20 Inch Bundle Hair, 20 Inch Human Hair Weave

Not all the hair weaves are the same. You will have them in different textures, styles, colors, and lengths.

Sadly, the whole process of choosing the hair is daunting. You may know the right texture and type but do you know the length?

The 20-inch weave is another one of the most popular hair that also falls to the mid-back length. It falls under the list of medium length hair. Again, it will depend on your height and the kind of weave you are using.

You may notice a few variations here and there. If you want the perfect solution to your short hair or any other deficiencies you should consider this hair.

One thing that makes the hair weave more trendy today is that they offer a quick solution. In an hour or two, you will have totally different hair for the one you have.

In short, you won’t have to spend more years for your hair to grow longer if you have always wanted long hair.

What Does 20-Inch Look Like?

What Does 20 Inch Weave Look LikeLearn More About The 20-Inch Weave

For beautiful priceless and unique hair, visit Hair theme shop.

Whenever you are looking for different types of human hair, the different textures, and styles visit Hair theme. The focus is to serve everyone interested across the globe with the hair weave. It doesn’t matter whether you want to increase the length or the volume we have you covered.

If you are going to use a 20-inch weave, you should know that you will need more bundles to achieve the right thickness. The one thing that makes the hair the best for us is that to all those we have sold to; we can attest to the fact that they are satisfied.

There’s nothing so important to use than having our clients satisfied. And since we get all the positive remarks you can rest assured you will be happy when you buy from us.

Let me point out that all our human hair is pure virgin Remy hair. You will have no pieces of synthetic hair mixed in the hair.

Who Can Use the Style?

Are you stylish and sexy, gentle and patient yet beautiful and creative? The 20-inch hair is for you.

Do you suffer from alopecia or any other hair loss eventualities? You may need any form of weave but most women choose the 20inch weave.

Would you like to protect your hair? Sometimes you may want to protect your hair from the weather change. You can use the 20-inch weave to protect it. It keeps your hair from unprecedented occurrences.

If you like long hair but not very long or you are going to act on some unique movies that require the use of long hair, you may use such hair.

If you love the versatility that comes when you use such hair, then you will enjoy the hair. You can style the hair as high or low as you wish.

How Long Is 20-Inch Weave hair length chart

To begin with, you need to know where exactly the 20-inch hair falls. The 20-inch falls just below the bust. So, there’s a difference because the 16-inch hair sits as the mid bust area. For some people who are shorter, it will go way below the bust.

There will be a difference if you are using the curly or wavy hair because then the hair is shorter. Also, your natural height comes to play. If you are shorter than average, the hair will appear longer than it normally does.

This is what makes it the ideal hair for those who are of average height as it will appear natural. Anyone who is looking for an everyday long hairstyle may use the hair 20-inch weave. This hair will appear natural even when you use the hair extension.

20-Inch And 16-Inch

Any woman who is looking for an average length that’s also impressive will find the 20-inch hair being satisfactory.

Let me point out that we like almost all kinds of hair because they have specific special attributes. I will tell you that a 16-inch is just as good as a 22-inch. The only difference is the specific desires about the hair.

So, the 20-inch hair is also a medium length hair and most people will find it comfortable and much more girlish. The 16-inch is often under this category too although it’s at the upper back part of your hair.

Although the essence of a 16 inch is to increase the length, it also emphasizes the volume increase. The 20-inch, on the other hand, is one of those that you just use to increase the length. As for the volume, you might have to use a few more bundles.

If you love long hair then this will be like your everyday hair. Even when you are using the curly hair, the 20-inch is going to maintain the perfect length.

But the good news is that you can have all the different textures from our shop when you use the 20-inch and 16-inch hair. You can have the hair in all the different colors. The only thing is, if you enjoy the long hair then the 20-inch is more appealing.

They are both the best lengths to use. But if you are short, the 20-inch hair is long for you. The good thing is that you will see the difference clearly if you were to compare the two lengths because of the 10cm difference.

Why Buy the Hair from Hair Theme?

We sell all the best types of hair. Whether you want the hair from Brazil, India, Cambodia, Malaysia, and all the other places you will find them in our shop.

We sell clean and healthy hair. Don’t expect lice because the hair we use is from the healthiest donors. We also check to confirm the hair is clean before packaging.

We have our customers’ interest at heart. We want you to be satisfied with your choice purchase. Even though we are a business after your money we are mostly focused on giving you the best.

We further deliver the hair faster. You won’t have the hair taking longer on the way. We use the shipping method that will get the hair to you in 2-5 days.

Also, we offer you the best 7-day return policy. If you don’t like the hair we sent or you think it has some defaults you can send it back within the 7 days of receipt.

20-Inch Weave Hairstyles

1. Straight hair

Straight hairDo you love bangs?

If your answer is yes then I have this style for you. The bang has a medium thickness level which makes it easy to use by even those who have never used a bang. The other thing is that it doesn’t cover your eyes.

Next, she gets a hold of some of the hair strands to form a high bun then she lets the other part of the hair flow with ease.

Although the straight hair often possesses a more professional look, when it’s long, it then gives you a slightly playful look. In addition, when she adds the bangs and the half bun, it makes it looks even more stylish.

Another amazing thing about straight hair is that it’s easy to care for it. You only need a brush or comb and some products to make it look natural and great. Therefore, you can maintain a sleek and stylish look with the hair.

From our brand, you can use this Eurasian Straight Virgin Human Hair. Nonetheless, we have many more hair types that are straight with different inches. You can even use colored hair.

2. Curly hair

Curly hair

Even when you want to use the curly hair you may achieve a stylish look with the 20-inch weave. Here we have the hair held to a high bun then you let the other part of the hair flow with ease.

If you wish to use the curly weave to create volume as well as the length then you may use the 20-inch weave. If you want you could blend a few inches to make and create layers with the curls. If you know you don’t like styling the hair, then this one won’t serve you.

Of course, you will need to tousle it and use the right products to keep it detangled and nicely voluminous. If you love the curly hair you will find this easy to manage. In addition, you will just amp your style.

You may use this Peruvian Curly Human Hair to achieve the same look. But you can choose other curly weaves we have on the site too.

3. Wavy hair

wavy hairA little bit of creativity goes a long way for your style. Here, the secret is just wearing the body wave hair to attain the perfect volume and length. You will further create a side parting to make the style even better.

Notice that body wave is amazing when it comes to creating the volume. That’s what the style here does to you. Go ahead to choose a color that matches your skin tone. You no longer have to crave the bounce in the movies since you can make it using this style.

Make sure to use soft and sleek hair that makes it easy to achieve the style here. Apart from the style, you can also create the volume to make it look amazing. If you want this hair from our shop you can consider this 20 Inch Brazilian Body Wave.

The Purpose of the 20-Inch Hair

The only reason why you would buy the 20-inch hair is that you need a different style for your hair. There are some hairstyles that your natural hair may not make. But if you have this weave you will achieve the style. The reason is that the hair has the perfect length and volume.

When you want another color but you don’t want to change your hair color, you may use this weave. Instead of having to color your hair which will always cause you the hair damage, you can use the weaves instead.

Do you ever yearn for the length but your hair just won’t grow longer? This hair will make your dream true if you have the perfect stylish. There are hairstyles that make it look as though this is your natural hair.

Are you having one of those bad hair days? The hair will help you cover natural hair. Some people have different forms off hair loss and when you wear the hair weave no one can tell.


Are the cuticles aligned?

Yes, remember we already told you the hair is a Remy type. This one has its full cuticles which means it’s virgin hair. We don’t use processed hair since we want it to maintain its quality as you go about your day.

I hear some people give sample orders, but do you?

Well, for some reason I’m reluctant to give free samples just because some clients are out for games not business. However, if you are going to pay for it then I don’t mind sending the hair sample.

If I want wholesale goods?

We offer the wholesale services so just send us an email. We will agree on the price and the number of goods you want to buy. Besides when you are buying goods in large quantities, we give you discounts.

How should we remove the knots?

Sometimes the knots forming are unavoidable. When this happens then you should wash the hair in warm water then deep condition it to make it regain its original structure.

Let’s talk about the return policy?

If the hair doesn’t satisfy you? Please communicate and return the hair within 7 days of receipt. This will make it easy to either exchange or get a refund.

Can I re-use the hair?

Yes indeed. This hair is of top quality and if you don’t mind reusing it then you will benefit from it. Remember to store it right so that it doesn’t lose its moisture. Even when you are using the hair products you should aim at making sure it retains the moisture.

How long will the shipping take?

It should take you between 2-5 days to have the hair reach you. Notice that you won’t have to wait for long for the hair to ship to your destination.

How do you care for the hair?

There’s no other unique method to care for the hair. Follow this blog for advice; how to care for the weave.

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