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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text text_larger=”no”]Are you visiting our site for the first time? Would you like to know what’s Hair Themes best seller? Well, here it is, get yourself a 16-inch weave and thank me later. Whether you want it straight, curly, or wavy, we have you covered.

A 16-inch weave will make you feel glorious and beautiful but also feminine. In some cases, it gives you the fairy tale princes look. I mean we have always believed that princesses have long hair and they are beautiful.

How Does A 16-Inch Weave Look Like?

How Does A 16-Inch Weave Look LikeIf you want a 16-inch hair, it goes below the collarbone. Precisely, it falls to your upper back. So, with this length, its neither too short nor too long. Notice that when talking about the curly hair, it will appear shorter than the straight one.

The curly hair will be 2-3 inches shorter. Thus, it will appear as though it’s a 14-inch straight hair. This length appearance is the same whether you are using the hair extension or the natural hair.

For people like me who don’t like very long hair, this is the ideal choice of hair to use.

The Features of the 16-Inch Hair

Hair theme offers several options when it comes to the 16-inch hair. Although we all prefer different colors, textures, and styles, we want the best hair. Of course, the features are similar to other lengths but some are unique to our 16-inch weave.

  • The length makes it easy to style the hair

Since the hair is long, it gets easy to style. If you love ponytail style, bun, a pompadour, bouffant or any other style that calls for the long hair, use the 16-inch. There are times when you wish for long hair and, for some reason, you can’t make it.

A long weave will help you get the style you wish for. Besides, Hair theme sells pure human hair which is the highest quality of hair. This makes it easy to restyle the hair you choose whether straight curly or wavy hair.

The benefit is that you don’t have to spend a lot more on the hair when you buy the straight hair.

  • The different types

We don’t want you to make a choice from one hair type. Hair theme has a variety of options you may buy. We have Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Cambodian, Burmese hair and the list goes on.

We have 16 inches Brazilian hair, 16 inch Brazilian straight hair, 16 inch Brazilian body wave, 16 inch curly weave, 16 inch body wave weave in our shop.

From this, you can decide to use Cambodian hair, for example, if you don’t like Brazilian hair for personal reasons.

  • Our hair is clean

For the images, you can see that the hair we use is quite clean. Unlike most other vendors, we only choose the cleanest and the healthiest hair to sell. You won’t get lice and other pests when you buy from us.

  • No shedding and tangling

When you are using this hair, like most of our other lengths, you won’t experience shedding, and you know why? We double weft all of our weaves. Also, whether the weave is handwoven or machine weft we make sure we only choose the best weft ones.

Additionally, since we use only the 100% Remy human hair, the cuticles are aligned and that reduces the level of tangling you would rather experience. Remember to use the right products of the hair, though.

  • We offer a wide range

The brand offers you a wide range of choices. We have so many curly hair types, so many wavy hair types, and many straight hair types. In fact, even if you wanted us to supply wholesale hair, we can. You have to contact us and we will get you through.

Who Can Use The 16 Inch Weave?

Anyone can use this hair. There’s no restriction as to who will benefit from it. However, if you want to use the hair to look more natural, you should make sure your natural hair is at about 12-inch.

You should only add about 4 inches extra on your natural hair if you want to look natural. This will make it appear as though that’s your natural hair you are using. Other than that, you can use it anytime you need no restrictions.

Where Can You Buy the Hair?

We have said it again and again that you won’t regret your purchase if you decide to invest in our hairpieces. We are talking of the clean hair, with the perfect length and texture. We also offer you competitive prices and discounts.[/vc_column_text][product_category per_page=”8″ columns=”4″ orderby=”menu_order title” order=”ASC” category=”16-inch-weave”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text text_larger=”no”]We don’t overprice our hair; we sell the hair for value. Unlike other vendors that will make the business all about the money, we also want you to be contented with your purchase. This is why we make the prices as fair as possible.

For the different variety, visit the hair theme shop. We have the hair in varying colors, styles and lengths.

14 Inch And 16 Inch Weave

hair length chart

It’s easy to compare the two hair types as you are looking at them. As you can see, the 14-inch hair is at the armpit depending on your height. But the 16-inch is on your upper back. For most women, it’s at the bra strap.

The 16-inch hair is mostly supposed to increase the length of your hair even though it does increase the volume too. You will notice most celebrities wearing this length, but it’s often because it’s easier to style differently.

If, for example, they are actresses, they do use the medium hair for the femininity it brings to the show. You can choose the right type of hair if you want to look more natural hair though. Cambodian straight and Vietnamese straight hair often appear natural.

16-inch Weave Hairstyle

There are several hairstyles you may use. The straight hair, curly hair and wavy ones will allow you to create all the different hairstyles of your choice.

We only use the Remy hair; thus, the quality of the hair is uncompromised. The advantage to this is that you can restyle the hair if you want.

1. Straight weave

Something about straight hair is that it’s sleek, smooth, and the easiest to achieve or take care of. If you are going to wear straight hair, the only thing you need is to have a brush and comb to keep it in place.

The other good thing about the long straight hair is that you can use them for all the different occasions. You can use them for both official duties and unofficial ones.

Also, since the hair is long, you can hold it to different styles if the style you used to attach the hair allows it.

Moreover, you can choose all the different colors you wish to. In this case, she uses the brown shade to blend with her skin tone.

So, this is just one way to wear the hairstyle. From our shop, you can use any color, the black one or the straight purple weave like this Malaysian Hair Purple/1B Straight. Nonetheless, you can go to our shop to choose any straight weave that looks appealing to you.

2. Curly weave hairstyle

The curly weave is not about to go out of fashion because they are very playful. Curly hair looks and makes you feel young and fun. Here you can hold the hair to micky mouse buns to further spice up the style.

The 16-inch weave, therefore, is flowy and stylish. So, as you can see, the hair lets you style it to even high knots because the hair is long. If you wish, you can slay the edges to further spice up the look.

When you wish to enhance the volume, therefore, using the 16-inch hair, you should try our curly weaves. We have so many options you could use or choose depending on your needs. However, you will need to know the color that’s more appealing to you.

3. Kinky curly sew in weave

Sew in weave is quite popular among black women. It’s the easiest method we use to make our hair lie flat on the scalp before we attach the extension. This method of attaching the hair is quite common.

Additionally, kinky hair is famous across the board. Black women love this hair because it mimics their natural hair. With this style, you have a blend of the most renowned method of attaching the weave and the popular kinky weave among blacks.

When you have the sew-in, you don’t always have to push your hair to the back. You can create a side parting then make the hair easily flow to the sides of your face. In this case, she has used a frontal to make it look like the hair grows from her natural scalp.

We have this Brazilian kinky curly hair that you may use to achieve the style. The hair looks clean, stylish, and it has healthy ends. It will appear bouncy and sleek and whenever you wish to change its color, you can since it’s a human hair.

4. 16-inch wavy hair

wave hairAnyone who doesn’t want to use the strict curly hair or the straight hair, you can use this wavy hairstyle. This is one style that fits almost any woman. You need to get the right weave like our Indian Human Wet And Wavy Weave.

I like the wavy hair because it’s easy to take care of, but it’s also easy to change the style when you want. You can also form the middle parting for more definition on the hair. You will need to use the right products to sustain it.

Benefits of Wearing The 16 Inch

Well, the benefits of wearing weaves cuts across every hair length. But if you are going to wear hair theme hair, you can be sure to experience the following.

  • It protects your hair while making you stylish

For some women, using the weaves is to amp their style. Often you get so tired of the same hairstyle their natural hair gives them.

However, for some women, the weave protects their natural hair from heat damage and other adverse weather conditions. Sometimes, you would also want to stop the constant manipulation of your natural hair. This is why the weave comes in handy.

  • When you have wanted the long hair for a long time

If you wish for the long hair but your hair won’t grow to the ideal length, you may use the weave. A 16-inch weave isn’t too long but it’s suitable for anyone who only has the short hair.

The question is, how long do you want the hair to be? 30 inch or just a 16 inch? All of the choices are perfect for different individuals. Always go for the hair that serves your best.

  • When you want a variety of options

When you want a lot of the 16-inch weave options, visit our shop today. We sell different hair types and lengths to make sure you choose the right length.


How many bundles should I use?

If you are going to use the 16-inch hair, then you should use at least 3 bundles. Although you are after the length, you will also find it necessary to make it look healthy and voluminous.

Can I receive the hair quickly?

Yes, in case of urgency don’t worry we will ship the hair to you in 2 days. Remember though, that where you are matters. Liaise with us for more information on this.

Does your hair have lice?

No never. We make sure to send clean and healthy hair. Of course, we care about our reputation and that’s why we only sell good hair.

Other vendors will sell hair with lice but not us. We want to have you coming back so we only give you the best.

How will I know you sell quality hair?

So many people ask this question and I always have one answer, try our product to see it for yourself. You notice that we don’t use a lot of celebrity photos and it’s because we don’t want you thinking we lie.

I promise you what you see on the website is what you get from us. All of our human hair is in fact the virgin Remy hair. We choose good quality hair and therefore you have nothing to worry about.

And to You?

Do you want to look fresh, sexy, and stylish, buy our 16-inch weave? Be open to taste it and see that we only have and sell the quality hair.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]





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