1b Hair Color – The Complete Guide

We all agree on one point I believe and it’s that there are so many hair colors. They run for the black color to the blonde one.

So, while so many women like to change their hairstyles sometimes it’s not just satisfactory to change the style as it is to change the color.

I have also seen most people dye their hair to match the extension. If you like to wear extensions you will know that the one color that is mentioned by most people is the off black color.

It’s normal to want to buy an extension that exactly matches your own hair color.

What Is 1B Hair Color?

There are two main colors of black color. There’s the jet black color and the soft 1B black color.

1B Hair ColorThe jet black color makes for the color number one on the list of colors in the color chart. It’s so dark and rich. In fact, it’s the darkest color you have on hair colors.

1B is also called the soft black color. It usually looks so much like the natural black hair color. It’s also the color preferred by those who have naturally black hair. This is because if you color your hair using this color then you don’t have to bleach the hair.

Most hair extensions will come to you in this color as that is the most natural color that is also close to the natural human color. If you get your extensions in this color then you will find that the hair is unprocessed and mostly virgin.

On the other hand, the jet color is colored in the salons and looks unnatural. It’s processed and colored to maintain the unnatural black color. It’s therefore not a virgin hair color.

1B color lies between the jet color which is usually #1 and the dark brown color which is #2.

Acquiring Your Favorite 1B Color

There are times when you buy a hair extension thinking it’s the 1B color only to go back home and realize that it’s not. In such cases, you will need to do some coloring to achieve a more natural color.

I have had this problem time and time again when I bought hair from the internet. This is because when online shopping you don’t see the goods you are buying. You may end up buying the wrong color while thinking it’s 1B.

However, if you are sure that your hair extension is 1B since you just bought it from a trusted supplier then the problem may be on your natural hair. With age comes the fading of the hair color as well. For this reason, you might have to color your own weave.

If you are however looking to color the extension you may use two methods below.

Temporary dye includes the demi-permanent, semi-permanent dye or henna. In this sector, you change the color to your favorite off black color but only temporarily. You can then try other colors for your hair once you are bored of the same black color.

Permanent dye this is also available but you may need to use the ammonia free option in order to help it stay healthy. In this case, you mean that the only color you would like the extension to have is the black color and its okay to do that if you like black.

If I were you, I would be a little cautious when it comes to coloring with permanent colors. You don’t want to use a hair color then messes your extension cuticles thus making it tangle.

The Difference Between #1 And 1B Color

The #1 color is the darkest shade of black it is actually a pure black color. You should notice the difference between your natural black hair and when you color your hair to black.hair colour

1B is still referred to as black even though it’s a warmer black. It’s also off black because it’s not too black.

The jet black has the cool undertones that are actually blue. 1B has warm undertones of brown. You will notice that difference when you go under the sun. You are therefore an off black color person if your hair normally is black but it turns brown when you go under the sun.

This is to say the jet black features the cooler toned shades while the off black features the warmer toned shade.

1B vs #2

It’s not unusual for you to meet a few people with the problem of telling which color their hair is. You will understand them in any case because the two colors, (1B and #2) are almost the same too.

The #2 hair color is a very dark cool toned brown color. It’s much darker than any other brown colored hair. For those who confuse the two colors you ought to know that #2 is much lighter than 1B.

I know you may wonder why then the color is closely similar to #2 when you are out in the sun. There are some other places where you will even find people saying that #2 is black which it isn’t. below is the reason for the confusion.

Notice the color #2 is the darkest version of brown hair color that will look black if you are not so close. 1B is also black but it looks somewhat brown.

Natural Black Vs Jet Black

The hair that we call the natural black hair color could be nonexistent because I feel like the color is used to generally refer to all black hair. As earlier mentioned, jet black is a processed kind of hair color for your black hair.

Now the only major difference you will have is the offset black and jet black. But you can also have a natural black color.

You see the difference between the two is based on the color intensity and undertones.

Natural black┬ácomes in as the blackest color available. It’s mostly common among animals and humans. This color has large amounts of eumelanin and is often less dense when you compared to other hair colors.

It further has a natural shine that makes it the shiniest of all colors. It’s not intense and it’s a natural hair color that compares with most skin tones which include light, fair, medium, brown olive and black.

This hair color is often referred to as the lesser dramatic one but the intense type. It’s a straight color that has no undertones and hues in the color.

For the jet black, this color is darker than black and has the hints of bluish in its color. This is often a result of the blue and purple undertones. Its name is from the color of the jet stone. This stoma is often used for jewelry.

It has a greater intensity with more dramatic and rich color. It sometimes tends to give you the extra shine. So, now you should know that the natural black is used to refer to a general term that refers to black color while the jet black is a specific color.

Both of this color will hide your unwanted grey colors thus they are preferred for cosmetics. They are often used for hair extensions as well.

In summary, the major difference is that the natural hair color comes from the DNA composition while you have to create the jet black color using the coloring kit aid. For this reason, you won’t find the natural black fading as much as the jet black.

Important Things to Know Before You Color Your Hair Black

For those of you who love to color your hair and change it so often, black may not just be the color for you. You, therefore, need to use only the permanent and semi-permanent colors. It requires you to properly manage it.

  • Since most humans have the black color, this happens to be your on the go-to hair color. It also doesn’t restrict and you can use the colorant even if your natural color is light blonde.
  • If you’re light in complexion and you want to color the hair black, you should know that black color tends to highlight your light complexion. If you want to color the hair black anyways, consider the right make up as well. You may use red lipstick.
  • If you have a dark complexion you should know that the 1B (black with warm undertones) would be best and natural for you than the jet black. So, if you are anything dark skinned you should use the brownish black hair.
  • If you have thin hair please stay away from the black color since it will make your scalp visible. If its clearly visible, chances are that you will direct attention towards your scalp.
  • Use the right products the first time you color your hair black. This makes your hair still appear healthy and natural. I prefer to use macadamia oil.
  • If you have lighter hair you will have to use permanent hair color to change it to black. Remember to color the roots of your hair every three to four weeks.
  • The reason why most people are wary of hair coloring is that the coloring normally changes the structure of your hair. Do not use the hair color if for example, your hair is already bleached. It won’t come out as it should.
  • You may use the color to tint your grey hairs but this color won’t stay on your head for so long. How long it stays on your hair is dependent on your own care and maintenance.
  • Do you have smooth cuticles? You will also have a smooth colored hair.

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