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8 Best Body Wave Hair (Including Brazilian Body Wave Hair)

There are various hair extensions textures that we use today. Different people prefer different hair textures for various reasons. The body wave hair is one of the most common hair types and for a reason, they are easier to manage.

Whether you purchase the right body wave hair or not is dependent on a number of factors. Since you like the body wave hair, it will be best to show you a few of the best ones to buy.

But first,

What is the body wave hair?

To make it easy for you, this is the hair extension that comes in simple curls that flow out as loose wave hair. In fact, its the most natural-looking hairstyle you could ever have because it makes the waves soft and natural-looking. I like that you won’t have to strain in styling it as the wave are easy and flowy.

body wave hairTo understand it even better, it’s the waves you form when you roll the hair on the large rollers and curls. If you used the small rollers, then the hair will form the curls. In fact, the body wave will always form the S pattern that’s also consistent.

Since the hair is neither curly nor straight, you can change its style to either one of the two when you want to.

Unique character traits of the body wave hair

The S shape

You can mostly describe what you can see. Thus, since we have the different wave hair types, its best to specifically know which type we are using here. Body wave hair assumes the S shape and it has the defined turns. This is why the hair is different from the other types.

It appears thick

Even though the density of the hair may be the same as the straight texture, body wave hair is often voluminous. If you are after the enhanced volume without too much definition, you may consider this style. Although the hair is mostly single drawn, they will have the body being voluminous and good looking.

It’s stylish

Depending on the hair type you like this is one of the types you could use to achieve all the different styles. Whether you want to make a bun a ponytail or just let the hair flow, you have the hair taking care of your needs.

It blends well

Although it’s wavy and would blend better with wavy hair, it does bend well with any other hair type. Whether you have straight or curly hair, something in the middle will be an easy change for you.

It straightens up over time

Well, remember the waves are loose. This waves will straighten up when you wash it. But that’s an expected occurrence because the hair has waves that are very loose.

It’s easy to maintain

Of all other styles, this is the easiest one to maintain. If you wear straight hair, you will have trouble getting rid of the knots and making sure it flows. Curly hair, on the other hand, tangles a lot. Not only do you have to remove the tangles, but you also have to use some tools to maintain the curls.

Body wave is partly straight and partly curly. This is why it easier to maintain than the other styles.

Why should you choose the body wave weave hair?

We mostly enjoy women with natural body wave hair. Now, since most women don’t have natural hair that grows that long, we may use the hair extensions. The wavy hair is the go-to style for most women for the following reasons.

The hair is versatile

It’s every woman’s dream to be ever-evolving. To catch up with the everchanging hairstyles, you must be versatile too and this can be challenging. If you are going to have the edgy cuts and colors you will need to be fun-loving and ready to try out any style.

If you aren’t careful though some of the styles you choose may not work for certain occasions. The good thing about this wavy style is that it will work for every occasion you can dream of.

It doesn’t shed

You will have the thick and strong strands and such types of strands don’t break easily. This means that it’s one of the hair types that you will buy, wear and discard them with the volume still intact. Either way, remember to take care of the hair by brushing it to place.

Always use the right combs to maintain the gentleness when you comb the hair.

It looks natural

Some other textures may look unnatural especially if they aren’t close in texture to your natural textures. For example, if say you have bone straight hair, then you use the kinky curly one, people will tell that you aren’t using your natural hair and vice versa.

Body wave hair is in the middle of all the hair textures and this is why you can use it and pass for a natural look. With the texture, you will receive all the fantastic outcomes.

It’s a beautiful style

I have never seen wavy hair not being beautiful regardless of whether its natural or hair extension. If you will keep the hair neat then it must maintain its beautiful waves.  The good thing is that the waves are resistant to damage.

It features the use of soft and sleek hair

Take a look at the different types of body wave styles, you will notice something in common. They have these soft and sleek hairstyles. For this reason, you can wear hair types for different occasions. From celebrities to the girl next door you will always find some girl wearing the hairstyle at some point.

You can quickly straighten it

Unlike when you are using the wavy hair, curly hair can take you so much time to straighten. Such wavy hair will allow you to easily straighten it. Depending on the hair type, you can use a flat iron to straighten the hair. Nevertheless, if you want it to be wavy again, you can let it air dry as opposed to using blowdry.

Different types of hair weaves

1. Peruvian body wave hair

Whenever you want a soft and bouncy hair type, you should consider this hair type. This kind of hair is shiny soft and lightweight. This is why the hair feels the most natural. This hair will provide simplicity but also easy maintenance at a cheap price.

You further have the different styles you could try but what makes the style even amazing is that you don’t have to do much about it. This hair will last for over a year yet it has all the benefits looming.

You may use the virgin hair because it won’t break, shed and you can color it. The hair comes to you in different lengths too.

The best hair will always use the double weft method just like this. It prevents shedding and maintains the tightness and neatness too. I love the volume that makes it bouncy and reduces the need to use a lot more hair bundles. Since this is a virgin hair, you can change the style you use or even the color you choose.

2. Malaysian body wave hair

When it comes to holding the curls, Malaysian hair is your best companion. It further maintains a low to medium luster with a high level of softness. The hair feels and looks luxurious. Moreover, it’s thicker than the Brazilian or Indian hair.

Naturally, this hair comes in dark brown hair color but you can change the hair color if you wish to. This style features 100% Remy hair and you will have the hair cuticles being aligned.

The other advantage is that the hair won’t start to matte or tangle since you retain all the moisture within. You can even curl the hair further if you need to.

It mostly suits all the different hair textures but especially Latinas, Caucasians and Asians.

This is one of the best quality of the Peruvian hair. It features the double weft method to keep the hair from shedding. The hair is therefore secure and comfortable. The Malaysian body wave holds the wavy texture perfectly for perfect durability.

This hair like most others in our website has thick and durable ends. This ends won’t develop the spit ends because they look perfect. The next best thing is that the hair will never tangle. I love that its volume makes it perfectly bouncy. It comes in different lengths to suit your different needs.

The hair is perfect as it will maintain its shine and elegance over a long time. You can buy as many bundles as you need to.

3. Brazilian body wave

There’s a reason why the Brazilian body wave hair is popular. Its that the hair is readily accessible. All the hair type you find here is of high quality. The hair is soft with a beautiful bounce and versatile. Since the hair is unprocessed and from a human donor, the cuticles remain aligned.

The good thing about this is that the hair will never be dry and that means that it won’t tangle or shed. This hair maintains it’s shiny and appeal with the Hollywood glamor in it.

I bet such hair isn’t new as Brazilian hair is readily accessible. But the Brazilian hair in our website is the one you need because of its quality. This hair also soft and it maintains the bounce. If you want, you can dye or bleach the hair since it features the virgin hair.

This hair type is further shiny and elastic. Also, it maintains the perfect and thick healthy ends. This hair is free of the split ends. It further has double wefts to prevent shedding. Since the hair is new, it won’t even smell.

4. Burmese body wave

If you love the Burmese hair then below is the option to try. The Burmese hair is a mix of both the Chinese and the Indian hair. You know what that means right? you have the best of both worlds.

It features resilient hair because you may use heat on them and maintain its features. This hair is often straight but with a curly end. This means that you can create the perfect body wave from this hair texture.

This hair will come to you in jet black colors or dark brown.

We always go for the best and that’s the description we have of this hair. It features the hair that’s held using the double weft. It further maintains the neatness and tightness. The hair also remains durable and flexible for use. The cuticles, in this case, also flow in a single direction.

You can be sure that the hair won’t tangle and begin to shed. This hair is soft and silky which makes it feel and look like the natural hair. It won’t matter the length of the hair as it will maintain its thickness. The hair uses no chemical process. It will remain silky soft.

5. Indian body wave hair

This is another type of hair that will feel good on your head. If you want a hair type that will maintain the perfect hair quality choose this hair. We have so many brands although this is one of the most popular ones. This happens because the hair is readily available.

The hair maintains its virgin state since the women don’t believe in mixing their hair with the ba quality ones. The hair has the perfect density and volume. It further has a silky texture and its soft on your hands. Notice that this hair type fits all the different hair textures. This will show you just how much the hair is valuable.

Here is another one of the best-valued hair that you can buy. Naturally, the Indian hair is popular for its bounce. This hair contains only the virgin human hairpieces. The hair remains healthy and without the split ends.

Unlike other hair types that may contain other fibers, this one doesn’t. The hair is further healthy with all the thick and healthy ends. You will have the hair coming in the different lengths but also remember that the price varies based on the lengths.

6. Russia hair

The hair is very soft and stylish. It’s also the best type we have in Europe. For any caucasian, the Russian hair is the best to use as extensions. Unfortunately its never quite accessible no wonder it’s expensive. Nevertheless, if you can get the hair from Siberia and Slovakia then you will benefit as you can purchase the hair cheaply.

A major characteristic of this hair is that the strands have a thinner diameter no wonder it lies flat on the hair scalp with ease. It’s further easy to style the hair than all other hair types. This then says that it will work well even when you want to make complex styles.

This hair uses no silicone when manufacturing the hair. That means that the hair will last longer than most other styles. I love that it looks very healthy even though its a single drawn piece. You will also have the wefts tightened and neat to keep the hair from shedding.

This hair is full and thick to maintain the volume. The hair then contains no chemicals. It’s one of the best qualities of hair. It will maintain its shine and elasticity for easy use.

7. Mongolian hair

The Mongolian hair is another blend of two different type of hair. It brings together Chinese and Malaysian hair. This hair is mostly thinner than the Chinese hair but not as coarse as the Chinese hair. It’s often soft and shiny yet you can have it in different colors.

It will work as a great substitute to the Chinese or Malaysian hair. You can also use it in place of the Indian hair. This hair is fine and for that reason, it won’t give you the body that the other hair types above give you. This hair blends well with the afro Carribean hair.

This is another one of the best hair types you can use for the body wave hair. The hair is double weft to keep it from shedding. You can also use it if you want a different length. It has the perfect volume to give you the bounce. You can further have this hair in different textures.

8. Cambodian hair

The hair is popular for being straight and smooth. For this reason, the hair is easy to maintain and in fact, it takes you minimal effort to for example comb the hair. The good thing is that this hair will blend well with your natural hair. I like its coarseness because it holds the curls perfectly.

It works well under heat so you can be sure it will be safe even when you blow-dry it.

When you find that the hair has healthy ends, you will know that the hair has a perfect quality. This hair is full and thick with the perfect volume to give you the bounce. This hair won’t even have the split ends as that causes shedding. If you want, you can bleach the hair to help it maitain the shine.

How to Care for the Body Weave Hair

If you aren’t going to take care of your hair, you will damage it soon. Below are a few of the tips you may need to care for and maintain the hair.


Remember to co-wash the hair if you want it to pack the hair strands with the moisture. This will help it maintain the luster and volume.

To detangle the hair

You will need to use your fingers in detangling the hair. This will help you maintain the texture. If you have to use a comb, make sure it’s a wide-toothed comb, to make sure you don’t pull the strands out.

When styling the hair

Remember that you shouldn’t use excessive heat when you wish to style your hair. You can easily style the hair the same way you do with your natural hair.

If you, however, have to use the combs, consider the kind of comb you use because it will often cause the shedding. You should also brush the hair gently and choose the brushes you use wisely.

When you go to sleep

Like all the other hair types, you will need to take care of the hair before you go to sleep. Cover the hair with the satin cap and then lie on the satin pillowcase. This will prevent tangling.

The products you use

Like any other hair, you shouldn’t use the heavy products on the hair. Also, don’t use any product that will strip the strands of their oils. It’s always advisable to consult your stylist about the right products to use. If you didn’t ask and therefore you don’t know which product to use keep of the paraben, alcoholic, sulfates and silicone.

Such ingredients will often cause hair dryness and that may lead to tangling and shedding.

How to Keep the Body Wave Wavy

The only way to keep the hair attractive is when you can learn a few tips.

Wash the hair once a week

You will need to wash the hair at least once a week but make sure you don’t use the wrong shampoo. Give that shampoo some time and let it get absorbed in your hair.

Go on to massage the shampoo on your scalp

You also want the scalp to be clean and so you should use the shampoo on your scalp. Be gentle when massaging the shampoo on your scalp to keep the wefts intact.

You can use the curling tools

After some time, you may use the curling tools to renew the wave of the hair. Begin by first washing the hair then rolling it on the pin. Finish off by removing the pin then styling it.

Also, if you wish, you can use the curling hot tools but know the type of hair you have to know whether it allows you to use the heat tools.

Over time, the hair will begin to straighten up. Don’t worry that’s expected as its waves are never so defined. If you want to restyle it you can by using the curling tools. If you, however, wish to buy the best body wave hair consider visiting our store through the options suggested above.


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