Every woman enjoys having flawless, lustrous and good-looking hair. A woman’s hair is the crown of all her beauty. Well, if your natural hair is not as long, thick or curly as you wish for it to be, you can use the best weave bundles from our shop.

The weave bundles come in different textures or types. Actually, it’s all a question of what you are looking for in the hair.

For the human hair weave, you will have the quality bundles that are also affordable.

What Is A Hair Weave Bundle?

It’s the collection of the hair that’s attached to the weft. It weighs 100grams and you have to use 2-5 bundles depending on the type and length of the hair.

Sometimes you will find the bundles sold separately or as a set/pack for the unique style you wish for. Well, these bundles you can install by sew in method, glue in method or the micro ring method.

Notice that the longer the hair, the more the bundles you need.

We are here to show you a few of the best bundles you may choose from our site. Below is a list of the different bundles you will find in our shops.

1 Bundle Loose Deep Wave Indian Hair Extension Sale


1 Bundle Of Peruvian Hair Kinky Curly Virgin 100 Human Weave For Sale


1 Bundle Remy Malaysian Water Wave Remy Human Hair Weave


100 Human Loose Wave Burmese 1 Bundle Human Hair


100 Human Malaysian Purple/1B Body Wave 4 Bundles Two Toned Hair Weave


100 Human Ombre Straight Red Remy Hair Extensions 3 Bundles


100 Human Remy 99J 3 Bundles Body Wave Hair Burgundy Hairstyles


100 Indian Human Hair Loose Deep Wave 3 Bundles For Sale


100 Indian Human Hair Weave Loose Deep Wave 4 Bundles


100 Indian Human Hair Weave Water Wave 3 Bundles For Cheap


100 Malaysian Loose Curl Wave Virgin Hair Weave 1 Bundle Hairstyle


100 Percent Human Hair Burmese Body Wave Virgin Remy Weave 3 Bundles


Most of the bundles we list here are virgin hair. You may use different hair types for different needs.

Things to Consider When You Are Going to Buy the Bundles

Before you even check on the quality of the hair, you should know the following.

What length

Of course, the bundles will come in different lengths. So, the question is which one are you interested in?

Well, the length will also guide you to the number of bundles you need. For example, one who wants to buy the 8-inch hair doesn’t need the same number of bundles like the one going for 28-inch.

The 8-inch weave may require even two bundles but the 28-inch hair will need about four bundles. Of course, you want to have a full look whether you are using the less inch or longer hair.

So, depending on the style you are going for the length also differs. Where the straight hair reaches isn’t the same as where it reaches when you are wearing the curly hair.

What texture do you want?

The hair bundles come in different textures; curly, wavy, or straight ones. It’s all a personal choice. So, if today you are looking for the straight and silky hair and tomorrow the more textured kinky hair, we have you covered.

Of course, factors like how thick you want the hair to be matter. Whenever you want the full hair, you can add a single extra bundle.

The head size

On average most women have 22½ inch head. This standard head then calls for the same number of bundles. When you have a larger head, you will need an extra bundle to give the head a full look. Equally, a smaller head needs a bundle less for the full look.


This isn’t a significant factor but to some vendors, it matters. With this, they categorize their very best hair. If you go to source the hair that’s set-in grades, you should buy those that come between grades 7-10.


Well, this you can see naturally if the hair is not as full as you need it to be. Always choose the full bundles for a complete look.

If you buy the hair that doesn’t appear voluminous, it will mean you have to use many more bundles. Also, you aim to attain a full look with the hair bundles so go for it.

Bundles deals

The easiest way to buy the bundles of hair that fits you is to use the bundles deal. Which leads us to the question what is a bundle deal?

Notice that the bundle deal is the group of bundles we have to fit your style. Often, they come in threes but sometimes you will find them in fours or fives. It depends on the lengths, textures, and style.

Sometimes you will have the bundles sold with the frontals or closure and other times not. Bundles with closures make it easy to achieve a full and natural look.

They come in at different prices, remember. The prices depend on several factors. These deals will help you reduce the expense when you need to buy many bundles.

Of course, based on the factors above, you can choose the bundle deal that works best for you.

Our hair bundles are often the virgin types of hair, and they have all the different features. Below are the five most common ones.

Are you looking for natural-looking hair? You should buy Brazilian bundles.

The characteristic feature about this hair is that it maintains the natural shine, it is luxurious, durable and thick. The hair is one of the best we have in the market. It’s further quite popular and will often give you a full look you are after.

This is another one of the most accessible hair today. It’s often thick, soft, and luxurious. The reason why it’s quite popular is that it blends well with almost any kind of hair. This hair is also lightweight and can take any style with ease.

This hair is soft, thick, and light with the highest level of shine. For the most part, it will blend well with the relaxed African American hair. If you are going to do a full head sew in though, you have nothing to worry about.

This hair is all about the bounce. Of all the hair types, it’s the one that’s readily accessible since the donors are available. It looks like most natural hair; this is why most people use it. Unless you are in a humid environment, this hair is perfect.

Where to Buy the Weave Bundles

There are so many vendors with these hair options but none of them is like hair theme. Hair theme is the best place to buy bundles of hair. When you want the best quality that has the best appearance and longevity, buy from hair theme.

We also make sure the hair is affordable, and when you care about it, then it will serve you over a long time.

You won’t have to wait a long time if you need this hair options. We deliver the hair sooner.