5 Amazing 14 Year Old Boy Haircuts In 2021

When you are 14 years old, it is very important to look stylish. Teenage boys are ready to go to great lengths to be popular among their friends and with the girls.

This leads them to create some outrageous hairstyles, which are often far from being fashionable. Making a statement is very important for boys this age, so they are looking for different ways to do it with their hair.

Being crazy is absolutely not compulsory for a teenager. He can look wonderful by sporting something which is very fashionable and neat. It is easy to satisfy the 14 year old boy’s need for creativity while making him look incredible at the same time.

The teenager will get his crazy haircut without ruining his hair or looking ridiculous. All it takes is several minutes to browse through 5 options to make the choice fast and easy.

Amazing Hairstyles for 14 Year Old Boys

While 14 year old boys want to express themselves in all the ways possible, there is no reason to ruin the hair in the process. There are many interesting hairstyles, which will help a teenager make a statement and look fashionable at the same time.

We have prepared a short list for 14 year old boys to browse and get an idea of how incredible and a little crazy their hair can look without being absolutely outrageous.

1. Spunky taper fade


This manly hairstyle is perfect for teenagers. It is short enough not to need any maintenance, while long enough to make a statement. The clean cut look is very popular among the girls and will surely keep some pretty heads turning your way.

2. Textured hair with bangs


If your hair is thick and beautiful, why not flaunt it? Go fo a textured hairstyle with long bangs. This is a very stylish cut, which will surely make you look sleek and popular. Give it a try!

3. Windblown pompadour


This hairstyle will be appreciated by boys, who are not afraid of spending some time taking care of their hair. A long pompadour will need some styling in the morning. But the result is so crazy and amazing, that you will not want to trade it for something else.

4. Bob with long bangs


This wonderful hairstyle will look amazing on boys with thick and unruly hair.

Long bangs add a lot of style, while the rest of the hair looks neat and doesn’t require too much maintenance. Make sure to cut the bangs on a regular basis to avoid them getting into your eyes.

5. High bangs


This hairstyle is very impressive and needs some hair care. It should be styled daily. However, if you get tired of it, you can brush the front part backwards. Then secure it with some gel and get another clean cut and sleek look.

After browsing through these options, we hope you got an idea of how wonderful you can look without being absolutely outrageous. Take a moment to consider what you really want and go for it. Changes are always great!

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