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10 Best Human Hair For Sew In Weave

Brazilian Sew in weave with closure

There are thousands of hair extension types in the market today. This makes the search for the right weave confusing. In order to feel as beautiful as you are, you will need the right hairstyle. Since not every weave looks good on you, this article will find you the best weave for a sew in.

At the end of the day, it’s every woman’s dream to look good in their style while feeling the most natural. Sew in weave will make that work for you but you must know which hair works best for you.

I get to make this easy for you by choosing some of the best weaves you could buy in our shop.

1. Brazilian Afro Kinky Curly Human Hair Weave


Black women enjoy curly and coily hair because it looks almost like our natural hair. What this means then is that most people wouldn’t know that you are wearing an extension.

This human hair will last a long time since its cuticles remain intact and in the same direction. It further has tight curls that mimic our natural hair. To make it even better is its baby hairs that make it look so natural.

2. 613 Honey Blonde Remy Brazilian Straight Human Hair Weave Bundles


For the love of blonde hair, you have one of the best choices to try here. The hair looks smooth and natural but it will make people turn heads to check you out. The hair is double weft, therefore, shed resistant.

Since it’s a human hair, the hair remains tangle-resistant. If you take good care of it you won’t have such problems. The hair remains bouncy yet shiny. If it complements your skin color, you will look gorgeous.

Also, if you wish you can flat iron the hair as a change of style. This hair comes without split ends and flyways which means it will last over 8 weeks.

3. Peruvian long body wave

If you love long hair but the straight is not what you love as much, this body wave will serve you. Again, like most of our hair, this one is double weft to prevent shedding. When you have a sew in, you will most likely be brushing the hair frequently but don’t let it shed so much.

This is 100% human hair which means it’s a quality piece. It remains bouncy and the waves are intact. Well if you want to change its style you can. Consider straightening it, coloring it and curling it further.

This hair is bouncy, shiny and yet comfortable. It also has soft, full and thick ends. It doesn’t have the tangling problem so it’s worth every dollar you invest in it.

4. Ombre Burmese straight hair

Are you a fan of burgundy hair?

If you are afraid to try all the different and bright colors, burgundy ombre hair will serve you best. The dark roots make it appear as though the hair is from the roots. This is one of the best hair types that’s from Burma.

Smooth, silky and thick is the simple description that will make you feel and look elegant. Although the hair is straight, you can change its style easily if you wish since it’s a human hair. This comes with its closure to give you the completely natural look.

I love this hair but maybe that’s just because it blends well with my skin tone.

5. Water wave hair

From celebrities to the girl next door, this is one of the most common hair textures today. I like that it’s something between the regular wavy hair and curly one. The way it’s designed makes it easy to maintain.

If you want another sew in that almost looks like your natural hair, this is the best choice to go with. You can have it in your favorite length but what’s even best is that it will remain bouncy and shiny with the right elasticity.

This is another one of the high-quality pieces to last long but most importantly is that it won’t shed easily.

6. Malaysian kinky straight hair

There’s nothing so juicy as hair that looks so much like our natural hair. Whoever came up with the kinky straight hair just nailed it. This is the closest you can ever come to the black woman’s hair especially for those with type 4 hair.

It looks so much as your relaxed or blow-dried hair which makes it easy to blend with the natural hair. Featuring the thick hair, this looks just like the puffy afro hair. Therefore, you won’t have people wondering whether this is your natural hair or not especially since it’s not extremely long.

Well, if you want a different length though don’t hesitate to ask for it. This high-quality piece will serve you for long if you find a stylist who knows how to make it work.

7. Funmi synthetic hair

Those of us who are wary of using human hair can always use synthetic hair too. But this isn’t any other synthetic fiber because its heat resistant. The hair is wavy and it will maintain the waves as long as you can maintain it.

It comes in a dark brown color; therefore, it will most likely match your skin color. This like other hair has double weft to prevent shedding. Well, if you are on a budget too, we have you covered with this best hairpiece. It’s cheaper than most other hair types yet it still has quality.

8. Long straight hair

Do you like long hair?

Here is one of the best pieces when you love straight hair. Now this is a high-quality piece as you can see. Not only is it thick and good looking it’s long enough to make you feel like a celebrity. The hair is double weft to free it from shedding.

You could have it in a blonde color too if you wish to. There are ranges of sew in hairstyle to try, but you can use the length too as a simple style when you want to.

9. Eurasian loose wave hair

Eurasian hair is one of the most popular kinds of hair. Maybe this is because it’s a blend of European and Asian hair. You do know they both have the best hair but when you blend it, then it becomes even better.

I love loose wave hair because it enhances the hair volume so you can use it if you are after volume. Coming in shiny, the hair has the perfect texture to suit almost every other person that wants to make a sew in.

If you wish you may use the closure to make it look even more natural. The length is also realistic which makes it look as though it’s your natural hair. With proper maintenance, it will serve you over a long time.

10. Raw Indian mink straight hair

If you only trust the Indian hair, you may use this piece. It features a clean and perfect colored hair. The best part about this hair is that it remains thick and bouncy. Remember to take good care of it though.

I like that you can change the style if you wish because it looks and feels just like natural hair. It will never tangle therefore you can trust that it’s going to serve you over a long time.

Best Weave Texture for African American Women

Black women have a very different hair texture from other people. Ours are often either curly, coily, or kinky. Well, when buying the weaves its necessary for you to know the best texture that matches your natural hair.

You don’t want everyone knowing you wear weaves all the time, right? So maybe you should buy a weave that is closer to your hair texture.

Kinky hair

Generally, the kinky hair looks so much like our natural hair. In fact, the kinky straight hair looks as though you just relaxed your natural hair. Kinky straight hair is the best choice especially if you are going to blend in the hair.

We can also have the kinky hair in the form of the kinky curly which still looks and feels like our natural hair. This hair type is closer in texture to type 3B-4A hair and we have several black women with such hair.

If you are going to blend in or you are looking for a more natural hair, choose this hair type. You won’t have anyone thinking it’s not your natural hair. You may even use it to create an afro look.

Kinky curly hair looks so much like the curly hair but it also feels soft and it’s easy to maintain it. If you like afro like hair, this is the best choice to use.

Other textures to use

Today more women don’t care whether you know they are wearing hair extension. This means that black women are willing to try other different textures. The following are some of the textures you will see then wearing.

Straight weave

Very long straight hairToday there are very many kinds of straight hair that you may use as a black woman. They come in different lengths and colors which makes it your duty to choose the one that works best for you. If you wish, you may use the closures to give you a natural flowy look.

There is even straight hair like the Yaki straight hair that looks like the African American hair. Therefore, you have a wide variety to choose from.

Body wave styles

The body wave will suit you too if you find the straight hair being boring. It’s particularly ideal for anyone who loves to keep their hair looking curly. This texture is ideal if you don’t like too much work because the curls are between loose curls and straight hair.

When you are looking for the volume you may make use of this style too.

Deep wave weave

Some of us black women have deep curly hair texture and this means that this hair texture will suit us best. If you want to blend the texture and yet you have only wavy hair then you may have to use the curling wand.

Remember black women have a range of hair texture but never straight. Some have coils, tight curls and others have looser curls. This means that this texture will still serve them best.

Curly weave

Brazilian Afro Kinky Curly Virgin Mink Hair 1 Bundle (5)

I love curly hair since it often gives you that youthful feel and fun. This hair weaves will still suit us for one reason some of us have such like curly hair. The question though is how long or short you want it.

So, if you wish, you may add the closure to the front of your hair or blend it in if you wish.

Best Types of Weaves

There are different kinds of hair but you can be sure not all of them will fit our natural hair. If you are going for a more natural look consider these hair types.

Brazilian hair

Well, you will notice that the Brazilian hair is quite popular in the market. Do you know why? Most African American women use it and you know the largest consumer of hair extension is black women.

Brazilian hair is quite full and thick with the best average density. Let’s just say that this hair si flat out perfect for our hair type

Peruvian hair

This hair also is one of the best since it comes in multiple textures. It doesn’t matter whether you have natural or relaxed hair this will work for you. What I love about this hair is that it’s lightweight and free-flowing.

Indian hair

Generally, Indians contribute most of the human hair in the market. It’s quite popular because it’s wavy but you can have it maintain curls too. The hair works for straight, wavy and curly hair.

Malaysian hair

Malaysian hair is great and will blend well with most hair types. However, it doesn’t work best for African American hair unless you have relaxed the hair. This is because it suits anyone with very fine and silky hair.

Choosing the Best Weave for You

Now that you know a few of the weaves you could use for sew in, here are the factors to consider in order to make the right decision. It will help you skim the millions of hairs it the market.

The hairstyle is important

Different hairstyles work best with different hair types so before you go on to choose the weave to consider the style you want to make.

In this question, you should know how long or short you want the hair to be before making the decision. This is ideal to decide the right inches. Also, you should know whether you want it wavy, curly or straight.

You will even enjoy the hair if you already know which wave or curly hair makes you look more natural.

Whats your budget?

You may have hair at all the different budgets but the quality will most likely be influenced by the price. So, what is your set price to buy the hair? This will guide you to the hair types that come in the same range.

Check the texture

If you wish for the hair to look natural you will have to consider its texture. Consider your own hair texture before you go buying the weave. There are different textures from straight to curly and wavy.

Remember to choose the type of hair you want wisely. You could choose either Peruvian, Brazilian or Malaysian hair. Check the previous subtopic for guidance on which hair suits you best.

Check the color

Remember not all colors will suit you so choose the right color and if you love neutral colors then you may use black or deep brown. If you, however, wish to order another color you may use the color chart or order a sample first if they allow you to.

Alternatively, just choose the natural color and then you can dye it if you wish.

Where to buy it

Are you buying the hair online or offline? There will be very many choices online but if you need to use the hair immediately then you may just go to your favorite salon and choose it there.

If you will go online, you will need to check the reviews too. They guide you to the best choice of hair. For example, if you want hair from AliExpress you need to check the reviews to know the legitimacy of the vendor.


I dont like sew in because they smell. So why do hair weave smell?

This is true to some extent and I know even you the reader might have experienced this. The reason why sew in may smell is that you don’t clean it with the right products to get rid of the sweat, oils, and dirt. Also, if you don’t let your hair dry out properly it will soon begin to smell.

So, wash your hair at least once a week then dry it and use the right spray for it. Additionally, take care of the hair while you go to exercise since you don’t want it to smell of sweat.

Know when you should remove your hair to allow your hair to breath. Some people use the hair extension throughout and this can damage your scalp and roots.

Why do new hair smell?

Let’s agree to this, the only smell you may notice is the smell when you get the hair from its packaging but only with some hair types. Often, it’s not that the hair smells rather it’s the oils they use to retain its shine in the package.

To stop this, simply wash it before you sew it on your hair. The strong smell will vanish if you use the right shampoo.

So, which is the best weave to buy?

Most of the people I know love to ask this question. The answer is that it depends on what you are after. That hair you consider the best may only be the best for you and not the other person.

If you can conduct research, you will soon discover the best hair for you. And don’t worry if it doesn’t look like any other person because whatever you choose is yours.

Why do sew-in weaves tangle a lot?

Often the hair will tangle due to improper care. Remember the weave features hair that’s not from your scalp. This means that it has no natural oils to nourish it. If you don’t oil or care for the hair properly it will soon start to tangle.

The hair tangles when its dry but sometimes you may use a lot of oil on it or you just don’t brush it well. To avoid tangles, therefore, keep it clean and nourished as you comb it. If possible though wash it at least twice a week.

Also, buy a good quality of hair to make sure it lasts longer.

Does sew-in weave make my hair grow rapidly?

Contrary to most believes sew in will never make your hair grow rapidly. Your hair grows at the normal rate of growth. What happens is that you may easily retain the lengths that you would normally manipulate and cause breakage.

In retaining the lengths then the hair looks like it’s grown longer and healthier.

How can I keep my hair from smelling between washes?

Use the dry shampoo to make sure the hair retains its freshness and cleanliness.

How much do weaves cost?

Weaves come at varying prices. You can buy the cheapest weave but be wary of such as they may not last. Other people do buy pricy weaves, therefore, it’s all a matter of what you really want and your budget.

When all is said, you should know that there’s no single weave we consider as the best. The best one is that which suits your needs. Generally, though, if you want one that’s durable, buy the virgin, Remy and unprocessed hair.

Remember, even if you are purchasing this hair online, watch out for scams if any then use your skills to buy the best quality that your money can buy.

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