22 Inch Weave Human Hair, 22 Inch Bundles Of Hair

Wigs have been around almost since the beginning of time. Similarly, weaves came in a little later to serve the ever-rising demand for hair. Hair theme is here to serve you with all the types of hair colors and lengths but especially the 22-inch human hair weave.

Did you know that a 22-inch human hair weave is one of the trendy hair lengths we have? The best characteristic of the hair is that it will never disappoint you. It gives you that natural looking feeling if you wear it right.

The 22-inch weave is all about beauty and bliss. Are you a celebrity? Such striking lengths would serve you in your career and as you go to the movie scene.

What Does A 22-Inch Weave Look Like?

What Does A 22 Inch Weave Look LikeHow Long Is The 22-Inch Weave?

hair length chartTo be precise, the 22-inch weave is about 55 cm long. This means that for an averagely tall woman, the hair extension will go slightly below her mid-back. Anytime you want the hair to be a little longer than the middle back, use the 22-inch.

Of course, you will have to factor in the texture of the hair as well as the woman’s height. If you are shorter or taller you will have the hair appearing shorter or even longer. In a nutshell, to describe the hair further it will give you the wow factor.

Notice that there are women with such long hair or just a little lesser. For them, the hair appears natural. We all want to look our best. And sometimes we only need to use such a long weave to achieve the style.

But Why Would You buy from Hair Theme?

The one thing that Hair theme stands for is beautiful, unique, glamorous, and meticulously made hair. We pride ourselves on being the best shop when you are looking for the 22-inch weave. It doesn’t matter the type, texture, and style you are after we have them all.

  • We have a wide variety

The only reason a client will want to visit your shop is that it has a wide selection for you to choose from. Hair theme gives you different options. You will get different types of hair you can wear.

They come in different textures and different colors. You are the one who needs to decide the type that fits you at any time. In fact, it’s great that they even bring you a different price range. It will suit your different budgets.

  • We are trustworthy

Unlike other brands that will mix the synthetic fibers together with the human hair, we only make our hair with human hair. We source the hair from the different regions across Asia and Europe.

Notice that we only take hair from healthy and young ladies. That means that the hair is strong, durable, and the most natural hair type you could ever get. The hair is healthy and with sufficient volume that makes it competitive in the market.

There’s one thing you can trust and it’s that the hair we sell to you won’t have lice or pests. Before we send the hair to you, we check and recheck it again.

  • Our hair is impressive

We make sure all the different kinds of hair we sell maintain their shine, texture, length, and volume. The essence of having the best hair is to make sure you look beautiful and stylish. In the end, we want to look as natural as possible.

You won’t have the hair shedding or tangling because for one we have the highest quality of hair. Next, they use the double weft method to make sure you don’t shed the hair when you are combing it.

The hair will remain smooth and soft to touch through the time you wear it. Just remember to keep it clean and nourished with the toxin-free products. Today with advanced technology, we continue to make high-quality hair.

  • We have the best customer service

We know we are making sales. Therefore, we promptly reply to your emails in regard to the hair you intend to buy. When you wish to buy the hair, contact us with all the details to ensure we send you the right one.

  • We give you a 7-day return policy

If you go with the hair and find that it’s not the kind of hair you wish to sell, you will have 7 days from the day of receipt to ship it back to us. This goes to show you that we have your interests at heart. We will always want you to be satisfied as much as we are too.

This hair features the use of the highest quality of human hair which hen means that the quality of the hair is uncompromised. You won’t have issues with tangling and shedding.

Benefits of Buying The 22-Inch Weave at Hair theme

  • The protection

Like other lengths of weave, the essence of this hair is to protect your natural hair thus nurture it to grow fast. You will protect your hair against bad weather while you shield it from the use of harsh chemicals.

Instead of having to dye your natural hair you can comfortably dye the weave.

  • The rapid change of style

Weaves offer you instant gratification. So, unlike your natural hair that doesn’t allow you the constant change, if you have the weave then you can change the texture or lengths from time to time.

  • It makes you look feminine

Anytime a woman wears long hair, there’s nothing short of the fact that she looks feminine. In fact, the description of a woman to the globe is more about the beauty of long hair. So, the 22-inch delivers just that.

  • 22-inch give you a new edge

If you have short hair, this will be a whole new experience. When you change your length, you completely change your look. You may make the hair bouncy for a new style. The good thing about this length is that it will fit almost anyone.

22-Inch Hairstyles

1. Straight weave

Indian Straight 100 Human Hair Weave 4 Bundle Deals With Closure (1)Sleek and straight is the best definition of this weave hairstyle. If you want smooth and shiny hair like this then you should buy straight hair from our shop. Often our straight hair has a unique level of shine.

Additionally, you have the length as the best addition and that makes the hair look even better. The hair length is great at sending the message of elegance and beauty. It further looks seductive and sophisticated.

Since the hair comes in the black color, you can see the lengths clearer than if you were using another color. You want to attend events fearlessly, choose this straight hairstyle. I love the straight weave for one thing and its that you only need to comb the hair and you are done.

If you love simplicity, you can use straight hair at any time and the longer one makes you look like Rihanna, Kardashian or any other celebrity. If you want to make it even more official, you can hold it a little for official use.

You can use the Mongolian straight hair to achieve the same style.

2. Wavy weave

wavy hairThe secret to achieving a higher level of confidence is in nailing the perfect wavy style. Here we have the middle parting to shape the hair properly. She uses dark brown color to blend with her perfect skin tone.

Take a look at this royal look would you want to take one of the most famous royals look? Wear wavy hair like this. Simply create the large waves with smooth hair that’s further soft to touch.

In wearing this style then you make the hair bouncy and it keeps you feeling girlish and young. When you have the hair being long then you can make it look bouncy. In fact, you may use this hair for official and casual functions.

From our shop, you choose this Burmese Human Remy Virgin Body Wave Wavy Hair. If you wish to achieve layers, you can use the layers but if not then you can use the same length.

3. Kinky curly

Kinky curly hairYou can never go wrong when you are wearing curly hair but especially kinky curly hair. This hair is perfect when you are looking for ways to enhance volume but also look like a naturally curly girl.

Here she simply creates a side parting with the hair to further shape her weave. She creates the perfect fringe look to make her attain the celebrity look. Do you wish to slay around? Why not wear this style?

If you wish, you can hold part of the hair to a ponytail or even create the buns. The hair is voluminous to make you look healthy. If you have the curly hair then this will mimic your natural hair. Aside from that, then you look stylish.

From our shop, you can choose this hair Peruvian Hair Kinky Curly.

How to Maintain the Weave

We have a whole blog on how to care for the weave but we will mention a few of them here for you to always remember. Note that unless you take care of your 22-inch weave you won’t have it last longer.

If you want to keep looking beautiful with the hair, therefore, you should follow these points.

  • When brushing the hair

Begin to brush the hair from the ends going all the way to the roots. But remember the brush you use should be one that won’t pull out the strands. If you notice that you have the tangle though you can use the wide-toothed comb.

The only way to get the hair sustained is to make sure you do not allow it to tangle up.

  • When styling the hair

You will need to find out the weave friendly products to use on your hair otherwise you risk damaging it sooner. Once you know the right products then you can comfortably use them on the weave.

The good news is that you can change the style from curly to straight and vice versa. But only use heat tools at the lowest temperature.

Additionally, you can even change the color of the hair if you like. Just make sure you don’t use very harsh chemicals on the same.

  • When washing

Without washing the hair, it will form build-up which then shortens the lifespan. On the contrary, if you wash the hair frequently then you will make it fade sooner and then dry out. Remember it receives no nourishment from the scalp.

Also, wash the hair only with the mild shampoo that is toxin-free. Always use warm water as opposed to cold water.


How long will the hair last?

This is human hair; therefore, it looks and feels more like your natural hair. It will last longer if you take proper care of it. Expect it to last anything between 1-2 years. You will need to learn how to store it so that you retain its structure and moisture when you aren’t using it.

You can even recycle the hair bundles. Remember we say that the hair is of the highest quality we have.

How long will it take to receive this hair?

This is a question you will hear from time to time. Most people don’t want to wait for the hair for long. Our hairpieces will often take about 2-5 days to reach your doorstep regardless of where you are.

Can I question the hair quality?
You don’t have to worry about the quality of our hairpieces because we only sell good quality human hair. You won’t have a mix of synthetic hairpieces in human hair. In fact, we only sell 100% Remy hair. This is why we know the hair will last longer.

How many bundles should I buy?

I know you may want to buy the fewest bundles but this may not always benefit you. If you use a few bundles, you won’t have the hair looking full. This makes it look fake that’s why we propose that you buy 4 bundles. That will be enough for your average head.

Also, you won’t buy the same length instead you buy only tow 22˝ bundles and one 20˝ and one 18˝. This will help you achieve the layered look.

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So now you know everything you need about our hair. Take your time to visit our shop then identify one hairpiece that you would like to add to cart. If you have any more questions you are welcome to ask in the comment section.

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