20 360 Frontal Hairstyles You May Want To Try

When you want a more natural-looking style with the flawlessness and the sound volume, consider the 360 frontal wigs. There are thousands of hairstyles you could try with this hair, and in this article, we will suggest a few options to try.

We love frontals because it gives us a natural look. I mean, we no longer need leave outs and all the work that comes with it. When you have the frontal, you won’t need to care for the leave outs. Of course, this is the reason why the frontal is trending to date.

1. High updo


The one thing that makes the style appealing is the flexibility that comes with it. Usually, the only hair you can use to create such a high bun is your natural hair. Unfortunately for some of us, the hair won’t pull and rest straight like this. So you can use the 360 frontal to attain this look.

This may even be the simplest form of the straight hairstyle. It looks more like the natural hair, and if you want you can also slay the edges for additional spice. So hold all the hair at the crown part of your head then go about your busy schedule.

2. Puff hairstyles

Puff hairstyle with a 360 frontal wig


I like such hairstyle, especially on a  black woman for a reason than its natural-looking. One wouldn’t know that it’s not her natural hair, especially when you choose the same length we see here. Simply wear or attach the weave and then pull all the strands to the front almost to the crown part of the head.

Naturally, the African American hair puffs up, and it won’t grow down as the other kinds of hair. This is one of the right styles for those who like natural hairstyles. You can go for official functions with this style and even the casual ones.

3. High ponytail with curly ends


Bomb Gorgeous Bouncy Curly 360 Frontal Wig Indian Remy Human Hair


Do you enjoy the shiny hair? Well, you will have fun in such a style. Sometimes you just need to hold the hair high then let the curls create the body at the back. It looks fancy and voluminous to the ends. If you don’t like the back to be visible, then the curls will cover it.

This style will, therefore, get the hair out of your face making your face more visible. It’s ideal for your official and casual functions too. Such voluminous curls will look good on the chic style ponytail here.

4. Half up half down loose curls

Sexy Loose Curly 360 Lace Wig 180% Density Indian Remy Human Hair [CLW08]


When you are looking for another alluring style, then you can use the simple half up half down curly hairstyles. You will enjoy the luster, shine, and volume that comes with the curls. This hair creates the bounce, but the one thing that makes it perfect is the vibrancy.

I like that you don’t even have to sweat with the style as it takes a concise time to pull it together. You can create the style even when you are in a hurry to go out somewhere in a few minutes.

5. Long black ponytail

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This is one of the most common styles when you are either using the full wig or 360 frontal lace wig. When you decide to use the kinky straight hair, you make it look like your natural hair as a black woman. So although most people use the drawstring ponytail for a quick fix, if you are going to use the frontal, then you will attain the drawstring ponytail like look.

I like the baby hairs since they make you look like you are creating the hairstyle with your natural hair. The other thing is that the kinky straight hair creates an instant voluminous look.

6. Minnie mouse style


A little bit of creativity is all you need for the creation of such a unique style. The fact that it creates an instant volume is just everything. Above all, it’s easy to create the style. Make sure you brush the backside of the hair to create a flawless look. Then hold the two sides to two simple and stylish knots.

For a casual occasion, you have a style that looks like your natural hair. Nonetheless, you may also use it for the formal ones if you like.

7. The ponytail with simple side bangs

Thriving Hair Virgin Human Hair Loose Body Wave 6" Front Lace Wigs With Natural Hairline [V36-FRONT6] #ponytail


You can create any style of your dream with a simple tweak. So here you have a sleek ponytail with loose wavy ends and middle parting. She then leaves a part of the hair out too to create bangs. Its a complex, stylish and formal style. Well, the good thing is that you can create this style with any frontal style you may have, including the 360 one.

So the middle parting makes the fringe flow smoothly to the sides, thus creating a shaping of the hairstyle. Don’t forget the lifted ponytail. This gives it even more elegance. Since she also uses colored hair, you can use this style for different color tones too.

8. Low ponytail

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Another one of the easiest styles is this one. Although you don’t necessarily need a 360 frontal to create it, the hair will look perfect. So you just have to pull all the hair to a low ponytail then let it flow. This style is more visible because you have straight hair.

The hair is sleek, smooth, and shiny while also being elegant. You can even decide to create a middle parting or a side one for more elegance. This elegant style is one of the most common styles in the market. Although its harder to achieve, it creates the perfect look if you know how to make it.

9. Halo braid


The latest trend in the market is here. Halo braids are easy to create, and you can have them with full lace wigs or the frontal ones. Its an instant boost to a woman’s confidence that makes her feel like a princess. You will only need to braid the frontal part remember, and that makes it look and feel as natural.

Here you also pull the hair out of your face making it visible. More people are creating this braid today, and therefore you don’t need to think about how to style the hair.

10. Deep curly hairstyle

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Do you like the deep curly hairstyles?

This hair is simply amazing, right? Once you install the weave, you will need to braid the side of the style, thus creating a perfect style. You will even enjoy the volume and bounce of the hair. It further retains the shine and the smoothness, thus making you look kept at all times. This style is ideal for those who want to achieve the perfect bounce and a formal look.

11. Pigtail

Exaggerated PigTails


I like that these hairstyles will give you a youthful look regardless of your age. When you are looking for a fun style that you can use for the different casual and official events, then try this pigtail. Often the pigtail style works for full lace wig, but you can also use it for the frontal.

I love the Buble ponytail just because it spices the style up. If you like, you can also lay the baby hairs to make it look perfect.

12. Pigtail half down

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With such a style you can go to a wedding. I like the big waves that create an instant volume. You can thus add the twist to your style at the front if you wish to. Some people will also create a middle parting for the further spice of the style.

13. Long wavy hair

360 Frontal Wig 180% Density Natural Wave Indian Hair [Michelle022]


Sometimes you don’t have to do much to your hair other than just let it follow naturally. Here you have long wavy hair. The good thing is that when you attach it right, then it will flow easily, and one would think it’s her natural hair. I like that although the hair is set to flow easily, you can hold it as you like too.

14. Short hair

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Who said you couldn’t have the frontal for short hair?

Well, here is a simple style for short hair lovers. It looks nicely formal, voluminous, and shiny. You will like the subtle waves as they add the spice to the hair. It’s further easier to maintain since the hair is short. You can create the parting wherever you like or better yet pull all the hair to the back.

This hair is pretty and will fit everyone for formal and casual occasions too. You are further at liberty to pull the hair high if you like.

15. Body wave

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There’s something about the body hair that makes it look good on almost anyone. This hair is nicely voluminous with the perfect shine. So go on to create a side parting and a side bang too. The hair is vibrant and smooth with the perfect shine.

Are you a diva? Here is a style you can try and feel elegant as though you are wooing the red carpet too. You will instantly achieve the volume and the bounce also.

16. Kinky hair

Brazilian kinky curly virgin hair weave 3 bundles with 360 lace frontal,Uhair good quality 100 natural human hair extensions. #naturalcurlyhair


The kinky curly hair is the perfect style for every black woman. If you like the 360 frontal, you can create the afro hairstyle with it too. Use the headband also if you like to create the perfect definition. Kinky hair is everything for anyone because it creates instant volume. It further instantly creates vibrancy and color.

Look at her; I know you would think it’s her natural hair, right?

17. Afro style

Brazilian kinky curly virgin hair 3pcs with 360 lace frontal,Uhair good quality 100 curly human hair extensions.


The world is slowly embracing the kinky afro hairstyle. This hair is the closest we have to our natural hairstyle, and anytime you try it, then you will feel like you have come home. Here the hair is short, which makes it look so much like her natural hair. The good thing is that she can hold it as she wishes.

If you like the puff and volume, try this kinky curly hair. This style will create the perfection you need. With a 360 frontal, of course, you make it look more natural, especially since you can part it anywhere.

18. Deep wavy hairstyle

Thriving Hair Glueless Deep Curly Virgin Human Hair Pre-Plucked 360 Lace Wigs with Baby Hairs [V94-360]


I enjoy the frontal because it makes it easy to mimic the natural look. When you use the braid at the crown part, then you look like you have braided your natural hair. This style is the essence of all the good since it helps to create the volume and bounce.

It’s further shiny and with the perfect color. Note that the braids make it easy to show your lace base that looks like your scalp. The hair is natural-looking and with just the right length.

19. Colored style


Sometimes a simple color is everything you need to twist the style a bit. In fact, she uses the peach ombre style for more color. When you have the side part, you then create a side bang to further shape the hairstyle. Notice that the hair is nicely wavy to enhance the volume as you create the bounce too.

Don’t forget the fact that the lace makes it look like your natural scalp.

Why do people like the 360 frontal so much?

Versatility: with the frontal, you only need to be creative, and you can create every style of your dream.

It looks natural: if you want to make a style that will look as though you have the hair growing from your scalp, then 360 frontal is one of them. Since the frontal covers your hairline, anyone looking will think your hair is growing from the scalp.

It’s easy to style: you can style it the same way you usually do with your natural hair. It doesn’t need you to stay with the same style for a long time; you are liberty to keep changing.

I hope this helps

I know there are many other styles you can try in the market. Use these hairstyles as your guide, though. But make sure you buy the best hair first. For all the best hair, check hair theme shop. We have different styles, lengths, and textures you can use. We have further made the hair affordable for you.

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