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Top 26 Best Products for High Porosity Hair

Best Products for High Porosity Hair

We all enjoy natural hair but it requires care, not with the same products you use when wearing extensions or the ones your friends uses but with products that work for your hair.

However, you won’t know what products to use if you don’t know the major characteristics of your hair.

Best Products for High Porosity HairMost people think that just because your hair has the same texture and color as your friend then you have the same type of hair. This is not always the case. There’s no two natural hair that is the same.

While you may have the same texture and color of hair, it’s possible that porosity will be different.

In fact, the porosity of the hair is a much more determinant of the kind of products that suit you.

What Is Porosity?

Hair porosity is the ability of your hair to absorb moisture from hair products or the environment then retain it and maintain it. You can have a high, medium or low porosity level.

Notice that whether you have high porosity, medium porosity or low porosity level you are okay. Unlike popular beliefs, there’s no bad porosity level. The only difference is that you will use different products than other levels.

Low porosity hair: it’s the hair that has flat cuticles or as some people say cuticles that are bound and this makes it hard for the hair shafts to absorb moisture. How this works, therefore, is that you use light products that can easily penetrate the cuticles.

Normal porosity: this is where you have the hair being able to able to absorb enough moisture and retain just sufficient moisture. The cuticle in this state is medium high.

What is high porosity?

This is where you have the cuticles being high. Unlike the low porosity that has a problem absorbing the moisture, high porosity absorbs moisture fast. This sounds too good, right? Unfortunately, the same way the hair absorbs the moisture fast is the same way it loses it.

This happens because your hair won’t just shut the cuticles quick to lock in the moisture it absorbs. In the end, you will suffer from dryness. Do you know what this means? you become prone to damage.

With the high cuticle, you will have the hair shafts holding onto each other easily. This means that you will suffer from tangling and you will also have the hair being frizzy. When you have the hair being frizzy, we must say that the hair is then at the verge of death.

How to Know That You Have the High Porosity Hair

  • You can use the floating test

Just warm your water a little so that it’s lukewarm.

Take a few strands of the clean hair that is free of hair products and drop it in the jar with lukewarm water.

If it floats, you have the low porosity hair but if it sinks quickly then know that you have high porosity hair.

  • Other methods

Check your hair and if you notice that when you saturate it with water, it takes long hours to dry, you have low porosity hair. This even happens with when you are using hair products.

If it dries out rapidly to the extent that you feel like it needs more products on then your hair is of high porosity.

The Signs That Show You Have High Porosity Hair

  • If you can notice that it has high cuticles, automatically its high porosity hair. While this may be generic, it’s also caused by too much use of hair products.
  • The major characteristic is that it will absorb too much moisture but quickly loses it and feels like dry hair. It’s more like the sandy beach soil if you know what I mean.
  • It will mostly feel and look dry, dull and unhealthy.
  • It might have torn cuticles which will lead to damages.
  • The hair sometimes is frizzy.
  • It dries rapidly.

How to Find the Right Products for Your High Porous Hair

Unless you find the right products for your hair, you risk damaging it all. Don’t be lured by labels be keen on the following factors but more specifically the combination of ingredients.

  • Find out what the hair needs

Not many people will listen to their body and its parts yet it communicates to us constantly. Study your hair to know what exactly it needs and it will guide you to the right products. Of course, there will be a few trial and errors but you will reach there much faster if you listen to it.

Check its moisture needs as well as the protein needs. If the two don’t feel balanced, take your time to buy products meant to add moisture/protein.

Notice that your strands will lose moisture fast and it’s, therefore, inevitable that you will need daily moisturization. However, without the right protein products that work to strengthen the strands, you will damage your hair.

  • Go for shopping in reputable hair and beauty shops

Your hair is already fragile as it is so the last thing you want is to buy some fake products and add to it. This is why I only go to shops especially online that are popularly known for selling quality goods.

  • Read the composition of ingredients

Sometimes we all fall prey to the marketing strategy where you buy a product just because it says it’s a ‘high porosity hair product’. You should check the product and confirm that the ingredients listed will work for you.

You should check for ingredients like aloe, chamomile and apple cider vinegar among others.

What works for you during extreme weather conditions?

Listen to your hair and when you realize that it’s affected by the extreme weather conditions, you should know what products will work for you or not. There are products that won’t cut for you during humid, winter and summer days.

Take time to understand them then cut them off your hair routine.

  • What’s your hair density?

Like porosity, this is a question of concern when you are buying hair products. Example, when you have low densities, you should check or go for water-based products. In fact, you should stay away from heavy oils and creams.

  • If you are trying a product for the first time, cut down the size

You shouldn’t buy a large product only to realize later that it doesn’t work for you as you expected it to. Therefore, if you are trying one product for the first time, just use a small product instead.

  • For online purchase, read the reviews

Since most products are bought online, do read the reviews from different people. This will guide you in knowing if it works for you or not.

Moisturizer for high porosity hair

1. High Porosity Control Hair Repair Oil

When you regularly apply the hair oil on your hair and the scalp you aid in the regeneration of the hair structure. It will work to restore the vitality and the youthfulness of your hair. This product works on your hair strands from the inside out.

Its main aim is to rebuild your hair when it has been exposed to improper care. The ingredients of the product include proteins that normally work to rebuild the hair structure. The good thing about this is also that it does all this fast.

It will bring the boost back together with vitality and the bouncy. The product is made using the natural oils that will work to offer you maximum hydration. It more so prevents your hair from the possible damage.

With its 6 natural oils, the product works on your high porosity hair to reverse its dryness. It will boost your blood circulation and through this, it will make your hair strong regardless of its porosity.

Best shea moisture products for high porosity hair

2. Shea Moisture High Porosity Moisture Correct Masque

Even when you have the thirstiest of strands, we have you covered with this shea moisture product. Mind you, it suits even your color treated hair. It’s particularly designed for those who have a low moisture retention ability.

It will create a cushion over the hair that you thought is damaged beyond repair making it easy to rebuild and rejuvenate. So, for all the open holes in the hair shaft, shea moisture has you covered.

3. Moisture Mongongo & Hemp Seed Oils High Porosity Moisture-seal Shampoo


Even when it comes to the shampoo, you want to use one that doesn’t strip your hair of its natural oils. The shampoo is free of sulfate as well as being color safe. It works for those who have low moisture retention ability by sealing the cuticles sooner thus retaining the moisture.

The hair becomes nourished, smooth and free of tangles. It will treat the damaged hair making it more manageable and tangle free. It has all the natural ingredients that keep your hair in shape over a prolonged time.

4. Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Conditioner

I like this item because it keeps your hair moisturized. And it aims to help restore the hair. It’s conducive when you are looking to retain the moisture that you already have on your strands.

It will smoothen the frizz while it thickens each of your strands. You can work on it with any kind of hair even when you have the treated hair. The product will work to nourish each of your strands and promote massive hair growth.

If you know the function of coconut oil you will know that it has the ability to moisture your hair but it will also seal in the moisture. With this product, therefore, you have the moisture retained in the shafts.

5. Mongongo & Hemp Seed Oils High Porosity Moisture-Seal Finishing Elixir

You do know that the major problem we have with high porosity hair is its inability to retain the moisture within the shafts. This product is the one you use once you have everything applied already.

Its major role is to seal in the moisture. You don’t want to have your hair lose its moisture every time you add it on the hair. This is an easy to use the product as well.

The best oils for the high porosity hair

For you to have the healthy yet beautiful hair you need it to stay moisturized and nourished. In fact, the real issue here is how to keep the hair moisturized with no issue because it quickly absorbs moisture and loses it again.

The oils are great at giving your hair the dose of moisture when needed but some oils even act as sealants.

  1. Coconut oil

We had mentioned earlier on, that the oil works best to moisturize your hair. The oil is known for being rich in vitamin E which infuses a lot of moisture to your hair.

Notice that this oil is a heavy one that will defend the hair against further damage.

  1. Olive oil

Over the years, olive oil has been used for various purposes including cooking but one important factor is that it is also great for your skin and hair. It’s a heavy oil that’s also easy to penetrate the strands of your hair.

The oil is great at nourishing the scalp and it will keep you safe from problems like dandruff. The most important part of the oil is that it seals the hair cuticles just perfect enough to retain the moisture.

  1. Hemp seed oil

This great oil is from a plant we call cannabis sativa. The oil is distinct since it has high fatty acids. It’s no wonder it works for the high porosity hair. This product will help you in many different ways.

I particularly vouch for it because it works best to add elasticity to your hair as well as the moisture retention ability. The product will also add sheen to the hair. But, to wrap it all up, it strengthens the hair after a period of use.

  1. Castor oil

Let’s just say that what makes this oil appealing is the fact that it is fortifying and mainly healing to the scalp.

It works best to seal your hair strands while nourishing your scalp. It naturally is an antifungal and antibacterial oil which means that you will have your scalp clean and nourished.

  1. Jojoba oil

This perfect oil is close to the oils that your scalp naturally secrets. The oil is from the shrubs found in the SouthWestern side of the USA.

The oil is characterized by being a little waxy which is something that would work great for high porosity hair. It seals on your hair moisture.

Best oils for deep conditioning the hair

11. Babassu Oil and Mint Deep Conditioner

The hair product is designed to restore your damaged hair but most importantly the dry hair. The product will work to smoothen and get rid of the flyaway. The product is a derivative of the palm fruit found in Amazon.

The design of the product is such that it takes care of your scalp and hair generally. But most importantly it moisturizes the hair deeply. Aside from that, it’s great as it’s designed to ensure the hair retains the moisture as well.

The fatty acids will keep the hair strands smooth and soft as well. You can use it on your relaxed, color treated hair and just about any kind of hair you have.

12. Honey Miracle Hair Mask Deep Conditioner

This is yet another hair product that works even for your high porosity hair. It works to keep the hair moisturized and free of the tendency to dry. I like that it penetrates deep into the shaft. For those with such hair, this product will keep away the frizz.

It then uses the honey to add the natural shine and sleekness to your hair. With the oils like olive oil and jojoba oil infused in the conditioner, you know what that means right? It seals the moisture within the shaft.

The nutrients it carries with it are immeasurable. You will have vitamins A, D &E. The product then helps you to maintain your hair health. You will not have any more of the flaky and itchy scalp.

Best leave in conditioner for high porosity hair

13. EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea Leave-In Conditioner

This leave in conditioner is a must-have for anyone who has high porosity hair. It enhances the manageability of the hair and smoothens your cuticles. All this will take time as you use it frequently.

The product is made using the coconut which is known to help nourish your hair as it also seals in the moisture. The product is then good at penetrating the shafts of your hair strands. It works on as it detangles as well and will suit almost all hair types.

Best restructurer

14. ApHogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer

The design of this product is that with the help of its green tea and keratin, it will help in the protection of the cortex and cuticles from any more damage. The cuticle damage is mostly what will cause high porosity hair.

It will also help to reduce the breakages and split ends. It’s a great piece of antioxidant that works on your hair.

Best high porosity hair shampoo

15. Jane Carter Moisture Nourishing Shampoo

This gentle product works for all hair types but more specifically for those with the high porosity hair. It’s gentle and works all the way to infuse even more moisture in the process. It will remove the moisture from your hair gently.

The product works to increase the strength and manageability yet the oils in the product will give the scalp a thorough cleaning. Your scalp will stay hydrated and healthy.

16. EDEN BodyWorks Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Milk

This water-based product is what you need for more nourishment of your hair. The product has a mix of oils that works for it to increase the hair moisture. It has all the oils you need to both moisturize the hair as it seals the cuticles.

It even has the antioxidants that will work to rejuvenate the already brittle hair. When you use the product, you develop shiny hair with soft hair strands. This product will be used to add moisture to the hair.

17. DevaCurl One Condition Original

The conditioner ensures that you develop a shiny, healthy hair and it’s frizz free. It’s a great product to use when it comes to moisturizing and hydrating.

It works with all the different kinds of curls and it has the herbaceous scent that leaves your hair smelling fresh.

Other products that you may use

  1. Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk
  2. Squeaky Deep Cleansing Shampoo
  3. As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner
  4. Oyin Handmade Hair Dew
  5. Roux Porosity Control Corrector and Conditioner
  6. MopTop deep conditioner
  7. Qhemet Biologics Olive & Honey Hydrating Balm
  8. MisMax remix deep conditioner
  9. Aunt Jackie’s Coconut Crème Recipes Butter Crème

How to Moisturize the High Porosity Hair

You need a regimen or at least a procedure on how you can moisturize the hair. So, you can watch this video for the right procedure to follow

How to Care for The High Porosity Hair

Protein treatment: the essence of protein treatment is to reconstruct and restructure your hair. Since you have the lifted cuticles too you will need some form of treatment that helps to block the gaps and thus retain the moisture.

Deep condition it regularly: of all people, you should moisturize your hair regularly because remember it keeps losing it anyway. Find the best products to use.

Sealants: unlike other hair types that you don’t have to use the sealants here you must use them. Sealants will help to make sure you retain moisture within the shafts. Sealants come in form of even oils.

Minimize the use of chemicals treatments and heat: while we all love the sleek straight and curly hair that you can only achieve when you have the heating tools, you should steer away from them. Also, avoid chemical treatment as they will only weaken the hair further.

Be careful when detangling: the high porosity hair is not that strong after all. You should avoid being harsh as you are detangling because that will make the hair break easily.

Dont use harsh products: when you decide to be a naturalist, always make sure you only take products that are gentle to your hair.

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