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18 Inch Weave, 18 Inch Weave Human Hair

There are various types of hair weaves in the market which sometimes make it challenging for the buyer to choose a suitable one for them. Aside from the type of hair, texture, and style of the weave, you also need to know the length.

Hair weaves come in various lengths that we measure in inches but the most popular one is the 18-inch weave. Of all the sales we have made at hair theme, 18-inch weave is the most popular one we sell.

So today we let you in on everything you should know about the 18-inch weave.

The Description of the 18 Inch Weave

peruvian hair
If at any time you feel the need to improve your hairstyle, check out our 18-inch weave. This weave falls at about the mid-back length.  Although based on different factors you will find the hair being shorter or longer.

Are you tall? then the hair must appear short but if you are shorter than the hair will appear longer. The other difference occurs when you have different hair textures. Curly and wavy hair appear shorter than straight hair.

This weave will look natural for some people and since its longer than other inches, it’s more expensive than them. You will need to use more hair and more time when making longer hair and this causes a higher price.

Why Use The 18-Inch Weave?

  • A change of style?

How long is your natural hair? do you have about 14-inch of hair? you can easily use this 18-inch and still look natural. Remember the rule of the thumb is that 4 inches is enough addition to your natural length and it will appear natural.

So, if you have short hair, with long hair you change the style. If you have straight hair and you use the curly hair then you change your hairstyle. Sometimes the only thing you need is to change your style to boost your mood.

  • Our hair is fairly priced

Check out our hair from the shop and you will notice that we not only sell you quality hair but we have made them affordable. We further give you discounts on the hair products and this makes the hair products more competitive.

When compared to other vendors, we sell the hair at the best price. The best part is that you get value for the money you use.

  • It makes you bold and ladylike

Since time immemorial a woman’s long hair has depicted their femininity. Such hair makes you look ladylike, bold and beautiful. If you know how to style the hair then you will get heads turning at your beauty.

There are times when you as a woman just want to look like a lady. The long hair will make it easy for you to look good and lady-like.

There’s something about having the hair bouncy on your back it just boosts your confidence. Check out the ladies from the movies to see what I mean.

  • Variety of styling options

If you want the hair that you can style differently one day and another way the next day, you should use medium length hair like this one.

It’s easy to set it even to a pompadour or a bouffant. I mean I know that for that hairstyle you need very long hair and that’s what the hair here is.

  • It makes it easy to look good

Within a few hours, you have a different style on your head how nice and only for a few bucks. You no longer have the excuse to stay hurt/sad because you have short hair. It will take you just a minute or have a completely new style.

I8-Inch And 16-Inch Weave

hair length chartThere’s a slight difference between the 16-inch and the 18-inch one. So, we bring the comparison of the three lengths to make it easy for you to have a clear picture of the lengths. Like, for example, the 18-inch is a 45 cm hair while the 14-inch is 35 cm hair.

Anyone can use any length of hair. But if you have the slightly longer hair of say a Caucasian or Asian woman then you can use the 18-inch hair for a more natural look. Of course, if you have shorter hair and lighter one then you may use the 14-inch hair.

Basically, the 14-inch hair will work to give you both the volume and the length. But with the 18-inch hair, you will achieve an increase in the length of hair. The 18-inch hair is just as popular as the other two kinds of hair.

The good thing though is that on our website you will have the three inches in different textures which makes it appropriate for everyone’s preference. Notice that if you want the hi-end hair, we have such pieces in these great lengths.

The secret to making it look natural is to let the ends flow naturally. But don’t worry if you need to, trim it just a little to make it leave up to your natural style.

How Do You Combine the Hair?

Such long hair will need you combining the 18-inch with other lengths. Of course, unless you know how you can combine the hair then you won’t achieve the style you wish for.

It depends on how you wish the hair to appear. We have different needs remember. Some women want the hair to appear full and at a similar length. For this, you will need to have the same lengths or at least the more bundles will be of the same length.

However, some women want to wear a layered hair look in which case you should use the different lengths. You can decide to have a bundle of 14-inch and another one of 16-inch bundle then another of the 18-inch.

Going forward from 20-inch weave, you will need up to 4 bundles sometime to give you an even fuller look.

Always remember when you are attaching the hair that it’s better for you to have more bundles than fewer bundles. You can imagine if you have to order when you have started attaching the hair.

Where to Buy the Hair

Hair theme hair length chart will give you the perfect guide to buying the right hair. The first thing you need is to make sure you know the right length for you. There’s no other place to purchase quality luxurious and budget 18-inch weave than Hair theme.

18 Inch Hairstyles

1. Wavy hair

wavy hair
I love altering the hair color as the perfect hairstyle change. This dark burgundy hair will suit you if you don’t like the dramatic hair change. Although the hair is dark-colored it looks perfect for different occasions and even the official ones.

This style features not such a dramatic alteration in style. It’s closer to the straight hair than it is to the wavy or curly one. It looks more natural for those with straight hair. You will notice that the hair forms layers so she uses the different bundles to form the 18-inch.

While you may want to pay a lot to attain this hairstyle you don’t always have to. In fact, if you have slightly wavy hair, you will find it easy to achieve the style. Consider our Malaysian Human Body Wave Hair for this style.

2. Kinky straight

kinky straight hairStraight hair is the easiest to maintain because all you need is to know how to brush it right. You will further need to find out how to maintain its shine and if you wish, style it differently from time to time.

Once you have the hair on, then you can create a double ponytail like we do here. Since she is a black woman you will think that the hair is her natural hair. Don’t forget to create a parting from the front to the back.

You can finish it off by slaying the edges. The secret here is to make sure you use the right hair and stylist to get it right. From our shop, you can use the various options available. One such option is the Peruvian Kinky Straight Discount Human Hair Weave.

If and when you wish to look natural you can use this length.  Mind you the hair comes in either dark brown or black hair.

3. Curly hair

curly hairI do like the fact that the curly hair is already a vibrant style by itself and so you don’t have to sweat styling it anymore. Sometimes you will only need to amp the look using a headband. When you are using a headband though remember to make it colorful.

So, the curly hair can also be long which then makes it voluminous and stylish. With the curls, you are reaching for the youngster vibe. Whether you are old or just young you could rock this style at any time.

We have the 18-inch curly hair for you to use when you are after such a style. Not only is the hair clean but it’s also healthy. The hair will maintain its bounce and give you the perfect look. Depending on your head size you may use three or four bundles.

4. 18-inch Sew in weave

You can use this kind of weave if you want to make the sew-in weave. This hair gets even better since it comes in different lengths. When you look at the hair closely you will realize that the hair is tight and neat and its shedding resistant.

When you love loose waves, this is the best hair to use. Its double weft to prevent any form of shedding. The hair is soft to touch and the quality makes it not tangle often. It appears to more natural and comfortable than any other hair.

The hair makes you achieve the perfect volume and it has no split ends either. Considering the hair is a brazilin type, it will look even better.


How many bundles do I need?

You will need at least 3 bundles but if you have a larger than average hair, add another bundle. It doesn’t alter the style you want to achieve the 3 bundles are more than enough.

Can a short girl wear 18-inch?

Well, how short? If you are about 4 feet and more you can use 18 inches although it will appear longer on your head than the average 5.3 feet. Nobody will tell you which one works for you as you know it better. Just remember it may take a lot of work to maintain.

Do we take care of the 18-inch weave differently?

Well, it’s good to know that there’s no unique way to take care of the weave. You should use the regular method you use in taking care of the hair. Visit our blog on how to take care of weaves for more information.

Do you sell high-quality hair?

Yes, we do, although we sell both synthetic and human hair, we only sell the best. Our human hair is all pure Remy hair. We don’t mix the human hair with pieces of synthetic hair like other vendors do. So, you will buy quality hair at whichever length.

Can I color the hair?

Yes, you can color the hair extension. We mostly have the Remy hair that has the cuticles aligned to take in any different color.

Do you do offer wholesale?

Yes, we do. We have a variety of hair to sell to you but if you want different ones, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email.

How about the refund policy?

If by any chance you receive the hair and you notice it’s not what you ordered, you have up to 7 days to ship it back to us. That way we will offer an exchange or refund the money.

Our Recommendations

Contrary to what you would expect, we don’t have a favorite hair type just because all the hair we sell is of high quality. So, it’s upon you to use the information created here to make the decision.


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