What is the best Remy Hair (Hair Weave Brand)

I’m one glad black woman that we have hair extensions today because we can use them to attain the different dream styles.

Most black hairs don’t grow as long, full or colorful as we want them to, at least I can attest to that.

We are grateful for all the different kinds of hair extensions and the fact that most of them are readily available. But when you have been using hair extensions, you will know which types you ought to buy, especially when you have the right amount of money.

Today, we bring you the silky, smooth, high quality, and durable weaves called the Remy hair. This is the kind of weave that mostly mimics the natural hair giving you the most natural look.

360 Frontal With Bundles Peruvian Straight Remy Human Hair (3)One characteristic of the real Remy hair is that they are often costly. That’s for a reason; it’s not easy to find the natural human hair with aligned cuticles.

Although some people want to convince you that the hair from say Europe, which is rare is of better quality than any other this is not true.

Most Remy hair comes from Asia, parts of South America, and select parts of Europe. All the areas will give good quality Remy hair.

Things to Consider When Buying the Remy Hair

Remember, there are several weaves you can choose from. However, the best way to go about purchasing the Remy hair is in making sure you can tick the following points.

  • Know your brand and hair quality

While Remy hair is one of the top-quality human hair, there are many fake brands in the market today. You can rest assured you have the best Remy hair when you buy the hair from one of the top brands in the market.

You may be interested in the hair grade system if you want to know the quality of the hair.

This kind of hair highlights the confidence and naturalness of the hair. It remains soft and durable over the years. If you, therefore, want the hair to serve you, go for only the best.

  • What length suits you?

Remember if you don’t choose the right length of hair, people can tell the hair is fake. Remember the length depends on the style you make. For example, the length you can take for straight hair doesn’t have to be the same as the one you choose for the curly hair.

You can have long or short Remy hair to suit your style. Some people even opt to buy both hair types so that they can change their hair from time to time.

  • Who is your supplier?

Many suppliers claim to give you only the pure Remy hair while it’s never one. Before you choose the ideal supplier read their reviews and learn more about them. Before you purchase the hair, do your research.

  • Ask around

There are a few people who are quite passionate about hair that they know the best ones in the market. You may find them in salons or blogs, seek answers to your questions before you buy the hair.

They can advise you on the best style for you depending on the color you are choosing and the length too.

Best Remy Hair Weave Brand

If you have checked the market, you should notice that there are several brands. Sadly, penetrating this market to know which brand makes the best Remy hair can be a hassle. With this article, we are going to show you some of the best.


This is one of the top brands in the market that is known to sell virgin hair, and you know that if the hair is virgin then it’s a Remy type too. The brand is famous but mostly among different celebs. What makes it one of the best brands is that you have a variety of hairstyles.

The hair is durable mainly since they source it from a single human donor and there’s never animal fur involved.

Often, we sell the Brazilian hair though so if you want the authentic Brazilian hair, then you can choose to visit the brand.

Bellami hair

Another one of the common brands is the bellami hair. They make some of the best virgin hair and Remy hair. The reason why it’s still popular is that they sell all the genuine hair. Aside from the hair it sells other beauty products and hair color.

Whenever you are looking to find legit hair products, you should visit bellami hair.


This is another one of the most common brands in the market. It provides some of the best hair in the market. They have salons that you can go and have your hair made too.

What makes it even better is the fact that it’s a brand owned by the black people who know our hair needs. Now, they sell some of the purest types of virgin Remy hair. Such hair is never processed, colored, nor bleached.

From mayvenn you can find even the virgin Yaki hair and kinky hair to suit different black Americans hair type. They will sell the hair in its straight form, wavy form, or curly form. You can rest assured that you won’t find any sorts of synthetic strands from the brand.

Extension plus Remy weave

This is another one of the few brands that offer you the quality Remy hair too. Aside from other extension types it specializes in selling the Remy hair. The hair you buy from them is made using pure human hair.

For most people, it makes the bounciest, lustrous, and smoothest kind of hair in the market. It will bring to you ready to wear hair, and it comes in various lengths.

Types of Remy Hair

There are about 5 common types of Remy hair, and they include the following

  • Indian Remy hair

You must have either been a part of the hype that Indian Remy hair is the best available one or you have heard about it. Well if you like to be associated with all the right things, then this is one of the best Remy hair types to buy.

All this hype is for a reason Indians give you some of the best thick, silky, lustrous and bouncy human hair ever. You will further notice that the virgin hair they donate range from curly hair to lose wave one.

With this wide range of textures, you can develop a perfect look that will suit your different personalities. The hair doesn’t need to go through rapid processing to maintain the ideal structure.

  • Brazilian hair

This is another one of the most available yet the most loved for its coarseness, especially by those of African American descent. This hair is often thicker and coarser than the Indian hair, but they can work in place of each other.

Notice that while the hair is called the Brazilian hair, it has not much to do with Brazil. Most of the hair that is called the Brazilian hair refers to the hair with similar characteristics as most of the natural Brazilian hair. It could be from anywhere including Asia.

The Remy Brazilian hair though is one of the most loved kinds of hair. It’s bouncy and will offer you all the different textures you may desire.

Although it’s not as common as the Brazilian one, anyone who has used it always gets hoked.

Characterized by its shiny and deep brown color, the hair will hold the curls best so for anyone who loves curls, Malaysian hair is your best bet. Nevertheless, this hair is best used by those who have relaxed hair in the black hair community.

It has the perfect luster that will keep it in its structure. Lastly, it has the ideal body for anyone looking to enhance the body of their hair.

This is another one of the rare kinds of hair but its slowly sweeping the market over. It’s as coarse as the Brazilian type of hair, but it’s also sleek and best used by anyone who loves trying new styles.

The hair is further bouncy, and it feels more like the Indian hair. Apart from being a Remy type, the hair is light so you can use it even in areas where there’s hot weather. This hair is further never affected by humidity.

The hair is free-flowing; therefore you can enjoy its styles, but it’s also bouncy. While the Remy hair is a little pricey, when you know how to care for it and style it, then it can serve you while boosting your confidence.

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Best Indian Remy Hair Brands

There are so many hair brands in the market today, but if you would like to buy a high-quality type of hair, you will need to go to some of the very best brands out there.

Indique hair extension

Every woman of class knows this brand somehow. It’s a go-to brand for anyone looking for the different kinds of quality hair. If you are after the Indian Remy hair, therefore, this is the best place to visit.

The brand has branches all over the United States of America. So, you can go in to look for a suitable texture. Some women complain that the hair is costly, but if you take it as an investment then you will understand its worth. You will re-use your new hair a few times extra.

True Indian hair

Another brand to visit is true Indian hair. From the name, you can believe that it delivers some of the pure Remy hair. This brand has been around for over 12 years. Most of the top celebrities including Rihanna love this brand and the hair.

This brand stands out for selling some of the best extensions, which include the Indian Remy hair. The hair has stood the massive competition because of the hair quality they make. Often, they handpick the hair and therefore maintain the high qualities for their clients.

Notice that with such characteristics, you would expect the hair to be expensive as it is. A bundle, in this case, can go up to $130. You won’t, however, feel the expense since you can reuse the hair.

IMTC Factory – Indian Remy hair brand

Here is another one of the leading brands that deliver the best Indian Remy hair. The fact that the brand is in India makes it even better because they have access to the best quality Remy hair. They make some of the best hair types you can have from the Indian human donor.

If you wish to find a variety of styles go and visit the brand, they have a range of styles, from curly to straight and virgin hair to Remy one. The price is a little high as you would expect, but it’s worth every penny.

Rosa beauty

They focus more on the raw virgin Indian hair but what that means is that the hair is also Remy hair. So, when you are after the quality Remy hair, go out there to buy from Rosa beauty. The essence of this brand is to get human hair brands.

They do not only focus on Indiana human hair though they also use the raw Brazilian hair among other hair types. The hair you get here is high quality and soft to touch and yet the quality will blend with most other hair types.

Brazilian Remy Hair Vs. Indian Remy Hair

These are the two most popular Remy hair in the market.  While the similarities involve having the cuticles aligned, there are a few differences.

  • Brazilian Remy hair

This hair comes from the agricultural areas of brazil among other places. The hair is thick and soft while being naturally wavy. The reason why it’s so popular is that it comes in a wide range of options. You can have it in its thick and shiny form yet it’s soft and naturally wavy.

  • Indian Remy hair

This one is the top quality one of the reasons that it uses each of the real Indian hair. A bundle only has the real Indian hair without synthetic hair in the mix.

This hair, therefore, features the soft, light and bouncy hair. I like that they only take the hair from healthy young donors. This means that the hair remains healthy as well.


So, the significant difference is that for the Brazilian hair, you can have hair from Brazil, Europe, Africa, and America. They only expect you to have the same hair features as the Brazilian features. The Indian hair on the other hand only comes from the Indians.

Secondly, the Brazilian hair is often coarser than the Indian one. Remember it’s a blend of hair from different places.

Brazilian hair also has a higher density and its thicker than the Indian one.

Best Remy Wigs to Buy

1. Eayon Hair Brazilian Remy Curly Wigs with Baby Hair

Featuring a high-quality grade 8A hair, you have the loose curly hair in its Remy form. It comes with the lace front for a complete look and the baby hair that you can slay if you want. The hair rarely sheds, and if you wish, you can straighten, color or bleach it.

When you wish to comb the hair, you can use the wide-toothed comb or sometimes you can even use your fingers. It features the use of 100% Remy human hair, and it doesn’t use the chemicals.

The wig has a free parting which lets you choose where you will part the hair. Although it comes with a smaller wig cap, you can use the straps to adjust it. It will fit most women with ease.

2. ZANA Brazilian Virgin Remy Hair Lace Front Wigs

This is another one of the hair types that features the Brazilian Remy hair. Mind you; it uses 100% human hair which makes it a high-quality piece of hair. It will give you the silky appearance yet it remains smooth.

For anyone who loves the ombre design here is another hairpiece to try. You can color it but, in that case, opt for the original color of the hair. Since the hair is human hair, it will rarely tangle or shed.

You can even use the massage comb for your hair when you want to install it. The hair further comes with a ready and fitting wig cap. Its wavy hair texture is easy to maintain, but if you wish you could straighten it for a change.

3. Grade 8A Unprocessed Virgin Indian Remy

This hair comes from a brand called Ziyi queen that has been in business for over 30 years. It features the high-grade hair quality, and you know what that means, you don’t have to spend a fortune on the same.

This is a raw unprocessed hair that makes it the highest quality hair available. The fact that its Remy hair makes it even better since it maintains its smooth texture over a long time. This hair won’t tangle or shed yet it’s healthy and thick to suit all.

The design of the hair is such that you can curl it or straighten it if need be. You could further bleach the hair or style it whichever way you wish to. It uses the swiss lace material to make it look as natural as it can get. The hair is clean and soft to comb.

4. Mayflower Virgin Indian Wavy Hair Weft 12″-28″ Real Indian Remy Human Hair

You can easily find Indian hair in the market, and this hair uses the raw Indian hair from the southern temples of the country. For the most part, the single bundle comes from one donor. This means that it maintains its alignment and the cuticles flow in the same direction.

It comes from healthy people who then make the hair healthy. The body wave hair is natural to style so if you want, you can make it a bone straight style. This features the style of the hair that comes in its silky, soft, and medium luster.

The hair won’t tangle or dry up, and it takes up to 2 years being as healthy. Although it’s a little pricy, the hair is worth every penny you give. It even comes with its closure for the full coverage of your natural hair.

It comes in a dark brown color 613, but you can color it if you wish because it’s a virgin hair.

5. Benehair Remy Human Hair

Here is another straight Remy hair that uses the 100% Indian hair. Although this hair is quite long, you can choose different lengths. It’s a silky straight hair, but you can also have it in the body wave if you wish.

Featuring a bouncy hair with the perfect elasticity, it’s an easy to maintain hair. It won’t shed nor tangle but most of all it contains no lice. You will have four pieces in the package, but you will mostly need only need the three pieces.

How to Care for The Remy Hair

For your hair to last longer, you have to take care of it. You can’t neglect the hair and then expect it to last long. Once you make the right purchase then attach it to your head, you will have other people wishing for your style. However, without care, it won’t last.

Take care of the hair the same way you do your natural hair to be on the safe side.

  • Clean it

Notice that the Remy hair is a low maintenance kind of hair which makes it easy to care for. When you know what to do with it, the hair will serve you over a long time. Don’t let the hair develop product build-up because then that will weigh it down.

Wash the hair at least once a week when you have it on. Remember you should never scrub the hair as you are washing it. Agitate it instead in a downward movement. That’s just enough to get debris out. You don’t want to damage the cuticles in scrubbing the hair.

Before you start washing the hair though make sure you comb or brush it first. Get rid of any possible knots before.

But don’t brush it when it’s wet because at that time the hair is often at its weakest.

  • The products you use for styling

Be careful about the products you choose to use in the styling of the hair. Go for all the gentle products. They should be free of toxins but especially alcohol. If you can use only the products that will add enough moisture to it, the better.

Confirm that it’s sulfate-free and paraben-free too. The conditioners you use shouldn’t have a lot of ingredients.

Style it

Once you take your shower, you should be gentle in the styling. Notice that while you may want to use the blow dry, its best to air dry the hair. These drying tools often suck out moisture from the strands. This makes the hair weak and frail.

  • If you have to use the heat, then spray the hair first with a heat protectant spray.
  • Also, be gentle through the process of combing or brushing the hair. If you by any chance rough your hair up you will cause damages.
  • Also, if you wish to color the hair then seek professional help as they will know how to do it without damaging the hair.

General day to day care

If you wish to keep the hair looking it’s best even when you bought it long ago, you can. But you will have to care for it.

  • Before you go to sleep, tie the hair to a bun and then either use a sleeping cap or a satin head wrap. That prevents the movement of the hair as you are sleeping and turning. Also, you maintain the moisture within the strands.

Your hair will therefore not shed or tangle from roughing it up.

  • The first thing you should do in the morning then is to run your fingers in the hair if it’s curly. This will keep the strand in place. Also, brush the hair in one direction, it will reduce the tangles if any.
  • Remember to deep condition the tresses at least once a week. That will pack it with sufficient moisture and revitalize it. You can also use the clarifying shampoo every once in a while, to thoroughly clean it.
  • Notice that you may want to swim, but when you have the hair on, it’s not a good idea because chlorine will damage the hair. It’s better to remove the Remy hair first before you hit the pool or ocean. Once in awhile swim is not a bad idea, though.

Remember to go for a cold bath immediately and use the mild shampoo to give it a thorough wash.

  • The way you store the hair will also determine how long they last. Once you remove the hair, you will need to wash it, air dry it and then finger comb it. Next, lay the hair in a box and then store it in a cool, dry place. This avoids the mold formation possibility.

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