The Comprehensive Guide to 4c Hair

Understanding and embracing your hair type will make it easier to manage. I’m glad we are all beginning to appreciate our natural hair for what it is. For a long time, the 4b and 4c hair have been secluded as bad hair.

While most other women enjoy praises about their natural strands being great, the women with grade 4b and c were made to believe their hair is bad.

For social media, those of us with the kinky curls should try and mimic any other hair type (1, 2 and 3).

Even to date, there are women who believe their natural hair is bad. Unfortunately, if that’s the energy you are putting out there, your hair continues to be out of shape, dry and even hard to manage.

4c HairAlthough more companies are now making hair products to suit the 4c hair, most other industries only make products for curly hair. Today we show you that it’s easy to manage your hair after all. But only if you know the right products to use.

What Is 4c Hair?

This is the natural hair that usually has the tightest curls of all curls in the hair system. They can also be described as the hair with the z shaped curls and tight coils. When you wash the hair and it’s still wet, you will notice that it has no defined curl pattern.

hair typesNotice that, since the hair has tight curls and coils, it shrinks a lot more. In fact, its shrinkage is at 70%. Also, it is famous for dryness and ultimately breakage.

This hair is extremely dense which means that it tangles more. It often lacks the natural luster.

What Does Type 4c Hair Look Like?

What Does Type 4c Hair Look LikeFor most people, this hair is just the same as the 4B one. The major difference though is that its coils are tightly kinked. Like earlier mentioned, when you wash this hair its curls aren’t as defined as those of 4A and B.

This hair also shrinks a lot when washed. You will notice that if you have 5 inches of hair, for example, it will shrink to 3 inches.

Literary speaking this hair is going to be the most fragile kind you type 4 hair. No wonder, most people like to use protective methods.

The hair further shares many of its characteristics with different types of type 4 hair. But the ones that you will see on the 4C hair are below.

  • The hair will shrink up to about 75%
  • You can have different densities and porosities on your head.
  • It tends to dry out quickly and doesn’t maintain the hair moisture.
  • It will also have different texture types. For example, the front part can be curly while the back part is coily.
  • This hair is quite fragile and prone to breakage.
  • Although the hair is said to be fragile, when you know how to give it some TLC it will serve you over a prolonged time.

Natural Hairstyles for Short 4c Hair

There are many ways to style the 4c hair. I always like that you can make a simple short afro style and the next day stretch out the hair to form the bun like style.

  • Pixie fro

Pixie froWe start with our very own favorite style afro. Make the hair a pixie fro though to have it flaunting your beautiful face. This is easy as you can do it with a simple twist out.

  • Bantu knots

This acts as a protective style for the hair. In this case, you can use the style whether your hair is short or long. For those with short hair, you will make the knots tiny to make it look neat.

  • Twist outs with side cornrows

Twist outs with side cornrowsI love twist outs and they look better on kinky hair types. In this case, you can make some simple cornrow braids on the side. Then twist the other parts of the hair.

  • The undercut styles

The undercut stylesHow to Moisturize the Hair

For most of the 4c hair types, the challenge we have is on how to keep the hair moisturized. Since it has the tight coils and curls it’s hard for the natural oils secreted by the scalp to penetrate the strands from the roots to the tips.

For this reason, without proper care, the hair is usually so dry. In fact, it’s dryer than most other hair types. Notice that with moisture the hair becomes elastic and yet less brittle.

The daily routine

For the moisturization, in this case, you should use the LOC method which is the liquid oil cream method.

Once you have cleaned the hair and its free of dirt or debris you can use this method.

First, spritz the hair with water or another form of liquid. Some people even use the water-based leave in conditioner.

Have the hair parted to sections. Take your spray bottle and spray either the leave in or water in sections of the hair. Saturate it with the liquid from the ends to the roots. This makes the hair easier to manage.

Secondly, get your favorite oil and apply it on the saturated hair to lock in the moisture. At this point, you should know your hair porosity level. This will guide you on how much oil you should use.

For the best results, make a thin layer of oil on the hair. Be gentle through the process as you don’t want to cause any more shedding.

Lastly, you should use cream to lock them further. For most people, the best cream to use is butter-based cream. It should be free of minerals, artificial fragrances, and dyes. Here’s how it works, rub the cream on your hands then apply it on your hair.

This will help to lock in the moisture but it will also make the curls more defined.

Next, cover your hair with the satin scarf after pulling it to a loose bun. That will help to lock in the moisture further.

You can also use the LCO method

If you have low porosity hair which is common with people who have curly hair, you can use this method. The difference from the method above is that you use the cream before the oil.

This method helps to lock in as much moisture as you should. You can then finish off with the oil because now the oils make it hard for the moisture to penetrate further on the low porosity hair.

First, saturate the hair as you did in the first method. Ensure you saturate all the parts of your hair.

Secondly, in this case, use another water-based cream. Remember, the last thing you want is to weigh your hair down with the products that you use. Now, apply this cream from the roots all the way to the tip.

Lastly, seal the moisture with oil. You can use the oil that will strengthen your hair follicles further making them grow even more.

The essence is to ensure you have all the strands covered in oil. Therefore, make sure you apply a generous amount of oil to the hair.

More About the Moisturizing

Unless you find a routine that keeps your hair moisturized, we are going to be dealing with very weak hair that keeps breaking too. Most people feel worked up on having to moisturize the 4c hair.

However, just the same way you have to eat for nourishment so do you need to moisturize and nourish your hair. Understand that when it comes to 4c hair though you shouldn’t confuse moisturizing and hydrating the hair.

Hydrating hair: this is the process of fully saturating the hair with water for a prolonged time. The water is left to penetrate into the strands of your hair. This water makes washing your hair easy.

It will also penetrate deeper into the strands. Although it might take time with the low porosity hair, it does seep into the strands over time.

Moisturizing: let’s just say that here you spray small amounts of water on the hair. This means that sometimes the water molecules won’t penetrate deep into each strand of the hair. You then use the special moisturizing sprays on the hair after spraying the water.

Notice that, you need to saturate the hair with water every so often to make sure your hair stays healthy and open to receiving other products.

How to Manage Type 4c Hair

For most new naturals, the thought of managing your hair is stressful and it shouldn’t be. Our problem is that we compare our hair to other people’s hair when we all have different characteristics.

Sometimes I want to scream out on the rooftops ‘what happened to embracing diversities?’

Below are the tips to easy management of the hair

  • Hydrate and moisturize

Hydration and moisturization are important for anyone wearing their natural hair. It’s particularly important though for the coils and curls. While you may want to use the leave-in conditioner every so often, you don’t have to, just use water.

Keep the hair saturated with water at least daily. However, when you want to maintain the moisture you will have to use the methods discussed above on moisturizing. Use the LOC/LCO method.

Additionally, the products you choose to use are all up to you. It all matters to find those that serve you better.

  • Reduce the manipulation

As much as you want to change the style three times a day, don’t. Too much manipulation in terms of combing the hair and styling it with hot tools will lead to shedding.

If you can take the styles that require low manipulation or work as a protective style the better. Ensure that the style will last at least 2 weeks to keep your hair safe from frequent combing.

Consider styling your hair to twist outs, bantu knots or finger coils for less manipulation. If you choose styles like afro wash and go style you will need to style it frequently which leads to breakage.

  • Remember to detangle

There’s nothing so harmful to your locks than when you have knots all through the hair strands. Comb it out when you need to. Also, use a wide-toothed comb and your fingers to get rid of the tangles.

Try and do this with the help of the detangling spray. That will keep your hair safe from shedding.

  • Which products?

There are many products in the market, there are also those that are best suited for anyone with the 4c hair. Always go for a product that has no alcohol or sulfate as they cause dryness from striping the strands of their natural oils.

Remember to use leave in conditioner frequently so that you make sure they help avoid damage.

  • TLC

The one thing that will give your hair the most wanted support is if you love it anyway. Remember, the same way you can talk positively to a flower and it begins to bloom you can talk and love your hair into healthy growth.

  • Your hair shrinking is not such a bad thing after all

For most people, it’s too annoying just how much shrinking their hair experiences. Normally, the 4c hair is 70% shorter. This is regardless of the fact that you might have taken good care of your hair and it’s now all grown.

Since you were born a type 4c hair and you are choosing to go natural, you should embrace the shrinkage. The fact that your hair shrinks is an indication that you have perfectly moisturized and hydrated it.

The hydrated and moisturized hair gives you a healthier growth and ease of maintenance. So enough of the cries that your hair shrinks a lot because it’s okay.

How to Soften The 4c Hair

Your hair should be soft but when it comes to the kinky hair, this is not always the case. If you naturally don’t have the soft hair, you don’t have to use the texturizers to make it so.

The coconut milk method

This is by far one of the most effective methods you can ever have.

You need the following:

  • A can of coconut milk
  • 2tbsp of honey
  • 2 tbsp oil preferably coconut oil
  • 4 tbsp of organic yogurt
  • Lime juice
  • Cornflour

The process

  • Mix all the watery ingredients in a bowl. Once it’s perfectly mixed, add little bits of corn flour to thicken it.
  • Once you achieve the pudding consistency, apply it to parts of your hair then let it rest in for about 30 minutes.
  • Next, rinse the coconut oil. You can then finish off by washing it with shampoo and conditioner.

Conditioning method

This is probably the most common method you will hear about.

  • Just apply the conditioner to your shampooed hair. Also, if you like you can heat the conditioner first before applying.
  • Once you apply the conditioner, you can then wrap your head to maintain the heat thus opening your cuticles with ease and enhancing the moisturization.
  • Let the conditioner rest on your hair for about 30 minutes before you start to rinse it off.

Caramel treatment

Here you combine honey, apple cider vinegar, blackstrap molasses, baby banana food and oil. You can mix all these ingredients with ease and then use the applicator brush to apply it on the hair.

Cover the hair with a shower cap and let it rest for about 30 minutes. Rinse your hair and then wash it the way you normally do. Make this your weekly regimen and notice the difference in your hair after a few weeks.

Henna method

Henna has been used in Asia and the middle east for a long time to enrich their hair color while softening it.

Here you need:

  • 4 green tea bags
  • 2 tbsps. of honey
  • 200g of henna


  • Begin by heating the water until they are almost boiled. Pour it onto the jar where you have the teabags. Leave the tea to steep for a while.
  • Wait until the tea begins to cool down and remove the teabags. When this happens, place the henna in another clean bowl and add the warm tea. Watch the consistency and when it looks like the mashed potatoes, it’s ready.
  • Meanwhile, you should wash and detangle the hair. Let a bit of some water to drip out and leave it damp.
  • Add honey to the henna mixture. Watch it to form the pudding consistency.
  • Section the hair and start applying the henna to the hair with minimal to no manipulation.
  • Cover the hair with a plastic cap. Let it rest overnight or for a couple of hours.
  • Rinse your hair with warm water and then condition it.
  • NeXT, style it as you wish and off you go.

How to Deep Condition the 4c Hair

Before you begin to deep condition your hair, you ought to ensure you are using the right products for the hair.

  • The deep conditioners

Go ahead and read the label on the deep conditioners. Check the conditioner ingredients even though they claim that it’s a deep conditioner. Only buy it if it’s made using the coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil.

The ingredients here are the only true ingredients that will penetrate the hair strands and shafts.

  • Consider the ends

Remember, the ends of your hair are the weakest and driest. The fact that you have the curly coily hair means that your natural oils won’t spread easily to the ends of the hair. To begin with, therefore, apply the conditioning treatments on the ends.

This will work to help in the development of the oil once again. It further prevents the split ends completely.

Go on to apply the conditioner all over your hair strands to the roots.

  • Cover the head

Next, you should cover the hair with the shower cap. Give the hair some time to be conditioned. Add the low heat on the head. This will help to open the cuticles and therefore make the conditioner to penetrate deep into the strands.

Leave the deep conditioner on for about 30-40 minutes.

  • Rinse it thoroughly

Now use cold water for the rinsing process. This will keep the cuticles closed. In the process, your hair retains moisture making it shiny and healthy-looking over time.

How often you do this will determine the changes you experience on your hair because you don’t expect the hair to change once. You have to repeat the process severally for it to be effective.

Homemade deep conditioners

For all those who are choosing to go natural, there are different chemical-free methods you can use to condition your hair. After all the chemical products are never the best. Below are my favorite homemade deep conditioners.

Aloe Vera

I am one person who really loves aloe Vera so much because of its benefits to our skin body and general health.

Today, the beauty industry has embraced it and it has the advantage of being antiviral and antibacterial. It also has some medicinal purpose like treating almost every illness.

It will even rejuvenate the dead cells on your scalp. With such properties, you are sure that it will help for the ultimate growth of your natural and healthy hair. It will conditioner the hair, and treat your scalp keeping you free from dandruff.

What works on the Aloe Vera is the gel produced by the aloe leaves. They are quite bitter but beneficial to all human life.

How it works

  • Scrap off the gel of the aloe leaves and put them in a blender.
  • Add on the single cup of olive oil. Blend the two mixtures.
  • Meanwhile, wash the hair with the shampoo. Divide it into 8 sections.
  • Apply the mixture to each section of the hair while it’s still wet.
  • You can leave the solution on the hair until the next time you are washing it if you want.
  • You should use this mixture at least once a week or once in two weeks.

Egg and olive oil method

Notice that both the egg yolk and olive oils are a powerhouse of fats. They, therefore, make great deep conditioning treatments. They will change the outlook of your dry hair if this is your problem.

It will also change its outlook making it shiny and silky.


  • Separate the egg yolks and put in a clean bowl.
  • Add a tablespoon in the bowl to cover all the yolks you have in the bowl.
  • Beat this mixture using a spoon.
  • Massage the mixture on the hair evenly and cover it with a shower cap. Let the conditioner rest on your hair for about an hour.
  • Use warm water to rinse the hair and then wash the hair using shampoo and conditioner like you usually do.
  • Use the mask once a week. If you have very dry hair, use the honey in the mixture before applying on the head.

Avocado deep conditioner

One thing that makes the avocado our favorite is that you can use it to reach deep within the scalp. When this happens, it treats the itchy and flaky scalp. It will even rejuvenate the lifeless hair.

It particularly controls the frizz with its vitamin E. It will also keep your hair hydrated.

How it works

  • Mash the avocado then add a little bit of olive oil. Mix these two ingredients thoroughly.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo and when wet, apply the avocado treatment on the hair. Ensure each strand of your hair is covered.
  • Let the avocado rest on the head for at least 30 minutes.
  • Rinse the mixture with cold water to lock in the moisture.
  • Go on to condition the hair the normal way you usually do with your favorite conditioner.
  • Rinse it out and dry it.
  • Make this part of your weekly regimen.

Making My 4c Hair Curly

We all love curls, right? Unfortunately, our 4c hair has undefined curls. When you want to achieve the more defined curls, apart from using the curling gels you can use the following methods.

The braiding method

  • Once you wash your hair and condition it with your favorite products, it’s time to make the curls.
  • Braid the hair to 14 braids or more depending on the thickness of your hair and length.
  • Take your curling iron and wrap each of the braids you made on the curling iron.
  • Give them time to dry out or you can use the hairdryer.
  • Check if it has dried out and unroll the rods.
  • Loosen the braids that you made and there you can style the hair and go.

The shingling method

  • As the first step above, moisturize your washed hair first. Clip that hair into parts.
  • Next, spray some water onto the created parts. Also, apply the oil generously.
  • Comb the sections that you created for the hair using a wide-toothed comb.
  • Add the styling gel to the further divided sections of your hair.
  • Lastly, take the sections and wrap each of them on the thumb or pointer finger.

The Bantu method

  • Clean and condition the hair.
  • Part the hair into several sections. Twist the sections and then wrap each of them around each other.
  • Curl the hair in a knot and go on to do this for all other sections. Pin up the knots and cover it with a satin wrap overnight.
  • When you wake up, oil each of the sections and loosen the knots to form the curls.

How to Stretch The 4c Hair After Washing

Of course, I would tell you the answer to this is to use a blow dry or dryer. They work great but if you are the person who doesn’t like heat on your hair then use the following options.

  • The banding method

The banding methodThis is an old-style that has been used over generations. It’s simple just section your hair into small portions.

Wound cotton yarn around the section to form the X style of crisscrossing each other. Do this in a downward spiral motion. As you are wounding, you can decide to ensure you leave the ends to maintain the curls.

  • Twist out

Twist outThis is a legit style that will make you stretch the hair as you dry it after a thorough wash.

Simply twist out parts of your hair that you have already washed. Leave the twist on your hair overnight to allow for the perfect drying.

You can use this style to create different twist patterns with the amount of hair you pick to twist at a time.

  • The rollers

The rollersYou do know the rollers you use when you want to use a hairdryer right? You can use them to stretch the hair without having to go into the dryer. However, it will take longer and preferably overnight.

Take parts of your hair and section them then roll it on the rollers. The best way is to use minimal heat on the hair and achieve the stretched hair.

  • African threading

African threadingThis will be time-consuming and tiresome but it’s effective. If you are considering only the natural methods, you should embrace this style.

You simply take a section of the hair and comb it a little then use a thread to tie the section to the end. Make a visible knot to make it easy for you to remove it.

Give the hair some hours or even sleep in the style and in the morning just untie it and comb the stretched hair.

  • How about a pineapple bun?

Here you simply pull your clean and combed the hair to the front then tie it to a bun. In the end, it will help straighten the roots. You will, therefore, develop a curly fro but lengthened hair as well.

4c Natural Regimen

For you to maintain the perfect hair you have to set a routine to follow so that you maintain the perfect healthy hair. For the proper care, you need to maintain a consistent procedure. This is like your meal plan but not for your stomach rather for the hair.

Be careful when making the regimen since you want it to work for your hair.

Important tips

  • Stay open minded

If you tried a regimen that didn’t work, it’s okay to form another one. Do not stick to a single regiment that doesn’t work anyways. Of course, you need to give it time but don’t just stick on the same without results two months into the game.

  • The products may not all be bad

While you may want to focus on the product being the reason why the regimen isn’t working, it doesn’t always have to be the case. Try changing the time of the regimen used to see if it will work.

  • Make your own regimen that works for only you

Everyone has different methods that work for them. Therefore, don’t just take on a regimen just because you think someone has the same hair like yours.

  • Be consistent

For the regimen to work on your hair, consistency is key. If you decide that you will deep cleanse and condition the hair maybe once a week, stick to the rule.

Make sure the regimen you choose is easy to follow that will get you encouraged.

Simple regimen to follow

  • Cleanse the hair

Unless you keep your scalp clean your hair won’t grow healthy. You need to clean your hair with the sulfate-free shampoo every so often. If you can go for the shampoo that is made using all-natural ingredients the better.

There’s no clear-cut number of times you should wash the hair. You will find the intervals that suit your natural hair. There are those who prefer to wash their hair once a week while others want to wash it once a month it’s all up to you to find what works.

Do not use the same shampoo over and over again rather change it frequently. Confirm that the shampoo you are using is right for your hair.

Here’s how:

If you realize that your hair still feels limp, lifeless and dull then it may be time to make some changes.

Sometimes you will have the hair feeling frizzy and brittle. Change the shampoo because it’s not definitely working for you.

Lastly for anyone who doesn’t like to clean their hair often, make sure you reduce the products you use on it.

  • Condition it again and again

You can condition the hair in three different methods. All methods are however vital in their own way. You can daily condition the hair or leave in conditioner it or even deep condition it. All these methodologies are essential.

They will keep your hair moisturized and hydrated thus avoiding the damages and frizz. Remember there will be a big difference in your hair if you deep condition it every once in a week and if you don’t.

This is particularly because the method works to provide not only the moisture but also the hair nutrients you need. You should even include the natural homemade deep conditioning methods we referred to.

  • Moisturize the hair and then seal it

One thing that is essential for all hair is the moisture. It’s a single most essential meal for the hair. If you maintain moisturized hair, you won’t suffer from so much frizz and shedding. You won’t further experience dullness.

Before you begin to work on the moisture of your hair, consider your porosity. This is because the different porosity level is moisturized differently. You can use either the LCO or LOC method depending on your hair porosity.

One thing people don’t know is as essential as the moisturizing is normally the sealing process. If you won’t seal your hair though, the moisturizing process is all a waste of time especially if you have high porosity hair.

The best way to go about sealing is the natural way where you use cold water to rinse the hair.

Another method is to use the anti-humectant or any other sealer to keep your hair a moisturized throughout the day.

You could also use the oils to see what works the best for you. You may use either the light oils or the slightly heavy ones. it all depends on what works for your hair.

  • Detangle the hair

Without detangling the hair, you will have knots formed which may lead to shedding and matting. Since your hair itself is prone to tangling, you should make this your priority to detangle it using a wide-toothed comb.

It will make the combing process easy. Remember, when you are detangling the hair, start from the ends going to the roots. Work on the hair when it’s still damp though.

  • The styles you wear

Of course, this also matters especially if you want healthy tresses. There are thousands of styles to try but my advice to you is that you should choose styles that require low manipulation. This will reduce shedding.

You can also use the protective styles like wearing weaves every so often to keep your hair safe from manipulation for at least a week or two.

Also watch this video for more guide.

4c Hair Care Tips

Type 4C hair like all other hair types demands some love and care. If you can give it the ultimate love then you will have the hair being strong and rich. One thing you don’t need is impatience with this hair though.

  • Be gentle

If you are never gentle with your regular hair extensions, this will need you to be gentle. Stay away from small toothed combs. They tend to lead to a lot of shedding as they pull the strands of your tiny kinks.

Only use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers for the detangling process. Also, don’t rub the towel on the hair as a form of drying, that will only lead to damages.

Even when you are washing the hair, be gentle through the process. You should just gently apply the hair products on the hair.

  • Have a regimen

This helps you in to maintain the set washing dates as you monitor the progress of your hair through the process. You should have that day when you plan to condition and thoroughly wash your hair.

  • Use the protective styles every so often.

Type 4 hair girls best use protective styles to keep the natural hair from over manipulation. They keep your hair and scalp safe from the environmental effects. You can use wigs, box braids, faux locs, weaves among other methods.

  • Moisturize

The key to maintaining your hair is in moisturizing. When you properly hydrate and moisturize your hair, you will have rich strands. In moisturizing the hair, there’s no more dryness and therefore no more, shedding.

  • Check your nutrition but also drink lots of water

What we eat matters a lot. If you decide to clean eat, you will soon realize that the skin and hair can show. Since you have the type 4 hair, you will need a ton of moisture. When you consume a lot of water it goes on to nourish your hair as well.

Take a lot of fruits and veggies to be on the safe side. Plant-based food is good at nourishing our body system functionality.

  • Use quality products

Your hair is fragile and requires much more tender love and care. Therefore, the last thing you should do is use products that will derail the hair. Use the styling products with a lot of slip for the ease of styling.

In addition, you shouldn’t use any product that contains alcohol or sulfate.

Best moisturizers

1. Jamaican Mango & Lime Island Oil

This is a mixture of different natural oils that are designed to nourish your 4c hair. Although this moisturizer is used on dreadlocks, it works even on those who have 4c hair. The hair remains well-nourished and healthy looking.

The oils used on the hair are nourishing and they will not weigh your hair down. You can use the oil as a styling oil as well as a moisturizer. It will ensure you have an enriched scalp. If you would like the oil to work in a hot oil treatment, you can use this oil.

2. Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream

Over the years, Cantu has served the men and women who have curly hair. This is particularly a great product for anyone looking to moisturize the hair. The cream has shea butter and natural oils that will penetrate the strands.

This combination is great for repairing your damaged hair and split ends. In the end, you will have the glossy hair that is further manageable. To work with it, apply it to a towel dried hair and start from the roots to the end.

3. tgin Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer For Natural Hair

For those naturalists who experience excess dryness, tgin is your solution. Using this product means you no longer have to worry about frizz or dryness. With the help of vitamin E, shea butter and cocoa butter, you have your issues with dryness handled.

Since it’s a daily moisturizer, within a few weeks you will notice the difference in the texture of your 4c hair. It makes your curls manageable as it nourishes the scalp. It promotes hair growth as it nourishes the scalp.

The item will reduce frizz and flyaways since it smoothens the cuticles and adds a natural shine to the hair.

Best products for 4c hair growth

4. Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth B-Complex Formula

For your hair to grow well you need some of these products. This shampoo has the strength treatment and it mostly prevents the hair loss possibility. It has a blend of coconut oil, biotin, zinc and other nutritious elements to keep your hair growing

With the ingredients, it prevents and even slows your shedding. It has the extra strength in that works to nourish your scalp. In the end, after using this product you will develop the rejuvenated hair that is further nourished.

It features the 11 herbs and oils that work to give you an enriched scalp with the long, shiny and strong hair. Whether you have fine or thick hair, this product works effectively for you. Its ingredients make it necessary for use by those who have 4c hair.

It’s suited for anyone who has sensitive skin too. It’s a hypoallergenic, non-GMO product. It contains no sulfate nor paraben. Use it with other hair products and conditioners.

5. Sunny Isle Extra Dark Jamaican Black Castor Oil

This product is meant to stimulate your hair growth regardless of the hair type you have. It’s even ideal to help regrow the hair where you have lost the hair as a result of baldness. It will also help you to regrow your thinning edges.

The item is authentic and it contains no salt. You can use it or add it to your hair regimen.

The product works to help in the sealing of moisture thus keeping your hair nourished. Add it to your hot oil treatment for an even better conditioning. The product is the most effective when you are after the regrowth of the hair.

Shampoo and conditioner for 4c hair

6. Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Combination Pack

The combination has shea butter among other ingredients that you may use to deliver the nourishing hydration to your damaged, dry and brittle curls/coils. Using it will give you smooth and stronger strands.

With this product, you will promote hair growth. It will further stimulate your blood cells to stimulate the growth of the hair. The product is rich in the restorative omegas that will heal the damaged hairs as it cures split ends.

It also has the apple cider vinegar blended into the mixture. It has a balance of PH to ensure your hair and scalp remain soft and smooth. It will detangle the hair and keep it from frizz.

7. ArtNaturals Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set

For all your products that have argan oil, you do know that they help to grow the hair and enhance it as it restores its natural structure. The products will aid in delivering the natural moisture which also helps to repair the damaged and dry hair.

It works with people of all the different kinds of hair and for both the male and female. It will save you from the effects of excess styling. It has the hydrating minerals which hydrate the hair and your scalp too.

It’s a great deep moisturizer that you use to moisturize your hair strands. You will, in the end, have no grease nor residue of any kind. It’s a powerhouse of all the quality ingredients that you use to keep your hair in shape.

Best curl defining cream

8. Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker

Here is another product that is made for helping you in the definition of the curls. I know I trust Camille rose products because of the hundreds of positive remarks it receives. It will give you the perfect hold on your curls but with a soft consistency.

The product is long lasting and with only a little bit of it, you will be sorted for the day. If you are a person who is always in a hurry, buy this cream. It works as a wash and goes product.

It has the nourishment of the vitamins E and B12 to give you the optimum hair nourishment. With this product, you will develop the perfect bounce.

9. Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Coconut Curling Cream

If you are a natural and you like to enjoy the different levels of curls, this product is your one must have a type.

It’s designed to work on your damaged and dry hair. It further will help in the increase of moisture and hydration.

It’s defined by its amazing thickness and perfect scent that makes you walk around with confidence. It works to strengthen your hair but most importantly give it the perfect definition of curls.

Best co wash for 4c hair

10. As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner

Like all other hair types, we all need to co wash every once in a while. Although it has been in the market for a pretty long time, it’s the best co wash product. The conditioners design is such that it will spread with ease on your head.

I like that it works to remove all the debris and dirt. It further works to remove the buildup. The item has rich oils to help in the locking in of its natural moisture. If you can’t use any other product on you 4c hair, at least use this co wash.

Best leave in conditioner for 4c hair

11. Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave In Conditioner/Detangler

I think everyone agrees with me that this leave in conditioner is sent from heaven. It covers our kinky hair and makes it easy to comb and detangle. This product is not one that was invented yesterday, it’s been in the market and it’s still growing strong.

If you are the one who has these stubborn knots, this is the conditioner that you should keep by your side. Smoothening your cuticles makes combing the hair easy. While it’s a leave in conditioner for those with curly hair, people with wavy hair can use it as a regular conditioner.

Forget about the pains when combing your hair with kinky leave in.

12. SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner

The essence of this SheaMoisture product is to moisturize your hair. The combination of kelp and the goodness of the raw shea butter helps to restore the dry hair to its nourished and rich place. It has the argan oil which is rich in vitamin E and its essence is to maintain the shine.

It further maintains the luster and leaves it soft and smooth. There’s definitely a difference between the hair that uses this product and one that doesn’t. If you use it, your hair becomes bouncy and alive.

How to Grow Your 4c Hair Faster

Generally, hair grows at least ½ an inch every month. This is to say that with proper care the hair should experience growth.

If you use the products and moisturizing strategies above, you will experience the growth as well as healthy tresses.

We have talked in the previous subtopics in details about this. Therefore, I’m just going to highlight this.

Clean your hair and scalp: whichever frequency of washing the hair you have chosen that works for you go with it all the way.

Moisturize the hair: this is quite important not only for the lengths but also for the body and health of the hair. Use the right products to keep the hair hydrated and moisturized.

Deep condition your hair: you have seen us talk about so many methods of deep conditioning the hair. Always deep condition it to help it increase the length. The protein treatment in the conditioners makes the hair strands strong thus durable.

Be gentle: whichever the products you choose or the method you use to detangle the hair, maintain gentleness. Remember, 4c hair is naturally fragile and should be treated with care and love.

Protective styling: over manipulation of the hair may lead to the ultimate breakage. Therefore, go for the protective styles that will keep you from styling your hair every so often.

Trim the hair: even those with 4c hair develop the split ends. In order for your hair to grow rapidly, keep trimming its ends and edges.

Shield your hair from the protective elements: for those extreme weather conditions protect your hair by wearing the satin scarfs. Wrap your hair with a satin bonnet too when you are going to sleep to keep the moisture within the hair.

Check your diet: the food you eat will determine how long your hair grows. If you can include products like Aloe Vera to your meal plan then the hair will just grow.

As we had said at the start, find out the products that work for your hair and use only them.


How Often Should You Wash Natural 4c Hair?

Understand that your natural 4c hair has a problem maintaining the moisture. Therefore, you should limit the use of the shampoos and hair products to once or twice a month. However, some people can wash their hair up to 3 times in a month.

Consider deep conditioning the hair 2 times a week to keep the hair moisturized.

Since its the shampoo that you shouldn’t use every single time, you can choose to co wash the hair at least one or twice a month aside from the regular washing. This will make it 4 times wash of the hair.

Can 4c hair grow long?

Yes, it’s a question of how much care you give to your hair. With the proper care and maintenance, you can grow this hair longer and within a short time.

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