The Complete Guide to Body Wave Perm

Body Wave Perm

Over the years, women have used different techniques to change their look. We wear hair extensions, color our hair and use chemical procedures to change the hair texture. We do all these for change. But one of the most loved styles is perm. Would you love to have wave perm? Before you do notice that … Read more

What Is A Brazilian Blowout – Is It Really Worthy?

Instagram is blazing with different women showing how beautiful they look after the style. Some people are just yearning for the styles, but they often don’t know if it works for their hair type. At least I have seen the comments from curious individuals. I like the style mostly because my hair attracts so much … Read more

Balayage vs Sombre vs Ombre


Hair styles are so versatile that they change with every changing season. In addition, there are new hair terminologies every time there’s a new style. These terms can be confusing, unfortunately. That’s why you have articles to answer your most nagging queries. In knowing the meaning and new terminologies, you will explain to your stylist … Read more

The Comprehensive Guide to 4c Hair

What Does Type 4c Hair Look Like

Understanding and embracing your hair type will make it easier to manage. I’m glad we are all beginning to appreciate our natural hair for what it is. For a long time, the 4b and 4c hair have been secluded as bad hair. While most other women enjoy praises about their natural strands being great, the … Read more

69 Different Types of Textures Hairstyles

Short wet and wavy style with a side parting

The woman’s hair is the crown of her beauty. No wonder there has been an evolution of thousands of styles to suit all the different women. Nonetheless, some factors determine which hairstyle suits you best. Your facial features, the shape of your face, and your lifestyle are a few factors that decide which one looks … Read more

What Is Hair Developer? The Beginner’s Guide

hair Developer

Hair coloring is fast becoming popular across the globe as a way to change the hairstyle. The biggest problem is that not many people know how to balance the developer and the hair color to bring out rich hair color. Therefore, it’s vital that you go to a professional colorist for the process. However, it’s … Read more

91 Beautiful Sew in Hairstyles With Pictures

best sew in bob

Evolution in humanity has made life a lot easier than it was. Gone are the days when you would wish for a hairstyle and think you can’t do it because your hair is not that long or of that texture. Today, with the help of hair extensions, you can wear your favorite hairstyle in a … Read more