from swimming. This is why we offer you the best weaves that you would use, even when swimming.

When the summer seasons are here, we swim even more, yet it’s also the time we need to take and protect our hair more. Of course, if you are going to swim while wearing the weave, you need to be careful that you don’t damage it.

Best Weave for SwimmingAs a swimmer, I know one thing to be true when you are diving into the water, you never think about the hair as the fun is just so much. But once you get out, then it dawns on you that you only damaged the hair.

Today we have the best hair options that you can use when swimming, as you will see.

Can You Swim with The Hair Theme Hair? (can you get weave wet)

Yes, you can swim with them, but you have to know what kind of hair to choose.

Of course, you don’t expect to use the synthetic hair and have it remain perfect if you went into the water with it. We do have all the different types of hair, but you will choose the one that serves you best.

If you are going to use our hair weave when swimming, choose virgin hair. You know virgin hair is very close to our natural hair. We have a few options that are pure virgin human hair.

In the virgin hair category, you can use all the different types. Here, we have the Peruvian, Eurasian, Indian, Malaysian, Burmese, Brazilian virgin hair, among others. All these hair types look and feel like the natural hair mostly because we don’t process the virgin hair.

Our pure virgin hair comes in a range of prices, but they are never even expensive. You can have them come in a set of 2, 3 or 4 bundles. Depending on the features that interest you with the hair, choose the best option that will work for you based on your preference.

It’s easy to take care of such hair mostly because it looks and feels like your natural hair. The hair can’t be destroyed by water or even manipulation. It’s durable if you will take good care of it.

None of our wefts are further held in place using the glue. That’s why you won’t experience shedding. Even when you subject it to chlorine water, it will still have the strands intact.

What of The Texture?

It doesn’t matter the hair texture you have if the hair is virgin hair. You can use the curly, straight or wavy hair only because the hair will still retain its natural texture.

If you bought the hair being curly, then subjecting them to water might make them look loosely curly. But then when they start to dry, then they will regain their texture.

Nonetheless, the best choice of hair is straight hair. It can stand different changes. Even if you were to swim with it, I like that it will remain straight. But if you use the curling irons to curl it then it will lose the curls.

It’s not a big deal though you can use the heat again to curl it. Remember to maintain gentleness to prevent the damages. It’s also because the chlorine water already may affect the hair negatively.

Which Method of Installing the Hair Is the Best?

Of course, there are very many ways you may use to attach the weave but not all of them will work. Glue, for example, won’t work when you are using the hair on the chlorine water. It will loosen the strands/wefts and you will have them falling in the water.

The best method of attaching it if you are going to swim is the sew in method. Some people say it’s too bulky but we like that the hair will remain secure on your head. Other techniques like the quick weave will dissolve as soon as you subject them to chlorine water or even salty water.

This is, therefore, to say that our virgin sew in hair types are the best for those who like swimming. All of such a hairpiece will stand all the different kinds of water.

Does the Length Matter

Well no, it doesn’t matter you can swim with both long and short hair. The quality is the determinant of whether the hair will last long or not if you swim with it.

Let’s be honest chlorine water is generally damaging to the hair, so you will need to take good care of the hair.

Eurasian straight hair

eurasian straight hair

The straight hair is the best if you are going to swim because it will never change the texture. One of the best options is the Eurasian hair since it’s not affected by the water.

This hair is attractive, and it looks so much like your natural hair. So, you should make sure you choose a good stylist to install it for you. The hair, in this case, is the pure virgin Remy hair which is also the closest to the natural hair.

It’s easier to care for the hair as it comes in its natural color. You won’t lose the color even when you subject it to swimming.

The hair will further not tangle if you know how to take care of it after the swim. Just make sure you don’t let the chlorine water dry the hair strands. As long as this happens, then it will not tangle or dry out.

Indian curly hair

kinky curly indian hair

I will never encourage people to use curly hair if they love swimming just because it’s harder to care for them. But if you don’t mind, then we have this hair option for you to use even if you are a swimmer.

The hair features the virgin Remy human hair. It has all the cuticles aligned in the same direction and intact. This makes sure the hair doesn’t tangle and that it retains its shine and texture. Moreover, the hair is full and will remain full and bouncy if you know how to care for it.

This is the best choice for those who love the afro style. It will give you the full volume and bounce too. Check out the wefts to notice the hair is double weft to secure the strands perfectly. This makes it easy for you to retain the strands.

Even with all these benefits, you will have it at a fair price that matches its quality. It further comes in different lengths.

All the virgin hair options we chose for you in this category will last long if you take good care of them even when you go swimming.

Best Wet and Wavy Hair for Swimming 

Wet and wavy Brazilian hair

The texture of the hair plus the fact that its smooth, sleek, and shiny make you want to wear it immediately. There are so many good things about the hair that makes it the best choice to stand the swimming water.

You will have the hair being double weft. This gives it the ultimate security to make sure it never sheds. These hair bundles only use the 100% pure Remy virgin hair which means the cuticles are still intact.

This is the best quality of human hair. For that reason, you can alter the style to straight or curly hair. The hair strands will maintain its wet and smooth texture. It further looks more like natural hair.

You can go swimming with it if only you know how to care for it once you are out of the pool or salty water. It will remain full to maintain the hair bounce. It further has the thick ends with no split ends. This supports the quality of the hair.

100 percent Indian virgin human hair

Another one you could use if you are an avid swimmer is this hair. You probably already know that Indian hair is impressive in all the different aspects. It retains the wave better; it looks good and is just bouncy.

Even if you used the hair when you are swimming, it would regain its texture once you finish swimming. It matches most natural hair, but if you are going to use the sew in method, then your hair texture doesn’t matter.

It makes it look so much like your natural hair. So, you won’t have people wondering if you are using your natural hair or the weave.

Since the hair retains its texture and quality, even when you use it in swimming, it’s the best choice for anyone who loves to swim.

Heres What to Do When You Are Going to Swim with This Extension

  • Detangle

Before you go into the water, detangle the hair. This is if you have any form of tangles because water makes it harder to detangle the hair. Never go into the pool before you have detangled the hair. Remember to use only the wide-toothed comb during the process.

  • Section the hair

Often it makes it easy to handle the hair when you have it in sections. Some people even opt to braid their hair before they go for a swim. If you are going to wear the swim cap, then you should braid the hair to sections. This will make it comfortable to wear swimming caps.

Swimming caps are high as they do protect the natural hair but also protect the weave from too much-chlorinated water.

  • But what if it won’t fit in the swimming cap?

If the hair doesn’t fit and you have to swim without it, then you should first saturate your hair with pure shower water. This makes sure the strands are saturated with water. It prevents further absorption of the chlorinated swimming water.

Some people even use the conditioner on the water to make sure its moisturized, but I skip this step. Well if you want you can do it if you wish.

Go in for a swim and have fun, but immediately after, wash the hair gently. Use the best shampoo and conditioner to get the hair back to its original structure. Take time to dry it and heat style it too. All this while, you should be gentle.

In the end, use the best conditioner for the hair to make it retain its shine and moisture. This will make it keep serving you over a long time.

Points to Remember

  • Take care of the leave outs

When people make sew in style, they will often have the leave outs to help blend them in with their hair if they aren’t using the closures. If you are going for a swim, these sections of the hair are just as relevant as the weave itself.

If you don’t take good care of the leave out, then you will lose the hair too. Before you go in for the swim braid this part to protect it. When you go out of the pool, wash it thoroughly with the shampoo and conditioner.

  • Dry the hair well

The worst thing you can do is not to dry this hair properly. If this happens, then you allow the formation of molds and fungi on the scalp. That can be too damaging. Take the time to properly dry the hair and your natural hair beneath the weave.

Take keen interest on this point if you have the sew in method. Otherwise, your hair will start to smell.

  • Make use of the wet hair time

For some people, the styling of the hair is only great when it’s wet. So, make use of the time. Create the curls and all the unique styles you wanted but remember to do everything gently.

Why the Concern About Swimming with The Weave?

This is because water can be damaging to the hair extensions. We want to make sure that if you are going to swim with the weave, we keep both your natural hair and the weave safe. If possible, we want to retain the texture.

As you may have noticed above, you won’t just swim with any weave. Keep in mind that if you have synthetic hair on, for example, you should use it. Check hair theme shop to get the best virgin hair


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